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17/07/2013 at 22:05

I'm back! I was pleased with last month's 3-mile club run in 20:04 as it was better than I'd expected. Tonight's 3-mile club run on a very hot, humid night and a hilly route (for a Norfolk boy anyway!) was completed in...19:08 Absolutely delighted, really feel the hard work is paying off now and I'm getting back towards where I was before the injury.

Had a quick read back and there's been some great efforts in the heat. Decent 10ks in the conditions Ant and Bro, a great 10-miler Spoons, a good 5k from Red and FRC - an ultra in this weather?! Madness! Well done everyone and to Shildon and Minni on your coast run - great time Shildon and Minni, you'll be back to your best in no time. 

17/07/2013 at 22:10

Some excellent cycling too from Simon and AA (sounds like your training is going great!). I did a nice 30-miler on Monday evening - much nicer cycling than running in this weather. 

O4S, envious of your trip. The wildlife sounds amazing!

Kiwi, good luck with your comeback and hope to see you at the Trotters soon!

Good luck to the Olympic park runners and any other racers this weekend.

17/07/2013 at 22:23

Daren - brilliant to hear you're getting back to your former glory and falling in love with running again. I knew you'd come back!

carrot - still very speedy. Yes I will remind you when the Coastal opens. Are you going to do BM in January? 

AA - I agree you're going to do great in the tri. 

Plan was 8m tonight with 5 @ mp. Went for a two mile walk with dog and kids then 1m warm up and 5 @ 7:25, 7:41, 7:23, 7:25, 7.19. I left it as late as possible and although it wasn't really hot i would have struggled to go much faster.  Sunday will be very interesting....   I could do with losing about 4lb between now and then. 

17/07/2013 at 22:38

That's great Daren well done

FRC - speedy recovery!

I did Wroxham 5km tonight in 21:45. Happy with that as it was scorchio and my training has been lacking of late. 

17/07/2013 at 23:02

result spoons! You're on you way back too. Fantastic. 

18/07/2013 at 08:09


Wow, some seriously speedy running there spoons, carrot and Daren

Bro: great stuff on 7th lady & bling - 45:30 is a good time in the heat

Minni: haha, with you on the weight loss

11 and a bit miles done this morning - it was hot and humid and I sweated like a pig. Not priddy , av. pace 7:59 and it felt like hard, hard work

18/07/2013 at 08:52

Managed to get myself out to run at 6.30am today after a night sleeping on the tiled floor of the bathroom - the coolest place I could find! Was able to keep in the shade for almost the full 45 minutes and felt surprisingly good, probably because I haven't done much for 3 weeks. I lost 3lbs in weight on holiday despite unlimited free food being available so might try a few shorter races if it ever cools down.

Daren: impressive return, nice to have you back

Minni: is it 'Gear for Girls' that are sponsoring you? If so could you ask them to stop sending advertising e-mails every day 

Spoons: don't know how you do it in this heat, but congrats



18/07/2013 at 09:51

Top 5k running Carrot and Spoons

18/07/2013 at 11:13

Hello all!  All this talk of the Thunder Run on here and on MT is getting me all nostalgic.  It also reminded me that I've never used my Adidas trail shoes   Not really much call for them out here.  Must use them when I'm in the UK in Sept.

Bro, nice one on the bling front!!  I hope the job is working out well and you're managing to balance it with your training.

FRC, I'm really sorry, I must have missed your ultra   Many apologies.  I hope you had a good one.  Sounds like you are recovering well though so good on you.  I thought of you this morning as I did some more spider press-ups.  Do you reckon they are harder/better for you than TRX with a crunch?  What about doing them on the TRX?  I'm always looking for ways to challenge my S+C

AA, that sounds like my kind of bike ride   Which pub did you go to?

Carrot, nice 5K!  Are you back into the swing of things after your wedding/honeymoon?  Sounds like you had a lovely time, that's great

Hi Darren!  Lovely 3 miler there, nice and speedy.

Minni, nice session.  Don't forget, even if it's not hot when you actually run, you've spent all day in the heat which is draining in itself so that can have an impact.  That's also a positive you can take with you into the race on Sunday, i.e. it may be hot when you run but at least you've not spent all day wilting in the heat before you race.  Any wilting can be done later on with shades on and a beer in hand celebrating

Spoons, awesome racing, well done!!

Chick, well done for a solid 11+ miles.  Nice work.

O4S, loving your kayaking description!  What an adventure.  Glad you had a nice shaded run this morning.

I'm loving my training at the moment.  I'm working really hard, but varying everything which is keeping me motivated.  I've managed a full week of sessions at 6:30am and then something in the evening too.  I think also that training for max 45 mins per session (apart from circuits and extreme spin class at the weekend) is keeping me from getting tired.  I've been really surprised how energised I feel and it's definitely helping me to shift the post-marathon cider-fuelled poundage   Last session of the week for me tonight, spin, and then rest day tomorrow which includes a nice meal out with OH which may well have to be accompanied by some fine wine...  Bring it on!!!

I also worked out my marathon schedule today.  I start training the week beginning Sunday 22nd Sept (don't forget my weeks are a day out over here) which is the second week of our holiday.  So my first P+D long run is Sat 28th Septwhich means, Bro, I will have worked up a good appetite for our breakfast when we get together.  Bring on those breakfast martinis

18/07/2013 at 14:18

Minni / Sheldon - well done on the coastal race

Ant - that's a good 10k time. More to come in cooler conditions

FRC - great ultra running and a super fast recovery with the pyramid session

Redwood - that's a very good time in your 5k

Carrot - nice 17m run, and an excellent 5k time too

Minni - well done on both the research opportunity and the sponsorship. Both will make very interesting reading.

Simon -  the tdf has been amazing this year. I think today's stage could be very interesting.

AA - good bike sessions from you. I have managed to get out on the bike twice in the last week, although only about 15 miles.

O4S - welcome back from your holiday

Brolish - that's a good time for the 10k, and well done on the trophy

DarrenF - that's very good progress over the month. You are getting back into shape

Spoons - nice 5k

Speed Sheep - you are making excellent progress.


18/07/2013 at 15:37

So 9K done last night in baking conditions again. And with loads of hills! Suffice to say I was drenched at the end of it. Happy with my 40:42 time - done in 25 degrees and only 3 days after a 10K - and actually 20 seconds faster than last year. Good season from the club - we finished second, just behind St Albans - who have a stack of fast runners.

Daren - that is some improvement in only a few weeks. Smoking!

O4S - your holidays always sound eventful!

Bro - more bling! Not bad at all. 

FRC - they do say that off-road running is best - I heard that Salazar doesn't let his athletes train on tarmac. 

Speed Sheep - extreme spin?! I shudder to think what that is

18/07/2013 at 16:13

Hi all. Another brief visit - limited access again . Minni sorry won't make Olympuc run - gutted! Done a couple of beach runs but not ready to risk running on concrete. Have a great one . Miss 2O is in but wonder if shell drop out. 

Carry on the fine running gang 

18/07/2013 at 18:58

Daren - Welcome back and a great 5k time.

Col - Yes TdF should be good tonight, just about to watch it.

2old- All the top athletes go to warmer climes to recover, enjoy your beach running.

Ant - Nice 9k

Spoons/Carot/Redwood - Great 5k's

SS- Sounds like your're well back into things,  and ready for P&D


18/07/2013 at 20:44

Well done to all of you who have raced in this weather, let alone run anything like a half decent time.

Minni, congrats on the sponsorship. I'm in the green wave on Sunday. I think you'll be pissed by the time I finish as well, legs feeling very heavy in this heat.

Simon, Col, I've got today's highlights recorded to watch later this evening, but I've heard it's a good one. The tour so far this year has been cracking! Come on Froome!

18/07/2013 at 22:00

I'll enter Brass Monkey Minni, the weather gods will decide if I will run it It's hard in the heat, don't fret about the run last night.  It wasn't long ago you couldn't run at all.  Good luck for Sunday, you might just surprise yourself

Well done on the 5K last night Spoons, do you hate 5K as much as I do?  Give me long distance any day.

SS you are probably finding it hilarious how we are all going on about how hot it is over here!  Yes back into the swing of things after the wedding and honeymoon chaos, but have we're going to a festival next weekend so that will mean a bit of missed training.  You must be doing something right if you're not tired off doubles every day.  Enjoy the meal and wine with your OH

DD is probably running in long sleeves and running tights...

Second placed club, well done Ant! Sounds like it was a tough race, but you're getting quicker. 

Good luck for Sunday Becs, you might also surprise yourself. 

Sorry to hear you can't race 2old but a sensible decision with the bigger picture in mind.

Just over 11 miles from me tonight, didn't feel to hot until I got home and inside!  Then it was like the sweat had been switched on full blast   Oh and I was covered in flies.  But the run went fine.

Anyone got any other races planned this weekend?


18/07/2013 at 23:25

Darren - well done. Sounds like you're well back to speed now. 

Spoons - great 5k

well done minni those mp splits look spot on. 

SS - like the sound of your training. You'll be flying when back marathon training. 

Chick/carrot - great runs in the heat. 

Well I bunked off my intervals this morning. Too hot and too tired. But managed a 1.5k lake swim tonight. 27 degrees in the water!! No wetsuit. And its so hard without one. I was miles slower and i am slow anyway!

19/07/2013 at 06:30

Didn't do too well with my run yesterday.  

Swimming training this evening before a long run tomorrow.

Minni I could never swim very well & started proper swimming lessons last year - I  train with the triathletes which is good as its pushed me.

19/07/2013 at 09:16

Ant: great 9k run in the heat

nice 11 miler, carrot  ugh, yeah, flies . They substitute brekkie most mornings - there's just too many about and I seem to swallow a good few on each run

27 degrees water temp, AA? Is this a heated lake ? Our lake has about 19 or 20 but it's very deep and will probably not get any warmer than that. Went for swims last night and the night before. Well, if you can call girly breaststroke for 30 mins swimming ...

Pinklady: wow, swimming with the pros sounds great. They'd kick me out of the pool

8 miles with 3 x 1 mile reps @ 10k pace. Legs knackered today . Going for a day trip on the bike tomorrow, legs need a break from running.

Best of luck at the Olympic thingie Becs and Minni  
shame 2old that you will miss it

19/07/2013 at 09:31

Another early morning 5 mile trot for me.  I reckon that if I can just do that every day while the heat lasts I'll get back to proper training after the cycling trip [possibly!]

Love the flies Carrot - sounds like me after a day on the bike wearing Factor 50 suncream.  Kamikaze flies dive in and die!!!!  I went into a shop on one occasion with dead flies plastered all over my face [BA had seen them but didn't think to mention it]. The shop assistant took one look and turned a nasty shade of green - it was only when I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the window after leaving that I realised she wasn't just hungover

AA  27 degrees sounds like my sort of swimming.

We have to do some hill training on the bikes this weekend - looks like a very early start.

19/07/2013 at 12:13

Nice 10 miler for me last night - first 5 around 8:30 pace, 2nd 5 around 8:00 pace. Off to latitude festival in 2 hours

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