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14/07/2013 at 18:44

Minni I don't run with crook but am going to join them soon. I travelled up with some of them and my number was from a friend at crook as I missed the deadline so ran as an alias. Not sure about Morpeth as there are lots of races I am trying to fit in over the next 3 months. Is it fast and flat? Although this is Morpeth so probably not. I forgot to take spare shoes today so travelled home with wet feet. The water was bad in places

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15/07/2013 at 01:27

Hi from Vancouver airport!!  Killing time and trying to catch up since I wouldn't pay the extortionate fee for the cruise ship wi-fi. 

We have survived two trips in a 2-person sea kayak [close run thing!] seen a pod of killer whales and had a whale pop up 100 yds from our kayak.  Got to within 10 feet of three bald eagles hunting and then eating the kill, still on a kayak.  You wouldn't get me on a cruise ship again but the wildlife made it just about worthwhile and I have tried treadmill running  and fixed biking .  Couldn't hope with the jogging track - 14 laps for one mile!

Will read back and get back in the swing again

2old: my achilles aches a bit even after very limited treadmill running

15/07/2013 at 11:55

Alright all - ran my 10K yesterday in what felt like Badwater conditions. Clocked 43:55 on my Garmin although the official chip time now has me as 43:50. A slight positive split, but under a minute, so I suppose that is ok considering the conditions. Had a completely numb right foot for the last 2km, which was a little unpleasant. Not quite sure if it was heat related - maybe my feet swelled up and made my laces too tight?

I have decided to do my first tri in October - Bedford sprint. Quite excited actually - always wanted to give tri a go as I am a reasonable cyclist. 

Low-key club race on Wednesday and then no races booked until September - I think I need the break.

Minni & Shildon - the race on the beach did look proper lovely!

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15/07/2013 at 12:23

Hi - got to admit I've barely read back

Well done on the race Minni

I've been camping with 3 x 9 year olds in boiling hot conditions

Did a 14 miler yesterday evening and loved it.

15/07/2013 at 13:27

2old Punched in the body, jaw and head whilst swimming? This is meant to be fun?  I agree with o4s about treadmills, they jar my achilles too.

AA great cycling from you.

chic, where did that super speedy tempo come from?

Speed Sheep & becsa we have missed you both.

Barry, excellent 20 mile run.

Minni Shildon Spoons and Ant good racing by you all at assorted distances. Col a few days rest needed?

Lyke Wake 42 mile ultra Osmotherley to Ravenscar safely completed in just over 9hrs., warm day, I expected about 3500ft of up mostly in the first 18-20 miles..and found it was just under 5000 ft, much much harder with nasty hills throughout including a horrible one at 37/38 miles.. I swore very loudly seeing this one. Fabulous scenery though, and tons of fun. Race report later.

15/07/2013 at 15:41

Hello everyone, sorry for not popping in, with the 5k, Test Match, and cricket myself on Saturday haven’t had a moment!

Chick – that’s a cracking LT session. The first one is always one to get out of the way but you've absolutely smashed it!

Minni & Shildon – sounds like a lovely, if hard, run on the beach. Well done to you both.

AA – are you beginning to look forward to your tri yet or still in the trepidation phase?

Barry – 20M in that heat, are you mad!? Well done!

Well done Ant, can’t sniff at a 43.55 in that heat. It was bad enough playing cricket, so running in it would have been hell, even more so with only one foot!

Look forward to your race report FRC, cracking effort given how hot it has been and with hills-a-plenty.  

I had an interesting 5k on Thursday. Was really struggling to breathe and chest was killing, but decided I’d go hell for leather to get it over with as soon as possible. Given how hot and how packed it was that was a bit of a mistake but I guess trying to get 6,000 people round a 5k that’s inevitable.

Anyway, excuses over, I did 20.43 which I was quite happy with as it was 5 seconds quicker than last year. It’s not a PB course, as it’s lots of twists and turns, and packed, and had a great night out afterwards so can’t complain. Splits (in miles) were 6.29, 6.26, 6.52 so I think I paid for not being able to run for 9 days previously. Going on my training up to that point, I think I could just about have hit 20 but body was nowhere near 100%. Hey ho, all speed in the bank for HM training which needs to start.

Test Match was absolutely amazing too (it was after the first two day’s too Simon  ) – a cracking day out. I then tried to play myself on Saturday where I sweat my bodyweight in booze, but we won and I scored a few so all good there too.  

15/07/2013 at 18:00

O4S - Enjoy the rest of your wildlife trip, with no proper cycling.

Red- The cricket looked nearly exciting this time. Mind you, I'm watching a bike race that takes 3 weeks to get a result lol.

15/07/2013 at 21:09

Sounds like you're ready for a week off AA. 

Well ran on Sunday Shildon, good to hear you're coming over to the yellow side!

Hope the rest helps Col, you have done a lot of races lately.

Don't have to race them all Minni, it's nice to enjoy a race!

Must have been a small running track on the boat O4S! Imagine how tight your IT band would be after a few miles on that.  Well done getting some training in on holiday, the kayaking sounds fun

Well done getting another 10K in Ant, how far is the club race on Wednesday?

Must have been very warm for your ultra FRC, will look forward to the race report.

Decent 5K Red, sounds like you had a good weekend all round!

Nothing exciting from me, long run (17M) done early on Sunday before the sunshine burned the cloud cover away.  It was still warm, I was pleased I'd worn the camelbak - it was empty by the time I got home.  Rewind to spring marathon training when I did all my long runs without a drink!  Got a 5K race on Wednesday night which will be lovely if it's still hot

15/07/2013 at 21:50

Hello Gang!

Ant - not another one switching to the dark side?!

Nice camping Spoons.

Carrot your club were out in force on Sunday.  You must do it next year. 

O4S sounds like you're having fun.

Nice to see Pinklady posting and running.  Likewise Barry. Do you run together?

Nice drinking and fast running Redders.

Col a few days rest will do you good.  You've been flying recently.

Chick do you have the heat over there too?

Nice to see you back SS.

Simon when are you going to stop pissing about on the bike and get back to running...?!

FRC nice ultra.

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15/07/2013 at 22:16

So what's been happening with me?  I've had a really busy few weeks with one thing and another. 

Looking forward to the Olympic Park 5m on Sunday. 2old - will you be there?  Running or watching?  I'm sure you said your daughter is doing it too?  And Becsa, which wave are you in?  I'm red starting at 10am.  Mr Minni is pink starting at 10:27.  I'll be pissed by the time he finishes.    AA can you give us any inside info about it? 

I've decided not to do an autumn marathon.  My autumn target was always going to be firstly the HM then the marathon as an after thought but injury has moved everything back.  I'm going to do the GNR but then do another half on the weekend that would have been the marathon - end of October.  Then there'll be time for a brief rest before the marathon build up again.

Two exciting things have happened recently.  Firstly I've been made a 'sponsored athlete' (lol ) by a shop specialising in ladies running and climbing gear. Their idea - not mine.  Basically I have to do some blogs about my training etc and they give me gear.   Its very nice gear too so I'm not complaining and you know how I like to talk about training, so everyone's a winner!  It'll kind of focus on my shift to ultra distances next year. 

Secondly, I received an email a couple of weeks ago from none other than Charlie Spedding inviting me to take part in a research study with Newcastle University: ''Impact of antioxidants on exercise induced oxidative stress in athletes''   Its a four month project which involves lots of eating of blueberries and testing (every two weeks).  As part of it I get a VO2 max test, (I'm going to see if I can also get LT test), ECG, dietary analysis etc.   It starts in a couple of weeks time. 

16/07/2013 at 00:22

Minni wrote...So what's been happening with me?  I've had a really busy few weeks with one thing and another. 

 No you haven't, you've been sat on the beach drinking champers, I've seen you're FB  pages

Another week of TdF to go, then I'll get back to more running I promise! Shaggy would of loved this bike chat, and where's DD for some support.

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16/07/2013 at 06:43

haha Simon you're right - shaggy would have loved it.  Remember he was planning to go out and do a stage.

16/07/2013 at 07:58

aw, shaggy     I still think about him, bet we all do ...

Need to catch up with the forum later, very busy right now. Nothing half exciting as Minni's stuff - only work I'm afraid

16/07/2013 at 08:45

That all sounds very exciting Minni! Are you going to blog about being stalked by Nell?

Carrot - nice work on the weekend 17M. I have absolutely no idea how anyone can run that far in this weather. I did 5M on the way into work this morning, finished an hour ago, had a cold shower, and am still bright red!

Simon - won't surprise you to know that as someone who is mad about five day cricket, I absolutely love the TdF too, have been watching all of it. Mrs R is getting a bit fed up with cricket and cycling in our house... 

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16/07/2013 at 10:04

Minni/Shildon -  Well raced, are there many options for the route or do most racers follow the same.

Minni -  Congrats on both accounts, free stuff - happy days.

Ant - Decent 10K from you in the conditions, which are not made for fast running.

FRC - Congrats on the ultra, long way with a lot of climbing.

Red - Nice pacy 5k, I enjoyed watching the cricket on Sunday but  enjoyed watching the tour even more.

Carrot - Very good long one, camelbaks are great, I can't be doing with carrying bottles but definitely need something for hydration in this weather. Do you just carry water? I use electrolyte tabs.

Rubbish tempo run for me Sunday morning, think I still had Friday's long run in my legs.  Better this morning up earlyish (7 o'clock off late shift) for 14 miles in the early morning sun.



16/07/2013 at 12:05

Minni - the dark side awaits. I'm hoping it will actually improve my running times!

Carrot - its 9K tomorrow evening. It's the end of season race and very hilly in Trent Park. It is also meant to be 28 degrees in the shade tomorrow at 7pm. Gulp. I will be planning on taking it a little easy.

Red - decent 5K time considering your trials and tribulations this year.

Simon - what a ride up Ventoux that was! I just couldn't get over him leaving Contador for dead. Incredible.

FRC - an ultra in this weather. How much water did you drink over 42 miles!

I'm off out for another midday 5 miler. Trying to get acclimatised to this heat - I'm off to Majorca in a couple of weeks and it will be steamy running out there.

Cheers, ant

16/07/2013 at 15:02

Should I be worried??

Just done my VLM GFA entry. Got an e-mail confirming my Championship entry

It is steamy in my office as the windows have been closed for over 2 weeks, it is steamy at home as the windows have been closed for over 2 weeks.  No running anytime soon for me!  Alaska was more my sort of weather...............

16/07/2013 at 16:28
Right folks, I caught up with the forum   Seems I missed some decent racing by Spoons, Redders, Shildon and Ant. Sorry to hear yours didn't quite go to plan, Minni but it's all good training in the bank.

Spoons: camping with 3  9 year olds is my idea of hell ... I rather do mile reps

Wow FRC, nice ultra there, sir. No idea where my tempo came from the other day ... let's wait and see if I can replicate it. It may have to do with regular core and strength work plus drills. Or I just had the miracle fairy wave her magic wand at my tired legs to give me a one-off decent run I suspect it might be the latter

carrot: nice 17 banked there. I know we were all moaning about the cold but it was indeed easier as you didn't need to carry any hydration ...

BarryB: well done on the 14 - are you P&Ding?

O4S: you are our ultra champ, that's why you got a championship entry Welcome back, btw.

Minni: fast autumn halves are the new marathons - I'm looking forward to starting my spring campaign off a speedy base rather than having to start from scratch yet again ...

Speedwork this morning - 7.5 miles in total with some strides and 10x400s
16/07/2013 at 16:54

Red - I expect most of our OH's are fed up with sport. Even thou the footie season hasn't started, there was the confederations cup which was great, esp seeing Spain getting stuffed at their own game by Brazil. TdF , Wimbledon, and I still like watching Moto GP and F1, and it will soon be time for MOTD 

Another hot and sunny bike ride up to the nearest thing we have to Mount Ventoux here in the North West, Winter Hill. Just 63miles but 3000ft of ascent. I was looking for Contador on my tail, but just like Froome, I must of lost him .

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16/07/2013 at 17:20

Too hot for anything today - I'm coaching tonight so I don't have to do a lot!

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