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06/03/2013 at 09:58

Oompa -  Quick reps, look on the positive lighter means quicker.

Col - Very decent mile reps. With the pace you are showing are you not tempted by 7:20's for sub 3:15?

Real shame about Man U.

75 mins on the x trainer at the gym this morning.


06/03/2013 at 10:36

Morning to all

SS-hope your run in the sun goes ok

Col-pretty impressive intervals by you too. I agree with Barry-7.20 is realistic

Barry-carry on at that rate and well see you doing duathlons on Eurosport-the cross ski and shooting sort.Epic. I nearly cried when Ronaldo scored

Free-thats the last time I offer you any training ideas

Oomp-another quality session. How do you avoid being blown away in strong winds at that weight?The harder I try to lose it the more myOH piles on my plate

Spoons-you're definately getting full value from your gym membership

AA-dont forget -ski in Tahoe and check out the Alcatraz swim please

MLR planned for tonight




Dubai Dave    pirate
06/03/2013 at 10:43

Hi Peeps

SS: Nice running, are we ever going to see you at Mushrif?

Free: 2Olds Plan sounds logical to me

Spoons: Your on the way back

AA: Enjoy SF

CoL / Oompa: Nice work.

2K swim done, 15K of hill repeats to run tonight. 


06/03/2013 at 11:07
2old - will check it out for you.

Nice reps oomps and col.

Currently on 2nd wine in the bar...pilot off sick...flight delayed! Oh well...hic!
06/03/2013 at 11:43
Are we positive Bro isn't going to San Fran this weekend??!!
06/03/2013 at 11:51

AA- Lol.. I am firmly sat at my desk in London Bridge. Maybe just being in contact with me (even virtually) brings bad luck! Hope they find another pilot soon. Enjoy the vino!

06/03/2013 at 12:12
DD, next week! Oh I know, it's always next week Sorry I didn't make it on Monday, I was absolutely out of it. But the rest obviously did me the power of good so I should be fighting fit when I finally get there......
AA, the bar is always the logical place to hang out at airports so enjoy! In fact, I'm wondering what on earth I'm going to do when I fly back for VLM
06/03/2013 at 12:42

Col - I have to agree with Barry. With the speed that you are showing, sub 3.15 is a definite possibility. Nice mile reps.

Barry & 2old - I know lighter = quicker but from previous experience, if i drop much below 70 kgs i feel weak and struggle with my endurance. I don't have any problems with being blown away by high winds due to only standing 3ft 6in tall, i have a nice low centre of gravity! Makes my cadence really high as well.

AA & Brol - As well as poisoning the pilot, it was nice of Brol to whip up another storm to greet you AA, only this one's full of snow!!!!

06/03/2013 at 13:42

Minni / KFC / Carrot - I'm with Oompa, the profile looks brilliant to me. Go absolutely flat out first 8, then try and hang on! I PB'd on a course not disimilar to that, as the last three miles more than made up for the 20 seconds a mile slower going uphill. You might surprise yourselves...

Oompa - I can't comment on going below 70kg as it's a problem I'm not going to have, well not unless I book myself in for a stomach staple!

AA - hope you're up, up and away by now. If not, I imagine you must be on your 4th glass of vino at least?

Barry / 2Old - I’m no Man U sympathiser, but the latter stages are always better if there are English teams left in, so this year will be a bit rubbish.

Thanks to everyone who said they hoped my knee held up - the good news is that it did, feeling absolutely fine today apart from the odd click here and there.

I had what I would call a ‘wandering’ session this morning. It was supposed to be 8 GA, but my mind was wandering all over the place, as was my pace. I did, however, feel really good. I hit Hyde Park bang on mile 5, and noticed I’d just done an 8.07 mile so thought what the heck, let’s get tomorrow’s 10M w/5LT session done today. Did the horse tracks to keep off of the concrete, and it went very well although was absolutely shattered by the end. Times were (8.48, 8.34, 8.55, 8.37, 8.07, 7.34, 7.26, 7.31, 7.24, 8.53).

There’s no way in the world I’d have thought I was capable of even doing a 7.xx mile two weeks ago, so to string 4 together in a session like that is very pleasing.  The speed is definitely coming back – not quickly enough for an assault at a sub 3.30 at MK – but coming back all the same. Best of all, it means I can relax tonight as I’ve now only got 8M GA tomorrow...   

06/03/2013 at 13:46

SS: whey hey - mojo returned with a vengeance - chuffed to bits for you

great quality speedwork col & Oomps

Barry B wrote (see)

Chick - Nice 15 miler, careful with your form, my shoulders usually ache when I'm running tired and hunch my shoulders over.

Good point - will pay attention to that going forward. Great xt sesh, btw.

spoons: good running - how's the injury?

Did my most dreaded sesh of the P&D plan today: 12 with 7 @ tempo . Tempo turned out as 7:11, 7:03, 7:06, 7:07, 7:06, 7:08, 7:12 (wind nearly killed me at the end). Went better than I thought. Sun was out and I got hot and dehydrated towards the end but so glad it's done


06/03/2013 at 13:47

xpost redders: GREAT run

06/03/2013 at 14:09

Chick- that's a smashing tempo! I remember this session from P&D, it almost killed me at the time.  It's the last LT session, right?

Col and Oomps- damn you two are speedy!

Red- great run from you, the speed is definitely coming back.

I'm having a bit of a cut back week. Was hoping for a quality session today but Moz was having none of it. Apparently I'm still recovering from the 10k and need my energy for Friday's progressive 21m so I'm only allowed 10m easy.... With this weekend being a write off I'm feeling rather uneasy about not having done any more quality. At times like this it takes all my willpower to do as I'm told.

06/03/2013 at 14:12

Oh and I've just ordered a new pair of pink mizunos to make myself feel better.

06/03/2013 at 14:33

Chick - that was my first attempt at the LT in a longer run, so you have my upmost respect for your effort this morning! I'm going to try and do that one in a couple of weeks time, not looking forward to it at all!

Brolish - it's difficult to remember the bigger picture but I'm sure a cut back week will do you the world of good. As will a weekend away!

06/03/2013 at 14:48

Red -looks like your knee issue is just about there-I remember realising Id turned the corner when I panicked over a knee niggle and wake up feeling fine the next day .Previously it was a case of every day waking up to the same discomfort and the feeling it would never go.Very pleased for you and now you can let loose-with caution -and rediscover the fun of running and put some good sessions together as you have. With no English teams in theres now no excuse for some training in the evening in the light.

Bro-funny what makes people happy-I felt like that on Saturday when my two pairs of Saucony Pro Grid Omni11's arrived. Running in them made me realise how shot the previous two were. Enjoy your lazy week...sounds as though youll need it for your 21miler

Chick-great session -so that's you taking it easy?

Typical its started to rain



06/03/2013 at 15:27

Redders - Top job! It's always great to hear when people who've been injured like yourself and Speedsheep, finally get over it and start to see improvement. Personally and rather perversely, it's also the time that i really appreciate and love my running. Every run, no matter how hard they feel, is just a joy.

Chick - Superb LT run... Nice even splits, even with the wind (ooh err) in the last mile. I've probably asked this before, but which mara are you training for, as i'm on P & D as well, but i ran the same run last week?

12 mile MLR tonight and typically, it's now turned cold and looks like it's gonna rain!

06/03/2013 at 16:42

2old: I will take it easy as of Saturday , this week is a normal training week. Well, almost normal. I will have to do my 6 Marcharewenearlytherealous runs in 5 days as we'll leave on Saturday. Tomorrow is recovery and Friday 22 miles

Oomps: Hamburg on 21/4 but I'm on the 12 week schedule which is slightly different.

Bro: yeah, thank god it was the last LT sesh

06/03/2013 at 17:04

Chick- same here... I've just realised that I put down the usual 6 days of running for this week and we're off on Friday afternoon- oops! I might try to squeeze two easy runs tomorrow but it will be struggle! 

06/03/2013 at 19:33

Great news on the knee Redders and your pace today. Don't let the odd click worry you, that'll just be age catching up with you.

Have fun in San Fran AA. I was there a few yeas ago, it's a great city and I hope you've packed your trainers for some hill work.

Chick I remember that session, it scared me for weeks looming ahead on the schedule! Well done, nice consistency, and we'll let you get away with blaming the wind on the final mile.

Everyone's been going on about the 5:2 diet so I decided to give it a go after all. I've come in within 500 calories for the day but have been grumpy and stupid. I might re-fashion it as the 364:1 diet.

06/03/2013 at 19:51

Webble - My colleague, who has been on the 5:2 since Christmas, weighed herself at the weekend and she'd lost ....zilch!

Redders - great run!  I love to read about those who have spent months in darkness due to injury banking great runs.

Brol - I will have missed two long runs (last weekend and this weekend) so just shoosht.  I'm actually the opposite this week and requesting easy running.  I don't want to push it this week.  And on that note...

Ran 6 miles this morning, mainly off road but on the flat, at 8:30 m/m. It all felt ok but there was something still bothering me.  Just felt a bit sluggish and my nose was runny.  My glues felt tight and actually got quite sore when I'd finished.  Because it was both I don't think its injury related and have booked a physio appointment tomorrow to have my hips, lower back etc checked out.  I really think I'm suffering from some low grade virus and its just generally dragging me down.  Hopefully another few days and I'll be back to normal.

On a more positive note - my marathon shoes arrived today.

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