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11/05/2013 at 22:04

Finally, got some time..


VLM race report  

Days before London, really low on confidence. Felt sluggish and honestly rubbish. Tapering I hoped. Achilles still a bit sore and had been off and on since Feb but had managed to arrive fit after a long 7-8 months training for VLM with aim of going sub 3:20, maybe even sub 3:15 GFA.  

On start, met the 3:15 pacer, bumped into club pal Nick who had run Blackpool 2 weeks before and was going for sub 3:10. From our RW group, managed to find Barry and chatted. Thirty seconds silence was perfect. Race started, I got going straight away, bar a bit of weaving only 20 secs off pace. Also felt fine, that eureka moment of "Oh this! I remember how to do this now." Felt very stupid. RW pacer surged off, never to be seen again, no idea what pace. Waste of time.  

At miles 2&3 went past club pals, Jess and then Sallie who I train with, both good sub 3:30 runners, yet I felt really good, nicely below sub 3:15 pace and masses to spare. Amazing crowds. Around 3-4 miles caught sight of Oompa's top and sidled up to say hello & chat. Both doing well, same target, we knuckled down stuck to sub 7:25 pace and just kept it there for next 13 miles, Cutty Sark well inside schedule after 10k. Miles going well, manual split and pace bands being checked. Clockwork. The lucozade pace band Oompa had was rubbish, black on black highlight for the big miles. Neither of us could read them, I had a homemade 3:14 one. Was fairly warm, pouring water over head regularly to keep cool.

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11/05/2013 at 22:06


Tower Bridge was as expected a fairly amazing sight. Half way mark, Oompa and I perfectly set, touch under 1:37. Both in good shape and not forcing the pace to get there either with a buffer below 3:15 time. Mile 14 we caught up to Nick club pal seen on start line going for 3:10, surely well off pace? No, he was holding back and about to accelerate. Chatted and let him go. We both had dips around 16 miles, Oompa's knee starting to hurt so I offered him a painkiller but he didn't want one yet. Could see my pal Nick ahead.. No kick. 17 miles he stopped and pulled over with cramp. Gutted for him and also a bit shocked. We had already seen KFC, and spotted Minni & AA ahead. 19-20 miles, head down, sunglasses on. Focussed, in the zone, pick your phrase. Seconds later, saw my Missus and another friend. Went from poker face to nutter in 2 seconds flat, big cheesy grin whooping hello. All concentration lost    

20 miles all on track 2:28 dead, 47 minutes to do 10k. 3:15 very much on. Next 6 miles. Had been taking 2 clif blok cubes every 4 miles from mile 4. No sports drink, fair bit of water to keep cool. Definite dip around mile 21-22, legs starting to hurt & tire, was getting harder, needed to grind miles out. Splits okay but going a few seconds slower, still a 30 second buffer I thought, but not checking properly against pace band. Had lost track of Oompa, but Freemers appeared and chatted for a few minutes. Could see Minni up ahead, really accelerating the last 2-3 miles looking very smooth and speedy. Can remember feeling tired, just close eyes, but if I do, I'm going to fall over. Kept it going somehow. Doing manual splits on watch waiting for mile no 26. Sign for 800m to go, then 600 - where is the mile marker? 385 yards to go, turn corner watch reading 3:14:30 sprint, so close. 

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11/05/2013 at 22:08

Sprinted. Finished on the line just ahead of Minni, and stopped watch, 3:15:07 (later :04) Gutted? Thought I would be but no. Getting anywhere near to 3:15 was beyond my wildest dreams last October. Tough race, conditions not easy and I came within as little as 15-20ft? Few tiny mistakes made, but so so minor. Job most definitely done and then some. Thanks to Oompa we teamed up well, controlled the pace, helped the miles go quick. Was great seeing Brol, SS in pub and meeting Minni.

Split Time Diff min/kmkm/h

5K 00:22:43 22:43 04:33 13.21

10K 00:45:28 22:45 04:33 13.19

15K 01:08:42 23:14 04:39 12.91

20K 01:31:54 23:12 04:39 12.94

HALF 01:36:53 04:59 04:33 13.21

25K 01:54:48 17:55 04:36 13.07

30K 02:17:56 23:08 04:38 12.96

35K 02:41:20 23:24 04:41 12.82

40K 03:04:50 23:30 04:42 12.77

Fin 03:15:04 10:14 04:40 12.88

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11/05/2013 at 22:50

Minni- calf!!!

FRC- so I've just about got over not doing VLM and you know remind me in graphic detail what I missed.....where's my psychiatrist's number ? . Great report ,very consistent and tight pacing and despite the 35k other runners team Minni figured prominantly in it .What are your thoughts about the next one ? Any different strategy ? When I saw your half time I wondered if you might have left yourself a slight margin too much to go under 3.15. Anyway a few seconds is neither here not there as i missed it by 28 secs in 2010 .I cannot negative split and prefer a cushion from the first Half. Do you benefit from the new GFA times?



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11/05/2013 at 23:27

Minni - Great news, the magic trout has worked again, or was there ever an injury?

Kiwi - Working all w/end, next big ride Monday, and I don't think it will be 29c this week.

Frc - Great VLM report, poor 2old.

Got the official route plan now, the good news is its only 247miles. The bad, total elevation gain is 10193ft ooch. 


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12/05/2013 at 03:55


So I thought I'd fire up the laptop to post without fear of ipad rubbishness.  I'd almost got to the very end and then managed to catch a nail on some key or other which meant the browser decided I wanted to change pages and so I lost all my efforts!!!!!  Didn't factor in self-rubbishness as an inhibitor to effective posting   No more time now as have to get to work.  Highlights were:

Spoons, enjoy planning new runs in your new neighbourhood.

AA, nice effort on the swim.  Where do you go?  Is it local?

Minni, great news on the calf, what a relief.

Ant, hope the race went well.

Oompa, pleased swelling has almost gone.  Good luck with MRI (whenever it transpires....)

Simon, I'm skipping an autumn mara, going for Dubai in Jan.  I'm super excited about my 8 month plan, which at the moment involves no running on land 

Kiwi, sounds really positive with your physio, great news!

Chick, happy birthday 

Hi Becs!

2old, I'm doing OK with the pool running this time as there is no pressure and I'm using it as downtime after all the dramas of my VLM campaign.  I'm actually really appreciating the mental stability of it all 

FRC, really good to read your report.  Another very good reminder of the fact that how we feel during the taper has little impact on race day.  Trust in the training, and also trust that you will feel sluggish during the taper!!  Brilliantly raced, well done you 

Physio for me later to embark on a new regime of PT pain   Happy running everyone!

12/05/2013 at 09:31

Just so theres no doubt - my 6.19 pace was 100% dodgy timing/course measurement (unfortunately!)

Race fast for the mile Ant

Sending good vibes to all the injuries and niggles out there - and hangovers (chick?!).

Nice report FRC - but you say you and oompa spotted me and didnt come and say hello?  Unacceptable!  

CNBA for the last couple of days, but will get out on the bike with OH today.  I seem to have entered a hilly half IM the week after edinburgh marathon...

12/05/2013 at 09:42

Chick - Happy Birthday for yesterday, enjoy the hangover.

O4S -  Epic, puts us "youngsters" to shame.

FRC -  Great report. Feels a long time ago.

Minni/2old/Red - Speedy recovery to the short  and long term benched.

Crap week for me, company has restructured and cause I am so good at what I do I will be working production shifts keeping the line running and the not so good move to continental shifts. Meaning I lose a lot of OT and shift pay. We've all given our concerns about new structure how it won't work and loss of money but usual attitude from management, so if you don't like it tough. One positive it would give me a lot more time for training at weekends

More importantly first run since VLM for me yesterday, I thought calf/shin was fully recovered as no pain for a week, but pretty soon into 3 mile effort pain returned and same point on shin was very tender to touch after. Am now very concerned and am going to see doctor this week to  get x ray to rule out stress fracture.

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12/05/2013 at 10:31

SS- laughed at the mental stability obviously know I've lost Mine 

Barry- don't blame you looking at the shins again. You've suffered too long . No real progress for me ..same cycle of stiffness , break scar tissue , pain, easing s discomfort ,sleep, stiffness ,break scar tissue etc. Bored !

simon- only???? Could be worse it could metres ! Get on those steep hills. My rear end has scars from the few miles spinning. yours must be !

what does a non runner do 

12/05/2013 at 10:32

KFC- FRC not saying hello? He's in trouble with Minni now

ant- remember pb that mile 

12/05/2013 at 14:38

Great report FRC!

Minni - good to hear the calf is getting better.

Simon - roll on Monday so you can get out on that bike, that route plan sounds nasty!

S.S enjoy the p.t sessions.

Chick belated Happy Birthday, hope your hangover wasn't too epic.

12/05/2013 at 14:45

cut off half way thru, bloody phone still acting up.

Barry sorry to hear about your work woes + ongoing shin problems, hope you get to the bottom of it soon!

today has been a mixed bag - ran 6 progressive this .am last 3 miles were 08:30, 08:09, 07:40, was elated. then had the fizz this afty, very concerned about tge puffiness of the knee, when prodding it was tender under the knee cap bc it hasn't been sore when running I've not been too concerned about swelling. now have to have a week off, she took me in the gym and showed more exercises to be doing to strengthen hips, glutes + knees. feeling fed up now, really thought I was making progress but apparently not! 

12/05/2013 at 16:57

FRC - great report

2old, Kiwi & Barry - total bummer about the injuries.

Barry - I think it is hard to detect stress fractures from an X-Ray. Apparently holding a tuning fork on the pain can be effective. IE the vibration will be agony if it is a stress fracture. 

Minni - hope the calf recovery isn't phantom.

Thanks for the race best wishes - it is on Tuesday evening not the weekend. I was mountain biking today in preparation! 26 miles this week, Slowly getting back in the running groove.


12/05/2013 at 17:05

Decided it was time to get going again after last weekend, but a 5 mile walk with friends started my infected blister oozing blood again so Saturday I offered to help make sandwiches for an off road marathon in the South Wales valleys. Ended up standing all day, but had a great time with friends old and new. Today was bike day, but weather was pretty rubbish and choosing a hilly route was a tad optimistic 

We managed 60 miles (rather than the 80 planned) but did 4 major climbs and endless undulations, so good training for the Pyrennees. Went out into the wind so the return leg was a bit easier, despite the drizzly rain - however I think my legs need a bit longer to recover so I might have to review my running plans for next week.

What is going on with all theses injuries? Take it easy guys and gals.

simon: I need a full report on the new bike ASAP!

Barry: sounds rubbish at work 

12/05/2013 at 19:44

Happy Birthday for yesterday Chick!  Hopefully no hangover?

Hope you get an MRI sorted soon Oompa, there's nothing worse than being messed around with appointment dates.

When is the half iron man AA? Sounds like you really enjoyed the lake swim

Simon both the 247 miles and that 10193ft elevation gain sound ouch!!

Great report FRC

Sorry to hear your news from work Barry, sounds like a typical management response too  

You must be fed up now Kiwi

Blister sounds grim O4S

Legs have only just today stopped aching from Thursday's 12 x 200m session, those really must have been a shock to the system! 

An afternoon of utter dross at the football, we're still not safe and the future does not look bright 

13/05/2013 at 06:00

Great report FRC. I'm pleased you're not disappointed with those few seconds. Annoying but if you know you've given it everything then you can't ask for much more.

 (((Kiwi))) lets hope it's a minor set back. If its not too sore theN hopefully nothing too much to worry about and your physio is being ultra cautious. 

How's things 2old?

AA - glad you enjoyed the lake. 

Spoons - hope the flitting went ok.

O4S - you're making feel lazy!

Good to get back to speed Carrot?

glad no one here did the marathon of the North. What a cock up. All results on Power of Ten have now been marked as short course and so won't count for good for age. I have a friend who did it and ran 3:44 and is livid, rightly so.  Can't see them having many takers next year. 




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13/05/2013 at 08:58

FRC - great report. I love that feeling you get at the start when you realise the pace feels fine and you're going to have a good run

kiwi - frustrating for you....just fingers crossed and all good vibes that the enforced rest does the trick.

That is so bad about the Marathon of the North - just unforgivable really when people are going for GFA times. 

I had a shocker yesterday - 1.12.15 for the Dereham 10.  Set off at 6.45 pace, felt pretty good for 3-4 miles but the wheels came off big time at the half way point - just had nothing in my legs for the last few miles and slowed to what felt like a crawl. My legs felt like they do in the final miles of a marathon and my quads were just clearly I still have some VLM in my legs, plus I have done a couple of hard weights sessions now so need to get used to that I guess.  On the positive side those first few miles felt fine...just need to string another 10 or so together! 2nd F40 as well - and the first F40 was 10 minutes quicker than me so I had no chance of the bling anyway.

13/05/2013 at 09:06

I saw that about the Marathon of the North too Minni - you'd be mightily pissed off if you'd slogged your guts out for that. Really bizarre that the leader did the right course though, he must have been some way in front?

FRC - great report and a model of consistency!

Barry - really sorry to hear about work and about your ongoing injury. You're really due some luck

Kiwi - sorry to hear about your injury too, just as you were on the road back as well. Fingers crossed the week off gets you back on track.

I have good news to report - not only did I manage my stupid impromptu speed session without injury, I also did another 4M slow on Saturday. Then spent yesterday carrying a 2 year old around the zoo for five hours, again with no repercussions. I was actually more happy with that, as I'm supposed to be doing heel drops with a back pack on, and that was way, way more strenous than that!   

13/05/2013 at 09:12

Chick- Happy belated birthday, hope you celebrated in style.

FRC- Great race report.

Free- ouch. Still 2nd F40 is great. It's still quite soon after the VLM, I'm sure you'll be back to your best in no time.

Barry- not good news on the job front, but more time for training is definitely a positive.

Minni- glad to hear the calf is on the mend.

I ended up doing an hour long steady run on Saturday (ended up being more of an MP @ 7.44 but that's what happens when I'm not allowed to look at the garmin) and a tempo session with tempo intervals done @ 6.54 and 7.00. It feels like the legs are beginning to turn again. Rest today and track tomorrow.


13/05/2013 at 09:13

Red- xpost. Great news

Marathon of the North sounds like a joke.

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