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25/01/2013 at 18:37
DD- bummer about the illness... So frustrating when things out of our control get in the way. Hats off for giving it a crack regardless, it must've hurt in the last miles.. Hope things fall into place next time for you.
Oompa- P&D is great, stick with it and don't let any doubts creep in. Do you get your paces from McMillan? I found that at the beginning I could hardly manage the slowest end of the McMillan LT pace range but a few weeks in it got a lot easier and it felt like quite a sudden jump. It really does work!
21m done @ 8:47. There's no snow where I am but still quite a bit left in Richmond park so there was a bit of slipping and sliding.
25/01/2013 at 18:54

DD:  well done on not doing the sensible thing!!  A man after my own heart

We have postponed our 30 mile jaunt in the Forest of Dean to next weekend as it is still thick snow over there.  Planning 16/17 tomorrow outdoors as the forecast is sun and warmer

25/01/2013 at 19:20

AA -  Well done on the tready 20.

DD -  Shit luck with the virus,  you gave it a very good go and impressive effort to finish in a really good time all things considered.  When's the next one?

Brol -  Nice long one.

Yeah well done to Andy but I'll be supporting anyone who's playing against him. 5 miles slow on the tready but back on the road tomorrow.

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25/01/2013 at 20:40

DD you did right just going for it, and you've still churned out a decent marathon time and placing.  It's horrible ending up in that place during a marathon but you've pushed through the pain and cracked on with it.  True grit and determination, well done.  Just really bad timing with the virus, really sucks when you've put so much hard work in for this.

You're coming back well Spoons, do you still have snow down your way?

Good to hear the knee was OK today Redwood afer your Bambi antics in the park.

Gyms aren't all bad Weeble, I always manage to get a decent stretch in and do my core work after a session in the gym, unlike when I just arrive home after an outdoors run and head for the shower.  Does it have a pool?

Chick get that 10K raced, they're not as bad as we all make out.  It's just like doing an intervals session involving 3 x 2 mile with no recovery and an extra bit on the end. 

Well done getting your first 20 in AA, hardcore getting that done on the treadmill!

10 miles done on the treadmill yesterday with 8 steady, tonight was Fartlek Friday.  On the treadmill.  AGAIN.  Easy run planned tomorrow, OUTSIDE.

25/01/2013 at 21:15
DD - Let's cut to the chase... That's a bloody outstanding time without the illness and I'm in awe of you doing that whilst ill!!!! Massive congrats.0

Brol - I get my paces from the RW sub 3.15 guide, so MP is 7.26, LT - 7.03. 10k - 6.51 etc... although I think these are (slightly) pessimistic as (when fit) I can run faster than this.

Minni - Call me weird, but I like speedwork! Gives me a big psychological boost.
25/01/2013 at 21:24

DD - that's a great performance being ill. That's the problem with marathons. Everything goes perfectly and the suddenly you're ill and you can't just try again next week.

let's not forget that AA prefers running on the treadmill

25/01/2013 at 21:26
kfc. wrote (see)

 I'll be getting my billhook on and laying some hedges.  

I don't know what this means

25/01/2013 at 21:32

Oompa - I like Speedwork too. But - LT runs, tempo runs, MP runs, progressive runs: all that stuff is better for marathon training


25/01/2013 at 21:34

Carrot - snow has all turned into ice

but. - forecast is 10 degrees and raining on Sunday so that will get rid of it

rest day today for me. My legs are feeling the return to training. Easy run tomorrow.

25/01/2013 at 23:05

lots of snow falling here - looks like Xmas card scene so it looks like myLR will be on Sunday

 Bro- great 21 miler today - pity my 14 yesterday wasn't 20

Edited: 25/01/2013 at 23:06
25/01/2013 at 23:21
Spoons. wrote (see)
kfc. wrote (see)

 I'll be getting my billhook on and laying some hedges.  

I don't know what this means

ummm, how do I best explain this..  I'll be doing it in the midland bullock style...

25/01/2013 at 23:39
KFC - Ok I've checked out the website, but where do you stick your billhook?

2old - Manchester got a good dump of snow for my commute home, and should be interesting trying to go in tomorrow early.

Freemers - ok, I thought it was you, but I wasn't sure of your real name, but checked out MT.

DD - Great race and time considering you were sick. A lot of us would love a time like that.
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26/01/2013 at 00:40

Simon- you'll need snow chains if it stays like this . Take care 

26/01/2013 at 01:21
2old, not running maddog after the 50 miler, promised myself rest the weekend after. My Missus is doing it though - the tshirts and medals look amazing. hopefully meet up with Simon on the line and you too.

O4S yes, D is my wife? Did wonder with the green top in your photo if you had links with a certain charity. Or just stalking us in the results?

Brol, great 20 miler. Mrs FRC was on standby last year for TR 24. Glad to see your travel jinx is only when an event is on.

Chic, hope the credit card sorted out. Good luck with the 10k.
AA 20 miles on dread mill. Mad, don't know how you do it.

DD, shame about getting ill so close but still a great time. You finished main thing, lots would've given up.

(((Minni))), have been thinking about you and family last few days.

Only a few light 2x 5m runs this week for me, right knee a little sore today maybe with new Sauconys last 3-4 weeks so taking it easy- tapering anyway.

For gym fans, we did a good exercise this week, an offset squat, more weight on one side than other with barbell, dumbbell or kettle. 3 sets of 8, 4 each side.Pulls your core and balance all over the place, feels very weird even with 10-15kg on.

Circuit in morning, Sunday maybe short run & circuit instead of usual 12 miler.
Snow here has taken out our sky box grrrr but now raining. and Aga broke down this week. Stanley setting alarm off jumping. Awaits next thing to break down - and no, hopefully not my knees.

Only chic racing this weekend?
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26/01/2013 at 07:59

I had no idea there was so much to hedgerows. Fascinating what you learn on the Internet!

26/01/2013 at 10:09
Simon- did you make it. The M6 and M58 were closed last night!
FRC- hope to see you at Maddog. A fiend of mine helps organise the race and they are hoping to raise about ??4k for charity
No running here today. Too much snow.
26/01/2013 at 12:54
2old - Yes made it in ok, M6 at standish was still closed, but went down to Ormskirk and picked M58 and it was open. Only 7mins late, so not too bad considering. There were still some cars left on the hard shoulder, I presume abandoned from last night.

FRC /2old - As none of us are actually racing Maddog, we don't have to be there at silly o'clock do we?
FRC - Are you going to make Mrs FRC run with a rucksack, as extra endurance training?
Edited: 26/01/2013 at 13:00
Dubai Dave    pirate
26/01/2013 at 13:45
Spoons. wrote (see)

DD - that's a great performance being ill. That's the problem with marathons. Everything goes perfectly and the suddenly you're ill and you can't just try again next week.

Brolish wrote (see)
DD- it must've hurt in the last miles.. 

There in lies the problem with marathon running its a one stop saloon with no second chances, from 25K onwards hurt more than any marathon I have previously run, it was agony. Only pride kept me moving. I am today virtually unable to sit down or walk down stairs, far worse than I would normally be the day after a marathon. I have no pans for a further marathon at the moment but as I will be in the UK in the autumn and as I will have done the JOGLE by then, i'm open to suggestions

Hope you all enjoy the floods in the next few days Last Sunday I ran around Gatwick in a blizzard which was a bit surreal for me. 

26/01/2013 at 15:00
Simon- looks like you were lucky with your commute. Snow turning to slush very fast so with luck LR will happen tomorrow . I'm thinking of doing around six before Maddog so may need to get there to allow time for that,but I may go with my friend and he won't want to do that and be early for that reason.
DD- it really has taken a lot out of you you feel worse than when you did your toughest IM. . Maybe you need to have a break were putting in some amazing performances before the marathon. Would you recommend a ski trip in amazing conditions as the ideal taper? I'm surprised you didn't get arrested at Gatwick
FRC- my sky failed too but I had freeview through a different aerial to fall back on not that there was much on anyway. The Aga failing must have been a disaster ..suddenly you're back in the Middle Ages ..unless you have back up heating and cooking. Aren't you tempted to pace your OH after all whats50miles?
26/01/2013 at 15:17


30 minutes on the turbo trainer this morning followed by 45 minute run along the beach. My left hamstring now seems to have seized up!

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