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02/05/2013 at 20:46

ChickChick/2old - 

Fred Rompelberg,
Maastricht, the Netherlands,
eldest professional cyclist in the world,
current holder of the Absolute Speed World Record Cycling
with 268,831 km/h.

The photo shows Fred during his successful world record attempt on 1995-10-03 on his special bicycle behind a dragster of the Strasburg Drag Racing Teamon a dried up salt lake, the so called Salt Flats at Bonneville near Salt Lake City in the federal state of Utah in the USA.   The exactly measured speed was 268,831 km/h.  
02/05/2013 at 20:54

Chick/2old - In English that's about 166mph, not bad on a push bike.

Yes I try and do a bit of drafting wherever I can, tractors, buses, white vans or lorries. You need something not too fast, otherwise there's no chance of getting on its tail.

Barry - Yes at the moment I haven't been running, whiich has sorted out my Heel problem. But I've been thinking these long bike rides would be great base training for a marathon, so I might start running again.


02/05/2013 at 21:29

Evening - 9.5 miles for me tonight. Did a sort of progressive run. Started at 9:00 and took 15 seconds per mile off. Trouble was, once I got to 8:00 pave they seemed to stay there! GF got a PB in the 10km race though

02/05/2013 at 21:33

Well done GF .  You said she was running really well just now.

You got the right balance O4S.

6 miles tonight off road.  Calf is a bit sore.    Not the one I usually have trouble with, the other one.  Done the icing and I've got a rest day tomorrow, so hopefully it'll be ok.

02/05/2013 at 21:34

great line up of raced coming up!

lol, O4S, enjoy your 100 miles, look forward to your cake eating tales

Great stuff for your GF Spoons.

Spin and for the first time ever did the 30 minute 'pure abs' class afterwards, was great but think my tummy is going to hurt tmrw!!!!

02/05/2013 at 21:39

Urghh - its gonna take me a few days to catch up!

Simon - some great biking days there - I'm pretty sure I wouldnt have made it back out again on the one you had last week in the rain. 

I'm super tired, and no bloody wonder.  After the 10k race on Sunday, on Monday/Tuesday I biked 204 miles from my mum's house to Newcastle along the forth, and lothian and northumberland coasts (stunning - fully recommend you all to get on your bikes up there asap), then did a 20M run yesterday.  I need a few rest days!

A belated thanks to those who have recently posted your training over the campaign, I'm looking forward to geeking out on it when I get a bit of time, and posting mine up too.  I find it very useful for ideas - so thanks!

02/05/2013 at 22:28

Thought I better get stuck into this training lark so upped to 4 tonight

Problem is quite hilly where I live, to get 4 in would mean 4 times round a block to keep it flat (same route as my 3.3 but drove me mad !). So took hill on - down hill out for 2 miles in 20:02 back uphill in 21:32

Took it steady and am pleased to increase miles - that's me gone from 2.6, to 6 runs at 3.3 now 4 today but will stay here for next 2/3 weeks I think

Got a chap coming round tomorrow to get  my running files off the hard disc I rescued from my old PC - got all my old records of race times since I started. Cant wait to get them back. This time I WILL make a back up !!

Sad I know but I really am a bit of a "stats" man

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02/05/2013 at 22:39

KFC - Sounds like a nice couple of days biking. Have you got a mara/ultra coming up, if you're doing a 20m run?

o4S - What's the forecast for your 100mile ultra? Enjoy your cake fueling along the way.

Spoons - Well done for your GF. 

3:30 - Sounds like some late nights pouring over your old stats.

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02/05/2013 at 23:15


Yup !! but all I got really is my training diaries, race times and dates of races I done

Got about 7 years worth and was gutted to loose all that "history" at the time. A back up is the first thing to get now, one of them memory stick thingies maybe purchased

02/05/2013 at 23:55

This thread has gone crazy. Any stalkers would think its all fiction . Just stop and read what Minni , Ant and O4S  have planned . Then look at oomps mad fast running with a fat knee. Then look at Simons epic bike trip and finally follow it with KFC s race/bike/ LR mega exploits . I'm off for a few days and expect... hope to return to reality . 

Edited: 02/05/2013 at 23:56
03/05/2013 at 05:57

In Yorkshire visiting the MiL so quick check in to wish O4S and BA the best of luck this weekend. Eat cake and enjoy. 

Kfc - you're nuts!!! 

Minni - that's loads of races 

spoons - congrats to GF

simon - nice photo!


03/05/2013 at 06:56

2old - it's incredible what we get up to. Inspirational stuff!

I'm doing my first 20 miler this afternoon since I DNFd at mile 20 last May..... 

03/05/2013 at 07:50

Morning all!  Wow, it's been a super busy first week back at work so no time even to lurk   Thank goodness it's the weekend and time to catch up on what's been happening on here over the last week.  But first, I've actually written a race report!!!  Sorry it's taken so long to get round to it, but it was really nice this morning just re-living the whole thing again and writing it down.  It's probably way to long and wiffly so I apologise in advance, but here it is...

My marathon weekend started the minute I packed my suitcase and then boarded the plane to the UK on the Friday.  We both awoke early on Saturday which was a good thing as we had to head up to London to get to the Expo.  I don’t think I’ve ever spent so much money on running stuff in one go as I bought a new Garmin to replace the rubbish 405, the battery on which decided to go on my last 20 miler.  Expo done and credit card maxed out, we headed off in the beautiful sunshine to meet my parents at Craven Cottage to watch Fulham take Arsenal apart .  OK, so we actually lost 1-0 and were down to 10 men after 15 mins , but it provided a welcome distraction from what was to come tomorrow.  After the match, we made for Pizza Express in London Bridge so I could have my now traditional pre-race meal of pizza followed by a slice of chocolate cake.  The hotel was just round the corner so we said goodbye to my parents and then headed back to our room so I could get my kit ready and begin the daunting task of working out how to operate my new Garmin.  Much to my relief, it proved surprisingly straightforward.  A few texts were exchanged with Brolish on how to do manual lapping and I was all set up.

Race day dawned and I felt surprisingly calm.  I woke early, before the alarm, and felt really good.  I was so pleased to look out the window and see blue skies and no rain, but I’ve gone so soft in Dubai as to me it was freezing so I wrapped up like I was going skiing!  I walked the 2 minutes from my hotel to the station and boarded my train to Maze Hill.  I met up with Brolish outside the station and, together with someone I met on the train, we walked to the Green Start chatting about anything and nothing to take our minds off of what was to come.  Everything went very smoothly, even the massive toilet queue didn’t take too long to get through.  Bro very kindly gave me her bin liner after we dropped our kit bags in so I didn’t freeze on the start, it was nice to have her looking after me!  We then got into Pen 3 and we met up with KFC and Carrot which was brilliant.  A quick group hug, the 30 second silence, and then we were off!

I settled quickly into my race pace as I watched Bro, KFC and Carrot leave me for dust.  8:30 m/m was feeling good, really good.  I approached the first mile marker and hit the Garmin button.  To my relief, manual lapping was seeming to work.  My legs were feeling comfortable, no issues from the calf which had bothered me during the taper, and I was really starting to enjoy the run.  Then disaster almost struck after the first water station.  I was concentrating hard on trying to keep to the blue line and was just looking to reposition myself and I missed a water bottle on the ground in front of me and stepped right on it and went hard over on my ankle.  Pain shot through my foot and up into my leg but I couldn’t stop, I just had to hope it would ease off which thankfully after a few minutes it did.

The miles began to tick off, manual lapping was working, the G

03/05/2013 at 07:51


Garmin was lovely, the running felt smooth and strong, I was having a great time!  I ran with a Gatorade from the start as I don’t mind carrying a bottle, I took a gel at 5 and 10 miles and took on water as and when I felt like it.  All was going to plan.  I met my support crew in Narrow Street which was between 14-15m.  I saw my brother and his girlfriend on one side of the street and then OH and some friends about 100m later on the other.  It was great to see them, it really lifted me and it meant I was handed a second Gatorade so my nutrition plan for the race was sorted.  I knew I was really running within myself, I was feeling a bit of a fraud as I felt so damn good!

And then the dark moment came.  At about the 18m mark, my calf started to tighten and my hip and thigh got sore.  Also, my Garmin was showing I was running 9:36 m/m which really panicked me.  So the miles around Canary Wharf were where I had to sort my head out.  I knew the tall buildings can affect Garmins and that had to be what was going on as my lap times were still showing 8:20-8:30 pace.  I kept my pace strong and just hoped my leg wouldn’t get any worse.  I could cope with the dodgy hip pain, but if my calf felt like it did in Dubai, I feared it might actually pull me up.  Thankfully, my hip/thigh seemed to settle and my calf, although remaining tight, didn’t get any worse.  I was extremely glad to get to the 20m mark and feel back on track. 

I’d had a gel at 15m and was on my second Gatorade so didn’t feel like my final gel at the 20m mark.  I decided to leave it until 22m.  I had a nice surprise around the 21m point as on the long sweeping bend when you turn left to head back towards the runners who are heading out towards Docklands, I saw my brother and his girlfriend!  That was brilliant and it was so nice to see them after my dark miles.  Then I knew I was on my way home.  I felt really strong and I wanted to pick up the pace.  But I knew if I just kept going at my current pace I would PB and that was my target.  I was so paranoid about pushing too hard and my calf then pulling me up so I made peace with myself and just kept it going steady.  That meant that for the last few miles I was really able to relax and take it all in.  I knew I had a massive grin on my face, I was absolutely loving it.  As I turned right at Big Ben, I allowed myself to put my foot on the gas for a ‘sprint finish’ and was pleased to see the Garmin showing 7:42 m/m.  Yes, clearly I had not been trying hard enough, but I really didn’t care as I crossed the line in a time of 3:42.26.  I had done it, a 3 min PB after what I thought had been the worst training campaign ever.  I’ve never been more delighted to be so wrong!  My stats later showed a pretty even race at 8:29 m/m, each chip time was within 10 seconds or so and overall I ran 26.3m and ended with a 30 second positive split.  Damn that 0.1 of a mile!

So I ambled over to the baggage area and by chance met up with KFC which was brilliant.  We were both over the moon with our comeback PBs and it was so nice to hear how amazingly she had run – what a performance!!  We then headed for the pub and it was brilliant to catch up with my friends who had been supporting on the course and also the rest of Team Minni.  It was an absolute privilege to have been a part of this and to be able to share it with you all.  What a day!

03/05/2013 at 08:08

Speed Sheep

Thanks for posting I enjoyed reading that !!


03/05/2013 at 08:08

Great stuff speed sheep. Inspirational. Garmin 610? When you remember some of your tough runs coming back, congrats.

Oh, by way, new runners world is making iPad auto correct go bonkers at times. It's only typing on this web page. Copy and paste in.

Spoons good Luck.

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03/05/2013 at 08:33

kfc - Good to see you are taking it easy after London. 20 miler already.

Freemers - I thought I had a bad race but that sounds a complete nightmare.

SS - A very good VLM for you a PB and a Garmin you are happy with..  Great report and a very well paced race.

O4S - Good luck to you and BA.

03/05/2013 at 08:58

Grat report SS

03/05/2013 at 09:17

SS - that's a great report, and it shines through just how damn good it is just to be out there after injury. To PB as well is like the cherry on top!

O4S - good luck with your 100 (gulp, it just doesn't look right typing that!). Look forward to reading all about it.

FRC - oh yes, my last post was on the iPad and it came up with some cracking autocorrects! I thought it was because I'd had a few sherberts...

3.30 - I'm another vote for the 405, I love mine

03/05/2013 at 09:31

nice report SS!

kfc: 204 miles biked  ???

well done to  Spoons' GF

Freemers: nice speedy run there. To bad that guy had such a 'mare ...

2oldnever wrote (see)

Morning all

Re sub 1.30 HM -sometimes if a race is too flat its hard to perform to the best as the same muscles get pounded the same way without respite which isnt ideal especailly if the training done has been on variable terrain and gradiants. When I did Boston I deliberately added hills near the end of my LR and did a hilly MLR to reflect that race and for Boston I stuck to as flat a route as I could.


spot on, 2old. I live in an entire flat area now and I find my long runs a lot more tiring than the ones that had hills in them. For Boston I will have to drive a bit to be able to get some hill running in. Ultimately I think that varying terrain is beneficial in a race.

Minni wrote (see)

These are my races over the coming weeks:

07.05.13  10k
14.05.13  10k
29.05.13  10k
09.06.13  6m
16.06.13  10k
30.06.13  10k (this one is not entered yet so may not do it)
09.07.13  5m
14.07.13  14M
21.07.13 5M

Oh hell Minni! Makes my 4 consecutive 10ks in June pale by comparison ... still debating whether or not to run Hamburg Half Marathon on June 23. It's expensive (around 40 Euros) and I may not be in PB shape again by then. Guess I wait till nearer the time. It's possible to enter at short notice albeit at an even higher fee

Simon: what a crazy bloke doing 166mbh on a pushbike!! Guess it's the tractor again for you then

A few slow and shit runs done. It's great to be out there again though

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