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24/03/2013 at 11:40

I passed my exam   Which is just as well as it was THE most boring paper I've ever had the misfortune to sit and I really didn't fancy a retake.  I know I said I've got a high boredome threshold, but that would have definitely been well over the other side of it!

I had a good run yesterday too.  After my mini meltdown the other day when everything went wrong, I listened to the great advice here and junked the session and moved on.  I decided to do my first trendy 5 of the campaign, as recommended by Simon, I think it was.  Anyway, as I had nothing really to recover from as I'd done no proper speedwork, I decided to do a mini progressive.  One mile w/u, 3 miles at increasing steady pace (not beyond MP), one mile c/d.  I managed 9:20, 8:53, 8:46, 8:34, 9:10.  I was so happy with that as my heart rate stayed low 140s for the 8:xx miles, I could not believe it.  I am now confident that aiming for 8:25 as MP is the right thing to do.

15 miles for me later with 8@MP.  I'm really looking forward to it.  I feel a bit like a coiled spring having done no speedwork this week.....

And thanks all for the birthday wishes.  I will enjoy them all over again tomorrow 

24/03/2013 at 12:00

Mind boggled at Barry's x-training efforts.

I've entered a half marathon for Sept.

Good luck to everyone racing today.

24/03/2013 at 13:35

Well done on the exam SS.

Freemers - hope the back held out.

Hope Carrot and Parsnip had a good outing to Thirsk.

Right penultimate long run banked.  Duration run 3:15.  Clocked up 22.3 miles.  I had company for the first 17, which was really nice since its such a shit awful day.  We chose a hilly route as pace didn't matter and I set my garmin to show time only so wasn't obsessing about going too fast or slow.  Average pace 8:44.  I speeded up for the last 5 on my own and was pleased to see the final 3 miles were all sub 8: 7:53, 7:59, 7:56.  Not that this makes any difference but it brought a smile to my face!  It stayed dry but very cold and a strong easterly wind.  In fact at one point we could smell the sea air even though we were about 10 miles from the coast.




24/03/2013 at 13:38

I hope O4S has survived her double this weekend.  I couldn't face that in this weather.

24/03/2013 at 13:51
SS- triple congrats- exam, birthday ,mini progressive run...enjoy the 15 miler
Minni- great duration run but shouldn't have been limited to 3.14.59? Conditions terrible here too at times I felt as though I was running into a wall. Then myvGarmin packed in so stopped for my old watch. Got 20.3 done av pace 8.19. Time didn't really matter as the wind wrecked any pace plans. Felt like 9.30 mm into wind and 7 something with it on my back. One more 20 to go. Hard to believe nearly there
24/03/2013 at 14:04
2old - it was actually 3:15:02 when I stopped my watch! Lol.

I'm not looking forward to taper because I don't feel as if I've done enough. Yes, I know, I know!! But I can't help it. Usually I'm ready for the taper but I think having recovered from the lurgy has put a spring in my step.

69 miles this week. That should be enough, so why doesn't it feel it....
24/03/2013 at 14:18
Omg minni!! Stop it!! Great run today and yes you've done loads!

2old - well done getting out there.

SS - mega congrats on your exam pass and your progressive run. And also on a deciding your mp. You're done so well the last few months.

How bloody cold today? I decided to do my run on the treadmill. 1k warm up then 7 miles @7:19 pace. All felt ok. I'm gonna try and do more mp runs over the next few weeks. Another 50+ mile week for me. Not quite in the league of most of you so if minni feels she hasn't done enough......(scary face!)
24/03/2013 at 14:28
Lol AA but we all know it about quality not quantity. Great MP miles today - that'll give you a boost. I'm with you on the next few weeks in that I'm definitely going to be trying to get MP miles in when and wherever I can. Funny to think that up till a couple of years ago I'd never do anything as fast as MP in training and now I'm desperate to get it in!
24/03/2013 at 14:39
Minni - how much is enough? I think i know what you mean .At times I think I'm undergoing it and others I'm self destructing. Sometimes I'm flying others I'm running in glue. Result uncertainty about what will come out at the end of the taper. Normally I notice I run a lot faster as the taper progresses and that helps restore confidence. I did 87 miles in the last 8 days(7 days running) including a pb HM and yet I still feel unsure about what I am capable of doing and how to Pace the marathon.Ridiculous. To you I would say trust the training so why can't I say it to myself? Will 6more make a difference really?
AA- was that a MP run? Don't blame you for not going out. Why bother when you've already bagged your LR. I'm beginning to wonder if all these extra miles make a difference but I'm too scared to change now
Edited: 24/03/2013 at 14:41
24/03/2013 at 15:09

Congrats, Speed Sheep - go an hit the champers now

Ant: in a way I wished I would get my annual cold now ... I'm shit scared it'll come when I taper.

Minni: excellent duration run . Know how you feel re. taper . I'm not ready for it either. Because the rubbish weather meant I missed almost all of my longer runs with MP in them I feel I need to do more MP stuff right now. Have done some in my MLRs but still ....   I think I will probably do a 20 miler with MP 2 weeks out. Otherwise I won't feel ready!

22.15  out of the way. It was truly horrible. The wind picked up and got stronger and stronger as I went on. And it was friggin' cold. Couldn't feel my hands for a while. I really felt like giving up a few times . Was thinking about O4S running across Dartmoor ... that was the kick up the backside that I needed.

11 miles of hell and 11 miles that were just about bearable. I just didn't have it in me to speed up when I had a tailwind. In fact, I was completely shit

2old: mega miles! Just counted mine: 79 but TBH, I coulnd't have faced a minute longer out there to make the full 80

24/03/2013 at 16:12

Free - hope the back held out today? Back injuries are the worst - you don't realise how much you use your back until you pull a muscle in it! Lots of heat on it after your run should hopefully help.

SS Happy Birthday   Congrats on passing your exam! Sounds like you're back on track with the running too.

Minni hopefully London will be 3 seconds quicker than today's duration run

Good running today AA, days like today are what treadmills are made for!  Always a good idea to get more MP miles in over the next few weeks, get the legs used to what that pace feels like.

Hope O4S managed Dartmoor OK today?

Chick it sounds like one of those horrible runs that we have that really test our mental strength.  Great work not giving in.


24/03/2013 at 16:17

Happy Birthday SS

amazing long run Minni

Not shit at all Chickadeee

i ran 1:45 today. Bloomin windy. All OK though. Calves were a bit tight at the start. 

24/03/2013 at 16:20

Plus. - I haven't mentioned on here yet but I've been doing a PLANK challenge in March. Do plank every day for the month and each day must be longer than the day before, even if only 1 second longer. I am now up to 3:55. I should get up to 4:30 by April hopefully..... 

24/03/2013 at 16:26
I love the Cranleigh 21 I've now done it 4 times and I've never had a bad run. The 9/6/6 miles of the 3 laps is perfect for a good pacing strategy and with close on 1,000 runners ther,s always someone to run with and help with pacing.

Today was originally going to be 15 miles @ 8.20-8.30 and 6 miles @ MP (7.30). Well the first 2 miles were both 8.25 so spot on schedule. Then i sped up a bit to get past a guy with a really annoying heavy foot strike - just slap, slap all the time and it was doing my head in. So the next couple were 8.05's so a little quick. I reined it back again but the rest of that first lap was around 8.10-8.15 pace and it felt very easy. Bladerunner caught me at about mile 8 and we chatted through the rest of that lap and most of the next, and i didn't look at the time that much except we were clocking miles at slightly over 8.00 and a couple slightly under.

Blade looked like he was keen to push the pace so i let him go on at mile 14 while i slowed a little so i had some reserve for the last 6. So at 15 miles i took off, and felt like i was flying - averaged under 7.20 for that lap and just felt great, overtaking loads of people and no one came past me. Too quick for MP of course but great for the confidence Final time was 2.46.32.

Great to meet Blade - you should be on for a fantastic time in Brighton

My back was ok after the first few miles, although the 3 hour drive home has stiffened it up nicely, so i'm hoping wine will help for that
24/03/2013 at 16:28

Chick - you can draw strength from today's run when you're standing on the start line of the marathon.  Well done for battling on.

Spoons - you are King Plank.

Carrot - come on!  How did you do today?

I ran long on Saturday last week so I can claim 92 miles in 9 days with 8 days of running.  That's almost 100 miles in a week in my books!

24/03/2013 at 16:28
Minni / 2old - great long runs Minni - stop that nonsense about not doing enough

SS - yay, congrats on the exam
24/03/2013 at 16:29
Chick- great LR ...if the wind was like here that run counts as more than 22.15...that's my excuse for struggling
Carrot-I think Minni won't believe in sub3.15 ... We've got a few weeksto work on her mind
Spoons- your runs are getting longer and longer. Brilliant . Is there an equivalent time for the plank to sub 3-15? I need some core work.
Edited: 24/03/2013 at 16:34
24/03/2013 at 16:31

xpost ...

Freemers   Brilliant!  So pleased your back was ok... remember you said this morning you had a really painful back?  No?  Oh, you'd forgotten!  Great run - that must have you feeling really confident.  And good to hear blade had a good run too.  Look forward to his version of events.


24/03/2013 at 16:34

2old - I had that very chat with AA earlier in the week.  I was telling her what she should be aiming for and she was doing the same for me.  Problem is neither of us believed it for ourselves.  Its funny we can see others strengths but fail to recognise our own.  I think we're all going to have to group together over the coming weeks and make sure we all get onto those start lines feeling confident and ready to give it our all.

24/03/2013 at 16:37
Free- excellent race and well done for holding back , soon you won't have to put the breaks on. Watch your back
Minni- get an 8 mile RR done tonight and 100 miles are in the bag said you aren't doing enough
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