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30/03/2013 at 10:28

Great 10 miler there Barry!

rest day for me today. Just a 4:25 plank. Last day tomorrow then I never have to do a plank ever again!

30/03/2013 at 11:07

Off to spin in a bit. 

Good luck for all those final long runs guys. Take care if you have snow, we don't want any slips/falls this close to VLM!

2Old - awesome last 20 miler from you yesterday, a real confidence booster no doubt.

Barry good news for your come back

Simon - kudos to you cycling so far in those conditions!

AA- that was a good paced run, the taper always feels sluggish, so don't worry!

Chick - hope that snow melts before your race!

Spoons - why are you going to stop the planking when you've obviously become so good at it?!

Mr Kiwi was surprisingly amenable to his 10km news, just told me I would have to write him a programme so he knows what runs he needs to fit in before race day, that I can do, whether he follows it will be another matter......  I am rather giddily excited to have a race on the horizon, never thought I'd get excited about a 10km - goes to show what a year of little running/no racing can do to a person!!  

30/03/2013 at 12:02
Kiwi - yes... Excited about a's obviously sent you a bit doolally!
30/03/2013 at 12:29

Completely doolally!

Plank's horrid. I will keep up with more core work though...

30/03/2013 at 12:33
Kiwi - I'd be excited about a 10k too, enjoy mentoring Mr Kiwi

AA - No saddle sores, anti-chaffing cream working a treat.

Spoons - Why no more planking? I thought it was the future!
30/03/2013 at 12:48
puke puke vomit puke = parkrun.

20:55. I had no idea what expect this morning as I've not done a 5k since Christmas time (will check back and see what time that was but well over 21 mins).

Annoyed with myself because I felt like I went off too fast but when I got my splits the second mile was the fastest. Cold, bit muddy in places but all in all not bad. 6:43, 6:38, 6:52, (6:14).

Last one: 3 months ago 21:47.
Edited: 30/03/2013 at 13:02
30/03/2013 at 13:10

Barry - Brilliant TM 10! If you can run 7.30 on a dready, you'll be flying and feeling far more comfortable at mp pace outside. You obviously haven't lost any cardio fitness due to your x-training fetish

2old - Great 20. That must be a real confidence booster, pre-taper?

Minni - I thought you said you were crap over short distance? That's a bloody good 5k time.

I've never run a 5k or a Park Run in my life. I've done the registration bar code bit, but i'm still not sure what happens next? 

AA - I know exactly what you mean... Decided to do parts of last nights MLR at mp, but after 1.5 miles, knew that it was not gonna happen. Legs were leaden, kept thinking that the calf was "tweaking", it was cold and it just felt... wrong!!! 

Backed it off and ended up with 11 @ 7.51.

4 mile recovery this morning d & d.

30/03/2013 at 14:05
Minni - Sub21 is a great 5k time, was it another de-stresser?

Oompa - Even with backing off, that's still a good pace.
30/03/2013 at 14:28

Great YKW, Minni

I went a bit mental on me run too . Last year I used to do these 15k pyramid runs (9 and a bit miles) where I basically did easy/steady/MP/HMP/MP/steady/easy. Each chunk is 2k, apart from the HMP which is 3k. Ended up with


It felt easy, honest!! Note to self: do NOT try 7mm on Monday

30/03/2013 at 14:38

Minni, yep, I am one happy runner indeed   I am just continally surprised by my ability to swing from totally shit to achieving something I never thought possible in the space of two days!  I had no idea I could move my little legs that quickly on a TM without it all going horribly wrong.  I must confess, I thought back to what Freemers said the other day about falling off a TM during a taper so I concentrated really hard on not screwing it up!!! And brilliant 5k, btw, go girl 

Kiwi, yay on the progressive   It is always so hard finding the confidence to pick up the pace after injury so well done for you giving it a go.  Loving the 10k plan with Mr K.  And great that you'll be supporting on 21st.  I'm really looking forward to the Team Minni collective hangover on 22nd 

Carrot, yep, you hit it spot on.  After two pyramids, hitting the third 800 rep at 14kph felt very comfortable, as did the final one.  I am so glad I tried that session as it was fun and has given me confidence as my last really tough one before the taper.  Sounds like you guys had a speedy 10m!

Simon, I'm so glad you're getting some better biking weather!!  That must feel much nicer than the rubbish headwinds of last week.

Barry, I'm really liking your idea of alternating MP with easy.  I will see how my legs feel tomorrow when I set off and take it from there.  Main aim is definitely just to bank the 20m as I can always work on MP over the taper.  And during the race, of course   That is a very speedy 10m!!  Don't worry unduly about it feeling tough as you will take a few runs to get back into it properly.  Although you've kept up your CV fitness in general really well through your amazing X-training, your legs still have to readjust to the whole running malarky again.  The main thing is your calf is holding up and that is such good news.

2old, I nearly fell off my chair when I saw you had logged a 1:29 20m!!!  And then I read on....  Still very impressive running, though.  Well done for the final big one.

Spoons, loving how much you're loving your running   Planker 

KFC, human bench pressing, I love it!!!

AA, 7.42 is still really good going in those conditions.

Oompa, the thing you have to do after registering for parkrun with your barcode is actually run the damn thing!!  Your run last night sounds like my 11m on Wed, except nearly 2 m/m faster   If backing off leads you to that, you should be very happy!!

Chick, loving your pyramid, that sounds like a cracking run!!  You will fly round on Monday 

Rest day for me today.  I was going to do a 3m RR but I felt very tired and took the view that tomorrow's 20m is the most important run for me now so to listen to my body and back off today.  


30/03/2013 at 14:51
Lots of great runs going on, chic, 2old, Minni, Oompa, Barry. Oompa & chic twice even?

Chic, great 22m run, 80 plus weekly miles and racing Monday? Ulp. Feeling not worthy.

O4S, hope the leg is being well looked after, RICE and cough, hydration of the best concentrated type.

KFC, re running VLM in wedding dress, Tutu Much off the Sub 4 thread here who had the record till last year. She ran in full dress 3:45 about 4 years ago, last year someone did it in skimpy Ann Summers version. Sure Tutu would tell you to take her down!

SS great speed session by you. Looking very good. Gotta be feeling more confident now.

2old, excellent pace 20. How much left in the tank after that?
Speaking of which, after reading SS and AAs post, suspect had treadmill too fast, 13-17 kph for 45 mins.. no idea of kmph, only miles, brain doesn't work in them. Probably why i go faster at 10k.

Overdid it a bit Thursday trying to catch up after being away. Circuit 7am then evening club run. Paired up in circuit with hugggeee 6ft 10 pro basketball player, so no hiding, especially moving the prowler push rugby scrum thing between us. Tons of exercises, finished off with??2 mins burpees and 2 mins plank.
In evening, 10 MP miles with 10 hills in miles 2-4. Averaged out 10 @ 7:19??but felt much harder compared to previous week. Sticking to quality days only from now on. Another circuit done today.
18 miles tomorrow, some at MP.

Good luck to Brol, Chic, Anyone else racing?
Also where is Mr Zuvai?
30/03/2013 at 15:03
Minni - great parkrun time. They are tough going and you showed great pace

Barry - that was a great 10m on the TM.

Chickadee - great 22m and super pyramids

2old - fantastic 20m run

Spoons - impressive planking. I think 1 minute is my limit

Did my last 20m this morning in 2:34, including 10m at MP. I was a little fast on the MP bit but it has restored my confidence after last weeks 15 with 12 at MP. Conditions today were good and I had a faster runner for company which always helps. I am now thinking 3:15 may be possible with good conditions on the day.

Good luck to all running tomorrow.
30/03/2013 at 15:24

Simon - I reckon if I'd done a 5k on Thursday night it I would have gone sub 20! lol.

Chick - that sounds like a great session to try.  Now REST tomorrow!

FRC - I had Jovi with me today and she got a massive PB!

MP miles in long runs - I was chatting to Moz last night and he said the MP miles in a long run are more to show if you can't do it.  So, if you struggle with those in training ( ie 10/10) then perhaps you should rethink your target slightly.  

I'm going to do 20m with 10 easy, 10 MP on Monday and determined to stick to the MP pace rather than trying to push it, which I aways do. I'm hoping that after running the last few a bit fast it will feel comfortable.

A bit of analysis:

I'm really pleased with my time today.  I ran a 5k PB (20:39) just over a year ago but this was after doing a 5k a month for 4 months plus speedwork.  Also Newcastle was certified just after this and I think think the course was perhaps slightly short then.

I ran a 5k at the end of December and that was 21:47.  That again was a one off but I had been doing some shorter intervals during the month or so before.  My splits there were 6:50, 6:56, 7:10 (6:39).

So today's result shows a big improvement over a distance I find really difficult unless I've been working at it.  If this was a starting point for doing 5k work I would feel pretty confident that I'd get that time down quite a bit. (lol - can't believe I just said that!!)

10k to survive next week.... double the pain.

30/03/2013 at 16:39
Doolally, probably a good description, lol!

Minni, fab y.k.w!

Chick interesting pyramid session

Good idea to listen to your body + rest S.S.

FRC - sounds like hard core circuits.

Col - a good final 20 miles.

Found spin a bit difficult this morning, the energiser barbie was taking it and basically had us sprinting full out for the full 45 minutes!
30/03/2013 at 17:51

Sounds like it was a great wedding do Kiwi

Great YKW Minni, much quicker than last time! 10K isn't necessarily double the pain, I find it usually takes me a few miles to get settled into the pace.  Confidence!  We're going to run well

Nice HMP Chick, there's a 1:32 there for the taking if you do 13 x that!  How are you feeling about Monday?

Oompa you're missing out with parkruns, you don't need to do anything once you've registered and printed out your barcode apart from turn up on a Saturday morning and actually run one! You need your barcode for the finish, you'll be given a plastic token, give both token and barcode to the volunteer holding a scanner, the results will be on the parkrun website usually the same day.

Definitely doolally Kiwi   Spin sounds like it was fun today.

Last 20M for me tomorrow then taper time and time to go doolally!


30/03/2013 at 19:21

Great YKW Minni

I'm a bit pissed must stop soon as I have a long run in the morning

30/03/2013 at 19:29
Great YKW Minni, that's a massive chunk off your time compared to last time.

Was Brol racing today or am I confused? If she was I hope it went well.

Well done everyone logging long runs today. Hope those of you who had a not so great session bounce back with a good one soon. You've all trained so hard, trust in the training!

Barry, Spoons, great to see you both on the way back, you've both done all the right things and thoroughly deserve it.

Good day for me. Pain free on the bike then first run outside since the injury as I've been on the treadmill up until now. I'm so unfit but it was also pain free and reminded me what I love about running
30/03/2013 at 22:15
Good news becsa. Lot to be said for the pleasure of just going out for a run and enjoying it.

Think Brols HM is tomorrow?

Minni nice big chunk off your 5k time, shows progress which is always nice. Jovi did similar time I guess? YKW?

Good running to all. Remember the clocks go forward an hour!
30/03/2013 at 22:30
Minni- you've found another gear just at the right time...cracking 5k ...and maybe confidence believe in sub3.15 ,that's all you need now.
Chick- you've discovered your speed too ....don't you have a HM tomorrow ?
Barry- not sure about a pace yet ...I will see how the taper goes but it has to be at least 7.15 based on my October marathon
AA- no way sub3's too big an ask. You must be looking at around 3.10 ...what are your thoughts?
Simon- I went to Whittington in Kirkby Lonsdale today. Absolutely beautiful but so so cold . Lots of cyclists there too
Becsa-l don't worry about the fitness's there and brilliant to see you back out on the road
Col.- another great LR- be confident that sub 3.15 is well doable
FRC- you've put in some hard work. Good luck with the 18. I felt I had a bit more in the tank thanks though I was feeling what I'd done during the week a bit
SS- glad you didn't fall off the chair ! Good decision about the 20 and good luck
Carrot- the parkrun sounds like a shopping trip . Have fun on your 20 too
Spoons- that's the best way to prepare for a LR. Glad I've done mine as ice eaten too much curry tonight
Kiwi- killer spinning. Fun?
Wondering how to organise my runs for next week with having to fit a trip to the Paris Marathon in. Will probably try to do the 12 tomorrow and the 18 on Thursday evening and fill in in between. May end up with a rest over next weekend though a run along the Seine would be good .
30/03/2013 at 22:36
FRC - no she was much faster!!!

Becs - no pain!

Kiwi - it'll be interesting to see how all this spinning has helped maintain your fitness. I bet it's made a huge difference.

Carrot - I'm determined not to go off too fast next week. Great result from parsnip today.

I really hope Brol gets the race she deserves tomorrow.

We were making plans for the rest of the weekend earlier, which includes a trip to Edinburgh on Monday. I reminded Mr Minni that I wouldn't be able to leave until lunchtime as I need to do a 20m run in the morning. Then (obviously) without thinking he said, 'can't you miss just one run?' You could have heard a pin drop before I launched into the 'I'm a marathon runner' speech. So we'll be leaving lunchtime!
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