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31/03/2014 at 21:59

Grrr, just lost a long post from my phone after it rang!  Try again,

Simon - I'm sorry to hear about the marathon but it is the RIGHT decision.  You're building up nicely and this Achilles is just a set back.  Nice to see you getting some good cycling in to replace the running.  Did you end up keeping that super bike you had on loan?

Oopma - shit about the pain.  Does that mean something is wrong, or do you just need more recovery, or will it always hurt when you get back to it?  Good to see you posting anyway and sorry we won't share a few miles together this year.   Are you coming to watch?  Maybe catch you for a drink in Chandos?

Chick - mega mileage!!! I'm not sure Brol can beat that!

Nell - I'm definitely thinking about that half in September (but I don't think Liz McColgen is involved with it) or there is also a half in York on the same day.  Edinburgh is easier for me plus my sister in law lives at Carberry so nice and handy for the finish.

Carrot - great 5m!  I admit I had stalked your result and felt quite jealous!! That would be a  big PB for me and you did it while recovering from the marathon!! Any firm plans for London yet?  I've signed up as reserve for the Good Friday relays!!  Has Parsnip recovered from his injury in time for London?

Daren - stick to your guns.  That PB will be even sweeter in the Autumn.

Ant - ice that foot!  At least its taper time now.  Which start are you on?  We need a list.

Freemers - all good?  You've had a great build up and you're going to be really strong on the day.  I'm going to hang onto you for dear life!

2old - you're going very well at the moment. Another one with a great marathon ahead.

Col - what's your marathon target this year?  Hopefully we will see you en route again.

AA - have you been practising your champion pose in front of the mirror?

Barry & Pink - nice to see you both knocking out good miles.  Barry - are you recovering well?

I've changed my first claim club (from tomorrow). Only felt confident enough to contact VLM today to inform them. 

Lets start a list:


Green Start:

Minni - 28513   A- 3:12; B- sub 3:15, C- to finish





31/03/2014 at 22:00

Carot -Unfortunately this race was already deferred from last year (PF prob). Can you actually 'double defer' ? Sub 34 is still a fast pace, and sub 33 would be about 6.35 pace.

Pink - No probs, nice to hear you enjoyed yourself on Blackpool seafront the other day.

Oompa - Enjoy the low impact biking, swimming. Any ops coming up?

Nell - Have fun with the grunters. Do they bang their dumbells on the floor as well?

Minni - No the carbon fibre super model had to go back. You change clubs more times than.......most things.

Edited: 31/03/2014 at 22:08
31/03/2014 at 22:30

Minni- a list-no turning back now

Carrot- you keep getting faster 

Simon-time to do triathlons- perfect rehabilitation sport 

Nell- Uruguay May have Suarez but England have - Johnson,Henderson,Gerrard,Sterling ,Sturridge so there is hope. 


Green Start:

Minni - 28513   A- 3:12; B- sub 3:15, C- to finish



2Old- 7976 wave1/8  A- 3.10; B-3.15; C-3.20 (all just under)



31/03/2014 at 22:34
Simon - this is the first time I've ever changed clubs!!!! I joined the harriers as second claim about 18 months ago but have now made them first claim so I can do things like the Relays with them.
Dubai Dave    pirate
31/03/2014 at 22:52

Minni: yea back on track

Chick: monster miles, doubt if i have 300 since Jan 01.

Simon: sorry about that.

2old: tri isn't rehabilitation sport, its the only way i can keep moving.

Nine miles around Belfast this morning whilst waiting for my new passport, now I have it I can go to D,R.Congo, oh joy.

31/03/2014 at 23:40

DD- miss2O had to make an emergency trip for to Belfast for her passport /visa to USA for Uni there. She did a historic bus trip not a 9 mile run . I'm probably nearing doing tris for the very same reason 

01/04/2014 at 01:25
Chic and 2old did i read correctly 9 and 10 x 20 milers done, since Jan? Yikes. 300 miles, 290 for MARCH!

O4S some great running there. Like the tactics too.

Col excellent half time. Rest now with vlm v close?

Neil, good long run. I love Kinvaras too, perfect shoe for 5k to marathon, just got a pair of the new model 4 for ??63. Bargain!

Minni good run, glad you're feeling better. Just need to rest now.

Simon, sorry that Manchester is a no. Sensible though.

Daren, conversely.. 6 months till October, that's a helluva long time to wait, like a pan simmering... You'll go off the boil more likely IMO. Any 20s coming up, or trail marathons? Some other target. Getting your half time down more, cheeky ultra?

Oompa, sorry to hear still not right. if only you'd taken that painkiller off me at 16 miles

No running or exercise last week since Monday hills on birthday.
Big tender finishing Tuesday, things nearly went wrong with 2 hrs to go, ball in my court so very stressed, throat started feeling sore & me not good, but dosed with Lemsip and strepsils. Nice meal out with family, 3 pots of tea to stop shivering and no alcohol... . Woke up and felt awful.
Wednesday, just sleep and chicken soup, Thursday managed a walk with more sleep & boxsets. Throat still not right, but better - hit it with vitC, garlic, echinacea, Lemsip, ibuprofen, extra strength strepsils - okay kitchen sink plus more soup, cheese on toast and custard creams.
Friday, got appointment at last and some antibiotics, tonsillitis confirmed not quinsy as feared. starting to feel better today. Against Mrs FRC's advice, 6 miles tonight inc hills, but slow.
May have to rethink plans for April & May events, was going to enter Manchester marathon this weekend, probably not a good idea, even slow?
01/04/2014 at 08:10
(((FRC))) - I would definitely not do Manchester....even if you think you feel fine, tonsilitis can wipe you out, and the longer term is more important at this stage with Corades in a few months.

Minni - thanks, yes all good, if I try not to think about how much my foot hurts and all the other little achy bits that come with getting older! Seriously though, I'm trying not to jinx it but my sessions have gone so well this time around I have to believe a good time is possible.

So predictions....we will definitely need to pull each other round! 3.12 is the figure I keep coming back to. It would require everything to go right on the day, from nutrition to the weather to (of course) the right pacing strategy.

Green Start:

Minni - 28513 A- 3:12; B- sub 3:15, C- to finish
Freemers - 28451 (I think, need to double check) A-3.12; B-3.14.59, C-3.16.19 (a one second PB). No pressure!

2Old- 7976 wave1/8 A- 3.10; B-3.15; C-3.20 (all just under)
01/04/2014 at 08:23

Carrot:  makes my 5 mile time look a bit pedestrian, but it is actually quite a nice distance to race.  I'm hoping these monthly runs will set me up for the summer 10k races

Oompa: would you like a nice little rollator, or even perhaps a zimmerframe??  I could decorate either [or both] with bells to keep other road users clear and some nice pink ribbons

Simon: I think you might have been expecting this for the last few weeks.  Not worth risking a summer on the bike and I would definitely have done the same in your position

Col: smoking half there.  I have only ever cycled through Omagh but my recollection is quite undulating round there, so even more impressive

DD: pity our visits didn't coincide - I could have shown you a bit of the 'real' Belfast, although you might have been advised not to speak while there

Minni: Wooler must be gutted!

2old: can't imagine what tri training could rehabilitate you from.  Duathlons now.......

AA: how are you?

Anyone decided when they are visiting the Expo?  I will add my details this evening when I get home

6 miles tempo last night with the club and after a warm dry day we got caught in a torrential downpour, so ended up cold and wet.  Was also talked into entering Man v Horse in June - 22 miles uphill and down dale through rivers and bogs in Wales trying to beat the horses.  Why did that sound like a good idea??????


01/04/2014 at 08:36
O4S - I'm probably going to the expo late afternoon Wednesday, maybe around 5pm. I won't stay long, just whizz round to pick up a pace band, see if they have any of my shoes going cheap and that's about it.
01/04/2014 at 09:03

Hi Col, Yes I am finding though that as my running improves, my football is deteriorating ;0( My running friends and physio keep telling me that I cannot keep up both.... I am beginning to agree, especially when you are on a training schedule, it knocks out the balance.

Hi Minni, McColgan launched the race at Musselburgh last September, maybe she was just used for advertising it? Carberry will be nice and handy, seems a shame not to take up that chance ;0)

Hi FRC, Yes I enjoy the kinvaras too, I was managing to get 3's for 47.50 last year, but I think Saucony have got wise and seem to be releasing shoes in batches. I just got a pair of 4's for £75, that was with 15% off with


01/04/2014 at 09:06

7 miles of hill reps this morning. Misty, pouring with rain, six degrees, slipped over in the mud going through the woods.....Glad that spring is here!

Oh by the way Simon, No the Grunters are pretty well behaved they don't bang down the dumbbells ;0) I think that is a reserved action for the posers. These guys don't pose, they are just big and scary!

01/04/2014 at 09:37

Wow Barry, smokin‘ miles there yesterday. How’s
the calf these days? Hope it settled.

2old: that’s a lot of miles too, in fact, only 2 trendy 5s less than I did.
And no, I didn’t go out yesterday. I’m just so effing glad my body coped with
those miles and a rest day was more than overdue.

carrot: brilliant 5 miler. Your speed is just mindboggling, especially so soon after Barca. I doubt I could go much under 35 mins right now and I’m at peak marathon fitness
Boston pace. Hm. All my MP runs in the past 2-3 weeks were around 7:24 pace. And as much as I would love to go sub 3:15 I don’t think I’m quite there yet. I’m also very respectful of the Boston course. Last Sunday’s MP run over the hills gave me some confidence but it was only 7 miles :-/. It’s so difficult to get this right. I’m probably going to keep my pace somewhere between 7:30 and 7:35.

Oh hell, Oomps. That doesn’t sound good. Did they give you the all clear to run
yet or was it just your own stubbornness that made you go out and try some

pink: your running is really coming along nicely. Sub 2 HM in the autumn maybe?

Nell: LOL re. grunters. They can be quite entertaining

FRC: sorry to hear about your tonsillitis. Freemers is right. Better rest up for a bit. You don't want to jeopardise Comrades.

Minni: glad you are back on track for London. I was getting a little worried...

01/04/2014 at 09:39

Green Start:

Minni - 28513   A- 3:12; B- sub 3:15, C- to finish
Freemers - 28451 (I think, need to double check)  A-3.12; B-3.14.59, C-3.16.19 (a one second PB).  No pressure!

2Old- 7976 wave1/8  A- 3.10; B-3.15; C-3.20 (all just under)
Chick - 13636 wave2/5 A: as close to 3:15 as possible; B sub 3:20; C: sub 3:24:36 (PB)

01/04/2014 at 11:06
Great running everyone! My right calf (old injury) is still a bit sore from Sunday's run. I'm trying to think if it's any more sore than usual after a LSR, or if it's just taper mind games/paranoia.

Green Start:
Minni - 28513 A- 3:12; B- sub 3:15, C- to finish
Freemers - 28451 (I think, need to double check) A-3.12; B-3.14.59, C-3.16.19 (a one second PB). No pressure!

Blue Start:
Jack - 6798 A- 3:29:59 B- 3:40 C- Finish (still a PB)

2Old- 7976 wave1/8 A- 3.10; B-3.15; C-3.20 (all just under)
Chick - 13636 wave2/5 A: as close to 3:15 as possible; B sub 3:20; C: sub 3:24:36 (PB)
Edited: 01/04/2014 at 11:11
01/04/2014 at 11:09

FRC-I guess your immune system must be low post marathons(is it 3 ? !!!!)  as any sane person would expect. Look at the long game and recover 100% and think very carefully before giving in to the temptation of Manchester

Chick-excellent targets for Boston.Yes the (up)hills have to be respected but as you know,the course is nett down hill and as long as the quads are ready for a hammering the combination of ups and downs can produce pleasing results. Looking at your wave and corral its starngeto think I may have started 45 mins or so before you

O4S- tris will rehabilitate me from running OCD.Man V Horse? Bogs and rain in Wales-just a normal day out for you then?

Nell-there are a few of those in my gym and I have to smile when they photograph each others swollen muscles in the changing room after each session

Daren-FRC may be right about going stale- maybe use the first as a marker so that in your ' A' marathon you nail it 100%. Remember the guys here will be pretty unforgiving if you dont go easily sub3 -no pressure. Im feeling the pressure Mo must be under-his first marathon in a very impressive field.




01/04/2014 at 12:18

it's because you are so much faster, 2old

Believe it or not, I can feel my quads from Sunday's run. But despite feeling strong, I know I went way too hard. I'm hoping that my slighlty easier target pace range will see me through.

I'm going to do some more hill stuff over the next few weeks, but nothing long. Was thinking of mile reps @ MP, trying to ease off on the uphills and hit the gas on the downhills.

01/04/2014 at 13:17

Minni - and most importantly the harriers vest is much nice than wooler's

Foot appears to be fine, just paranoid about colds at the moment. Keep thinking I have a sore throat coming on. Hopefully just my imagination.

Will add to list later when fully decided, but thinking 3:19 as A target

01/04/2014 at 15:04

Chick-I didnt feel fast last night. The same last training run options keep going around in my head .Trouble is the end of this week looks very busy for me and Im wondering how to fit the runs in.All I do know is that apart from a couple of runs from next week on its taper big time-this old body needs a rest

Ant-no reason to have a sore throat-the sun is shining and winter is over. Cant we prod you into a slightly faster A target and 3.19 as your B target?Youve definately got it in you.

01/04/2014 at 15:18

The Wooler one is easier to spot in a race but the Harrier's one is cooler, Ant.

Btw, has anyone tried those clip-things as advertised on FB to replace pins?  A friend has them and they are really good.  Thought I might pick some up at the Expo if there's any about.  Also going to visit the saucony stand and see if I need a different shoe in light of my recent niggles.  I've been wearing the same model for about 3-4 years so might need a bit of adjustment.

I'll be doing expo on Friday PM.


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