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30/12/2012 at 14:51

Hope Minni, Gazelle and AA had good races.

Great pic DD! Mrs. DD is a stunner! Love her dress . 3:15 or quicker it is. You've turned a corner with your running, I'm sure you'll have a stormin' one. Does it start early to escape the worst of the heat?

Just back from a curry and a few beers after an epic battle over 17.5 miles against wind & rain earlier today. Felt truly heroic out there . Would have expected my pace to drop dramatically against the wind but very surprised that my Garmin data showed pretty even splits. I must be getting fitter . Average was 8:37mm, av. HR 72% of max. Happy . My longest run since the marathon - roll on Jantastic


30/12/2012 at 14:59
Nice one Chick. That wind is like a wild beast today.

DD - ah how lovely is that?

My run wasn't a race but it was on the Coastal Race route, kind of.

We were bussed to the start in an old fashion double decker bus. The start and the first couple of miles are in the beach - I can't tell you how cold it was. I opted for the ninja look with various buffs but it was still biting. The trail bits were basically mud baths but got away with only one fall. Took a detour towards the end to get onto road for the last 5. Clocked up 16 miles and look as if I've been sand blasted! Tough run but good.

Off for another liver assault now.
30/12/2012 at 15:27
Sorry, Have been busy over Xmas, so a late Happy Christmas to everyone.

I have done some running & walking over the period but also tons of lovely food.

Ribble 10k today going for sub 40, course described as fast & flat ? Errr no. Fast field but not flat. Also cold & drizzling rain, with wind against & across you.

25-30 seconds off target in first 2k even... And only one Km under 4min after 6 km. Way down but kept going, getting faster somehow.. Last 3km were painful .. sub 6 pace on last mile somehow, even with hill. Close ?

39:57 !

Will read back what everyone has been doing. Knackered.
30/12/2012 at 15:41
Minni and Chick- good runs today in tough conditions. I got 14m in and it wasn't pleasant. Sunny for once but very windy and cold.
DD-agh... Lovely pic
FRC- congrats.
30/12/2012 at 16:01
DD - lovely pic.

Minni - sounds like a tough run. Well done.

Chick - you def are getting fitter. Splendid..

Bro - nice 14. Short run for you.

Ok - total nightmare hard 10 mile cross country run of Mortimer winter Gutbuster. Turned up with My boy. It was pouring, windy and felt like zero degrees. Madness.
Anyway, 70 people apparently didn't turn up, they were also running a 10k which wasn't as popular.
The first couple of miles was quite funny, straight uphill up a gravel track, dodging puddles!( Only because of later you didnt have the chance to dodge!) Then around a ford, ill advised to go through it, and round the Roman walls of Silchester. This is where the fun began. On a slope, in the mud, trying to work out the easiest route. There wasn't one. I knew it was gonna be hard then. 4 miles, down hill through a muddy field. 5 miles across a grassy muddy field. 6 miles, up a hill knee deep in mud. There is where I gave up and thought what the hell. Got overtaken by mrs 40-49 agegroup...I was dying, my legs killing me. 7 miles across more bloody muddy fields. Across a flood across the road. Wet again! 8/9/10 miles. A total health and safety nightmare slippy, muddy. Couldn't wait to get to finish line. Almost walked about 5 times.
Anyway 1:25 for me, 1:35 for my boy. And if he can run 10 miles in that I really don't have to worry about him at Reading Half. 38 overall. 2nd F40. No bling I'm afraid.
I'm a roadrunner and proud!
Dubai Dave    pirate
30/12/2012 at 16:45
Chick: Mrs DD is a stunner but don't tell her

Simon: we got married in Montana, a very strange part of the good old USA.

FRC: yahoo nice 10K. My club mate ran it in 46 something.

AA: sound horrendous. Well done to you and master AA.

Minni: your not making much of a case to get me back to the UK. Another tough run done.
30/12/2012 at 16:58
AA- sounds horrid. Well done to both of you.
Only 14m for me because I did 18 on Monday. 63m for this week so a decent start to the London campaign
30/12/2012 at 17:30

Mega mileage Bro

Sounds fun AA

30/12/2012 at 17:32
Bro - amazing mileage. Wel jel. 40ish miles for me for the week I think...

DD - I would love to go to Montana.
30/12/2012 at 17:53
DD - nice pic.

AA + Minni, difficult off road conditions, well done on toughening it out! A good placing too AA, shame there wasn't any bling.

Brilliant 10km result FRC!

Bro that is awesome mileage.

Did spin this morning, an endurance session, high resistance + lots of climbs rather than spins, amazing how much the session can differ as to the instructor, thighs were mashed + felt like throwing up at the end, so a good workout!
Scuba Trooper    pirate
30/12/2012 at 17:57
Well done to everyone who braved the terrible weather (even DD). Great result FRC and AA. It was a pleasant morning here and I wish I had gone a ride but had stuff to do with the family. Did manage an hour in the pool and will run or bike or maybe both tomorrow.
30/12/2012 at 19:03

I feel your pain AA - wind, rain and floods on our 12 mile run, which was designed to miss the worst of the flooding, so goodness only knows what the rest of the area was like.  We had planned to do 16, but took look at what lay ahead [and overhead] and decided 12 was more than enough

DD:  Just as well I don't let BA look at the forum - I think he could be encouraged to trade me in.....................

Minni: glad to know someone else opted for the 'less wet' route

Some amazing mileages going on very early - I am keeping my powder dry for now

Kiwi: I always preferred the hilly sessions rather than the fast / low resistance ones - but they can take a while to recover from until you get used to them


30/12/2012 at 19:17

Was thinking of the racers out when I was running today, nearly got blown over the viaduct at one point!

Sounds really tough AA, that's still a decent 10M time off road if you ask me.  I don't mind so much the uphills off road, it;s the downhills that scare me especially when it's wet.  I'm also a road runner and proud

Bro you love the high miles, do you know what Moz is planning for you to peak at?

Well done at the coastal today Minni, your skin with be as smooth as DDs after that! Enjoy the liver assault.

DD the weather sounds horrendous over there, 11C!!!! Great picture of you two.

Sounds like a good call not bothering with the race today O4S.

In other news, my beloved Garmin has finally given up and died  Have emailed Garmin support.....

30/12/2012 at 19:37

DD- You are looking better with age

Chick- Its a great feeling when you go out for a long run and you feel good at the end well done.

Minni- Sounds like you training run/race was good especially after yesterdays 5k, you must be feeling confident going into marathon training.

FRC- Well what can I say, such a great result today and what a great year you have had, I wonder how much more you have in your tank?

Bro- Well done on your long run, I can't believe you are already hitting the 60miles per week! Do you know what your highest mileage week will be this time round?

AA- Great race report and well done for keeping going to the end. There is an off road race I did a few years ago and your report reminded me of it, I have never done it again even though its on our race league and everyone raves about it.


30/12/2012 at 19:44

I did the 5.42mile race today, it should of been 5miles but we had to do a new route as the river had burst its banks again! I was so glad that the rain had finally stopped this morning that I forgot the race would be very muddy and windy it was quite flat which was a bonus. I finished third lady yippee splits were 7.00, 7:09, 7:07, 7:39, 7:29, 7:01  Finishing time was 39:17. I have just stalked the first lady who has a 10k pb of 36:04 and runs ultras for GB, she was exactly 3minutes quicker than me so I'm quite happy with that. I'm looking forward to what 2013 brings now

30/12/2012 at 19:58

Hope everyone had a good Christmas! It's been a little while, so no time to go back thousands of pages but noticed that Minni got her arse kicked by her protege , DD ran an amazingly fast long run , FRC has cracked the 40-min barrier  and there have been lots of brilliant efforts in awful conditions.

ST, re: your post on heartrate, I'd say 150bpm is too high for your easy pace - the most basic HADD formula is simply max-50. My max is 196 and I try to run my easy runs around 145.

I've been in a running sulk so have stayed clear of the forum till I cheered myself up! Managed one week of non-illness before picking up another little infection (not enough to ruin Christmas, but enough to make me not feel much like running). I'm also still struggling a bit with my groin/abdominal injury too (a persistent cough and a groin injury really isn't a good combination!) so had managed only a couple of 3 milers with utterly terrible pace/HR stats. Was feeling deflated about my running and still not quite 100pc yesterday so decided to stop plodding and just go out and try to blast off the cobwebs. The result was a HM training run in 1:33:38 , av pace 7:08, so I'm in better shape than I thought I was! Felt tough for the last couple of miles so am lacking a bit of endurance, but not surprising given how little I've ran this month, and I'm confident now it'll all come back soon.

Btw, did anyone watch Superstars last night? Was quite interesting stuff. Was surprised how slow the Brownlees were over 100m (even Mo wasn't as quick as I expected, although he was surprisingly good at the javelin - must have done a bit of that at athletics club as a kid I imagine!) and thought it was a bit unfair letting the Brownlees both race the 800m (they did about 2:03). The boxer Anthony Joshua was a brilliant all-round athlete though and won it by a mile - 11.5 over 100m, won the javelin and bike race, and ran sub-2:30 for 800m which considering he's a super-heavyweight is pretty speedy!

30/12/2012 at 20:21
Carot - Have you tried soft and hard resets on your garmin? Go to You tube for how to do the resets. soft wont lose any info on your watch. Hard reset wipes history of the watch.

Daren - Yes watched it, they were all taking it pretty easy compared to the original superstars. KK was giving it his all on the bike back in the 70's!
Edited: 30/12/2012 at 20:24
30/12/2012 at 21:05

Sorry to hear your groin is playing up Daren.   

I didn't see Superstars - I opted for an Indian instead. I wonder if I can get it on iplayer. 

Nice even splits Gazelle - what are you plans for 2013?

My 16 today brought me up to 58 for the week.   I must clock my mileage for the year now.


30/12/2012 at 21:14
Daren - you lucky bugger. Coming back like that after being ill and injured!! Yes I watched it. Thoughts similar to yours re brownlees. Best people won it in the end. Total respect for the shooting guy who I thought was hilarious!

Gazza - excellent running. Well done
30/12/2012 at 22:08

Agreed AA - I thought he was the real star, took it all in the best of spirits and would inspire people to just have a go.  Re the Brownlees - they could only be taken out of 2 events so they were always going to be doing one of the three triathlon disciplines, don't suppose it mattered much which one.

Thought the dressage girl [Bristol Uni!!] did remarkably well - one assumes gym work isn't that essential in her sport!



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