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01/07/2013 at 14:48

Lots of good stuff going on as always.
Spoons, great recovery by you, how would Jungfrau compare to Trail Wales marathon? Dovedale Dipper sounds fun too.

AA great swimming going on. sounds ideal if O4S can look after son. Must've adopted him, you're not old enough to have a child at uni surely?

Redders, was always told to walk/ jog during recoveries at club or circuit, keep hr & blood moving? Doing some tough speed sessions. How is the ankle?

chic, 50+ miles a week is excellent, thats before P&D start? and a nice 15 miler.

Dr Oompa, how is the knee?

Barry, well done to the OH. Insanity seems to be working for you. Speed will come.

Ant, tough 10k. learn and move on, which you did! tasty 5k.

col, another tasty race from you, really smashing the halfs out.


After last Sundays marathon, was interesting to see if/ how a none tapered sub 3:45 affected me. Ran 7 slow miles Mon & 6 miles Tue AM with a massage booked PM -£12.50 for an hour! (AA don't get worried - special offer)

Normal S&C Wednesday and 8m club trail run Thursday, legs pretty much back to normal? Not sure how much the healthy meals rather than stuffing face helped with this.

Circuit Saturday, 13m trail yesterday felt comfortable. Aiming to do 20/10 Wed/Thu as last long runs before ultra on July 13th.

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01/07/2013 at 15:12

Jungfrau ascent looks similar although there are less downs and all the ups are in the 2nd half (AA can confirm this). I guess that means the ups must be steeper....

01/07/2013 at 15:25

Afternoon all

Another sh!t day-just crashed my car. Anyway the good news is I got a referral letter so now need to fix an appointment

Lots been happening I see and some impressive training

AA-some big runs, biking and swims there and tough bricks.It may not seem it but its coming together nicely for you

Chick-still doing some great solid mileage, very impressive. Which P&D are you doing -75 miles plus?

Oomp-I can see how when injured we become experts in self diagnosis-its the fixing of the problem thats hard. Cant believe some of the runs you are doing in that state

Red-You look  fully recovered now especailly doing those fast intervals.Be careful! Good idea to recover for each-I remember FRC suggesting that a while ago

Spoons-your fitness is looking impressive

Ant-nearly cracked 5k -sub 20-next time for sure

Col-excellent HM time in tough circumstances

Barry-your calf looks well recovered with those decent runs done.The speed will come.Dont rush it and reinjure yourself. I would try running with the injury-and have- but if I do my achilles fills with fluid and the pain is too much to bear. Strangely I remembered that I had little trouble running on the beach a few weeks ago so last night I tried running on a trampoline for its 'give' on impact and that seemed ok.So I did 20 mins last night.Its a start any way. Can I patent the 'Barry fitness and diet plan'? It would sell well

Minni-very pleased to see you back in full swing and getting some solid mileage in.Wont be long before you are firing on all cylinders. Not sure I will be at the Olympic run with you later this month

O4S-big bike miles there.Have a great wildlife holiday in Canada.If you dont sort out currency you can always eat what you see. Naughty packing the running gear

Shild-no doubting you havethe speed for sub 3.15-just build build and build   the endurance with lots of regular LRs

FRC-great running and conditioning as ever -you will be well prepared for the ultra-how many miles was it?

KFC-you should be seeing pace benefits with all youve done recently-well deserved too

So last month I did 2 sprint tris, one 10k , 7hours of running,17miles of swimming,164 miles on the bike or spinning and 10k rowing. It started promisingly but ended in disappointment.  Oh yes, did my London GFA application today...probably got that wrong too.


01/07/2013 at 15:36

Jeepers, 2old   are you alright? Metal can be mended / replaced.

01/07/2013 at 15:54


I'm up in the west of Scotland now for the week and have got a fantastic running track of about 15 miles pan flat along the coast. . I can feel some early mornings coming on to make the most if it.

01/07/2013 at 17:28

(((2old))) hope you are okay. Sod the car. What happened?

01/07/2013 at 17:56

2old - gosh, I hope you are ok?

Shildonrunner - nice 5k times there. I would like to get closer to a 19:30 5k time. 

Ant -  looking good for a sub 20 in the near future

Carrot - my 10k on Friday has a few hills but nothing too major. Good luck on your 10k on Wednesday. In theory I should be starting marathon training on the 8th too but will likely leave it a few weeks yet.

kfc - that is some racing schedule. Good luck!

Freemers - everything is looking good. Good running over the weekend

o4s - enjoy your holiday

Chickadee - great 15 miler. It's always good to finish feeling strong

Minni - enjoy Scotland





01/07/2013 at 20:45

Oh don't worry guys it will take a train for a crash to get to me. Bit embarrassing really as I bumped into one of my staff. She was fine about it. Just meant I could only swim for half an hour.  

Minni- sounds a brilliant running track. Watch out for the midges 

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01/07/2013 at 21:08

2old - jeez what a string of setbacks. You look after that achilles. Running on a trampoline sounds a little out there. Don't do it any more damage.

I seem to have picked up a summer cold. Nice. Off to the Alps on Thursday, so hope it's gone by then.

Am toying with the idea of doing this when I go up to visit my folks if I can pursuade myself it will be more fun than mountain biking. Looks totally brutal, not even sure what shoes to wear.

01/07/2013 at 21:08

Hi all

10 miles at 7.50 average today rest tomorrow ready for my 10k on Wednesday. 

Freemers/ chick/ endurance is my plan for the next few months as my speed is coming back gradually but I really need to do more lsrs. chick it's amazing when you see someone in the distance even on a steady run you turn into race mode. I tend to do this from time to time.

Barry - mine was 3.43.44 so we were probably close to each other at the finish. I made the tv in the background of Sophie rayworth.

Col - those 5ks have been all outs so I think doubling up to a 10k this week is probably going to be 41-42 ish but I will work at it and it will come back in time. 

2old pleased nobody was injured



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02/07/2013 at 00:00
Ant - def do that race, it looks like fun. You can mtb afterwards!

Nice running chick.

Minni - sounds like an inspiring running spot, hope you enjoy

2old - glad the crash wasn't serious.

Got my GFA application done today - and a reminder to anyone else who's not done theirs to get theirs done this week!

I'm starting to think about autumn mara training, I've not yet entered one but will prob do one in oct. I'm thinking I'll do a shorter build up, and keep the focus on my faster tempo runs for a bit longer - no lsrs til august!
02/07/2013 at 08:45

2old - you're not having much luck!

Ant - looks great fun - do it

I ran 10 miles on the trails last night followed by weights in the gym. All going well.

02/07/2013 at 10:21

Great running, spoons!

2old: glad you are in one piece. We all do embarrassing things to our cars every now and again  - as long as nobody gets hurt it's all fine. As for your P&D programme question: I picked the up to 55 mile one as I'm only doing a half. 55 mile weeks should be plenty for HM training. My base is coming together fine - so there'll be speedwork as of next week

Rather you than me, Ant

Shildonrunner wrote (see)

Hi all

10 miles at 7.50 average today rest tomorrow ready for my 10k on Wednesday. 

Freemers/ chick/ endurance is my plan for the next few months as my speed is coming back gradually but I really need to do more lsrs. chick it's amazing when you see someone in the distance even on a steady run you turn into race mode. I tend to do this from time to time.  

Nice 10 miler there, shildon.
The lazy bugger was plodding along slowly. Then he saw me coming and quite obviously didn't wanna get chicked  decided to speed up and cruise past him (Garmin showed 7ish pace at that point ).

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02/07/2013 at 12:41

Shildon - "happy" times, I remember coming to the final turn at VLM and hearing over the PA " Here comes Sophie Rayworth" and taking nothing away from Sophie,  as I crossed the line seeing her with her medal with the TV crew I had a wry smile on my face and was thinking it sums  my day up completely beaten by the newsreader.

2old-  Don't want to sound like a broken record, but if you can run on softer surfaces without pain should n't you get your shoes/gait checked out, maybe more cushioning required? My calf issue was due to a change in running style and my original shoes causing stress to the calf.



02/07/2013 at 12:42

afternoon all.

2old - hope you are ok. Still scary stuff banging into anything In a car 

spoons - nice running. 

Shildon - great pace for that 10 miler. 

i  did another brick session today... 30 miles on the bike in 1:56 then got off and did a 5 mile run ave 8:11. Almost felt ok. Back definitely getting used to the bike now...finally. It makes me feel better after my failed interval session yesterday 

02/07/2013 at 13:21

Another one for the tick column Ant, looks like a great event to me

Spoons - you're upping the ante at the moment, putting us all to shame

Nice run Shildon, that's very good prep for your 10k

2old - you're not having a great time of it at the moment by any stretch. Glad you got your referral though, that's more important than the car (I can say that as it's not my car!)

Have a nice holiday Minni - very envious as loved the coastal running a couple of weeks ago

Nice chicking Chick! I'm another one who sometimes gets really competitive with total random strangers...

Glad you had two good runs over the weekend Freemers, you're definitely back!

FRC - thanks for asking about the ankle and the advice on reps. I think today is the first day the ankle pain has totally gone, the main thing was making it through the twists and turns of cricket on Saturday which I did. 

The walking rest break advice has transformed my interval sessions! Did another 5 mins at 7.15, 3 mins at 6.30 x 2, rest for 6 mins then repeat again this morning. After not hitting a single 6.30 rep last week I did them all this week. Was hanging on for grim death at the end, but such a transformation in the space of a week is really encouraging. I find that session so much harder to do than any of the other intervals but it is definitely worth it!

02/07/2013 at 13:24

x-post AA - that's fantastic news, well done! Sounds like a brute of a session so you're right to be so positive off of the back of it

Barry - I can certainly relate to that finishing feeling. Fingers crossed that with your calf now sorted out you'll be in tip top condition for your next marathon

02/07/2013 at 14:26

Ant-pity about the cold-are you mountainbiking in the Alps? Where are you going?

AA-excellent brick session-it IS!!! all coming together. Thanks re the car-more scary for the other party as my car is a bit bigger . Anyway no injuries so alls ok

Red-another  fine interval session-how often are you doing them? Glad the ankle is sorted

Chick-55 miles for a half so thats 110 for your next marathon We are all guilty of adding a bit of competition to a steady run now and makes for a bit of fun...and look at the pace it produced!

Barry-didnt that newsreader breakdown and DNF in a previous VLM? Anyway thats one way to remember your finishing moment. Mine was last year being interviewed by Colin Jackson in Horseguards. Re my gait analysis and cushioned shoes-the problem is nothing has the springiness of the trampoline(which by the way I jogged on for 50 mins last night) or the give of soft sand. A hard nodule type swelling has developed on the achilles just above the heel area and until thats gone I suspect I will continue to have problems but I will try anything so I wont dismiss your suggestion thanks

Another 2.25 miles swum today.




02/07/2013 at 15:16

2old - nightmare about the car, but as you say no one was hurt which is the main thing.

AA - yay! great brick session

Red - nice intervals there. I don't think it matters how slow you do the recoveries, it's the fast reps that are key. Sounds like you have it nailed now

chick - I hardly ever see other runners on my long runs at home, but when I do I always try and catch them up, then sail past serenely...doesn't always work but it's a good feeling when it does

Just a 4 mile recovery run yesterday, and nothing today. I have a bit of a crap week with meetings and will struggle to get much done. Plus we have a long weekend away and although I'll try and get out for at least one run I don't think it'll be very long. So really binning this week as far as anything useful goes.  Aim to pick it up next week.

I'm sort of bimbling around really, no schedule to work to and it plays right into the hands of the CNBA fairy . I need to sort out a spreadsheet for a good HM attempt.  I'm almost certain now I won't be doing an autumn marathon, but still need some focus otherwise I lose a bit of focus.

02/07/2013 at 17:24

I'm actually enjoying not working to a schedule at the minute. I know I have a few marathons lined up but I'm not really taking anything that seriously. Perhaps because of that I'm running quite a lot, sometimes slow, sometimes fast. Whatever mood I'm in!

I'm off out for another trail run tonight

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