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21/02/2013 at 20:45

Red -   That's a long time to be lurgied up, hope the doctor sorts you out.

AA -   Nice quick miles.

Minni -  Don't forget the magic of putting the race number on.

Chick -  Was it an easy decision to switch to the 20k, methinks you don't like 10k's

Another x training session for me this morning, 10 mins WU then 20 mins hard 10 Mins WD, even  though the gym was cold I managed to create a nice pool of sweat. Kept longingly looking at the treadmills, but determined to make sure the calf is 100% before running again.

21/02/2013 at 23:29
I cant wait to give your training run a go Minni next glad that my paces are slower though....just the thought of running at your paces brings me out in a cold sweat!

Hope your calf makes a full recovery soon Barry
Edited: 21/02/2013 at 23:29
21/02/2013 at 23:34
Good luck this weekend Freemers and chick

Freemers you have my sympathy getting up at that time, I really dont think I could manage it...I think I would turn into one miserable person!

Hope you havent fallen ill too AA
22/02/2013 at 04:38
Spoons, what a swim! Great effort there.
Chick, recovery day???! Sounds good, though. I'm looking forward to having those kind of days as my recovery days hopefully by the autumn As for the heat affecting my heart rate, you could be right. I'm squeezing my runs in where I can as I'm ferrying our guests around at the moment. The hangover ruled against getting up at 6am so I had to go out in the afternoon to make sure I was back in time to get ready to go out and start drinking again I'm looking forward to getting back to some sort of routine next week.....
Red, Ant, O4S, AA, it easy and hopefully you'll be feeling better soon.
Sarah, good luck with that early start! I think you're lucky though as races over here often start at that time. Getting up at 4am to eat properly before a half is not fun.....
Minni, nice paces and even nicer massage
KFC, I remember when I rowed at university, the erg goal was always 2k in 8mins. That was horrific enough, 6mins makes me want to puke just thinking about it!!
Barry, great willpower in keeping off the TM.
I had a storming session yesterday. I did 6x800m at 14kph which is 6:53m/m which for me right now is nothing short of a miracle! Last time I did the session 2 weeks ago, I alternated between 13 and 14 so I'm happy with a 50% improvement. I jogged it out to get to 45mins and totalled 8.6km. Funnily enough, the penultimate session felt the worst, the last one was nowhere near as bad. Perhaps I was just getting into my stride The thing which made my day, though, was the chap on the TM next to me. When I finished he said "that was very impressive, are you an athlete?"!!! If I wasn't so sweaty, I could have hugged him! It's the little things
Happy Friday, everyone!
Dubai Dave    pirate
22/02/2013 at 07:16
Morning Folks

Redders: Hope it disappears soon, its taken me 4 weeks to fully shake off the Virus that got me while skiing.

SS/Simon/kfc: 2K in 6 mins on a erg sounds truly vomit inducing as for 5 in 15

ABRa'S 10K Series, Race 2

Up at 0500 to get some toast, not feeling at my best due to way too much cycling of late, so no great expectations but I finished 2nd in my age group in race one and I do have half a eye on the age group series trophy. Drove to the start out at the Marina, not my favourite place to run as its all concrete bricks but it is quite scenic. A 2.5K warm up confirmed that legs were tired but not destroyed, so when asked I hazarded a guess at 43 mins.

Hooter sounded and were off out along the breakwater into the wind, at least is reasonably cool, 1K 4-03, do the U turn at the end of the breakwater and settle in beside the Japanese guy who I run with in every race 2K 4-11, as we run back down the breakwater I see everyone come out and figure that I'm 2nd in my age group though I'm not 100% sure the guy in front of me is 50+.

Through the hotel grounds, lots of twists and turns, 3K 4-12. Through the car park and over the gravel before coming back past the start 4K 4-15. Into the wind out onto the breakwater and and the gap to the 3rd M50 has grown, back into the hotel grounds and 5K 4-13. Realise that I'm very unlikely to catch the guy who I think is the lead M50 so ease back a touch and run for place. 6K 4-20, at 7K 4-11 were back out on the breakwater and I close down &; pass the guy in the Maple leaf shirt, look at him and conclude he's a M45 ... wrong.

8K in the hotel grounds 4-21 I'm cruising home now, 9K 4-15, Mr Maple leaf passes me and I let him go. 10K 4-23 and the last bit of the course which we all agreed was 10.2K 37 seconds. So overall time of 43-06 on a long course.

Turns out Mr Maple leaf was a M50 and he finished 2 seconds in front of me but now I know who he is. Officially I was 3rd M50 but looking at the results the guy who was classified as the M50 winner in 36-01 clearly only did two laps before crossing the finish line ( there is no check on laps) as he ran 58-45 in the previous race. No one gets better by 22 mins in 2 months! Plus if he was that good I would know him! Turns out the guy I originally thought was the lead M50 was 49.. So opportunity to win lost but on the plus side I'm in pole position to win the series with a 2nd and &;a 3rd.
Edited: 22/02/2013 at 07:50
22/02/2013 at 08:43

Great race DD - shame about the M50 cheat though

SS - brilliant 800s and I love the athlete comment! I had a similar thing a few weeks back when I was doing intervals....just finished the last one and a guy on an exercise bike said something like 'I feel ill just watching that'...I think he was talking about my speed and not the way I looked

Spoons. wrote (see)

Freemers - is that the Bury 20?


Yes - called the Tarpley 20 these days but that's the one. 

Minni - plan at the moment is 5 miles 8.20 / 5 miles 8.00 / 5 miles 7.40 / 5 mles 7.20. But it's forecast to be very windy so I may need to back off a bit depending on which direction it's coming from. The main thing will be to get progressive effort even if the pacing is not quite what I want...just getting my excuses in!  That's great pacing for your session...I haven't done that one in a few weeks so might do that as one of my quality sessions next week...I think I will be a bit slower though

22/02/2013 at 11:02
DD - Great race, and now you know who the real m50 competitors are

SS - I use that chat up line all the time down the gym, did you get his nbr?
22/02/2013 at 11:27

Sarah - you could manage those paces no bother.

Barry - well done for resisting the TM.  Keep up the x training. 

DD - maybe the 22 min guy is on the F*rn@n schedule!  Well run - will you get to finish the series before you come back?

SS - you should have said, 'Yes, I AM'!!

First marathon dream for me last night, not VLM but the Castles marathon in October!  I dreamt that the pre marathon party (aka pasta party) was at the castle but when I arrived it turned out to be a Victorian banquet - I actually think I did go back in time.  Everyone in traditional dress, copious amounts of food, jugs of ale and everyone very pissed. Folks were grabbing food with their hands and ramming it into their mouths. I was totally freaked out and kept asking if anyone was doing the the marathon the next day and they all looked at me as if I were from another planet.  I was desperately looking for Freemers to confirm I wasn't going mad but there was no sign of her.  Game pie was being thrust into my face and I was spiralling into blind panic when I finally woke up!    I think I've been reading too much about carbo loading!!

22/02/2013 at 12:21

Hi Gang!

Rest day for me today. I'm off to London straight after work for a weekend of drinking

Great racing DD

Nice to get a comment like that SS

22/02/2013 at 13:03

Minni:  Freemers was there, but in a cupboard!

DD: good race DD - when are we expecting you back in the land of the permanently wet / cold / windswept????

Nobody has ever mistaken me foran athlete

Spoons:  have fun................

22/02/2013 at 13:07

haha, Minni - hilarious dream

Enjoy London, Spoons, sounds like a great weekend.

2oldnever wrote (see)
Hello All
Quick check in. Not much running here. Managed my second Febtastic run for the week today ,a very hilly run for just over an hour in -10. do you do it day in day out?. If I can squeeze another in tomorrow I may just meet my target for the week .No time to read what's gone on so hope all are well and running / training 100%

it's not -10 here very often, 2old!  Mostly around -4 or 5, but I do have gear to survive the cold

Minni wrote (see)

10 miles on a recovery day Chick?  Hardcore or what?!

So today was an 11 mile run:  4 miles w/u then 6.5 miles running 5 minutes @ MP/ 5 minutes HMP, followed by a cool down.  The 'quality' bit came out at : 7:20, 6:49, 7:21, 6:48, 7:24, 6:49, 7:70, 6:50, 7:19.  The MP bits felt comfortable but then again they would after the HMP bits that felt a bit but doable. Not not doable for 13.1 miles.


yeah, P&D isn't exactly known for giving you much recovery. But 2 x 5 miles spread out over the day is not too bad. My legs feel fine.
That's an impressive sesh, Minni! 6:50 for HMP and 7:20 for MP .

Barry B wrote (see)

Chick -  Was it an easy decision to switch to the 20k, methinks you don't like 10k's

Hate 'em, Barry B. You sussed me proper . TBH, the weather is forecast to be rubbish (wind and lots of snow) so it would only be a shite 10k time anyway, whereas 20k @ MP would give me a decent workout in company, with a drinks station serving hot tea . Bit of a no-brainer.

AA: those were brilliant reps! How about some easy days?

SpeedSheep: Wow! Great 800s. Told you your fitness would come back. Never thought it'd be THAT quick - ace!!

DD: excellent 10.2k . Shame about the cheat.

22/02/2013 at 13:12

DD- great racing!

SS- speedy intervals, sounds like you're coming back with a vengeance! Loved the athlete comment.

Minni- lol about the carbo loading dream. Not sure game pie features on Ruth's list of appropriate meals...

Spoons- sounds like a boozy weekend ahead- enjoy.

I'm off to Bristol tomorrow to visit friends which means drinking which means that I have to do my progressive 20m after work tonight. It's freezing out there!

22/02/2013 at 13:44

Sorry I let you down in your dream Minni  

Just back from my session - 8 x 800m with pace increasing from 9mph (6.39 pace) for the first one to 9.4mph (6.22 pace) for the last one, then finished with 1 x 1 mile @ 9.5mph (6.18 pace)...that might just be my fastest mile ever, not bad on the back of the 800s  It was hard work mind, but good to know I can do it.

Enjoy London spoons and Bristol Brolish

Chick - I like the sound of hot tea at a drinks station


22/02/2013 at 14:32

Brol:  where are you drinking tomorrow??  I am down in the centre tonight for the Final Year Gala Dinner and am trying to ensure they don't drag me off to a club [I mean honestly it would be like taking your Granny out for the night as has happened before.  Want to make sure you don't have to step over me as I sleep it off in a doorway!! 

To be honest I pour the wine into them, store up all the indiscreet things they say and then, if my pension plans go belly up, I plan to blackmail them from my retirement home........

Trying to force myself out for a run before getting dressed up

22/02/2013 at 14:47

Blimey Freemers that's one fast mile!

I've been listening to the Pistorius bail decision while doing my end of year accounts , typical BBC lost connection the very moment it was announced, but it seems he's been granted bail.  How does that work then?  Surely someone who shoots another dead through a locked door should not be free to live a life of luxury while awaiting trial?   His coach reckons he'll be back to training on Monday - I wonder if he's signed up to Febulous?

22/02/2013 at 15:32

Afternoon All,

SS - Great interval session. Your speed seems to be coming back really fast! You'll soon have to revise your VLM target to sub 3.00.

Free - Nice intervals. Are you on P & D schedule?

Bro - 20 miles after work... Are you mad!!!

DD - Good race time sir. Don't worry about the cheat and get the Canadian maple leaf guy next time eh!

Minni & other "dreamers" - SEEK PSYCHIATRIC HELP!!!!!!!

Been very busy at work this week so not much time to check-in, but have been getting my runs in, as thankfully it's a recovery week on P & D, so Tues was 8 miles @ 8.10, Weds - 8 miles with 5 x 800m intervals @ 6.20 and last night was just a 5 mile recovery @ 8.41.

Rest day today, so early to bed, no horizontal Morris dancing with OH and absolutely no alcohol!

22/02/2013 at 15:44

Oompa - no, it's a made up schedule although I've used a lot of the P&D theory on pacing for that type of run. 

22/02/2013 at 15:54

O4S- no idea where I'll be drinking tomorrow, I'll be just following my friends who live there. If I see you asleep in a doorway I'll make sure to say hi.

Oompa- 20m progressive, not just 20m. I am not looking forward to it to be honest.

Minni- it doesn't surprise me that Pistorius's been granted bail but I agree that it's not right. Not the same law for all of us...

22/02/2013 at 16:22

Brol - 20m progressive is my favourite run. I them. Not had any yet.  In fact at one point I'm sure I was told I wouldn't be doing so many long runs this time and yet Sunday will be my 6th 20+ miles (plus 2 x 18 and one of 17 that was over three hours in the hills) and there's still 8 weeks to go! 

I'm gonna see if there's a webcam in Bristol City Centre I can view over the internet and see if I can spot O4S out partying!

22/02/2013 at 16:47

Clock watching.....

43 minutes to go.....

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