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02/07/2013 at 10:21

Great running, spoons!

2old: glad you are in one piece. We all do embarrassing things to our cars every now and again  - as long as nobody gets hurt it's all fine. As for your P&D programme question: I picked the up to 55 mile one as I'm only doing a half. 55 mile weeks should be plenty for HM training. My base is coming together fine - so there'll be speedwork as of next week

Rather you than me, Ant

Shildonrunner wrote (see)

Hi all

10 miles at 7.50 average today rest tomorrow ready for my 10k on Wednesday. 

Freemers/ chick/ endurance is my plan for the next few months as my speed is coming back gradually but I really need to do more lsrs. chick it's amazing when you see someone in the distance even on a steady run you turn into race mode. I tend to do this from time to time.  

Nice 10 miler there, shildon.
The lazy bugger was plodding along slowly. Then he saw me coming and quite obviously didn't wanna get chicked  decided to speed up and cruise past him (Garmin showed 7ish pace at that point ).

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02/07/2013 at 12:41

Shildon - "happy" times, I remember coming to the final turn at VLM and hearing over the PA " Here comes Sophie Rayworth" and taking nothing away from Sophie,  as I crossed the line seeing her with her medal with the TV crew I had a wry smile on my face and was thinking it sums  my day up completely beaten by the newsreader.

2old-  Don't want to sound like a broken record, but if you can run on softer surfaces without pain should n't you get your shoes/gait checked out, maybe more cushioning required? My calf issue was due to a change in running style and my original shoes causing stress to the calf.



02/07/2013 at 12:42

afternoon all.

2old - hope you are ok. Still scary stuff banging into anything In a car 

spoons - nice running. 

Shildon - great pace for that 10 miler. 

i  did another brick session today... 30 miles on the bike in 1:56 then got off and did a 5 mile run ave 8:11. Almost felt ok. Back definitely getting used to the bike now...finally. It makes me feel better after my failed interval session yesterday 

02/07/2013 at 13:21

Another one for the tick column Ant, looks like a great event to me

Spoons - you're upping the ante at the moment, putting us all to shame

Nice run Shildon, that's very good prep for your 10k

2old - you're not having a great time of it at the moment by any stretch. Glad you got your referral though, that's more important than the car (I can say that as it's not my car!)

Have a nice holiday Minni - very envious as loved the coastal running a couple of weeks ago

Nice chicking Chick! I'm another one who sometimes gets really competitive with total random strangers...

Glad you had two good runs over the weekend Freemers, you're definitely back!

FRC - thanks for asking about the ankle and the advice on reps. I think today is the first day the ankle pain has totally gone, the main thing was making it through the twists and turns of cricket on Saturday which I did. 

The walking rest break advice has transformed my interval sessions! Did another 5 mins at 7.15, 3 mins at 6.30 x 2, rest for 6 mins then repeat again this morning. After not hitting a single 6.30 rep last week I did them all this week. Was hanging on for grim death at the end, but such a transformation in the space of a week is really encouraging. I find that session so much harder to do than any of the other intervals but it is definitely worth it!

02/07/2013 at 13:24

x-post AA - that's fantastic news, well done! Sounds like a brute of a session so you're right to be so positive off of the back of it

Barry - I can certainly relate to that finishing feeling. Fingers crossed that with your calf now sorted out you'll be in tip top condition for your next marathon

02/07/2013 at 14:26

Ant-pity about the cold-are you mountainbiking in the Alps? Where are you going?

AA-excellent brick session-it IS!!! all coming together. Thanks re the car-more scary for the other party as my car is a bit bigger . Anyway no injuries so alls ok

Red-another  fine interval session-how often are you doing them? Glad the ankle is sorted

Chick-55 miles for a half so thats 110 for your next marathon We are all guilty of adding a bit of competition to a steady run now and makes for a bit of fun...and look at the pace it produced!

Barry-didnt that newsreader breakdown and DNF in a previous VLM? Anyway thats one way to remember your finishing moment. Mine was last year being interviewed by Colin Jackson in Horseguards. Re my gait analysis and cushioned shoes-the problem is nothing has the springiness of the trampoline(which by the way I jogged on for 50 mins last night) or the give of soft sand. A hard nodule type swelling has developed on the achilles just above the heel area and until thats gone I suspect I will continue to have problems but I will try anything so I wont dismiss your suggestion thanks

Another 2.25 miles swum today.




02/07/2013 at 15:16

2old - nightmare about the car, but as you say no one was hurt which is the main thing.

AA - yay! great brick session

Red - nice intervals there. I don't think it matters how slow you do the recoveries, it's the fast reps that are key. Sounds like you have it nailed now

chick - I hardly ever see other runners on my long runs at home, but when I do I always try and catch them up, then sail past serenely...doesn't always work but it's a good feeling when it does

Just a 4 mile recovery run yesterday, and nothing today. I have a bit of a crap week with meetings and will struggle to get much done. Plus we have a long weekend away and although I'll try and get out for at least one run I don't think it'll be very long. So really binning this week as far as anything useful goes.  Aim to pick it up next week.

I'm sort of bimbling around really, no schedule to work to and it plays right into the hands of the CNBA fairy . I need to sort out a spreadsheet for a good HM attempt.  I'm almost certain now I won't be doing an autumn marathon, but still need some focus otherwise I lose a bit of focus.

02/07/2013 at 17:24

I'm actually enjoying not working to a schedule at the minute. I know I have a few marathons lined up but I'm not really taking anything that seriously. Perhaps because of that I'm running quite a lot, sometimes slow, sometimes fast. Whatever mood I'm in!

I'm off out for another trail run tonight

02/07/2013 at 18:12

I'm enjoying not working to a schedule at the moment - it's quite a novelty for me to filling checking my garmin every five seconds and filling in spreadsheets after every run!

Nice brick session AA - I did an hour on the bike and 1:45 running last night, although did have a bit of a rest in between.

Great HM time Col and nice 5k Ant.

2Old, sorry to hear you're still struggling with the injury - I know it's so frustrating - and about the car crash.

Kiwi, cool, hope to see you down the club when you're fit again! I'm enjoying going along as I've never done the club thing before. There are some nice places to run around here aren't there? South Weald and Thorndon are both lovely.

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02/07/2013 at 20:00

I'm another just winging the training at the moment. Trying to do a bit of everything. Feels quite liberating, just annoyed that it looks like the speed is suffering a lot. Never mind. I'm happy to complete this HIM alive!


02/07/2013 at 21:16

2old you've had a right week, hope you're OK after the crash? Running on a trampoline sounds fun.  Take care, don't injure yourself further just to try and avoid short term madness.

You're loving those fell races kfc!

Shildon you're not supposed to have anything left after 5K and three laps of that hill! Yes I'll be at Croft tomorrow night, look out for the contingent of yellow vests.

When is the HIM AA? Don't worry about yesterday's 800s, I had a shit interval session too (also on the treadmill).  Mondays are not meant for speed.  Nice swimming

You're doing some decent mileage Chick, good work catching the other runner I've always found my best half marathons come off the back of marathon training, I can imagine they'd have been quicker if I'd have actually tapered!

Should the 'enjoy your holiday' wishes have been 'good luck getting past immigration' wishes O4S?! Never a dull day....

Barry I'm doing Amsterdam, 20th October.  I'd actually miscalculated and marathon training started yesterday, which is wonderful when I'm going on holiday on Thursday. Never mind the pace, was your six miles pain-free?

Enjoy the running Minni, remember when you couldn't do that?

Another cracking intervals session Red, well done. 

Had a deep tissue massage last night and my legs now feel absolutely mashed.  Perfect timing for a 10K tomorrow night  

02/07/2013 at 22:29

Club 9 mile fartlek on the trails tonight. Brilliant fun. Lots of hills too

02/07/2013 at 22:35

Darren- cant beat just running for the sake of it alone and you miss it when you can't do it 

Carrot- dont worry about Amsterdam you'll soon be back to where you were. Everyone is going on holiday it seems- enjoy the break. I feel a bit daft jigging on a trampoline but if it doesn't hurt it should be ok. 

AA- the speed will come - save that for August after you've built up endurance this month. Bet you just want to sleep. swimming really tires me out

35 mins jogging up and down and 21k spinning Tonight. The things you have to do to fill time when you can't run!!!

Edited: 02/07/2013 at 22:36
02/07/2013 at 22:36

34 degrees here in Banff so the trainers have only been used for walking. Air con has packed up in the hotel so all a bit toasty! Flood damage still very obvious and several of the trails we tried to walk are close do.  Had lunch in the company of an elk that was busy chomping its way through the plants in a local garden.

Have fun with all the training.

2old: remind me where you live so that I can stay clear......

02/07/2013 at 22:41
Nice work hitting your interval targets Redwood

Fab brick AA - I suspect you could be quite good at this tri thing

Seems to be working for you spoons and daren, don't get the spreadsheet out. Have to say I'm a spreadsheet type like Freemers, may be time to get more of a plan for the next few months.

Didn't get out for a run today as I spent the day washing a roof in the rain :S Think I'll do a short trot tomorrow morning before the 5M race in the evening. The race website promises a formidable spread of cake afterwards - mmm!

Have a good race Carrot!
03/07/2013 at 05:38

Spoons - I'm starting to worry about you!!!

carrot - you are way ahead of any schedule. HIM is september 8th. Not long!! 

Kfc - thanks but I don't think so! Aim is to complete not compete. I would be happy to finish alive!!!

2old - I have an image in my head now!

lots of races tonight...good luck carrot KFC and ant. Anyone else?

why is it I'm sooooo tired in the day and I can't sleep at night!?

Edited: 03/07/2013 at 05:47
03/07/2013 at 07:36

Daren - what do you look at when you're running if you've not got your Garmin?

KFC - washing a roof?? 

AA - you'll be fine. 

happy racing to the racers. 

Yesterday was a fecking miserable day here in Scotland. Lashed it down all day. do did manage an 8 mile run along the beach, which was nice even though it was cold and wet.  It's dry today (thank god) and I'm off hill walking. 

03/07/2013 at 08:38


Barry- I'm sure we will both beat her next year 

AA- great double session

Redwood- sounds like you are getting over your problems with some good paced stuff in there

Carrot- I'm meeting up with Neil a fellow crook runner so will probably meet your team tonight. The hill is ok on the first lap but the 2nd and 3rd are a struggle. I did a flat 5k summer series run 2 weeks before and was 10 seconds down on that shildon time. Running can be strange at times. Good luck for tonight if I don't see you.

Looking forward to tonight's race did do 5 mile really steady last night, was going to be a rest day but got out anyway.

03/07/2013 at 08:48

A thread smack down between carrot and shildon tonight then   Good luck....and you too Ant and kfc

O4S - elk burger maybe?

Minni - the rain has made its way down here today   At least you're not working!


03/07/2013 at 09:03

Minni - are you on a school trip?!

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