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02/02/2013 at 22:56
Yes 2old... ultra today. Just (cough) refuelling with food & some beers.

As O4S said, some terrible mud areas that they wouldn't even bother with in a XC race and that was all in the first 8 miles, with more later. As for the completely flooded bits at 33-36 miles... you just had to run through, the water touched the edge of my shorts. Freezing.

44-45 miles done in 8 hours. Think that's my long run done for a week or so. .

Nice relax in the hotel jacuzzi and spa after, iced legs in the pool too.
03/02/2013 at 00:26
20 miles for me earlier. The 9am slot was ditched because of the I've so went out at 12. Hilly route throughout with the first 9 feeling the hardest. A big negative split with the second half hillier than the first but almost 8 mins quicker. The last few miles sub 8 m/m and the last one in 7:45 finishing on a hill.

Just back from running club Christmas party.

Good luck tomorrow Brol. We're right behind you.
03/02/2013 at 06:14
Yay, I almost feel like a proper runner again Easy 30 mins for me yesterday and it felt, well, easy! Long run for me later will be 1:45 and just seeing how it goes. I've been 'running naked' up until this point as I didn't want to even get my Garmin out of the cupboard until I felt like I was getting some miles covered. But I think today's the day so mileage will be logged going forward.

I'm so sorry to see that a few of you are in the hurt locker. I really hope things sort themselves out for you all soon.

O4S, sounds like the perfect day! Glad you enjoyed it.

FRC, wow, sounds hard core. Looking forward to the race report on that one.

Brolish, good luck today!
03/02/2013 at 08:53

Brilliant news SS

03/02/2013 at 09:37

Quick check in, just moved house, off on holiday today but I've hit my Jantastic target for this week. There's commitment to you all.

SS great update to see, happy logging.

03/02/2013 at 09:44
Morning everyone
FRC- that was one difficult run and you did complete it all. Congrats. Don't like the sound of the mud and water but then again if you're running that far what the hell. Hope you have a few pics to show us. Did your niggle hold up ok? Enjoy your rest and think of us lot doing wimpy 20 milers.
Minni- that wasnt a wimpy 20 miler. Don't like the sound of those hills. Good speed at the end too. Another solid run banked. Well done
SS- good luck with the non naked LR today
Just done my LR - 21.2 miles at 8mm pace with the last 5 at 7.40-7.30 pace to bring the average down. Found it hard running under 8 mm for the first 14 miles .Bit of a head wind picked up towards the end too. Just under 74 for the week.
Bro- good luck with your HM now
03/02/2013 at 11:03

Morning all,

Awesome long runs from Barry, Minni and 2old, I miss the satisfaction of crossing off another long run on the marathon campaign!

Spoons - sorry to read you are still injury plaugued, probably the right decision to defer, rather than struggle on and not shift the injury!

Minni - you 'could' retire when you go sub 3:15 at VLM, but obviously you're not going to retire - you've already booked that autumn marathon haven't you 

DD- excellent podium place with your tri.

FRC - wow, impressive ultra run there, how are your legs today?!

AA - hope you sort your calf out soon!

Weeble  - have a great holiday!

SS - great to see you back, hope your lr went well today.

Been spinning twice this week, mid week run,was due to head out today for another run but have really tight calves after spin yesterday - think the standing sprints on the bikes are wrecking havoc with my calves/achilles, so strectching and rollering on the list to do today instead.

Edited: 03/02/2013 at 11:15
03/02/2013 at 12:01
Morning all

Bro - good luck this morning

2old - cracking mileage for the week.

Weeble - happy holiday

Minni - sounds like a really tough long run.

I set off for some hmp work this morning. Good news is that calf was ok. Bad news is that it started off well and then ended up as mp work because of the wind, hills and energy

A rubbish 38.7 miles for the week but 5 runs logged and just about logged febulous distances in time....
03/02/2013 at 13:07
Morning everyone. Quick check in. Watford half done in 1:36:39. Very tough course with some never ending killer hills but despite the forecast, perfect running conditions. Happy with the result, especially that I felt stronger in the last few miles than I have done in any of my recent halves. All in all good first race of this mara campaign.
03/02/2013 at 13:11
Well done Brolish! Nice strong HM at this stage is showing everything is pointing to a fantastic marathon coming up.
03/02/2013 at 13:30

2old - wow a 74m week is good going and nice finishing it off with a 21m run at a speedy pace.

Weeble - hope you remember where this house is!   Have a nice holiday and well done for getting jantastic logged before you go.

O4S/FRC - nice ultras.  FRC - what is your target for London?  Do you think the ultras will help? 

Kiwi - nice to see you still spinning and continuing to build your fitness.

Nice to see Barry and AA planning a sub committee meeting next weekend.  AA - hope the calf continues to get better.

Oompa - when I put strides into a run like that I tend to do about 6 x 80m.  Sometimes I'll do one per mile, say at the end, or stick them all in the middle, about mile 4.

Spoons - hope the X training helps keep your head straight.  Stick with it and you'll be back.

KFC - have fun over there.

Ant - nice to see you clocking a 20 miler and you too Carl. 

SS - nice to have you back.

Just back from 7.5 with some 1400 intervals to make up for my feeble effort on Friday. (6:39, 6:42, 6:46, 6:36, 6:41).  I've finished the week on 58 miles, tired but happy now.



03/02/2013 at 14:02

Rest day today, finished the week on 50+ [but no speedwork]

Have a bit of a dilemma to resolve.  My 100 mile event is only 2 weeks after VLM this year as I am doing the Marshals' event and helping on the main one.  I am struggling to see how I can train properly for both - if I do lots of long slow distance for the 100 miler I will have to drastically reduce the speedwork as I won't be able to manage both without injury / exhaustion setting in.  So I have to decide whether to go for a decent time in VLM and then just meander round the 100 as a social outing or go all out for the 100 and probably do VLM in just under 4 hours, no doubt feeling very frustrated

Don't worry I am not expecting a solution, just talking myself through the problem!

03/02/2013 at 14:30

Sorry Brol - Well done, I can barely remember the last occasion I managed a time like that and it sounds like a toughie!

03/02/2013 at 14:34
Choose London O4S!
03/02/2013 at 14:54
Bro - I've been told that Watford is a tough track (probably why i've never entered), so as Minni said, a great time for this stage of your training.

Minnie - I ended up doing 8 x 100m, so fairly similar to your advice.

18 @ 8.12 this morning, but I'd be lieing if I said it was easy! Had wanted to do at least 6 @ m.p, but when the time came, there was nothing in the legs, so rather than push a bad situation, I backed off. Still a 50 mile week is further than I ran in my entire schedule for VLM & MKM last year according to my training diary.
03/02/2013 at 15:27

Spoons, really sorry to hear you're deferring .  I've been rubbish and not got round to any reading back on the forum so I'm just picking stuff up from what other people are saying.

2old, I'm with you on the headwind issues today.  Great pacing from you, though

Kiwi, are you doing injury cross training too?  I'm still doing spin classes as I seemed to have got the bug whilst I was injured.  I've been doing 4-5 per week, but I am going to drop that down as my training increases.

AA, how is your calf?  Is it serious or settling down now?  Even though the run may not have gone as planned, at least you ticked the miles off 

Brolish, check you out!!!  Wow, that's all sounding seriously good, especially given all the hills   I'm so pleased you felt so strong as that's such a great indicator of where you're at.  Nice running, girl 

Minni, it's good to be back!!  58 miles sounds like a good week so well done you.

Oompa, loving the positive spin on a 50 mile week!  Sounds good to me.

O4S, you could pace me in London to a sub-4 

Actually, that's sounding like a real struggle right now.  I did my LSR today, first Garmin-monitored run for about a year as I got injured towards the end of Feb last year and that's where my running struggles began.  Anyway, I've really wrestled with the mental battle of backing down from 3:30 when that's what I was aiming for at VLM last year.  Owing to sickness, I only started proper marathon training in the second week of Jan this year, December having been written off and with only a month of base training in November which was my comeback from injury.  So 4 hours has now become my target as I don't think there's time for anything better and I simply don't want to put my body at risk of breaking down by doing too much training in too short a period of time.

Anyway, I went out today and of course there was the Garmin.  I hit 9:20 m/m and thought that's good, I'll stick at this for the planned 1:45.  Only of course, unlike my last marathon build up where that or faster was easy pace (having had months of base training beforehand), this time I was really finding it tough to keep to this pace.  The logical part of me worked out that what I really should do was slow down as clearly my running fitness means that 9:20 is not easy pace and so I should be running at least 30 seconds slower, probably more.  However, I've already reigned in way too much of my competative nature by backing down from 3:30, so I just refused to take my foot off the gas.  So I did 11 miles in 1:43, and it felt really hard going   It was very windy out there today, coupled with spots where I was getting sandblasted which is never fun so that didn't help, but overall I just feel a bit adrift and am still wondering whether there is much point in me actually doing VLM, particularly given the flight and accommodation costs/travel time etc. as I'm starting a new job in April.  But then I feel so guilty for considering giving up my GFA place as I earned it and have already deferred it from last year 

Sorry to be so negative after my burst of positivity earlier!!  Does anyone have any advice?

03/02/2013 at 16:31

Brol -  Good racing, smash that PB at Reading.

SS -  11 weeks to go till VLM, so depending how long you can leave it to book flights/accom, maybe give it 4 weeks of training and see how you feel then.

FRC -  Congrats on your ultra, wading through water - fair play to you sounds like  adventure racing.

Minni -  Two very good back to back runs, how did the speedy reps feel after yesterday's long one.

2old -  Very good long run and impressive weekly mileage.

AA -  38 miles is not rubbish with a sore calf just treat it as a cutback week.

Just under 5 easy after work for me this afternoon.



03/02/2013 at 17:03

Sorry to hear you've had to defer Spoons, wise decision if you're not back up to normal mileage. 

Chick - you should be thrilled with a 17M run done before work, let alone one with 8M at under 8mm!  Dare I ask what time you had to get up to do that?  Spa weekend sounds great, you really deserve it.

Well done on a strong HM today Bro!

Impressive ultra running from O4S and FRC

Sorry your calf is still giving you problems AA, hope the tape helps.  You've still managed to get some decent runs in this week, don't worry about the mileage for one week.   Great result for Reading yesterday No I wasn't there, just as well really as I had a stinking hangover and 10+ hours on a bus would have probably finished me off.

Impressive 20M Barry!

Minni of course you wouldn't retire if you went sub-3:15, you'd have to take up your championship start place first!  Hardcore doing intervals the day after a 20M.

SS have you already booked your travel & accomodation for London? If it was local and you could complete the distance, I'd still do it.  Set a new target, sub-4 maybe, but still run it.  If it's going to cost a small fortune then it's maybe not worth the added pressure of having to train for a marathon in 11 weeks just for a time you might not be happy with.

20 miles @ 8:31 done with Parsnip this morning, his hamstring is improving but he'll be under strict instructions to not put down 7 runs per week for Febulous!

03/02/2013 at 17:19

Bro - brilliant half well done ????

I'm off to join the gym 

03/02/2013 at 18:09

Thanks everyone.

Barry- yes, in Reading there will be no excuses!

SS- from a selfish point of view I would very much want you to do do VLM so I'm probably not the best person to give you an objective advice. I wouldn't give up just yet. If you're happy to not put too much pressure on yourself re the time and are happy to do it in around 4 hours I can't see why not. Just because today's run felt tough at 9:30mm, it doesn't mean that it will feel the same in a couple of weeks (especially if it was windy/ sandblasting). Garmin can be our worst enemy!

Minni- you totally nailed those intervals and I can't believe you did them the day after your speedy 20m. Hats off!

O4S and FRC- nice ultra running from both of you

2Old- impressive speed on your LSR yesterday.

AA- glad to hear the calf is behaving, that's the main thing. Hope you have a better week this week.

O4S- another vote for VLM!

Carrot and Oompa- well done on your LSRs today.

Spoons- hope they gym is nice with all the essentials (hot tub/ sauna/ steam room)?


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