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24/04/2013 at 00:31
2old - I suppose it's a bit like doing a3hr lsr outside, seems easier than on a TM. Also the scenery is a lot nicer. Yes it's always a good excuse to stuff your face afterwards.
24/04/2013 at 01:24
Amazing reports, great details. AA, Freemers, chic, o4s, Minni, Oompa, kfc. Even Brol & Barry, things to learn and build on with a tough result.
We all lived VLM together, popped up in each others race. Club pal said to me tonight, as a race VLM runners weren't friendly, no one to work off or chat to. I laughed and said I had tons, "friends" nearly every mile

O4S super tough VLM, but great news about the op. Doh, think I saw you in the pub too, didn't recognise you.
Oompa, was great running with you, sadly missed you finishing for a hug and to say thanks., knee really swollen?
KFC did see you from behind, how are the legs? (perhaps I should rephrase this...)
Barry. Calf will recover. As Daren says, distance can find you out very quickly. Never give up.
Col - tough race, but still 3:30, many I know had similar second halfs, cramp, legs going.
Minni, congrats, just goes to show the mental side of running. Willing yourself to do it and you did.
Carrot - great report, and tips. That grind out the current mile approach, noted !

Simon, great 100 miles.

How was everyone dehydration wise? Shaggy would be asking about urine colours mine was dark brown soon after, and not from beer, took a good 24-30 hours even drinking lots of "fluids" to recover.

Oh, Contrary to reports I only deal cake, not drugs.

Race report still being written, Plus I have a race tomorrow
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24/04/2013 at 03:04
Frc - race. !!!

Carrot - great report and brilliantly executed race.
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24/04/2013 at 07:10

Can you all try this and let me know how accurate it is please. It seems really good.

he's taken all of the race times in his database and amended the formula. 

24/04/2013 at 08:17

Ran / walked the 5 miles home last night and then BA [who had cycled to work] decided he wanted to go for a walk - a further 3 miles, so all in all 13 miles for the day [slow!!].  Back on the bike for work this morning and just one dodgy moment when I thought my hand wasn't going to manage the brake - still it was only a small child in front

Carrot:  love the report, you must both have been on a real high afterwards

FRC:  no wonder you didn't recognise me - I wasn't there!  I have 'previous' when it comes to passing out in pubs post race so I decided to save BA the embarassment of having to cart me out.  As for dealing cakes, not drugs - depends what you put in the cakes

Thanks for all your kind words re both the VLM and the operation, both are already consigned to the 'something to forget' box and thoughts have turned to next weeks 100 mile jaunt.  But before that I have another day of answering mindless queries, I'm sure I will have another worthy winner of quote of the day

Kiwi: not particularly lazy I'm afraid.............................

24/04/2013 at 08:23

Spoons - Well based on my HM PB (1.34.05) it predicts 3.25.36 for the marathon - but that HM was in the build up to VLM 2011 when I ran 3.24.42, so a minute out. I'd like to see it the other way round - what time could I expect for a HM based on my most recent marathon?  I like the way it does men and women separately - clearly men have worse conversion rates

Carrot - brilliant report and a perfected executed race. You so deserve that massive PB

FRC - have fun with the race today  I missed you at Chandos but it was great to meet you in the race and after the finish.

My doms are almost gone...just my calves now still feeling tight.  Starting to get itchy feet but will leave until at least Friday or Saturday.

Next race for me is the Dereham 10 on May 12th. I last ran in in 2010, when I did 69.xx on the back of a 3.33 thinking that time needs a serious re-write! It's a flat and fast course so should be a good one.

I've decided like others I need to work more on my shorter distances, up to HM.  Targeting the GER Half in October for hopefully a sub 1.30 attempt.  I'll still run the Northumberland Castle marathon end October, but without any time goal.

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24/04/2013 at 09:10

The theory behind the calculator is, as Freemers says, different formulas for men and women as women have better marathon conversions to men.

Also, the old forumulas are all based on multiplying by 1.06 which seems to work for shorter distances, but over the marathon they have tweaked it so the faster you are the closer to 1.0 you get and the slower you are the worse the conversion is.

Therefore it looks something like:

2:00 marathon - 1.01

2:15 marathon - 1.03

2:30 marathon - 1.05

2.45 marathon - 1.06

3.00 marathon - 1.07

etc etc

24/04/2013 at 09:48

Barry: you have a message!

24/04/2013 at 09:52

Morning everyone.

Hope everyone is recovering well.

Carrot- brilliant report. All the hard work definitely paid off.

Minni- how are you feeling today?

My legs feel like they belong to me again. Slight DOMS remaining but I'm guessing they will be gone by tomorrow. Getting itchy feet as weel... it's so nice out there!

24/04/2013 at 10:20


Bro-looks like the marathon will soon be out of your legs

FRC-no wonder those cakes tasted so goodRace today-nuts..its only cos Im jealous.Looking forward to your report

Spoons-will the calculator facrtor in loss of fitness from injury and aging?

Simon-have you given up rowing now?

Free-men have worst conversion rates? First post of the day and you're insulting us


24/04/2013 at 10:20

Spoons - didnt race a half this year, off my time on Sunday its predicting a half PB of 1.35.42 which feels fast given I've not done much running at pace.  Putting in my times from 2011, its pretty much bang on - only 51s out.  Looks like its predicting a realistic time, rather than a best achievable time if you have a good day, which is how I read mcmillan. 


24/04/2013 at 10:24

Feeling better.  I've managed to eat something this morning.  My legs are also 100 times better today but I have no desire to run!

Also thinking about the rest of the year and unsure which direction to go.  I definitely want to race as many 10 and 5ks as I can because I'm sure I will benefit from this. 

I also have the Castles Marathon in October, which I could do for fun.  Or do I use my current marathon form to do another pb attempt at the TM (which I think I could do), or do I save it for next year.

I don't think any marathon will ever top Sunday''s.

Either way I'm not going to rush to make any decisions.

24/04/2013 at 10:43

Minni, I reckon with a bit of focus on the shorter distances you could smash quite a few PBs in the remainder of the year and then come back with an even quicker marathon next year with the extra speed you've gained. It's not like you need to work on your endurance.

2Old/Freemers - Maybe it's not that men have worse conversion rates, rather that women don't have the pace to run the HM as fast as they should  Predictor says I could run a 3:14, but that's based on pre-injury me - right now I'd be happy to run a 2-hour HM and don't think I could even complete a full one!

24/04/2013 at 10:49

Daren - I definitely fall into that category.  I don't really like to be out my comfort zone and always try and keep things on the right side of difficult.   This is why I think racing lots of shorter distances will be good for me. 

I will run a sub 1:30 HM this year.  There I said it!

24/04/2013 at 10:57

no desire to run either Minni

I hope there will be another marathon for me to top Sunday  because I want to run Boston 2014 

Have convinced Mr Chick and he thinks it's a great idea. Plan is to run Boston, spend a few days there, fly to Chicago and then drive Route 66 to LA, with a stop in Vegas for a few days.

Now I need to convince my boss that it's a great idea for me to take 4 weeks off next April ....  and I need to get a place of course .

Oh dear FRC - a race so soon? Ouch.

carrot: you always write the best reports. Fantastic .

Spoons: that calculator is not bad. It predicted 3:25:24 for me - I was 50sec quicker. It also predicted 3:37:18 for 2010 when I ran 3:38 so it's +/- one minute.  Really interesting how women seem to convert better.

24/04/2013 at 11:04

I have no doubt you will Minni  I'm not so confident I will!

24/04/2013 at 11:05
O4S - How many points do you get for a small child? Lol

2old - Yes rowing is on hold at the moment, til after my little bike ride. Good luck with your Achilles recovery.
24/04/2013 at 11:12

I tried the calculater based on my HM time in March and laughed when it said my marathon time would be 2.56.52 but it was spot on with my 10k time at 40.25 which was my Feb 10k time. But now I have to hope I can gradually return and have a go next year. Even if I run a marathon inthe Autumn it wont be a PB attempt

Minni-now you have a 3.15 theres no looking back-you will have lots of other great marathon experiences ,maybe for different reasons. I had planned blasting the 10ks this summer but now I will have to wait and see. Sub 90 HM is a certainty but maybe choose one which gives you the best chance-not too crowded and not too hilly and build up for it without too many races and taper.I suspect you would destry it then

Chick-you must run Boston-in fact everyone here must-its the very rare race where nearly all entrants must qualify and that is almost as good as having a lucozade top 10% t shirt

24/04/2013 at 11:23

Oops-I used the wrong calculator but Im not convinced by it. Using last years March HM time 1.32 it predicts 3.28, but at VLM I did 3.14 and this years March HM predicted 3.12 but I did 3.09 in October . It shows that care is needed in using these calculators as a pace guide. The one I used earlier would result in disaster and this one to possibly underperform. Then again a lot depends on what happens on the day ,the weather , the training , the course ,congestion etc etc.

Simon-Thanks-are you mixing up your biking -its not just??? the long one is it? Im thinking of doing a bit of rowing whilst I cant run

24/04/2013 at 11:25

That link gives me a marathon time of 3:22.08!

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