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05/01/2013 at 17:42

Bro - I've always been a Mizuno girl (love my wave riders) - good news about the blisters, the Enigmas look fab, they come in some lovely colours.   You really should change them more often though, I'm sure that's why I've had a few niggles in both ankles recently.  Thought my 'good' pair that I use for intervals and long runs were fine, I'd been using them since August.  Just happened to look at the soles of them and they're all worn down.  No wonder I was having bother.  I hate getting rid of mine too.  The local sports shop has a recycling bin for trainers so I usually take a bag full down there once a year

Oompa I found the two times I followed P&D (and I mean followed in an rather loose term) that first LT session was so hard.  Each time I did it as the weeks progressed, and the LT miles progressed, I found it more manageable and the miles got quicker.  They didn't stop being hard though  I love new running kit.

Gazelle no wonder you have DOMS after that monster session  I like a bit of DOMS after speedwork, shows you worked hard enough to make an impact.

Your parkrun outing this morning sounds like it was fun Minni!  I'm also loving the marathon training this time round.

kfc those are superfast 800s!  Great progression too.

Sounds like a good long run on the TM Sarah, well done finishing strong.  I stopped swimming for years as all the kids constantly in the pool was getting beyond a joke.  The pool now opens at 7am twice a week with lovely lane swimming on, it's perfect.

Glad you had a pain-free run Simon, I don't own a wetsuit so have never peed in one but I can imagine the nice warming sensation Sometimes there's nothing else to do but plough through it.

I did wonder why you had fallen out with beer and pizza night Spoons! Get the arm bands back out, swimming is excellent cross training.

Becs I used to be the same with lunchtime training, and be alot more productive on an afternoon as I'd had a good break to recharge my mental batteries.

Hope you have survived the clippy cleaty bike ride AA?

Confidence building last long run DD, is it time to taper now?

Kiwi - that's great news Hope you can start building the miles back up pain free now.

2 mile reps are tough Chick, those are great paces for good conditions let alone what you battled through!

Speedwork at the running track with the club:  It depends what mood I'm in.  There's a few others who run the same pace as I do, so when they are at the track I push myself hard and we work in a little group taking turns to pace the repetitions.  I end up aching the next day as I've had a good hard session. The other week there was none of my gang there so I ran on my own, which I was a bit relieved at as I was a bit tired and we were doing 16 x 400m. I managed to keep the pace consistent throughout but I do wonder if I could have run faster if I'd had a few others with me. 

Definitely new shoes week, I've a beautiful new pair of the Wave Rider 16s

Schoolgirl error on last night's easy treadmill session - my ipod was out of charge so I had to listen to the guff that the gym was playing

05/01/2013 at 17:43

Alright all - back from riding sweet singletrack in Andalucia: 285km in total including 8000m of ascent! No injuries to report from the riding, although I do have a bit of a bruised hand. Looks like loads has happened here over Xmas, so I don't even know where to start.

Did my first run in a week today. Felt a little hard to begin with, but there were moments when I felt in the zone.

Am now on a booze-free health kick after having being pissed for the most of December. All ready for Jantastic etc.

Cheers, Ant


05/01/2013 at 17:58
Sarah/AA. - without being too rude, have you ever tried 4 finger gesture on your iPad. Normally to go from one screen to another, you press the home button, then from the home screen you select the new one, ie emails, to Internet, to an app, to YouTube etc. all of which you have to access thru the home button. Well if you've been in all these screens, they are all sat in the background, so by placing 4 fingers ( I find 3 and a thumb easier) on the screen and swipe to the side, you can go to all the previous screens without having to go thru the home screen every time. If it won't move one way, go the other way.
Also in any screen, if you swipe up with 4fingers, a task bar displays at the bottom of your screen. Swipe it left and right to see all screens open, also handy to adjust vol, and brightness and if you want to lock screen rotation. Put 4fingers back on screen for it to disappear again.
And if you want to close any of them down to save your battery, hold your finger on one til it wobbles, then just X the ones you want to shut down.
I know, I need to get out more!

Ant - Sounds like a fab time Mtn biking
Edited: 05/01/2013 at 18:06
05/01/2013 at 18:31

DD -  Very impressive long run.

Kiwi -  great news.

Chick-   Good session, what plan are you following I have that on the plan for tuesday and not looking forward to it as I'll have to do it running home off nights.

Minni -  Good family outing at the parkrun, any chance of Mr  Minni being bit by the running bug.

Ant -  welcome back.

5 miles slow late this afternoon and 13 planned for early tomorrow. 20th wedding anniversary tomorrow so got to get the run out of the way.


05/01/2013 at 18:47

hahahahaha Barry - No!  He needs a ball to enjoy anything.  I reckon if he could have carried a rugby ball he would have been 10 mins quicker!  Master Minni however.....

Ant - December has been the same for us all!  This is going to be a good Spring for you.

Agree that the first few week of P&D are tough - especially those LT sessions.    When I followed it the LT paces that I struggled with in Jnauary were my eventual MP in April - if that's any help.

KFC - hope a rest day will see you right.



05/01/2013 at 20:26

Evening all. Have been feeling sorry for myself again, which always makes me disappear, but New Year etc. There are some seriously impressive long runs being banked already, and good to see so many people have hit the January sales.

The first few LT sessions with P&D are definitely killers. They work though; I swapped the 7 mile at LT for a ten mile race and it felt fantastic, which I never say about anything approaching "race pace".
Minni would it have been too cruel to take the BF in a sprint finish at the end? I'm not sure I could have resisted.

Spoons if it makes you feel any better I was reading an article by Matt Roberts today who thinks that being too lean is a major cause of injury, so look at any weight gain as future proofing yourself. Although he is a "celebrity trainer" so what does he know.

Joking aside, I feel for you. My lifestyle is definitely not conducive to low mileage and after self months I'm feeling and looking horrible. I need to accept that I can no longer drink like an aspiring 3.30 marathoner. Bring on Jantastic and a bit of motivation I say.

Have you done Watford before Bro? I think it's a really nice race, but there are definitely some killer hills in there. I'd be doing it this year but I'm off on holiday that day.

KFC nice to see you banking a speed session! And Kiwi too, those post-injury runs that seem to come together are fab aren't they?

05/01/2013 at 20:47

Simon- Glad your run went ok yesterday.

Spoons- How was the physio?

AA- You did great on yesterdays run. How was the biking today?

DD- Great 20miler for you today, Will you be out running whilst on your ski holiday?

Kiwi- Yippee great run 

Chick- Nice two mile reps, how much recovery did you do in between each rep?

Minni- Great family day out at the ykw, I wish my family would enjoy running, I could do more races then

Brolish- How was your x country race today?

A rest day for me today so hope to do a MLR tomorrow.


05/01/2013 at 21:13

Ant - welcome back

Kiwi - brilliant news

Minni - glad the family had fun

Simon - the problem is the RW forum thinks you are on a smartphone. If you get Atomic Web Browser you can change the settings "identify browser as Safari Desktop". 

05/01/2013 at 21:20

Physio report is everything I expected really but just the kick up the arse I needed. Due to all the shite in my life over the last year my mileage has halved. You would think that might help but...... I have a history of issues due to dodgy gait, lower back issues and muscular imbalances. I have managed these through doing loads of swimming, core work, yoga, pilates, weight training, massage and foam rollering. The problem is that whilst 50% of my mileage has been dropped, 95% of the other stuff has been dropped as well.

So the good news is the solution is simple and what I already know. Up the other stuff massively. I also need to take a week off running and then gradually build up again.

Spring marathon is still a possibility although it won't be a quick one. I'll use it as a stepping stone for building up fitness again.

Apologies for being the first to screw up Jantastic

05/01/2013 at 21:25
Oh no Spoons but all is not lost .... I think you can still change your Jantastic target runs

Now, what you need is an Autumn marathon and might know just the one....
05/01/2013 at 21:31

I can think of a few. Abingdon, New Forest, Luton.....

05/01/2013 at 21:34

I've updated Jantastic to 3 runs a week which is the minimum. 

05/01/2013 at 21:38
There's a new one being run up here in Oct - The Nothumbrrland Castles Marathon. Linear road and reasonably flat.
05/01/2013 at 23:01
Spoons - Thanks for that, I might give it a try.

Minni - I thought you would of been pushing Spoons to do TM!
06/01/2013 at 09:16
Carrot - you are getting some seriously good training in with the gym and the running club at present. Well done.

Spoons - you know what you've gotta do. You'll get there.

Minni - nice YKW running with the boy. It's so great to have them running with you. I thought you might be tempted to race it!

Chick, KFC, amazing reps.

I managed 20 miles on the white lightening yesterday. But my back killed me. I really think if I'm serious about doing this half IM I will have to reinvest and get a bike that fits me better. Good news - I didn't fall off
Supposed to be doing reps today but zero energy. The CNBA fairy has taken over at present.

Day 6 off the booze too.... Even went out for a curry with friends and didn't drink. Hated the thought of it but once I was out I was ok.... I CAN DO THIS!
06/01/2013 at 10:09

Spoons -   At least you know what it is and don't write off a decent spring mara yet, still plenty of time.

AA -  Good effort on the bike, don't know a lot about cycling but could you get current bike set up better?

14 miles out and back for me this morning avg 7:40, first 7 between 8:28 and 7:40,     7 back  between 7:36 and 7:09.

06/01/2013 at 10:51

AA - half price bike sale on Wiggle well done for not falling off! Good news on the booze front as well. Next drink in the Chandos?

Barry - nice 14 miler

06/01/2013 at 10:55

Training update:

Saturday was 1 hour yoga and pilates plus 2 hour walk

Just done 90 minutes yoga and pilates. 

I'm knackered!!!

06/01/2013 at 11:16

Spoons: good news and bad news then. At least you know what's gotta be done. Bring on the autumn marathon season then . Well done on the yoga/pilates sesh.

Minni: sounds like a fun day out parkrunning with the family. LOL @ huge bum. Looks can be deceiving though ... I ran a half once chasing a huge bum about 50 yards ahead. I really wanted to pass her but couldn't get close. I think I finally managed it at about 12 miles and only with an almighty push .

Ant: great cycling! What's the weather like in  Andalucia?

BarryB: Happy Anniversary!!  I'm following the HTFU Chick plan. I'm rubbish at longer reps so I'm forcing myself to do some more or those. Gimme 400s or 800s any day though. Nice progressive 14 miler today!

Gazelle: I took 4 min jog recoveries (they felt like 1 minute, honest!).

AA: well done on the wagon. I bet it feels more like week 6 than day 6

It's raining again (or still?) Been pacing up and down the room like a caged animal all morning. Luckily this is a cut back week, so only 14 to do.

06/01/2013 at 13:42

Spoons - looks like you are joining me in team wobbly core!  Sounds like a great opportunity to get back into good habits - I know I'd kidded myself for ages that because I used to do it I'd be OK still now.  It was only 4 weeks ago I was just running 1 mile max and it felt rotten not being able to do much then, but building up gradually again with lots of core, stretching and cross training seems to be working. 

Re the spring marathon, I guess thats something you may need to reassess closer to the time - it may come too soon depending on how you rehab

AA - nice one on getting out on the bike.  Its amazing how much small changes to your seat height, saddle position and handlebar position make to ride comfortably - and these are all easy and free or cheap to do.  You'll be getting used to a new riding position and odds are you'll have been pretty tense your first time clipped in so thats likely to make you sore too.  The best way to work out whats best for you is to keep making small adjustments while you are out over your next few rides.  Do you know a bike geek who can come out with you and help? 

Ant - mtb sounds great - was it an xc stage race or just your own touring?

Still feeling sniffly, another rest day for me. 

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