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18/03/2013 at 07:54
Brol, look after those shins, and get some rest. 1:34 still a good time. Ask your coach about adjusting your plan especially since you don't taper much anyway.

AA Fantastic time. Freemers too.

Great long ones by Carrot, and SS ... Go girl, 3:44 get you!

O4S, you finished that 20 says a lot. Same as Brol, Rest up for a bit please!

O4S, I do train people on using iPads as part of job sometimes. Don't turn off auto correct, most people then will say how awful iPad is to type on.

So to type Garmin, Freemers or whatever, first do a capital letter, tap shift once (no need to hold down) then type the rest, if any suggestions come up either press the x to ignore or delete back a couple of characters and type them again, iPad will then accept it from then on. Just try it.
I can send you some guides if useful.

2old was so fast I didn't even see him... Just a blur. Phenomenal time. Amazing splits - first 2 miles are up hill too... So even faster.

Same half, my pal protege I've looked after at club, do nearly every run with, off av1:45 half last March, did a 3:37. He did few secs under 1:25, smashed it. Suspect he will be ditching me soon!

Mrs FRC did okay but managed to bang knee/ quad into a bollard 30 minutes before race walking to start.. Dead leg and soreness got worse from about 7-8 miles. Very frustrated. Massive bruise now.
Warning to us all to take it easy and nearly break the cotton wool out... Brol, O4S!

PT session for me this am, last 2 major weeks now before tapering.
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18/03/2013 at 09:14

2old - Great report and impressive pacing. I think it's a mental thing ref 10k/HM pace. I've set off before at a quick pace on  a half, was surprised how quick the splits were and thought the pace felt "comfortable" but the same pace on a 10k race felt hard. More relaxed on the HM and more expectaction on the 10K to run quick?

Weeble - I did n't put any targets in for Marchathingy and my name has n't shown for march.

Spoons - No TV, my gym is cheap and basic but Prodigy and Swedish House Mafia on my MP3  got me through the 3 hours. Good news on your 9 miler.

18/03/2013 at 09:17

Just checked the Broadland Half results...shows how spread out we were. First lady was 6 minutes ahead of me, 3rd lady was over 4 minutes behind! I knew there was no point looking behind me!

FRC - your pal has seriously improved then....I hope you take some of the credit

Minni - I feel  just thinking about that number of miles in a week!


18/03/2013 at 09:26
FRC, I'm now starting to panic I've set myself a target!! But no point aiming for 4 hours anymore as clearly my endurance is at last starting to kick in so I have to up the ante at least a little.... If you could send me an ipad guide, I would really appreciate it. Also, do you know how to do emoticons on here? The little toolbar which appears on my laptop is missing and so I can only do happy/sad faces as that's all i can remember. Really sorry to hear about Mrs FRC's knee. I hope it gets better soon.
18/03/2013 at 10:17

Grrrr, RW repeating a post unnecessarily 

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18/03/2013 at 10:18

Morning all. Feeling bit jaded, think it was the red wine

Minni-that's a tough week ahead of you but it wont be too difficult to get through knowing you are nearly there .Just dont get injured-FRC is right :its cotton wool time

SS--the 18 is in the first week of my taper-probably the Thursday as Im going to Paris that weekend to watch my daughter hopefully do the marathon-Ant whats your no? Ive decide its better to do it then than on the Tuesday the following week

Free-re my splits-I could never have imagined doing those splits last year either .It just goes to show that we all have capacity for improvement.I dont know if its because Im doing more mileage than last year or because Ive added some speed stuff to the schedule or both but it seems to be working. I also dont race much so the few I do tend to be an A race. Please dont race the 21 miler or any part of it-a bit of MP will do. Now is the time to start recovering for VLM

FRC-I looked for you...or more accurately your bag of cake and coffee but didnt see you...the only disappointment of the day. I was near a couple of youngsters celebrating their 1.25 finish times at the end. With benefit of hindsight I think I could have found 55 secs during the race to take me into 1.25 territory. I think thats where inexperience has an impact-knowing how hard you can really push without going into meltdown. Anyway that was a very fast course with perfect weather and I would recommend it to anyone looking to PB. Sorry to hear about Mrs FRC , hope there are no ill effects today. And yes its definately wrap yourself up in cotton wool time....pity as I would love to fit in another long weekend skiing

Recovery day for me-might do some easy spinning as I dont fancy the usual swimming allergic reaction


18/03/2013 at 10:20

Some excellent running from you guys on this thread, well done everyone.

Minni - I ran South Yorkshire HM yesterday (near Barnsley) and I saw a few club vests that are the same as yours. What club is that ? I thought you were well 'up north' somewhere near the border so thought they have travelled a fair distance to take part in the SY half ?

18/03/2013 at 10:45

Barry-yes this 10k thing is a real mind over matter battle now. Its one I intend to win though.

18/03/2013 at 10:49

AA – superamazing.  What a time.

2old – cracking time, and great to be placed

Freemers – that’s a great time in my book, and bling is always good

Brolish – great time too, hope those shins respond to some care – bigger picture and all that

Nice 20+ runs Minni, Carrot, Ant, SS

Chick – no way, any other 10k’s round your way this month?

Spoons – 90 mins – fab.

O4S – your poor body, I can recommend a good stretch in a steam room/sauna…

SS – love the attitude.  If you’re gonna go, you may as well go big…


I'm fed up.  Day 6 of being ill.  Havent been able to train, and had to bin the ykw and the 20 this weekend.  I am so bored.....  

Had good news from the friend who I paced last week to a half pb - she was on a diabetes conference this week which had a 5k race as part of it, which she ran and got another pb! 

18/03/2013 at 10:59

Morning All,

2old - Amazing time and splits, and on a hilly track too! A sub 3.00 VLM must be on the cards as you've got the endurance and undoubtedly the speed.

Need some advice...

I'm going to try to run again either tonight or tomorrow. Should i try to pick up where i left off? P & D say rest day today with VO2 intervals tomorrow, or is this really stupid given that i haven't run for 9 days?? 

Also, i've got the Hastings HM this coming Sunday, which is apparently really hilly (first half is all uphill apparently), so do i scrap this and do a lsr instead and then run the Paddock Wood half two weeks before VLM???

I'm itching to see how much speed/fitness i've lost, but if i re-tear the calf, that's it, game over! 

18/03/2013 at 11:01

... P.S- P & D states that if you've missed under 10 days of the schedule to resume training and not to revise target/goal?????

18/03/2013 at 11:09

2old - Paris number is 16627. Looking for my number reminded me that I need to get a medical cert. Don't let your daughter forget to get that.

Oompa - I would defintely err on the side of caution. I would take it easier this week and wouldn't even race either half. Why not just try a 5K in a week's time once you have tested the calf for strength again. 

18/03/2013 at 11:15

Morning all  slightly hungover

Oops - definitely be careful. Leave the reps for a bit, try a few days of easy running and see how your calf can handle it first before you make decision re half.



18/03/2013 at 11:16

Can't get an appointment with the Osteo until next week so will just take it easy for a few days and do lots of stretching [thanks for the advice on sauna / steam room KFC, but last time I tried that I passed out with the heat .  Getting helped out by a couple of fit lads was the only positive..............

Body just feels a bit knackered this morning plus back & hams still ache a bit, so just hoping the Osteo will work his magic.  I'm going to skip intervals this week and do gentle runs, then a 25 and 20 planned for the weekend, but off-road and ultra slow - moving across Devon to recce half of the route of our 100 mile event.

One good thing that came out of yesterday was that my time was closer to my predicted 20 time for Jantastic than I expected - so I won't have to time another one.

18/03/2013 at 11:25

Reading Half:

Got soaked to the skin standing on the start line with Bro. I was determined to get a good start with @20k runners (Only 13k started/ finished though). The rain was heavy. I decided I was just gonna go for it from the off. Messed around with my garmin, hit start and stop on the line, and it was bleeping before each mile as I didn't manual lap as I don't trust myself, so anyway I decided to ignore it and "run naked" the whole way . So my splits are not worth much:
6:56 - slight uphill
6:24 - university area, puddles in road!
6:28 - downhill into town centre
6:34 - town centre - nice wet atmosphere! I think I went over the 10k marker @41 mins
7:07 - uphill
6:51 - gel time
6:46 - downhill
6:46 - A33 dual carriqgeway into the rain bigtime but pushed on
6:51 - OMG, I might do this
last bit into stadium 6:26 pace. Watch recorded time of 1:28:55 but official results are 1:29:06. Still dead chuffed with that. I ran old school trying to work out what time I should be hitting each mile at. i liked that. Running on feel. Might bin the garmin now!!

18/03/2013 at 11:26

Oompa - agree with ant - its probably best you have more of a controlled environment when you try running in case anything goes wrong. 

For info, I did hastings a few years back as an LSR (ok, it was my longest run before VLM that year ).  Yep, the first half is all gradually up, and the second half mainly down with one rather steep down which is tough on the legs.  While its not completely flat (if you want that, race lydd instead), I'd wouldnt say its definitely not a pb course.

18/03/2013 at 11:26

O4S - looks like a sensible plan for the week. Be careful and get some rest!

18/03/2013 at 11:30

Jeez AA.  Thats a world of fast.  You are so getting me inspired for my training this summer.

18/03/2013 at 11:36

AA & 2Old – really well done on your HM times, they’re absolutely fantastic and a testimony to all of the hard work you’ve been putting in. Great reports too - you’re both going to nail VLM!

Bro – really hope a bit of rest helps your shins. 1.34 is still a fantastic time given all of the obstacles you had to face.

Freemers – well done on 2nd lady, sounds like a pretty horrible run so at least you got something good out of it!

04S – sorry I missed Gloucester. If I’d have run I think we’d have gone around in tandem and been in similar trouble as I knew my legs had nothing in them for the hills.  Well done on 1st F60 & hope the pain eases a bit as the week goes on with your 20 & 25 planned for the weekend.

Thanks for all of the kind words on my Dad. I haven’t read all of the way back as haven’t had time, but my Dad was in surgery all Saturday afternoon. They were trying to get a growth out but couldn’t get it all, so he needs to go in again and we’re awaiting the results of the biopsy to see whether it’s benign or not. He’s from the age where you don’t complain, so the one bit of good news is that he was going to wait until his prescribed appointment on Thursday – they said if he had, he wouldn’t be here today so that’s a small mercy at least. He also had a very bad fall in hospital on Wednesday too as he hadn’t eaten for a week and badly cut his head and knocked out a couple of his teeth so all in all, not great.

I’ve barely slept a wink all week, but wanted to get out and go as far as I could on Sunday. I honestly didn’t think I’d make 10 let alone 20 and needed to be at the hospital in the morning so the Gloucester 20 had to go. I got up at 6 and did it off of no fuelling at all. I thought I was going to keel over for the first 6 as the week caught up with me - it felt like I was hallucinating - but then I hit a rhythm, and when I got to 15 I thought what the hell. I’ve no idea what my MP is likely to be as haven't raced, but I did the last 5 (more in frustration/emotion I think) in 8.10, 8.06, 7.55, 7.48 & 7.47 to finish the 20 in 2.52 and an 8.36 average.

I’m not going to get a chance to race before MK, so am thinking I should go off at 8.20s and see what happens. Given I hadn’t run for 5 months and couldn’t do 2 miles at Christmas, I think I’ll be happy with that.

18/03/2013 at 11:47

kfc - It's not so much that i want a pb course, more that i want to see where i am speed and endurance wise?

Ant - I've never run a 5k in my life... I don't think my legs can turn fast enough!  

Thanks for the advice, i'll give the race a miss but if all goes well will find a last race instead.

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