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16/02/2013 at 13:21
Gazelle Nothing wrong with slow runs. Are you doing VLM ?

o4s hope you're feeling better. No need to make it worse by forcing the 20 miler.

2old fast long "slow" run? Target for next mara for you ? Low 3:00-3:05?

DD are you royalty in Dubai or this treatment just the norm. When you get back here McDonald's drive through is going to be a shock.

Had to back off for a few days no running. Tweaked vastus medialus (sp?) whilst running Tuesday so sore inside quad through knee down to knotty top calf. We should start a calf club ! Not too bad though, massage yesterday.

Able to do circuit and good for maintaining & develop fitness so don't lose much off running. Wearing hrm gives a training effect of 3-3.5 which is ideal. Slightly harder Wednesday afterburn circuit 3.5-4.5 (for those without newer Garmins or Suuntos scale of 1 to 5 easy walk to 5 race or too hard session). So as good as a hard interval session but much less impact.

Good luck those doing events this weekend.
16/02/2013 at 14:10

Team Minni - have let the side down this week. 

Got my usual Tuesday tempo session in but woke up on Wednesday feeling rotton. I was hoping that by taking a day or two out I could shift it and then rejig my week but alas it has not worked out that way.

Came home from work yesterday and went to bed. Feeling a little better today and hopeful that I will get some sort of run in tomorrow but may not get the full 20 miles in that was planned for today.

Skimming through here it looks like one or two others are struggling with injuries so might be a challenging week to get maximum points.

But I guess the most important thing is that we all are fit for our marathons.

I am due to run a HM next weekend, and Paris itself is 7 weeks away, so have no idea what this enforcd absence will do to my performance. Hoping that I have got enough good miles in the tank.

Dubai Dave    pirate
16/02/2013 at 14:56
Right back from laying beside the pool at the club, Currywurst and potato wedges washed down with Cider served poolside. Ah this is the life!

Minni: I have been coached by more than one, eventually you reach the conclusion that you a) know as much about training patterns as your coach b) you know yourself better than your coach c) you know what has worked in the past d) your not going to get any better anyway cos your ancient. e) you bounce ideas off other experienced runners f) you watch what others do and modify to suit you

I don't say that it's wrong to be coached but there will come a time when you decide its time to move on, however your absolutely right that you have to buy into the coach and follow what he /she says, anything less is pointless.
16/02/2013 at 15:04

Carl -  sorry to hear you're not feeling well but don't worry about missing your 20.  It won't affect you next weekend and most of us will miss at least one long run in training.  Its the way it goes.

DD -  you're completely right.  At the moment though it also keeps me on the straight and narrow.  I'm so busy at the moment it would be easy to miss runs but the fact I have it written down there and have to answer to someone keeps me going.    Don't push the easy life - you don't want to be a bloater when you come back to the uk.

Anyone watching the athletics?  Paula Radcliffe has very scary eyes sometimes.

16/02/2013 at 16:07

I'm watching the athletics as well. Paula looks much prettier in the flesh than she ever does on TV.

Calf injuries seem to be popular right now . Take care all of you, and better to not get 100% in Jantastic now to be in good form for the spring marathons. If you don't manage the full distance for your long run it's still worth logging whatever your longest run is and then you won't lose too many points. You're still v near the top even with all the problems. Barry, do you also need to think about slowing down some of your runs again? You seemed to be logging lots of quick runs but that might be increasing your injury risk.

SS, contrats on the job and you seem to be making leaps forward with your comeback now.

I've had a little bit of a break through with my injury as well. 10 mins on treadmill yesterday, no niggles and even better no pain today (I usually have problems the day after) . It's baby steps but feels good to be able to finally be making baby steps. Physio exercises, including lots of standing on one leg, seem to be working. I'll be pleased if I can be racing 5ks sometime this year and still need to try to do a 5k faster than I've run half a 10k.

Other than that week's tally is about 38 miles cycled, and 2.5 hours of yoga/pilates. A bit down on the amount of cycling I'm aiming for, as ended up leaving my bike at work one day as I was just too tired to cycle home safely.

16/02/2013 at 16:12

Weeble, meant to say if I'm in London on the day I'll probably try to go and see the marathon if you want to try to meet up for spectating. Last 2 times I've spotted Minni but missed everyone else  so could do with some help with what everyone looks like.

16/02/2013 at 16:48
Spoons - love your burger van comment for DD. it's gonna be a mega shock to the system!,

Minni - great long run.

Carl - don't panic. At the end of the day febannoyingnowulous isn't worth risking injury at all.

Took the Boy around the Bramley course today as its only 10 mins from here. He was driving the route as he is running the 10 tomorrow in prep for his first Reading Half. Teaching him how to drive and explaining the course, and him dodging potholes on country lanes at the same time was pretty stressful!
16/02/2013 at 17:13
Hey gang,

Sorry to read of all the injury/illness woes, hope everyone is feeling better real soon!

Minni + 2Old great long runs from you guys.

S.S nice to see you coming back so strongly, gives me some hope yet! Congrats on the job

Becs ditto re your recover, good to hear you ran pain free today.

Lol, AA sounds like a stressful drive.

Managed 7 miles at 9:37 m/m, felt brave enough to attempt one of my favourite hilly routes, have been avoiding hills bc of the knee but it held up fine. Legs on the other hand were screaming, but it was an enjoyable feeling as finally feel like am back into proper running again. Spin booked for tmrw morning
16/02/2013 at 18:41

Bro - we booked our apartment through - we stayed in Mitte opposite the TV tower.  It was pretty cheap, around £300 for the six nights for the two of us.  I love apartments as they have a little kitchenette so you can make your own breakfast on marathon morning at whatever time you want it.

Gazelle - HADD seems to have worked really well for those who've tried it, I've never dared for the same reason as Bro.

Hope your calf was OK on todays 21M Minni?

Carl - hope the rest helps, don't worry about Febulous I think a few of us have missed a run or two due to injury or illness.

10 minutes is more than you could do without pain Becs, lets hope this is the start of your comeback.

Kiwi - great news, sounds like you really enjoyed your run today Do you think the spin classes have helped to strengthen the muscles around your knees?

Really enjoyed the relays today - 2.2 miles each, ladies were teams of four. Undulating route but a beautiful day for running - cool, sunny and no wind!  Out for more food tonight

16/02/2013 at 19:48

Minni -  Good long running.

AA -   How about 10 slowish then 10 at MP 7:20 to 7:30, whatever you decide -enjoy, the conditions look a lot better than last sunday.

Carl -  Concentrate on getting healthy for your HM, you'll soon be back on track for your marathon.

Becs/Kiwi -  Good news on your return.  Becs - Agreed my injury was caused by running at pace at the HM last weekend but I thought I was being a bit more sensible pace wise during training, I've been hitting the required pace for the training plan runs and only change I have made is to add some quicker miles to the end of my long runs.


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16/02/2013 at 20:40

Becs/Minni I'm planning on spectating at VLM this year, so up for a drink to toast all the PBs after, and Becs yes if you're around definitely give me a shout beforehand.

Bro have sent you the details.

What does everyone think about Mo planning to run the first half of VLM this year? articleUnless he's planning to be a pacemaker, find it a bit odd, as Paula says in the quote, either run an actual half or do the whole thing. Although I wonder if he would carry on if he was feeling good and this is all a bit of stagecraft?

16/02/2013 at 20:54
Great to see Becs and Kiwi getting back in track. Ive said it before and I'll say it again - just look at Freemers. You'd hardly think she'd been injured.

Carrot - I've seen lots of photos from the relays and it looks like great fun. I actually love relay races. My calf was fine today. Didn't feel it at all and it's been fine since. Are you back to 100% fitness now?

Barry - did you run at all today? How is it?

AA - I hope you had a bottle of wine in the car...?! Hope it's a good one tomorrow whatever you decide on. I'd do the 5/5/5/5 strategy.

O4S - you it's good for you too and hope you can talk tomorrow. You and AA will have lots to catch up on I'm sure!

Becsa, Weeble, Spoons etc I hope you will make it to Chandos on VLM day for post race drinks.

I had an incident with my car tonight. Not sure what happened but one of the back wheels locked while I was driving causing me to skid and come to an abrupt stop. Luckily I wasn't going fast (good job I wasn't on my way to work...). RAC have just recovered it and I'm now getting pi$$ed.
16/02/2013 at 20:56
Xpost Weeble - I think he's a slacker!
16/02/2013 at 21:02
Carot - Nice relay in great conditions.

Kiwi - Glad to hear you're back on your schedule and enjoying running, and enjoy your spin class.

Becs - Just to be pain free must of felt good, onwards and upwards.

FRC - Good to hear your (sp) injury hasn't stopped you from circuits.

Minni - Hope you weren't to shaken by the experience, and hopefully the car will be ok, (((((hug)))))))

Still not running, so some more x-training in the gym, a rower sess for me. 10000m in 41.12 @ 2.03.6 pace.
As my run 10k Pb is 44.42, does this mean I'm more suited to rowing, or does everyone have better rowing times than running times?
Edited: 16/02/2013 at 21:05
16/02/2013 at 21:11
Simon I'm not shaken but I'll take the hug anyway!!

I'm not a rower so can comment but my 10k time was well above 45 till last year. Get back to running!
16/02/2013 at 22:06

Simon - I only do half an hour on the rower but I usually go through 5000m in around 20 - 21 mins so it sounds about right. Mind you it's a lot easier than racing a 10km run race.

I ran today! 30 mins / 3 miles / 10:00 pace. Felt OK.

Am supporting GF at Stamford 30km tomorrow. I plan on cycling round. 

17/02/2013 at 05:44

here's to a great comeback for Becs, Kiwi, and Spoons.

Simon: it would probably take me 2hours to row a 10k

Minni: eeek! That car thing sounds scary. How can something like that happen??

Carl: don't worry too much about Febulous. I had to can last week's long run as I felt I was coming down with something. 2 rest days and I was ok again. If I'd run I'd probably lost a week or so. As much as I hate missing a run, sometimes it pays off to be sensible

Good luck O4S (if you decide to run) and AA

Just waiting for daybreak to do my 22. Pitch black out there still but at excatly zero degrees it sounds like a pleasant warm day . May consider vest & shorts

17/02/2013 at 05:53



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17/02/2013 at 06:58
Morning all about -8 here but sun is on its way.
Brief hello to everyone. Good running and racing today though not for me. Running outside looks a bit of a logistical nightmare so I'm hoping I find a treadmill for this weeks Febtastic. Now off to rent some skis.
17/02/2013 at 07:00

Good luck to everyone racing and doing long runs today. 

No running today for me. I'm going to run every other day for a few weeks as I slowly build up distance. And no races, no speed work, no pressure from coaches, no club nights. Just doing my own thing, quietly building. Plus keeping up loads of gym, swim and bike. I'll be marathon fit in no time

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