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28/03/2013 at 13:17

Top marks for doing 20 on the TM AA! Nevermind it feeling hard towards the end - TM running feels hard from the very first second
Yeah, bring on the taper now

Ant: thanks, will just put my LT run in then. Way off my predicted time but hey ho - I think we dropped a bit in the rankings anyway

28/03/2013 at 13:28
AA- you'll breeze it on 21st. Think we should rename the thread. How about ' we love 20m on the TM' ? Plenty of time to recover ....and your taper has officially started now. Where's Mr Z with the pics?
28/03/2013 at 13:29

I've taken your advice, Brolish, and have spent today chilling   Actually, I've been shopping for new work clothes and then having some reflexology - and relax!  Thanks everyone for your wise words.  I know I've achieved a lot in a relatively short space of time so I should just be grateful I've at least attempted all of my runs (except one DNS due to hangover of epic proportions ) even if they haven't all gone exactly to plan.  But then, that's running for you!

O4S, I really hope you managed to get your leg sorted, it doesn't sound like fun.

KFC, brilliant 20 miler   Get in there!  No idea on the costume front, I'm afraid.

Oompa, amazing LT run.  Makes me feel  just thinking about it!!

Minni, happy holidays!

Blade, I'm for MP too.

Barry, fantastic news on the comeback trail!!  Very excited for you.

Bro/Chick, looking forward to hearing how the HMs go at the weekend.  Chick, I'm sorry you had a shit run today, I'm sharing your pain.  At least the session's out the way.  Onwards and upwards

Red, glad to hear the knee's feeling better.  Nice work on the speech.  We need a 'wedding report' to hear how it went!

AA, that sounds like a great progressive.  You banked the vast majority of that run at exactly the paces you wanted.  The last 15 minutes, in the grand scheme of things, is not as bad as you are thinking it to be.  As you say, you caned it during your intervals yesterday so going straight into your LR is a tough ask from the off.

28/03/2013 at 13:31

Hi everyone

I would appreciate some more of your thoughts and experiences if I may.

I've got issues with my knee. It was diagnosed as bit of ITB and a tight Piriformus when I went for a sports massage. I was given some stretches to do, which I have done, and I went out for a very easy run at lunchtime. After 2 miles I could feel a tad of discomfort in the knee and at 2.5 miles I stopped as it was getting worse.

I appreciate that it wont heal overnight but there are some people at work (who also run) who are advising I should see a physio rather  than a sports massage. Do you guys have any thoughts over which is better or is there any difference ? Am I just being too impatient ? Any thoughts and comments would be appreciated.


28/03/2013 at 14:40

Carter-same problem for me strangely sometimes its on the right side and other times on the left. The suggestions are- ice ,rest, massage, ITBstretches,foam roller it, avoid running on a road with a camber or reverse direction, avoid hills, check your running shoes, look at strengthening the glutes and core .I suspect that the strengthening suggestion is probably the long term solution and ice rest stretch and foam roller the short term one. I would be interested to know what the physio advises.

28/03/2013 at 14:41

Carter - there are good and bad physios and good and bad sports massage therapists, so it's a difficult one to call. Personally I think a good sports masseur can give a better massage than a lot of physios as it's the very thing they have trained for, but then again a physio may have more tools for treatment like ultrasound and acupuncture.  AA is the expert on these matters!

AA - another 20 on the TM - great for getting it done and don't worry that it felt hard. You have the taper ahead of you.

Chick - yes stick that time down on Marchonlythreemoredaysofitvelous...I don't think we care that much now anyway!

I had to abort my run today - doing intervals on the TM and during the second fast rep felt a sharp tightening in my hamstring. I stopped straightaway and now have a hot water bottle strapped to my leg. Hopefully it was just tight rather than anything else and I should be OK. I'll stay off fast pace stuff until next week now I think - I've done quite a few MP miles this week and I'm not going to get stressed about one missed interval session.  Bit of a bugger that I won't hit 60 miles for the week now though

So tomorrow and Saturday will (hopefully) be steady paced runs, and then I'm aiming for a last duration run on Sunday - around 3.15 or 3.20 depending on the exact route I do. I have to say I am getting a bit bored with the long runs now...this will be number 8 of 20 miles or more for me

28/03/2013 at 14:43

Well my taper is well and truly underway   Got to see the Fizz at lunchtime and although there is an outside chance I have a stress factor the most likely cause of the problem is swelling in the tendon and sheath, probably due to all the twisting and turning on Dartmoor at the weekend on top of the VLM training.  Have been told not to run again for a week and a half and then to just try and gently turn my legs over and see if there is any pain. Meanwhile RICE, RICE and more RICE.   Allowed to walk [on decent track] and cycle, so can at least keep the aerobic fitness going.  We have another similar weekend booked on Bodmin / Dartmoor the weekend after Easter, so that will be walking only and me going round by road if the ground is bad [luckily there are a lot more options on that part of the route].

I think i'll have a costume in reserve in case the recovery doesn't go well and at least I should be the best rested of us all on the start line.  I did a one mile shuffle before the appointment so that I could pinpoint the pain - so at least that gets the number of runs, if not the distance, up for the team.

AA 20 metres on a TM would be about my limit, but well done of sticking it out

Chick:  of course the 10km run counts - I did my own 20 last year for the timed run.

SS:  now I know I can't run I feel a hangover of epic proportions beckoning  when we are out with friends tomorrow  

Red / Barry:  everything going in the right direction, fingers crossed!

2old: us oldies should be far too tough to resort to TMs


28/03/2013 at 16:17

O4S-at least you know whatthe problem  is and have time to fix it. Hope you heal quickly. Im not like you,Im  too soft to run outside too often

Free-no need to get too fixated on the total mileage for the week or the last LR-youve done what you need to -just make sure you are fully recovered and healthy for  the 21st. Before my October marathon I suffered calf problems and then limited my last 3 LRs to 16, 18 and 19 miles the real endurance work had been done in the weeks before then.

So my daughters school cancels parent teachers meetings last week due to the weather and rearranges it for 21st April-what sort of school does that? Am about to change my name to 2Angry!!!

28/03/2013 at 16:23

Blade – like the idea of the Colonel – although it doesn’t give me much time to get the beard growing…

AA, minni – I can’t possibly wear the same costume twice!  While I may be shameless for wanting to stand out for the crowds, not sure I’m ready to put myself out there for a costume record.  Carrot – think the wedding dress is more appropriate for you this year!  Anyway, I think I’ve had an idea…

O4S – woah, make sure you do the RICE!   I like your thoughts about tasteless fancy dress!

Redwood/oompa – I’m with you guys on intervals, I’ve started doing them this year and I’d love to get into more consistently doing them, but I feel there’s so much more risk of injury/illness I’ve binned them if I’ve not felt ready for the session, and done something of lower intensity instead.  As I’m coming back staying fit has been priority 1 – hopefully after VLM I’ll be more consistent doing them when I’ve got a better base.

Carter – I’ve had ITB problems before – the first time it was a 2 week recovery time and I had deep massage on it every 2 days.  Since then when its flared up I’ve known enough to go straight to a physio for ITB massage – last time was just before VLM and it flared up after I did Hastings half, so about now.  One session of massage, ibuprofen, a weeks rest and some foam rollering later it was gone.  Whether it’s a physio or a sports massage I don’t think it matters, its more important that the person knows their running injuries.

Freemers – hope you caught it in time

DOMS for me today – not unexpectedly!  Taking the first of 2 days off running to let my poor legs recover.  Off to get boozed and dance like a tit at a wedding now. 

28/03/2013 at 17:50
Free -cross post earlier. Take it easy or we might have to do a three legged VLM between us!

KFC - enjoy the wedding, I'm doing the dancing, boozing bit without the excuse.

2old - tut, tut, I need to get you on an O4S bootcamp.

I'm remarkably relaxed at the idea of not running again before VLM, which is slightly worrying in itself. Only real concern is weight, having got down near racing weight I don't want to add any pounds
28/03/2013 at 18:42
O4S - a 3 legged VLM with you would be a lot of fun
28/03/2013 at 19:42

Evening. First session done since January. Mini session really. 5 miles. 1, 3 & 5 were slow. 2 & 4 were 7:41 (wind behind) and 7:59 (into wind). Everything felt good.

28/03/2013 at 19:51

2old - I hear you, planning to hit the tready for a run tomorrow then run on the road Sun,Tues and Thurs leading up to the half. Are you deferring then.

O4S/Freemers/Carter - Take care with the injuries/niggles.

Red - Good news on your run with no pain. Enjoy your long one

Oompa -  Still a very good run even if harder than last time.

AA -  Nice 20 even if you were a bit disappointed with it, but like you say it is going to feel hard the day after intervals, was the run unfuelled?

Chick -  Even though it's nice to get them done, intervals are not so important and at least you got some decent miles in.


28/03/2013 at 21:00
Spoons - that sounds like major progress. Well done.

Barry - great that its coming back ok. Fingers crossed for 4 runs this week. Had 2 gels on the run and 500ml water which felt like nothing to be honest!

O4S - stress fracture sounds painful. Have you a lump on the bone? Either way you need to rest up now. And that's gonna be tough for you I bet.
28/03/2013 at 21:26

Hope the hamstring eases off Free! You've put the hard work in, all about keeping injury free now.

O4S please take it easy over the next few weeks, we want you running on 21st!

Good run yesterday Oompa, if there's one session from P&D that I don't miss it's the dreaded LT tempo runs!  No pain to report? 

Great news that the shin pain has gone now Bro, looks like the weather is improving for the weekend too

Gazelle the marathon targets might look impressive but they will remain targets until we actually get out there and do it! Good luck for the YKW on Saturday, remember the game plan for 5K - go off like a scalded cat and hang on as best you can 

Well done getting the speech sorted Red... oh and a great progressive 10M too!  Hope the knee keeps quiet.

Progressive 20 is going to feel hard after 2K reps yesterday AA! MP will be easier over the next few weeks once your mileage reduces.  Or at least that's what I'm counting on!

Hope the wedding was fun kfc!

MLR tonight for me, 12 miles done with 10 steady.  Got back home and it was still light outside 

28/03/2013 at 22:13

Redders - I've just had a thought.  Is either the bride or groom a runner? Tony (Tony's trails) did runners vows once.  It was so funny.  Might be an idea for your speech?  Sorry - probably a bit late.

O4S - I hope its not a stress fracture.  Make sure you take the the week off.  The rest will do you the power of good.

Freemers - shit.  Good you stopped and hopefully you'll be ok over the weekend.

AA - Shut up! Another good run today.  Progressive - what more do you want girl!

Barry -

So Ant the first to hit the taper?  Although I reckon 2old will be getting it from both sides with his daughter.  Is she feeling confident 2old?

Enjoy the wedding kfc.

Tonight's run was 13m with 10 @ MP.  I ditched this last night to drink wine instead.  I headed out and wanted to try and get back before it got dark so only did 1m wu then 10m @ 7:10.  Too fast for MP but I really needed to try and get rid of some built up stress!  It was just dark when I finished and the snow was just starting again.

Spoons - that's great.  Well done!

Carrot - what kind of time are you thinking about for the 10k next weekend?  I might try and hang on to you.



Edited: 28/03/2013 at 22:15
29/03/2013 at 07:04

O4S - How's the leg this morning? Did they x-ray it to check that it wasn't a stress fracture? Fingers crossed it's not.

Free - Same question... Is the hammy ok? Hopefully you caught it just in time, but take it easy regardless.

Spoons - Brilliant... Love that first decent run after an injury.

Carter - Hope it's only a minor ITB/knee niggle.

Carrot - No pain to report but i had a sort of strange nerve type twinge a couple of times in the first 2 miles and i thought i might have to stop, but thankfully didn't and once i got into the LT bit it disappeared?  No pain afterwards, so could just be imagining it? Nice MLR btw.

Minni - Wow! If 10 @ 7.10 is a de-stresser, what can you do if you're really pissed off??

Working today, but will leave early and have an 11 mile MLR to do, hopefully in daylight.

What are we doing about VLM tops? TM on the back?... TM tattoos??


29/03/2013 at 08:43

Brilliant run Minni

The sun is shining and we're on holiday!

29/03/2013 at 09:02
Spoons: great news, you have been so patient and done all the right things you deserve to have a steady return to full running.

Oompa: you really don't want to see Minni when she is seriously pissed off!

The fizz doesn't think it is a stress fracture and it doesn't feel like the ones I have had previously, so hopefully just tendon trouble. My leg has been iced, elevated, stretched and massaged to within an inch of its life. I just have to work out how to fill the weekend as all our plans have had to be abandoned.

My new Macmillan running top arrived yesterday so I am going to order the extra letters TM to iron on the back (or to be more accurate for BA to iron on the back).

Hoping it will warm up enough to make cycling a more attractive proposition.......
29/03/2013 at 10:12
Urrrrgggghhhhh... Not sure what's worse, my hangover or my DOMS...
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