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12/01/2013 at 20:30
Spoons. wrote (see)

OK - maybe not the  

Just the bringer of pain like most coaches. 

Minni - that's fantastic that Moz obviously knows his stuff! 

Spoons - Fickle doesn't begin to describe it!

Minni - Nice pace for a 20. What time are you aiming for at VLM?

Barry - I'm enhancing my inner calm as we speak!

XC went well. A nice flat (but bloody muddy) 3 lap track around a rather bland park and some woods. According to my Garmin it was 4.96 mile race in 35.11. Was about 10 seconds quicker than this as i started right at the back and also forgot to stop my Garmin until at the end of the finish funnel.

Splits were 7.03, 7.08, 7.06, 7.07 and 7.04. Not as fast as i'd expect when race ready but very pleased given my recent runs, that i haven't completely lost any speed.

12/01/2013 at 21:09

Sorry to hear about your work situation Barry, good that your position is safe but awful to see your colleagues losing their jobs

Zuvai - why were you looking for tapir penises?  I'm not going to google it....

Nice result today at the football AA, you can enjoy a wine tonight too   Like O4S, I was never on the wagon, I just watched it trundle down the street with a beer in hand.

Well done on your XC today Oompa, I'd be happy with 5 miles in that time on flat road!  A good confidence boost for you.

12/01/2013 at 22:38

Lol, also not going to google the dodgy tapir bits....!

Barry - sorry to hear about your work situation, how horrible!

DD - enjoy the skiing holiday.

Nice 20 miler Minni.

Oompa - great cross country result on a muddy course.

After spin tomorrow morning I would have spun twice, run twice and done 1 circuit session this week, like Glyn managed 5 slow miles running today, so happy with that Mr Kiwi did his first ever very muddy park run this morning.  He loved it and was pleased to get his results emailed through - 70th out of 120 people, not too shabby at all and he is already talking about his next one!

Hope the snow holds off for everyone's long runs tomorrow.

Edited: 12/01/2013 at 22:41
12/01/2013 at 22:53
Eh, Speedy xc Oompa, eh!

Kiwi - say well done to Mr Kiwi from me, I'm well impressed. We'll have him marathon running in no time!
12/01/2013 at 23:53
Oompa - Great Xc run.

Minni - Great 20miler, did Moz authorise that pace, or were you a bit of a rebel? I'm only jealous.

Hit the gym this evening, did a few miles at the beginning of the sess, and then at the end I did another mile about an hour later, so I could log 2 for Jantastic . The good news is my heal felt better so will try it again on a proper run tomorrow.
13/01/2013 at 02:47
2oldnever wrote (see)
Recovery run completed ,ended up just under 7 as I was attacked by a Alsatian ,fortunately it didn't bite me but it would not let me run past it's home resulting in a bit of a detour. As its a registered dog kennel there Ithink I might put in a complaint .


2oldnever wrote (see)
Recovery run completed ,ended up just under 7 as I was attacked by a Alsatian ,fortunately it didn't bite me but it would not let me run past it's home resulting in a bit of a detour. As its a registered dog kennel there Ithink I might put in a complaint .


2oldnever wrote (see)
Recovery run completed ,ended up just under 7 as I was attacked by a Alsatian ,fortunately it didn't bite me but it would not let me run past it's home resulting in a bit of a detour. As its a registered dog kennel there Ithink I might put in a complaint .


2oldnever wrote (see)
Recovery run completed ,ended up just under 7 as I was attacked by a Alsatian ,fortunately it didn't bite me but it would not let me run past it's home resulting in a bit of a detour. As its a registered dog kennel there Ithink I might put in a complaint .

That's weird i forgot to say that i got bit on the calf by a west highland terrier on my last run...the owner had it one of those really long retractable leads... to be honest i didnt even notice the dog when it must have seen me coming and leaped out of no where..luckily they are only small dogs so no damage done but the owner made no effort to to control the dog. No comparison to an alsation but just wondered if anyone else on here has had close encounters ??

Whilst i'm on the subject on my only run last year i got jumped by some local retrobate who thought it ammusing to run after me taking the pi** in front of all his mates...i could see his shadow behind me so I thought maybe turning round and confronting him might shake him up a thing i knew he'd grabbed hold of me and started swinging punches !!! I really wasnt expecting it and i could see a gang of about 6 lads all quite eager to join in so I quickly slung him to the floor and legged it ( i used to be british judo champion so it's always a get out for me ...).

it was actually quite intimidating tbh and i just could not believe the sheer audacity of the situaton...

anyway just thought i'd share that with you !


13/01/2013 at 06:56
2old - how scary. Yeah I would complain.

Minni - awesome run.

Oompa - nice xc

Kiwi - that's great that mr kiwi is up to parkruns already

I did 18.75 yesterday @8:56 pace. 10 miles were along the canal which was really muddy and hard work. Then went off to watch Reading - 85 mins on the most boring footy ever then we scored 3 goals in 5 mins to have a really undeserved win. Brilliant
13/01/2013 at 07:20

Bloody hell Glyn, I'd take a dog attack over that any day.  How scary.  The problem if you just never know which way these things are going to go.

Dogs - I never encounter problems with dogs when running.  If a little dog comes near I just ignore it but if a big dog comes bounding over I just full on speak to it and stroke it and they soon calm down.  Saying that most of them I meet are on country roads or lanes and not on leads so perhaps don't feel so threatened.

Youths/gangs - again this is never a problem here.  I know all of them, more or less, by either name or sight and always make a point shouting hi. 

I guess these are the benefits of living in a small place. Hope I don't regret saying any of that!

Simon - it wasn't an authorised Frankenmoz pace!

Oompa - London goal sub 3:15 (its far enough away to feel confident at the moment!)

AA - very nice 19m there. 


13/01/2013 at 07:39

2old - that's really scary. I would complain. 

I did a 2 mile run yesterday with no problems. Will try 4 today.....

i have a terrible hangover

13/01/2013 at 09:41

Spoons/Simon -   Good news on your injuries.

Oompa -  Good pace on your xc.

Glyn -   What a nightmare, i've had verbal abuse and kids blocking my path but the worse I had was a beer bottle fly past my head from a group of idiots hiding behind some bushes.

2old -  was the dog roaming free or chained up, definately complain.

Kiwi -  good week's training from you and well done to your OH.

AA -  Nice long one and good result at the footy.

16 chilly miles for me early this morning, avg pace 7:32 and last 5 at or below MP. Off to cinema in a bit to see Les Miserables.


Edited: 13/01/2013 at 09:42
13/01/2013 at 10:29

Glyn that's horrible, are they reguarly on your route? That judo really paid off.

Oompa don't worry about the early weeks of P&D feeling tough, it's supposed to. They do warn of that but I think no one takes them seriously until it hits them.

Simon does it count as two runs on Jantastic if you haven't changed in between? I seem to remember there being some debate about this on MT last year.

Off for my "long" run soon, all on track for Jantastic.

13/01/2013 at 12:43
AA - Great 18miler, how many 20milers are you planning to do this campaign?

Weeble - Interesting re changing between runs, to be classed as 2 runs. So if you did a duathlon and cycled 40k in between your runs, and never changed, it would still be classed as one run?
13/01/2013 at 12:56
Afternoon all
Hangover from hell so LR put off til later .
Glyn - that must have been a pretty horrific experience but at least they chose the wrong person in you.
Barry - cracking run. The dog was not on a lead
AA -that must been an exhilarating run in these frosty conditions. Good end to a tough week
Simon- good to see you're on the mend. Hope your next one goes well
Minni- I tried a stand off with the brute and thought it was wavering then it launched at me so I did a fast sprint into the distance
13/01/2013 at 13:21

AA - nice 18 miler.

Barry - awesome run from you!

Spoons/Simon - good to hear your injuries are improving.

Glyn - how awful!

2old - scary to be confronted by an Alsatian. Dog owners really need to be responsible for thier animals. I have been bitten by a small dog which sunk it's teeth into my calf and hung on, literally had to shake it off. Also was chased by a rottweiler down a country lane once, realised it wasn't going to stop chasing, so stopped and turned around to face it and luckily it stopped too at which point the owner came running down thier drive to grab it!

Just refueled on bacon sarnies after this morning's spin session, yummy

13/01/2013 at 13:35

Weeble - Wished i'd realised that before plumping for P & D! 

Barry - Nice run.

Kiwi - Those bacon sarnies sound goooooooood.

15 from me today @ 8.27 m/m. Felt good until last 2 miles (big hills), when i think yesterday's xc caught up with me.

On the plus side, i've discovered my gel of choice for London... GU Vanilla Bean-Yum. I could just sit and eat a pack in front of the tv!!! 

13/01/2013 at 13:52

Hangover seems to be clearing up so I'm heading out for a run. Just for Janfuckthistastic really. 

I watched the GF doing a 10km XC race this morning. It included 4 river crossings, one of which was waist deep. And it was snowing. That water looked cold..... 

13/01/2013 at 14:24

Oh Dear 2old what have we started here !!!

we want to hear all your bizarre running stories now.....we're waiting bring them on

There are a few lay abouts around here only teenagers but they usually are together in quite large groups so it's always a bit intimidating, they are often hanging around the park which is where you get the usual original / abusive comments. Normally i have my mp3 player on so most of it goes un-noticed.


Never met the same lad again ( probably wouldn't recognise him, the usual hoodie type ! )....maybe he was a bit embarrased. I think it was one of those moments where he was showing off so when i turned  round and confronted him the old testosterone was mixed with a good dose of peer pressure and he felt he had to look like the big guy. I was just amazed because i know we all messed about as teenagers but if anyone confronted you then you generally backed off with your tail between your legs.

i was not expecting 2 left hooks to the face that's for hind sight they could well have had a knife or anything on them so probably pretty stupid to face it head are just not afraid or respectful. without sounding like i'm victor meldrew there is no way we'd have ever got away with that


I actually met the same bloody dog on todays run, i was on the opposite side of the road this time ....

Kiwi - Its a different story when you are faced with a rottweiler though .  I know its the correct thing to do to stop and face them but its almost the opposite of your instinct.

My Long run today 7 miles at 8:58mm pace a bit fast , felt ok slight twinge in the left glute ( buttock ) ...never quite sure what that muscle is !!!  4 runs done and 21 miles banked...look out i'm coming for you !!!





13/01/2013 at 14:50

BarryB: aw shit - redundancies suck. I worked in banking for a long time and lost count of the firing waves that we went through. Hardest bit is losing good work mates. Nice parkrun yesterday

Bro: amazing, running 20 miles after work! Not sure I'd ever be so dedicated. Enjoy those hols.

Minni: another brilliant run. You really are flying at the mo

AA: don't beat yourself up. 11 days is a darn long time if so much crap is going on. I've given up on the teetotal thing. It doesn't suit me. If I want a glass of vino or a beer, I'll have it. Live is too short. What I will curtail for the time being though is the serious boozing with the guys from work. After all, I'm a proper aflete in training!
Nice long run logged

2old: dunno how you manage to knock these long runs out on the dreadmill without dying of boredom. Hats off for resilience.

Oompa: brilliant consistent pacing at the XC

Glyn: Jeez! That was well scary. Imagine if you hadn't had those judo skills ...

I think it's an advantage if you are used to dogs. I'm not scared by them and I think they sense it. Generally the smaller, the meaner but Yorkies make good football substitutes

19 for me today - progressive run. Split into 6 @ 9mm, 6 @ 8:30 and 6@8:00 with a mile cooldown. Felt very comfortable. I was frozen solid though. We have a bitterly cold north easterly wind and there were various sleet showers coming down whilst I was out.Brrrrrrr ....   -7 is forecast for tomorrow. Expecting my pace to drop with the temps. Breathing always seems to be so much harder in the cold!

Right, off to log my 2 Jantastic runs now. Week 1 completed

13/01/2013 at 16:15

Nice 19 miler there Chick

did my 4 mile run and my calves were very tight. I'm now panicking that I need more rest but it could be in my head....

will rest and swim tomorrow

13/01/2013 at 16:16

Barry - thats rotten news, horrible when that happens.

Oompa - nice speedy xc

Spoons - nice to hear you've got our there without problems - hows the core?

Running unfuelled?  Not a chance for me.  I burn through food so fast I need to go out  fuelled, eat cereal bars on the go for anything over 10, and eat right when I get back in!

9M 'long' run for me today, supposed to be at 8.45 pace, but ended up averaging 9.27 - not bothered about that cos I did an awesome route with lots of hills and mud!  Really enjoyed it today, its great to be back up to running a decent distance.

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