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10/02/2013 at 14:27
AA- whoop whoop. Amazing result and so close to sub 1:30! Superstar))
2Old- great racing, I have no doubt 40min will get smashed in a near future.
Back from a wet and freezing 21 miler. Had to jump straight into a hot bath (sorry Shaggy).
10/02/2013 at 14:30

Oompa/Minni -  Great reports and impressive XC racing.  The field around the kit tent this morning was like a XC course.

2old -  Good racing, its's only 21 seconds, how were your splits.  But as Minni  says in the big scheme of mara training those 21 seconds don't matter.

AA -  Congrats again on today's performance.

Arrived at Wokingham early and after a bit of a walk from the town centre, all well signposted, arrived at the start area. Steady rain and wind picking up.  Met up with AA and had a good chat.  After going our separate ways to dump kit and don bin liners(well done to organisers for providing so many), met up again and warmed up. Thanks to AA's  race knowledge we ended up near the 1:15 marker which made for an easy start.  Started off steady - yeah right splts as follows:

1.   6:38
2.   6:41
3.   6:36
4.   6:40
5.   6:38
6.   6:44
7.   6.40 took gel
8.   6:48
9.   6:52  started to feel it back into the headwind
10. 7:00  still into the headwind.
11.  7:08 - ouch
12.  6:56
13.  6:39. Picked up the pace a bit for the last mile
last bit 5:59.

Very happy to finish 1:28:40 with a 6:46 avg, shows where I am training wise.  Briefly met up with AA both of us with big smiles even though cold and wet.  Good facilities plenty of hot showers and  a very good race despite conditions.

10/02/2013 at 14:46
Barry- great result! Very well done.
Hope everyone is celebrating- what a weekend!
10/02/2013 at 15:09
AA & Barry - Superb times in horrible conditions. Is that two shiny new pb's?

2old - Great 10k time. That horrible last half miles must have easily cost you 21 seconds.

Got my 20 done and as Brol said, it was wet, freezing and windy. So much so that I couldn't feel my hands when in the shower afterwards!!
10/02/2013 at 15:10
Just read that last comment back and it sounds... Wrong!!! (Embarrassed face)
10/02/2013 at 15:22
Barry - so pleased for you. Hope you are now settled into the rugby with that bottle of red

2old - that's a fantastic time. Well done.

Brief report:
Met up with Barry and did a warm up. Decided on our excuses early doors just in case....force 8 gales etc...

The start is really narrow and congested so I suggested we move further up the pack just so we don't get blocked in too much.

I had forgotten my gels and had no isotonic drink. Barry gave me one of his (I didn't use it) but was ready for the excuse if I needed it! I started my new garmin and locked the bezel thing. It got stuck on ave pace so I didn't really have a clue what I was running and was running on feel. My ave pace was 6:48 for the first half then started to creep up. I have a really bad way of talking myself out of racing hard at the end of races so I was trying to be positive. I only thought sub1:30 might be on the cards briefly but I knew there was a bad stretch for me from 9-11 miles. A little bit of disappointment not to have done it but totally outweighed now with the thought I can give it a real go at Reading in 5 weeks.

7:18 headwind

Official time of 1:30.26. 2nd v40-49 out of 153.

Bro, Oomps - well done on your 20s. Hope Minni and chick managed theirs. Has o4S done her 30 too?
Edited: 10/02/2013 at 15:24
10/02/2013 at 15:52

AA, new pink for the thread . Do you get some bling as well for your placing? Sounds like the calf is all sorted then?

Barry, fantastic time from you as well.  Looks like things are shaping up well for your marathon.

2Old, great time as well especially as it's still quite early in your marathon cycle. 

DD, race sounds great and you are amazingly consistent with your podium positions even if no bling this time.

Minni, Oompa, good racing from you both. Minni, your new club must be so pleased to have you as you keep placing so highly for them. For VLM we need to find a 3:15 marathoner with a blonde swishy ponytail and put her in a skirt for you to chase. Oompa, nice to be beating people you've beaten in the past.

Carrot, sounds like you've caught the quad problems nice and early.

Kiwi, an hour . It's great to see you on the comeback and you've been so dedicated with the cross training.

Failing to manage any lunchtime classes at the moment, trying to do more than 1 job isn't helping. Main exercise has been commuting to and from work on the bike, which is full of stops at traffic lights but I clocked up about 50 miles cycling this week which hopefully, even with all the stops, has got to help.

10/02/2013 at 16:14

AA- the splits tell the story-so so close to 90- if it wasn't for the headwind you would have bagged it .It's there for the taking next time.

Oomp- brilliant LR with a tough x country in your legs

 Barry- fantastic performance with a time you must know you can eat into bearing in mind the easing off in the 9-12 miles section ready for that grandstand finish! Seriously its a very positive indicator at thus stage.

My splits are a master class in pacing-








It's just a shame I didn't lose 3-4 secs a mile . still it's there for the taking and not far off what I did a week before Liverpool Marathon.

It was a very impressive event .A fast straight course .Entertainment - drummers, singer ,Elvis impersonator,pre race massage, quality t-shirt and medal . One to do every year.



10/02/2013 at 16:26

FRC- hope your wife pb' d at the 10k today

 Bro- excellent LR- looks like your fatigue is in the past .

O4 S- you have to have finished by now or are you still eating cake? 

Minni- hope your LR went well . 're sub 40- I know it's only a few seconds but I'm like a child- I will stamp my  feet until I get it-- or maybe train specifically for it . 

The rugby is looking interesting!!

10/02/2013 at 16:36

Fantastic AA, so pleased for you.  Don't you love it when those results seem to pop out of nowhere?

Great result from Barry too, but we expect you boys to beat us up until HM.

2Old, so close but well played, hope you're still pleased with that result.

Well done Bro and Oompa for getting out for the long runs. Just think how easy a nice spring marathon will feel in comparison.

Cross training today, with a mile on the tready to stop Minni setting the Jantastic dogs on me.

10/02/2013 at 16:44

weeble- fighting talk- yes suppose I am pleased because a few seconds here or there don't make difference in the context of the bigger picture.  Nice cliche?

10/02/2013 at 16:47

Barry / 2old - fantastic well done

2 hours in the gym done. Time for a sleep I think!

10/02/2013 at 16:49
Spoons- thanks-you're getting value out of your membership !
10/02/2013 at 16:56
2old - bloody great splits. Sounds like a good event. Was it congested?

Weeble - well done on hitting your febulous targets!!

Becs - 50 miles on the bike is good going.

Kiwi - good for you!
10/02/2013 at 17:07

AA- there were lots there but I joined the group near the front and everything flowed smoothly away from the start, congestion free . I've seen how you dealt with it at your HM.

10/02/2013 at 17:24

Oh so good allround - great reports, great splits.  We've been going for over two years now and still we continue to improve.  I'm not kidding I think we'll have a team in Rio!

Well done Barry!

Just back from my 20.  The weather closed in at 12 miles and I got the extra layers on that were tied around my waist.  Legs are tired from yesterday.  Sort of spat the dummy at mile 16 - not that it made an difference because I had to get home.  Thankfully Guns and Roses came on the ipod and HTFU messages from Spoons and AA got me back on the road.  20m @ 8.29. 

Edited: 10/02/2013 at 17:25
10/02/2013 at 17:39

Minni- yes Rio is looking good . It's good to see everyone s hard work paying off. Talking of hardwork, that LR must have been tough even without yesterday's excellent race in your legs...well done. So one week ends and another starts tomorrow with nil logged- always look on the bright side eh?

10/02/2013 at 18:10
Great HM's from AA and Barry, and some great Lsr's from the team.

Great to meet up with 2old and FRC and his OH. Great to put some faces to names. I would of loved to have raced today, as it's one of my local 10ks, and was for charity, but still injured.
Went to the gym afterwards, and another 5000m sess on the rower, and then watched the rugby on a bike
10/02/2013 at 18:44

AA I'm over the moon for you.  Brilliant running, doing it for the girls, absolutely bloody marvellous

Smashed 1:30 Barry, cracking pace, sounds like you've had a good morning out

Spoons  - quality choice of listening for your turbo session

Oompa - great XC running, you make them sound fun! Spike hole sounds painful...

What are quad guards Minni? I was thinking of you out running this afternoon when the rain set in, I knew you'd be hardcore and just crack on with it

2old well done on the second fastest 10K, really good pacing throughout.

I did my planned 18M today.  PAIN FREE!!!  I honestly can't believe the difference since Thursday when I couldn't even walk down the stairs without it hurting, the physio session was money very well spent.  Ran easy, forced myself to slow down on the downhills, had a very enjoyable 18 miles @ 8:26.   Followed by more lunges and stretches!  Happy happy happy  

10/02/2013 at 18:55
SS - yes I quite enjoyed the parkrun but they have to be incorporated into something longer at the moment. Might try for a fast one in june time. Hope the lsr went well.

Weeble - hi

AA and barry - cracking times sub 3.15s for marathon maybe ?

2old - nice time good short speed to get you through the end of the marathon

Minni - nice 20.

Slow 16 mile run through hamsterley forest for me today. Picked a really hilly route felt good till 14 miles. Was raining for the last 6 miles. Had to dig in near the end. Going to tackle 20 next weekend.
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