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10/02/2014 at 10:29

Hi all - radio silence from me for the past couple of weeks because I was knocked off my bike on a commute into the office. Massive shiner, and possible broken nose, so was in a bit of a state. However, hospital on Friday gave me the all clear with the nose and my bruising has nearly all gone. So I am back in the game.

16M long run on Sunday with 10@MP (7:45). Felt fine, and that was my last marathon MP, so I guess things can only get better!

Good to hear some race successes going on down, not so good to hear about all the flooding. Hope you get some respite AA.

10/02/2014 at 11:15

Ant-thats terrible news but good to see you've toughed it out and are back inthe game with an excellent 16miler. Hope you've got a good lawyer to seek retribution/recompense

Free-great HM in that terrible wind. The extra effort you've banked will produce dividends. You are right to be confident

Barry-up until my achilles problem I ran mainly in Saucony Omni's but now just run in them once or twice having changed to Brooks Trance 10 and 12 so I have 3 pairs on the go at the moment.This seems to have helped-maybe Im not hitting the same part of the foot with every step using different shoes?

the wind speed in Southport was 26mph yesterday so that explains why running straight into it was so tough.Probably much the same for everyone else yesterday .

MLR today.


10/02/2014 at 13:27

Ant!    Poor you.  Has that put you off cyling in the city?

Freemers - great race and good to hear you're feeling confident.

That seems a sensible idea 2old using different shoes.

I admit I was on a bit of a downer last night because I was worried about my hip.  It nagged the whole time I was running yesterday and I thought I'd be back to square one today.  However, it now feels fine.


10/02/2014 at 14:04

Some great racing over the weekend in horrid conditions!

Daren- very speedy especially with the headwind in the last few miles- not what you need!

KFC- whoop whoop on the pb. Sub 1.30 will be yours very soon in normal conditions.

2Old- very impressive pace on the 10k. 88m??? So who's the mileage monster?

Carrot- congrats on the bling- well deserved.

Minni- very good result yesterday and it sounds like you enjoyed it despite the hills and the wind and the rain... Glad to hear the hip is playing ball today.

Free- great HM and very consistent pacing (minus the wind).

((AA))- scary stuff with the flooding, hope you're ok. Take care.

Ant- ouch! Glad to hear it's nothing more serious and you're back in the game. Strong MP run from you.

My xc on Saturday was rather unpleasant. Very strong wind combined with tones of mud and freezing water... I couldn't feel my toes after the first lap. I think I'm glad the xc season is over!

Yesterday was 10m steady, again into the wind so harder work than intended. Rest today.

10/02/2014 at 14:17

Pinklady - glad to hear you have another half marathon lined up.

Barry - bad news on the calf. Hopefully icing will sort it out.

kfc - great time in the half marathon. All looking good for VLM. I do that 10 with 8 at MP most weeks. I try to keep the effort the same and hope that I see an improvement in pace as the weeks progress. I think i have plateaued though as pace has been the same the last 2 weeks and only improved by 1s from the week before that.

Daren - that's a fast time in tough conditions. Well done.

Simon -  bad news on the ankle

2old - great 10k.

Carrot - well deseved trophy

Brolish - you are in great form. Looking forward to see what you can do in your marathon.

Minni - strong performance in the half marathon. Congrats on the prize.

Freemers - that's a good time in the half marathon. A very good confidence booster.

Doug / Fazza - welcome

Poor running from me at the weekend. I did parkrun on Saturday morning and was well off pace. Tonight is 10m with 8 @ MP.



10/02/2014 at 14:40

Some great racing at the weekend TM.

Congrats on the PB kfc - brilliant time from you. Well done Minni and 2Old too, on excellent efforts on tough courses. Freemers - great time from you too and nice to catch up with you briefly - that wind was horrific, wasn't it?

Carrot - congrats on the well-deserved bling!

Bro - sounds like a horrible cross country - can't say I've been won over by cross country running this winter. Was lovely to be back on a nice flat road yesterday!

Barry, oh no! Finger crossed the injury isn't anything too serious.

Ant, sounds like a nightmare. Glad you're ok now.

Welcome to Doug and Fazza.

Official results from Great Bentley have given me a second back, so 1:28:09 for 80th out of about 800 I think. Pretty pleased with that, as it's very much a club runners' race, with very few fun runners. Will hopefully do a bit of a race report if I get time tonight.

Currently loving the fact the Winter Olympics are on this week to get me in the mood for Tignes next week!

10/02/2014 at 14:47
Daren - did you spot that the beanie hat they gave out had "Great Bentley Half Marathon 2013" on it? At least, mine did! Maybe I'll get the 2014 one next year

Ant - nightmare for you. Must be pretty painful to run iff you're all bruised?

Barry - sorry forgot to say how gutted I am your calf has given out once again. I really hope you can get some quick treatment and better shoes, so that you can still bang out a fast time in the marathon. You really deserve to get a good time.
10/02/2014 at 15:06

Minni-I know what you mean having a niggle that hangs around and comes and goes-my right achilles. However Im reasonably happy that its not getting worse and it allows me to get my training done. Still hope it clears for you soon

Bro-those tough XC will have enhanced your running power and strength..looking forward to seeinghow yopur training regime peaks after the taper

Col-dont worry about one weekend and you still got a run in anyway ,The body needs a rest now and then

Darren-top 10% in a field of serious runners is pretty good to say the least. Jealous of your Tignes trip-tempted to book a long weekend but really want to concentrate on my running training too.

Free-useful hat even if out of date

13miles on the TM today(watching Olympics and ManUvFulham game at same time)--7.49mm av

10/02/2014 at 16:12
old4speed wrote (see)

Chick: you really must try a few ultras with the miles you put in - you could do a whole week's running in one day and eat as much cake as you like.


Very tempting, O4S    I will turn to ultras in the next couple of years. Still chasing a few PBs but time is ticking away and age is catching up :-/

Nice and well deserved win, carrot.

KFC and Freemers: proper hardcore HMs there. Fab times in rough conditions    Sub 1:30 next time on the flat

Wow Minni, that’s dedication to get to a race! But an excellent and long overdue confidence boost. I hope your hip issue is a bit similar to mine. It’s there but it doesn’t stop me from running. And it’s bearable. The last few miles of a long one always hurt and it hurts afterwards too but is usually gone within a few hours.

Hehehe, 2old: hope you enjoyed the bragging

Ouch, Ant! Glad to hear you are OK now.

Bro: sounds mighty unpleasant. My muddy long run on Saturday gave me a bit of an idea of an XC … thanks but no thanks

Bit of a failed session for me today. As the week's weather looks horrid from midweek onwards I thought I'd do the hardest sesh today (10 with 5 @ tempo) but I soon found out that the MP effort was still in me legs. They were like jelly. And my HR wouldn't budge - it sat at 160 (and it needs to be between 163-168). So I turned it into a MLR instead. In the end I did 13.5 miles @ 8mm.

10/02/2014 at 17:12

Chick - Good sesh there, have you got some snow on the way?

Minni - At least with a 3hr bus trip home, you could have a good kip. Well done on the race btw. I presume like all of us injured runners, resting isn't an option this close to D-day re the hip.

Ant - Sorry to hear about your accident, we can swap battered face photos. I hope you  got their details for compo. Was your bike ok btw?

10/02/2014 at 19:50

O4S 40 years is along time - congratulations

Daren That's brilliant, well done

2Old Not planning a Tri at the moment although it's something I wouldn't mind taking part in eventually. Haven't ruled out trying an open water swim during the summer. Nice 10k race there in terrible conditions

KFC Good race time from you but sorry to hear about BH

Carrot Congratulations on the club award which was well deserved & nice 22 miles

Minni well done on your race & for coping with six hours in a bus. Glad the hip is ok

Freemers well done to you as well in difficult conditions

Ant that's terrible news

Good luck with the 10m Col

Simon How's the ankle?

A bit of a trainer relay for me yesterday. 3 miles in my old ones then changed into my new ones for another 3 miles. Everything seems ok with them at the moment. I usually wear Brooks GTS but the GTS 14's have been recalled so I have Brooks Trance. Feel for Barry & hopefully he will be sorted tomorrow (sad face).

Keeping an eye on the Dorney website as things are not so great in that area at the moment so not sure if the race will be cancelled at the weekend. ((another sad face))

Did have a nice surprise today - one of my friends met me for lunch & gave me our Christmas Presents

Edited: 10/02/2014 at 19:52
10/02/2014 at 20:36

Freemers - what a confidence booster! Well done. Loving the retro beanie!

chick - made the best of a decent session then! 

Minni - look after your hip. Glad it feels ok. 

Ant - sounds like a nightmare but least you're back training and haven't lost any speed!!

04S - hope your ultra went ok.

6 miles for me today. My foot has started to ache again bit worried. 

I'm so bloody sick of this weather now. The weekend was full of road closures. The canal has burst is banks and is causing chaos. Fortunately our village is at the top of a hill (always hate it at the end of a long run!) but at least it means we don't flood but wherever we go means we have to go through one at the moment!! 

10/02/2014 at 20:36

5 mile recovery run tonight, legs grumbled at the start but got progressively faster so pleased with that.

pink: BA would tell you that 40 years is a life sentence. I would say serves him right for never asking me to marry him (we are of course married but that is another story - and no I didn't ask him)

Ant: sounds nasty, but most importantly - how is the bike????

Nice runs Minni and Freemers and congrats on the award Carrot

Good Luck tomorrow Barry, hope you find out what it is

AA: I've sent you some water-wings!

10/02/2014 at 20:52

Flipping heck Ant, that's awful, hope you're ok after that That's a really good training run done at the weekend so you sound recovered?

That sounds like a tough day out kfc, well done for sticking at it and bagging that second place

Well done at Liversedge Minni - good to hear there were no passing out / vomiting / hip cramping incidents! Northumberland HM will seem flat compared to that course.  Happy days with the hip

That's a good strong run Free, there's nothing more soul destroying than a headwind in the last few miles of a race.  If that doesn't toughen you up nothing will! You should be very confident after that.

Thinking of you AA, it's awful seeing what's happening down your way

Not long now Bro! How is the taper going?

Don't be so hard on yourself Col, they can't all go to plan.  At least with parkrun you can always go back next week and hammer out another one.

Well done on the top 10% Daren! Good going in a strong field. 

Good call on the run Chick. Tempo running is hard at the best of times, I usually need a few days to psych myself up for one!

Hope you get sorted tomorrow Barry. You need to be fit and well for Barcelona! Hope you've been icing and rolling. 

Fingers crossed for Dorney at the weekend Pink.

Rest day today, typical when it's been calm and clear outside all day. 

10/02/2014 at 21:31

Pink/2old - Ankle/achilles ok, but that's cus I'm resting it and icing. Will try a shorter run Wed-Thur and see how it is!

10/02/2014 at 23:18

Great Bentley HM report...

On a still day, this would be a perfect fast, flat PB course. But this was far from a still day and the open countryside setting was bound to mean the strong wind was going to make for a difficult race at times. I had decided not to set myself a specific target, but aimed to set off at 6:40mm and see how it felt. As it happened, I felt so good during the early stages that, however hard I tried to rein it in, I couldn't help but get pulled along by the crowd. I went through mile 1 in 6:23. Too fast. I should be worried I thought, but I didn't feel it, because I don't think I've ever felt so comfortable running a mile at that speed. Mile 2 was nearly as quick in 6:28 and, feeling relaxed and confident, I decided to just go with it and run by feel.

Miles 3 and 4 had some tougher sections into the wind, so slowed to 6:43 and 6:40, but I then put in a couple of 6:28s for 5 and 6 which had some nice tailwind sections. I had the first ominous twinges of a stitch around this stage, but by focusing on relaxing my upper body and not forcing it, I managed to keep them in check and this tactic worked for the whole race. I had a quick chat with a guy I was running alongside during mile 6 (I never would have thought it possible to 'chat' at 6:28mm pace before!) and he asked me what me target was. When I said my PB, he said I was going to smash it. To be honest, at this stage, running as fast as I was and feeling as comfortable as I did, I was sure I would.
10/02/2014 at 23:19

I'd been gradually drawing in a couple of my clubmates who beat me at the Benfleet 15 a few weeks ago and at the 7-mile marker (6:33) I passed them both. Still feeling strong, I pushed on, catching and passing a couple more runners as I went through miles 8 and 9 in 6:33 and 6:34.

Then came mile 10. Hideous. We turned directly into a brutal headwind and, having studied the course beforehand, I knew we had two miles solid of this to come and with the field strung out by this stage, I was on my own. I'd just breezed past a guy from Felixstowe RR before the turn, but he gradually worked his way back alongside me and I was quite happy to let him pass and just try to cling on to his tail. Those two miles were 7:09 and 7:01.

The relief when we finally turned out of the wind was wonderful and I pushed on again. The Felixstowe bloke encouraged me to go for it as I went back past him, which was nice. I knew my gf and parents were waiting at mile 11 and it really spurred me on to see them. Mile 12 was back on track with a 6:39, but I was finding it really tough by now and thoughts of PBs were replaced by thoughts of just getting to the line once we'd turned back into that headwind for the final mile.

A couple of runners passed me, but I had nothing left - the last mile was a 7:03, which meant I just missed out on a PB by 23 seconds, but given the conditions, I'm more than happy with that. I felt from my training that I was back to where I was before my injury and finally I have a result to prove it! (Incidentally, I'm pretty sure I went through 10k faster than I completed any of my autumn 10ks!)

Edited: 10/02/2014 at 23:19
10/02/2014 at 23:20

And yes, my beanie is a retro one too Freemers!

11/02/2014 at 08:13
Daren - great race report....made me feel those last few miles all over again.

I have a cold now. I woke up Sunday with a tickly throat but felt fine, but yesterday afternoon I started to feel terrible. Today is worse - thankfully I have a rest day anyway although I couldn't wangle a day off work as I have to be in Leeds for a client and it would be a pain to re-schedule. So hopefully I can catch some sleep on the train and be OK for the rest of the week.
11/02/2014 at 08:45

It is like the end of the world here - howling wind, lashing rain, interesting cycle commute! 

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