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11/11/2013 at 06:11

Morning all. Back from a few days in Poland. Visited aushwitz. Pretty harrowing. Then did a few decent gym sessions to catch up. Second session of shotgun therapy today. Foot is getting there very slowly but body generally aching from gym!

Looks like everyone is preparing for the start if the schedules with some great base training going on. 

11/11/2013 at 08:53

Great running over the weekend - especially Daren ...come on, it's only another 10k on top of know you want to

Only 12 for me yesterday - didn't have time for more than that, but it was nice anyway...although it's got cold all of a sudden. I had to wear gloves for the first time in many months. 

11/11/2013 at 09:02

Daren - enjoying a 20!?  You must be pining for marathon training.

Spoons/2old - yes no Spring mara for me - I am planning on doing an Autumn marathon next year. I am looking forward to not having to do those 20s on snowy mornings. This winter I'll be working on my swimming to hit triathlon with a vengenance.

Kiwi - sounds unpleasant I hope it gets resolved soon.

10 miles for me yesterday morning, now tapering for the half. Ended up doing 8x10M, 1x11M, 1x14M over the 2 months, which hopefully is enough. Drank far to much on the weekend, so a week of frugality is in the offing for me.


11/11/2013 at 11:55

DD/Chick-fancy throwing the envelope awaywith its nice badge and your name on   and all

DD-building and banking the miles nicely

Daren-looks like youll be joining Minni at the racecourse and a marathon seems inevitable

Ant-cant say I blame you missing the snow and ice bound LRs next year-at least you got your marathon done after it all this year. How's the swimming coming along?With everything else you do you should be ready for the HM

Pink-I like the idea of using tennis balls -it's a variant of swimming with the hands clenched into fists

AA-enjoy the shotgun therapy and hope its working-my next session is end of the month

Kiwi-hope all goes well

Free- the weather is brutal at the moment-think Ive gone soft being out of training for so long

O4S-back to where you seem happiest-up to your eyes in mud-inspiring as ever

Minni-nice to be able to just go out and knock out 20 miles .I have no doubt you will not stop at 26,2 and that 50k will be done.Quitting wont be an option. So much banked for VLM too-you will be able to have a month off in Feb

Simon-another good one there-did you miss the hailstorms around your/our way?

DD/KFC-I think -fwiw-you have to be careful moving from heelstrike to front foot running as that puts stresses on tendons(achilles) not conditioned for it so the change has to be done gradually.I think Im running more mid foot at the moment- a half way house .However I always feel faster front foot running and thats probably where my extra gear comes in

Carrot -nothing worse than interrupting a LR and then picking it up 20mins later

Spoons/IJ -good Park Runs there-should I say YKW?

Carter-PBs-nothing? You should see the stack of bling and podiums(podia?) accumulated here

DD-when is best to drink the juice?Throughout training/near races etc? I have tried and find it disgusting.

Nothing this weekend-decided to listen to you guys and allowed my body a bit of recovery. Im relying on DDs tip that 12weeks training should do







11/11/2013 at 12:03

Ant - sounds quite nice being in a warm swimming pool rather than out in the ice and snow for hours on end.....

100 lengths / 2.5km swim this morning in 53 minutes.

11/11/2013 at 13:17

Ant: I'm starting my training tonight for next Sunday's HM. The taper will just involve reducing my alcohol intake on Saturday night 

DD: I struggle to see how beet juice can I prove your performance if you have to stop to throw up every half mile........ 

 Back to warm and wet I see........

11/11/2013 at 13:41
Hi all,

Col - hope parkrun went well

2old - nice to see you resting. It maybe is the safe option.

Barry - really hope I get the place if not its the charity place route for me.

Gazelle/ free/ - nice long runs there

KFC - sounds like an amazing run. If only they were all like that

Daren - nice 20 I think a spring marathon would be ideal for you

Minni - nice 20 there. I have been looking at newcastle marathon as a training run but undecided at the moment. A friend from elvet striders is doing it and I may accompany him round.

Carrot - thanks. I hope these hard parkrun courses will be good training for my bash at a flat pb. Nice 14 there it was cold yesterday up here. Good numbers for the parkrun I think the bus full of army lads helped a bit.

O4s - cross country sounded fun. Well done.

Sorry if I've missed anybody.

So I had another sub 20 parkrun at the weekend and even managed a first place. Did a slow 18 yesterday which put me over 50 for last week. And a progressive 10 this morning in the rain.
11/11/2013 at 14:23

Shild-very modest about1st place-think you should celebrate-great sub 20 too and LR and the 10. You're in good form-hope Im somewhere near that shape in March

10.75TM av 7.29mm but last 3 at 14kmph. Not sure whenI will run again for a few days.


11/11/2013 at 14:31

Shildon - well done on the first place at parkrun. I managed 20:18 and had very little in reserve. 

kfc - sounds an amazing run you had on Saturday.

DarrenF - a very impressive 20 there. Sounds like marathon training to me......

Spoons/Iccle Jim - good parkruns

DD / Chick - +1 for a 12 week build up. Not so sure about the beetroot juice though. I dont think it agrees with me....

O4S - great run at the cross country. Next time you are over here we will get that run.

11/11/2013 at 14:59
aaargh beetroot juice. thanks but no thanks. they have free WiFi here

lots of very very frail and old people - we are a bit like aliens here what with our running gear. lovely beaches though and a brilliant 90min run by the sea. today is a Polish bank holiday so physio only starts tomorrow.

AA: Auschwitz must be a humbling experience. I must go there one day what with being German but so far haven't quite plucked up the courage yet. There was a concentration camp not too far from were we live now. Went there and it was hard but I figure we owe it to those who were massacred. lest we forget ...
Dubai Dave    pirate
11/11/2013 at 16:08

2old: i think that the beetroot juice has to be drunk for an extended period.

Shild: nice ykw

Chick: enjoy being an alien

Spoons: your getting quite quick in the pool, i think 3k in a hour is the best i ever managed.

So yet another Drs appointment, its off to see the specialist soon. Feel fine but guts not good. Got home and set off to run the paths to Alfreds Tower and back, 11 miles of ankle sucking mud and water in 1-48, shattered now hadn't run that far off road in years. Inov rocklites not man enough for that amount of mud so time to break out the Mudclaws. In 11 miles i saw three deer, a fox, cows, sheep and two humans when i crossed the one and only road on the way.


11/11/2013 at 16:36

DD-Beetroot juice for an extended period?I'm out. Do you find it difficult convincing the medics you have a problem when you tell them the serious amount of training you do? At least the animals weren't dead as is the case when Minni sees them

Spoons - what DD said re fast in the pool- 2.5k is the max ever for me on a very good day

11/11/2013 at 18:02

2old - Hailstorm was Saturday round here, so missed it yesterday, in fact it was a lovely sunny autumnal afternoon. Re beetroot juice, when I used it, it was just the 2 days prior to the race and race day. Definitely had more energy towards the end of my mara, but could of been a placebo effect.

Shil - Well done on 1st place

Edited: 11/11/2013 at 18:03
11/11/2013 at 19:48
2old - celebrate how do you do that. That's the only race I've won in 17 years of running. It will probably be another 17 before I win again. Going to try to keep at 50 a week till Christmas and that should set me up well when the hard training starts in january. Nice tm session there.

Col - well done there.

Dd - nice run and I hope you get sorted out soon.

Re beet root juice I've heard good and bad reviews. Never tried it personally though.
11/11/2013 at 20:20

Go O4S, nice XCing!

When is your half Ant, this coming weekend or next? I also drank too much over the weekend  

Nice to hear you've had a little rest over the weekend 2old.  Great run this morning too.  How are your collection of injuries coming along? Any more mishaps to report?

Sub-19 from you on a flat course Shildon. You'll have a few people to pace yourself off / race against at Albert if you go there.

Enjoy the trip Chick! Sounds like you've got your priorities sorted - get there, get out for a run!

I will NOT drink beetroot juice, I don't care how fast it makes you.  Can't someone just invent a beetroot pill that we can all take?

11/11/2013 at 20:42

3km in and hour DD - so that's the challenge to beat?

90 mins on the turbo tonight watching the hobbit

11/11/2013 at 21:36

Spoons- looks like you're on fire 

Spoons- both achilles tender and stiff  but not painful when running ,elbow scarred  sore and bruised- damaged tendons I think, left wrist throbs a bit where fracture is and arm itches , right wrist worn out. Otherwise feeling 100% thanks. Mustn't grumble 

Simon- beetroot does something to do with nitrates enabling the same exrecise to be done with less energy ,they say but care is needed not to drink it in too concentrated form otherwise any race advantage is lost in the toilet 

Shild- your trainng looks pretty tough now 

11/11/2013 at 22:52

Woah, looks like I've stumbled across foodfadtasticland!  Only study I can find on it had a sample size of 9  finding they could run for 8.7mins rather than 7.6mins.  Now I love beetroot, but this just smacks of bad science and a heavy dose of bogus superfood marketing to me.  Doubt thats gonna make much difference, compared with training proper, unless you truly believe it and get a good placebo effect going...  

Grumpy today.  long day at work.  Looking forward to speedwork tomorrow night.


Shildon - magic to win a race.  Nice one.

11/11/2013 at 23:15

Carrot - race is on Sunday - Red is doing it as well I believe. 

Did have a beetroot & feta salad tonight. Yum

12/11/2013 at 06:33

2old The tennis balls are great, especially swimming after you have used them as there is a big difference in the arms. I like using them.

Daren great run

Shildon congratulations on first place for YKW

DD Interesting list of tips - I have tried beetroot juice & it made me gag,

KFC enjoy the speed work

Another 5 miles banked last night, calf ok so I think it was my insufficient warm up that caused the pain.

It is hard to be motivated to go out for a run at the moment. As many of you know Barry's mum has been poorly for a while & sadly she passed away at the weekend. He has gone home to make all the arrangements. A really lovely lady who treated me with nothing but kindness for the 23 years that I knew her & taught our two daughters things that they will carry with them. We are all feeling very sad & lost at the moment.



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