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Mr Zuvai    pirate
11/02/2013 at 10:57

spot on Oomps - it a pub on the opposite corner of trafalgar sq from horse guards parade - its always full of it RW / fetchies/ pirates on marathon day


Dubai Dave    pirate
11/02/2013 at 11:02
Oompa: Chandos is indeed a pub

AA: absolutely stinking and bling to boot

Barry: very nice sir

2old: I sympathise as I too am11 seconds adrift, we will make it. And I don't care what Minni says a sub 40 is more important to me than a sub 3-15 marathon

Minni: nice long run

o4S madness as usual

Spoons; get better gloves

KFC: sounds fairly extreme are you O4S daughter ?

Reds: F 1 circuits are awesome for cycling

So cycle 60 miles this morning, will do club run tonight
11/02/2013 at 11:37

Wow, wow, wow!!  What amazing racing from everyone .  AA, that is an awesome performance, nicely raced.  And as you say, it shows what great shape you're in for Reading.  Those 26 seconds will be eaten up.... 2old, same for you.  21 seconds and more, I'm sure, will be history given normal wind conditions.  Great racing!

Kiwi, I'm laughing!!  Poor you not making spin   But great effort on the party front, and you totally deserved that champagne!

Brolish/Oompa/Minni/Shildon, great effort in the freezing conditions.  Well done.  Just you be careful in that shower, Oompa 

Becs, keep up with the cycling 

Barry, amazing!!  Brilliant running, that's so inspiring.

Weeble/Spoons/Simon, I hope the cross-training and gym went well.  Spoons, how's the hand doing?

2old, I'm sorry to have to tell you you may well be in The Chandos for a while after everyone else has finished waiting for me .  Oh well, at least I can text for a pint when I'm on my way 

O4S, good grief, that sounds hard core!  Amazing effort for sticking with it.

FRC, how did Mrs FRC do?  I hope she enjoyed it!

KFC, sounds amazing!!  Enjoy your heli lift.  I hope the powder's good.

Red, rest up and take care of yourself as it really does sound like you're poorly .  I hope you feel better soon.

Ant, well done for sticking with 13 miles of boredom 

Carrot, that's awesome news 

11/02/2013 at 11:43

My 13 went fine yesterday, if just horrifically slow.  Average pace was 9:46 so I ran 2:07.  I'm not used to going this slowly   On the bright side, my heart rate stayed in the low 140s so it felt extremely easy, it was just frustrating to be running at that pace.

The only thing which has me slightly scared is I could feel my calf again .  It wasn't massively painful, just noticeable which it hasn't been thus far.  I stretched and wore my compression socks and it feels absolutely fine today.  I did a spin class at lunch time and that went fine.  I'll see how it goes for my session tomorrow, I think I'll TM it again just in case...

11/02/2013 at 12:07

Morning all - my core temperature has just about reached normal again!!

Punchbowl Marathon 30 miles [or 20 miles for wimps

It waas raining moderately heavily when we parked the car at the start - it was raining moderately for the first 12 miles, after which it became heavy, then torrential with a cold wind and for the last 200 yds abated to a monsoon .  Temperature soared to 3 degrees at one point but that was about as good as it got.

Route is about 97% off-road and never have I longed for tarmac as much as I did yesterday. The route varied from man-eating mud and small child swallowing puddles, to primordial swamp and water logged sand with lying water - every time you put your foot down you hoped it would come back out with a shoe still attached.

The moderate rain of the first 12 miles was OK, I wore waterproof cycling gloves and my decent heavy duty anorak so although my feet and legs were oozing water my top was merely damp and my hands were warm and dry - had I known then what I know now I would have eaten more at that point.  BA was anxious with all the slipping, sliding, falling over etc but we had agreed to do it together and he didn't slow up as much as I had expected - although to be fair nobody was going fast!

At 12 miles the 20 mile route headed for home and most of the scantily clad and ill prepared runners went that way - which was just as well as later on we had to rescue a couple who were on the verge of hyperthermia = I say goodbye to my spare dry gloves / spare jumper and foil blanket .  Why don't people come prepared for the conditions???  Anyway the rain got heavier in the next section and by the time we got to 20 miles both the anorak and the gloves had taken the hump and stopped being waterproof, although I was still moderately OK temperature wise apart from my hands.

And then it all went horribly wrong!!   The mud was half way up our legs on everystep, where there was no mud we had to wade through calf deep water - the next 6 miles were the most miserable experience you can imagine.  The last checkpoint was just in a car park and I was so cold I had to ask one of the checkpointers to stick a fig roll in my mouth as I went through - didn't dare stop and couldn't feel my hands.

The last 5 miles were on exposed windy heathland and I was so cold I was afraid I would lose track of the route instructions, but much to BA's relief I kept going with him following at a respectful distance .

The finish was like a scene from the trenches - the venue was just a village hall with no showers / changing facilities so I was trying, with numb hands, to get all my clothes off and dry stuff on while hopping around on one foot in a tiny cubicle in the ladies - mud flying everywhere.  My feet and legs were cramping, I couldn't unfasten anything, but finally piled enough layers on to start to feel, if not human at least alive.

Whether that was really running or not is probably debatable - but we are both relatively unscathed, although after nearly 3 hours getting home we could barely get out of the car - 2 toenails will be saying farewell in the next day or so with a couple of other possibles.

AA - I doubt I will manage the first 100 yards with you next week

11/02/2013 at 12:10

O4S - I honeslty don't know how you do it. Well done.

Carrot - so pleased you managed your 18 and are back on track after your quad issue last week.

Minni - well done for sticking with it after a long weekend yesterday.

SS - the fact that you're getting there is great.

Thanks for all your lovely praise yesterday. I don't think 3:15 is anywhere near on the cards though on @45 miles p/w. I also have a real problem with confidence and once my head goes, that's it. We have all been on here for a few years now and its no coincidence that I have now broken every pb in the last 12 months, even at 40!. The encouragement when things go right and support when things go wrong truly have helped me. Resting my calf and backing off the intervals last week meant I went into yesterday slightly more rested I suppose but still a bit surprised today.

Mega DOMS today a 3 mile recovery run was all I could do.


Just read your report O4S - I feel how cold you were. Hope you're ok today.


Edited: 11/02/2013 at 12:13
11/02/2013 at 12:17

O4S - OMG, sounds like a nightmare. Glad you made it out of the trenches alive

AA - you should have great confidence, you're flying. We need Seb Coe's trust in the training pic again at this juncture!

11/02/2013 at 12:17
sorry folks to piss on the parade ... bit of a moan coming on   First time I have to let you guys down for Febulous ... woke up on Sunday morning soaking wet with a massive sore throat. Some rough bug must have got me. Where and when I don't know. I felt great on Saturday and went to bed looking forward to my long run on Sunday despite the MP miles. Of course that wasn't happening. Swallowed anything immune-boosting that I could get my hands on ... garlic .... ginger .... Vit. C.... Echinacea ..... herbal teas ....  and I slept pretty much all day. Feeling better today (am at work) and hope I've beaten the nasty thing. But I missed my scheduled long run so I only got 84% or something, despite my 6 runs. Boo hiss
Now onto more positive things

Minni: great running at the XC. Loved the bit about "no one in a skirt is going to beat me". And more good XC action Oompa!

Carrot: glad to hear you are on the mend  

AA: f*cking hell ! What an amazing run. You rock!!  AND BarryB too - and 8X:XX HM

that's still a great 10k time, 2old

O4S: proper hardcore ultrarunning as always. Well done! No wonder you are tired ...

Speed sheep: don't beat yourself up over speed at the mo. That will come back. I was doing 10mm about a year ago coming back from illness and then ran a comfortable sub 3:30 marathon in October.

11/02/2013 at 12:32

Get well soon Chickadeee

Dubai Dave wrote (see)

 Spoons; get better gloves 

I can't believe you even own a pair of gloves, riding round the desert!

11/02/2013 at 13:07

Wow wow wow - amazing racing over the weekend!!! 

AA / Barry - brilliant times from the HM...AA, you really have moved the bar up for us ladies . If I can get within a couple of minutes of that in my next HM (5 weeks away) I'll be over the moon!

Minni / Oompa - nicely done on the XC. I'm still not tempted to try it...

2old - great 10k, and I'm sure you can knock off those pesky 21 seconds next time

Shildon - excellent Parkrun debut there

DD - yet another great tri result

O4S - what can I say - amazing stuff and a great report

I know I'll have missed someone - sorry, not had enough time to catch up properly.

Chick / Red - get well soon both of you.

I had a fairly unsatisfactory 20 miler yesterday - felt tired and sluggish even at 8.45 pace. Was originally looking at 22 but I'm glad I cut a bit off the route and went for the 20. I was having a serious case of CNBA and I think if it wasn't for Febulous I might have phoned OH to come and pick me up after about 12-13 miles.  I'm cutting back to 15 next Sunday and I think that will do me some good. The following two weekends I have 20 mile races and planning on doing one of them at TMP, or at least a good chunk of it so I want to feel fresh.

Edited: 11/02/2013 at 13:08
11/02/2013 at 13:21

Oompa and Minni- well done on your xc. Any more this season?

Minni- Whatever happend to 9mm on your LSR?

Carrot- glad to hear the physio sorted you out. Great 18 miler yesterday.

O4S- I can't even begin to imagine running 30m in this weather. Hope you've defrosted and recovered.

KFC- catching a heli lift- check you out! Sounds fab.

Red- defo not a good idea running with a chest infection. Hope you're on the mend soon.

Ant- 13m on DM is more than I could every master. Well done.

SS- hope the calf is ok. Like others said, do not worry about the speed for now.  You will get there.

Chick- hope you get better soon!

Free- that's another 20 in the bag at a very decent pace. Well done for not bailing out.

11/02/2013 at 13:30

My xc on Saturday was probably the most challenging I've done so far in terms of how hilly it was- I actually felt physically sick a few times- pure joy! Ended up with the best position yet in the Surrey League although nowhere near the top. That's me done with xc for this season- phew!

3m recovery planned for today and much needed. The legs got a bit of a beating...

11/02/2013 at 15:09

O4S -   Inspiring but mad, 13 miles was more than enough in yesterday's weather.

Red -  Take a break from running if it's a chest infection.

Zuvai -  Great weekends x training.

AA -  As your times come down you will get the confidence and hopefully more mental strength.  Drowned rat photos from Wokingham are online.

Chick -  Get well soon, don't rush back if you are still feeling rough.

Freemers  -  Don't be too hard on yourself,  still 20 miles bagged.

Taking a rest day today as  my right calf is niggly. Off to Blackpool tonight so will try and fit  a run in by the sea tomorrow.





11/02/2013 at 15:56

hi everyone, hope the training is going well..

i want to knock 15 mins off my time from last year's Brighton Marathon - this would give me 3hr30. In terms of pacing strategy for on the day, shall i just take the pace i recorded for each mile last year and deduct 35 secs off each mile? seems logical?

And do all the necessary training obviously!

11/02/2013 at 16:20

Brol - That was the last xc this season. Which club do you run for as we (Lingfield RC) are in the Surrey League also? 

11/02/2013 at 16:28

Oompa- Hercules Wimbledon. I must say that after Dorking on Saturday I'm feeling rather  about it being the last one!

Hi Luca. To run 3.30 mara you need to run at under 8m/m or 5m/km. The general consensus is to try to run even splits (unless it's a hilly course) although most non elite runners will slow down at least a little bit in the last few miles. Which mara are you doing?  Do you have a half mara planned beforehand?

11/02/2013 at 16:39

Hi Brolish - Im doing Brighton again, hence why i thought following the same pacing pattern (minus 35 secs/mile) might be an idea (accounts for gradient changes etc - not that its hilly at all!).

I may sign up for Longleat Half (10 March), but may awat that weekend. but i have half marathon distances in my training plan in any case

11/02/2013 at 16:49

Luca- it's a good idea to do a half 4-5 weeks before the mara to get a better idea of what to aim for. There's no point plucking a target out of thin air- it may well be over or under ambitious. Running the same distance in training is not the same, you will never be able to push yourself as much as you do in race conditions. What are you other pbs- 10k/ half mara?

11/02/2013 at 16:55

yes this is a fair point - you cant replicate race day in training.

best 10k - brighton - 44mins - Nov 2011

best half marathon - Bath - 1hr 42 - March 2012

11/02/2013 at 17:03
Luca - what Brol said. You really should be looking at a slightly faster HM to aim for a sub 3:30 marathon. (Although I ran 3:31 off a 1:41 half back in the day) What was your pacing like at Bath? How many long runs have you got in so far?
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