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26/05/2013 at 19:04

Congratulations Dale  that's a great result for a first marathon.

Col, good half time. Is that a new PB?

Some great 10ks. Carrot, I like the way you talked your time down and then went on to beat your initial goal anyway. Plus the way you finished off the men trying to hang onto you . Hope you enjoy/survive your hen night.

Ant, very promising for a PB soon given how much ahead you are of where you were last year. Hope all is okay after the accident, there are some drivers who are just idiots when it comes to bikes.

Bro, first lady . That's something to enjoy regardless of the time, although I'm sure the times will improve soon.

Chick, well done on 2nd and a PB  particularly as you weren't expecting it and you've been having problems lately.

Simon, some amazing long cycles for you. Are you into the taper now? I'm with kfc in betting that you buy that bike at the end.

Minni, I hope the runs today went okay.

A very frustating week for me with long days including travelling with work leading to very limited time for running or any training. Possibly a good thing for the knees as they were quite sore at the start of the week. Finally a chance to run today and I loved getting out there in the sun as there was enough shade to enjoy the weather without overheating. I'm very slow at the moment, but things seem to gradually be heading in the right direction.

26/05/2013 at 20:51

Haha chick us girls all hate 10ks but you must be thrilled with a Pb?!  Well done.

col - very impressive HM time and definitely something to build on.  It'll be good to see what you do in two weeks. Well done. 

Glad to see its all coming on becs.  mr Minni has started training for the Olympic run - I think he'll be looking around the hour mark.  

No running yesterday it today as the calf is sore again. Stuck to alcohol instead. Mood hasn't been good today. 


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26/05/2013 at 21:00

Chick, great p.b + bling!

Minni, boo re the calf

Onto wine bottle nmbr 3 of the weekend, had to switch allegiance as ran out of wine + the off licence only stocks Australian Sauv blanc..... 

26/05/2013 at 21:36

Becs - Glad its heading in the right direction for you. Yes the bike's great.

Dale - Great first marathon.

Col - Great half.

Chick - Well done on second lady

Minni - Sorry to hear your calf is still playing up, yes just get pissed.



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26/05/2013 at 22:10

Popping in briefly.  Found some sun and swam a hot 1.8 k.Lots of Rioja too

minni- see a professional asASAP!!!!

chick - a very good naked 10 k . Have to try it myself. Looks like you've fixed your post   marathon niggles



27/05/2013 at 00:13

Just popping in - I'm 24 hours plus into a 36 hour stint of cleaning showers, carrying bags and generally making myself useful. Nice to see other people suffering on the 100 when I have already completed it. 

 Minni: this time Pam's PB was not alcohol fueled!

will catch up when I get home


27/05/2013 at 09:56

Chick - Brilliant, where did that come from,  thought you were struggling with your running.  Congrats on the PB and 2nd place.

Col -  Very decent time for your HM , is the next one a quicker course?

Dale - Congrats on the sub 3:30. PB?

Minni - Rubbish news, join the pissed off club.


27/05/2013 at 10:22

(((Minni))) - time for xrays to rule out stress fracture?

Col: excellent HM time

Dale: congrats on a great marathon

Becs: things seem to be looking up for you - slowly but surely.

27/05/2013 at 15:32

So after yesterday's glorious sunshine, we're back to normal b/hol weather, wet and windy. Just a quick 34m ride today, most of it dry, but chucked it down at the end. 

Anyone racing on the b/hol?

27/05/2013 at 16:03

no BH here, Si   stuck at work intead

27/05/2013 at 16:16

Chick - Don't worry your not missing anything as its crap weather. I expect the guys in your office were all talking about the all German euro final at Wembley at the w/end?

27/05/2013 at 16:43

Blazing sunshine down here in London  

Minni fingers crossed for some sort of resolution.

Killer workout for me tomorrow from this 10k program so just doing an easy run this evening. 

27/05/2013 at 17:56

Dale missed your report earlier, congrats on a fab first marathon

Becs keep at it, best to take ut slowly + listen to your body.

sunny here but horrible wind ruining sitting outdoors.

After 2 weeks of no running, did a very gentle 3 niles this am, loved it, felt fantastic only for post run the knee to ballon up. very pissed off, am doing the stupid physio exercises which take up so much time + haven't run a step for 2 weeks, 1 little 3 miler + bam

27/05/2013 at 19:40

Great 10K Chick, congrats on the new PB Flowers, bling and free race entry is an excellent prize! So pleased you did well.

You must be fed up now Minni, hope you manage to get that appointment at the physio. 

You must also be fed up now Kiwi, just when you were getting somewhere Is it worth seeking out a different physio?

You've probably just adjusting to the extra swim and bike training AA, don't despair!

Well done on the HM Col, cracking time

Hope the knees are OK after your sunny run Becs.

Hen do was great fun! I had the morning off run directing at my usual parkrun so put an appearance in at where I class my 'home' parkrun.  The usual piss poor pacing that is the 5K!! First KM in 3:50, knew it was going to hurt from that point on, each KM was slower than the last, managed to stumble over the finish in 21:07.  Ah well, bacon sandwich and a cup of tea then it was home to get changed for the hen do, a mixture of blindfolds, karaoke and a play doh willy that was the mascot of the day. 

27/05/2013 at 20:21

Barry B yep, it was a PB. I ran 3:43 in Berlin 2010 and 3:46 in Liverpool 2011.

I meant it was my first marathon with an even pacing strategy not it was my first marathon 

27/05/2013 at 20:45

Minni  No wonder you want answers. It has been a while now so seems like it might be more than a pull or tear. I don't know if you have a Minor Injuries clinic but can be useful to get an x-ray just to put your mind at rest.

Well done to our ladies winning prizes and the multiple PB efforts.

My marathon training starts next week and I can't wait to satrt following a schedule!

27/05/2013 at 21:24

Glad to hear you had fun yesterday carrot

O4S looking forward to hearing more about the 100m.  It sounds like Pam had a great run and finished 2nd.  She'll be desperate for a win.

Barry, 2old, Kiwi - I know I shouldn't complain too much because really my injury has just had me out for a few weeks, compared to longer for you.  In the meantime I'm really getting into the fitness sessions on kinect.  Bootcamp, power and strength, speed and endurance sessions are me  with lots of squats, lunges etc.  I've done two sessions today - almost 2 hours.  Hopefully this will be doing some good.

CG - yay!  There's nothing like a schedule to follow. 



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27/05/2013 at 22:49

Hi All. Enjoying a bit of sun 

Minni - keep up the strength stuff it makes all the difference when runs return

simon- nice short ride 

CG- I suppose mine also starts then... Fat chance. Hope yours goes better

Dale - welcome. I've done Berlin and Liverpool both were PBs and the latter still is 

Carrot- fast 5k after a Hen do. Speed is now imbedded in you 

Kiwi- you have my sympathy. 

O4S - how he heck did you find time tto pop in ? Hope all went wwell 



28/05/2013 at 08:39

Chick - fantastic result...another podium for the ladies

Col - sounds like a quick HM there

Dale - brilliant marathon, and that's a big chunk off your PB 

Carrot - well done on the parkrun and on surviving your hen do

Minni / Kiwi - so bl**dy annoying with injuries. Kiwi - there must be something going on in there to make your knee swell like that after a run.  Did the physio have any explanation for it?  Minni - definitely get the calf checked out again.

I had some nice runs over the weekend, making the most of the lovely spring sunshine - 8 on Saturday, 14.5 on Sunday and 6 yesterday. But my hip has started playing up - its a problem I've had quite a few times before and hopefully will sort itself out with a bit of stretching, but it feels very painful today. I'm going to stick to cycling in the gym for a couple of days and keep up the weights programme.  And get on the foam roller!  I'm not too bothered by it - and given that the lovely spring sunshine has been replaced by rain I don't mind being confined to the gym.

28/05/2013 at 09:11

Chick - well done, always nice to get into a ding-dong race to spur you on, which it obviously did!

Col - that's definitely something for you to build on in two weeks time

Dale - well done on your sub 3.30, third time lucky! (although it obviously wasn't luck, it was the steady pacing!)

Minni / Kiwi - sorry to hear you're both still in the wars. With 2old, Barry and me half of the thread are on the bench at the moment. 

Carrot - well done on getting through your hen do. I'm sure it was great fun, but always a relief to get them out of the way!  

Another very bad week to report from me unfortunately. Dad really not well and pulled in for another emergency op last Wednesday. Fingers crossed they've sorted it, but was very stressful to say the least.

I was going to cry off of cricket on Saturday but hate letting people down so did a mad rush there which meant I had no chance for a warm up. Have had really tight hamstrings lately and sure enough, I pulled my quad chasing a ball in the very first over. I couldn't go off as they would have had to play with ten men the whole game, so ended up fielding on it for three hours which made it much worse - and just as the achilles was healing too.

Excuse the self-pity for a minute, but I am really beginning to wonder when my injury nightmare is going to end. I'm now just 6 weeks short of going a whole year without a single race and am completely fed up with it all. It's sooooo bloody frustrating!

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