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26/10/2013 at 16:43
Minni - it was a joke. Congratulations I thought the running bit was supposed to be the challenge not the entry.

Carrot -if u log on to sports systems website and click entry list it appears after a minute or so. Can't see yours or parsnips name the only crook name is Jason Allison but there will be spare entries as some names are down 5 times on the list.
26/10/2013 at 17:13

Shildon can you still access the entry list? I can't get it to come up. 

26/10/2013 at 19:09
Yes Minni if you follow the above then click on entry list top right hand side it doesn't do anything for a while then loads up. If not i can check names for you if you need any checking.
26/10/2013 at 20:17

Simon, spoons - The 10.5 was more like 7.50 to 7.20 pace.  Challenging.

Minni - I read that as 5M at 5.30/mile pace  

Chick - good to hear the injections are doing good

O4S - 20+s improvement over 5M after an ultra?  None too shabby, Sounds like you enjoyed your prize!

Ultras...  well I'm pretty sure I could do one, I just dont want to!  

Never recovered this well after a marathon before - I think the cooler conditions really helped.  It took me weeks after London this year to feel better - I had to dig much deeper then to dip under 3.30.

Having said that, when the alarm went off for the YKW this morning, I stayed in bed.  Legs tired, body tired.  I'll leave it til next week and I'm more than happy having got a couple of quality sessions done this week.

Cyclocross race tomorrow for me - never done one of them before - should be fun!

26/10/2013 at 20:57
2old -yes it starts and finishes on the racecourse and goes round some scenic villages. It's very flat. I have just been on did not realise the last time I ran this was 2001 in 1.28.40. How the years fly by I would take that time again next year gladly.

Good luck to any racers tomorrow.
26/10/2013 at 21:25

Suffolk Coast Ultra done today. 33.2 mile. Lots of mud, sand and shingle made it tough (plus my usual lack of training / lack of fitness). Beautiful course though and we stayed rain free!

26/10/2013 at 23:49

Spoons - Another great result, and missing the worst of the weather.

KFC - Enjoy this CX tomorrow, will you be shouldering or bunny hopping the obstacles?

27/10/2013 at 06:12

spoons - well done. 

2old - another good week mileage wise. How's the Achilles?

kfc - well done listening to your body asking for rest. 

i did 29 miles on road bike on Thursday. Bunked off my swim on Friday. And did an hour and a half in the gym yesterday. 

27/10/2013 at 08:33

Simon - not sure yet - I'm gonna try and avoid taking them like this...


27/10/2013 at 11:07
Spoons - well done with the ultra

AA- nice bike work there

Bit of speed work this morning 1 mile at 8 followed by 1 mile at just over 6. Did 3 sets plus a 1.5 mile warm down.
27/10/2013 at 11:42

Spoons - nice one, are you sold on the world of ultras?

2old - good to see you building up the mileage again!

Chick - ouchy, hope those injections do there job.

AA - you will be well and truly maintaining your fitness with all that cycling and gym work.

Good to see you back out running Simon.

Shildon nice running from you.

Minni - nightmare entry system, you'd think they would have sorted that after last year!

KFC - what is a cyclocross race?!

Have managed 2 walks this week, still got 3kgs to put back on to get back to my original weight! Is half term for me so hoping to do 1 or 2 jogs this coming week!

27/10/2013 at 11:47

So set every electrical item with a clock back an hour for my lie in last night, preparation is everything right! So why can't my cat tell the time FFS.  So still got up early, but the good news is, as I was awake, I decided to go for a run before the 'perfect storm' arrived. So 5.1m in 46.37 @ 9.04 pace. Shoulder felt ok, but legs could do with moving faster.

KFC - Excellent video, don't be a JOEY

AA - Nice biking, does it affect your injury much?

Shil - Some fast miles in there!

Kiwi - Some people would give a lot to lose 3kg!  Cyclocross is racing on road style bikes, but with knobbly tyres, off-road, with small man made obstacles about 1 or 2 feet high. Some of the pros can bunny hop over without dismounting, but most people shoulder the bike and run, and likewise racers sometimes run up the hills too. So it good x-training, as involves biking and running. 

Edited: 27/10/2013 at 11:56
27/10/2013 at 12:00

Minni- hope the naked HM went well


27/10/2013 at 12:54
great ultra, spoons you really put in the miles at the mo.

simon: another decent comeback run. the perfect storm has been howling all day around these parts :-/

2old: you beat me hands down in terms of mileage and pace. glad your recovery is going well

my Boston entry confirmation card arrived yesterday

did 9 miles today. longest run in a while and slooow (took me nearly 90Mins) but it 's simply great to be out there and run without pain. I won't go sub 3:15 in Boston but I hope to bag another sub 3:30 run and soak up the atmosphere and then try to break 3:15 in the autumn. That way I can be sure not to do too much too soon. it's good to have that pressure off.
27/10/2013 at 13:01

Chick - Glad to hear you're running pain free. It will be great to enjoy Boston without the added pressure.

27/10/2013 at 19:03

Stroud Half Marathon - A race too far??

Woke up this morning with my first thought 'Who's stupid idea was this?' knowing that just for once it was BA who suggested the race rather than me.  The weather forecast was horrible, I felt tired and lethargic and I still didn't have the sense to wimp out.

Stroud is a reasonable size HM but the roads aren't closed and there are various places where you have to run in single file whatever the pace of the person in front, unless you want to risk being mown down by a large truck.  To say it was a bit windy would be a bit like saying the sea is a bit wet and with heavy blustery showers forecast it was hard to decide what to wear.  Didn't risk a warm-up as I wasn't sure my legs would even survive the race distance never mine any extra, just ran up the hill from the car to the start.  Went off at what felt like a conservative pace and was reasonably comfortable - without a garmin I didn't have to worry about how slow it might be.  There was a clock at 5 miles and I was around 38.30, so just under 7.45mm pace, which rather surprised me as I still felt OK. 

Just before 6 miles we turned into the wind........ and we started the 1 mile climb, which is too gradual to shield you from the headwind but enough of a drag to make your legs complain.  Additional problem is that you are on the A38 and only have a narrow coned off lane, so to get past anyone ahead you have to take your life in your hands and accelerate past outside the cones.  I did this three or four times, but it is always a mistake as it takes far more out of your legs than mine had in them.  Between 7 and 8 miles my legs punctured , not a slow puncture, a nail in the tyre sort of puncture - it was like someone had let all the energy escape.  I felt the speed ebb away and on the next section of main road I just plodded along behind a fellow sufferer as there was no way I could accelerate.

Just before 9 miles you turn into an industrial estate and there is more road space [but no scenery] and I managed to wobble my way round to 10 miles in just under 80 mins.  I reckoned I could still make it in under 1.50 even if I fell apart, which I proceeded to do between mile 11 and the finish [to be continued]

27/10/2013 at 19:13

Between miles 11 and 12 the wheels came off big time and I thought I was going to throw up so stopped and walked about 20 yards before setting off again at a shuffle.  Same thing happened between 12 and the finish althougb at least I managed to get past the club photographer before I had to walk another 10 yards until my stomach calmed down.  Uphill finish although at least the wind was now behind us and I crossed the line in 1,46.21 - a little worse than I was hoping at half way and a lot better than I was expecting after half-way.  I checked and 2 years ago when I did Stroud a week after the Rotherham 50 I was 1.46.34!!

BA came in in 1.54.04 also feeling knackered.  Good news is that the time was still faster than Swindon by 30 secs and BA by over a minute, I was second LV60 and he was third MV65.  Bad news is that I doubt I will be able to move for the foreseaable future - which brings us to BAs second stupid idea.  A 2 hour walk through Westonbirt Arboretum on the way home in howling winds and torrential showers - thanks for nothing!!

Anyway I think next year we will have a realxing weekend after Rotherham.........

Kiwi:  that's the same sort of weight loss I had on holiday and it still hasn't all gone back on, so get eating!!

Carrot:    Result!!

KFC: how was the cyclocross??

Sounds like we are in for a rough night down this way, and we have a garden full of large mature trees..................................If I don't post tomorrow the house has been demolished

27/10/2013 at 19:57

O4S - Great race report, and a pretty fast time considering. What have you got next w-end, another ultra, or a 100m bike ride.

27/10/2013 at 20:23

O4S - great race report, dreadful conditions.

Simon - nice paced come back 5miler! Cyclocross certainly sounds like awesome cross training!

Chick - awesome you've had a pain free run

Need to be at the Swiss Embassy in London by 9am tmrw morning to get my biometrics done + hopefully a step forward to the visa situation being solved. just the 80mph winds and no trains to deal with, hoping the roads will be ok.....!!

Dubai Dave    pirate
27/10/2013 at 21:00

spoons: good effort

O4S: do you ever takea weekend off

kfc: have been considering cyclo cross if only cos i could get another bike!

10K run around the Spanish hills in the glorious sunshine.

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