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Yesterday at 16:46

Blimey! I'm glued to the weather forum   right now it looks pretty good. Hope the forcasts hold. The fun run thing is always an option. Only it won't be that much fun if you are in pain

Yesterday at 18:35

Chick- fingers crossed the weather forecast is accurate. I don't usually do the fun runs. ...too much mental energy used in all the fun and excitement etc. ..bah hum bug. 

Dubai Dave    pirate
Yesterday at 18:39

It will be a fun run for me for sure, but given the lack of training probably not much fun! Off for my last runbefore Boston withclub, will cycle tomorrow and Thursday trying to give my leg a chance! 

2Old: fingers crossed for you.

some great reports there folks, top work all. 

Yesterday at 20:10

Great race reports Minni, AA, KFC & Ant

AA that was lovely your son phoning at 18 miles. An emotional race report & what a way to celebrate your Wedding Anniversary - congratulations by the way. Hope hubby bought you some flowers.

Oompa I think the ballot may open at midnight but don't quote me. It closed after 11 hours last year. Good news on your running

2Old look after your back. When do you fly out to Boston?

Chick & DD not long for you both either.

Shame no HM at Abingdon on the same time as the Marathon. Oh well.

Yesterday at 21:52

Freemers, so sorry things didn't go to plan Your training has gone so well, you've been flying! We saw you just before 14M and you were looking good. Nobody ever wants to DNF but sometimes you just have to be realistic and look at the bigger picture. No race is worth crippling yourself over! I really hope you can get your foot sorted out.  Glad you're feeling more positive. Have a fantastic holiday

AA you've done brilliant battling through all of the pain to still bag another sub-3:30.  We shouted for you at 14M.  Hope you're OK. 

Minni you know you made the right decision, it's important to save those legs for the relays on Friday

Nice one Ant, and you were on the telly! You paced it really well - nice stats from the last 7km! Cracking result, you should be made up with that time.  It's always such a buzz when these things go to plan.

KFC you're bonkers even turning up with the training you managed, and you still managed to finish in a time many would kill for.  Hope you've run today

Congratulations on the BQ Nikki, what an achievement! It's always good to hear from the silent lurkers, hopefully the thread will help you out again in the future.  Don't be afraid to post a little more about yourself and what you're up to 

O4S - legend! No, you will not give up just yet! Amazing as always, great picture with you and BA too.  No I didn't get the massive pasty - no marathon = no pasty! That's all I'm running next year for

At least you look like a quick swimmer Barry! Sounds like it's coming on well? Speedy tempo-ing as always. 

Get that back looked at ASAP 2old, especially with a long flight coming up.  Keeping my fingers crossed you get sorted.

Nice parkrunning Cooks! So soon after your spring marathon, I don't know how you do it.  At least I'm ahead of you on the quest for the red tee, I'm on 36

Hope the groin/knee holds up DD. 

I hope you kicked him in the shins Daren!

Oomps entering races again! Good stuff!

Yesterday at 22:07

I really enjoyed the weekend away in London.  Definitely made the right decision to defer - we ran 8M @ around 8:20 pace early Sunday morning and I don't think I'd have managed 13M, let alone 26!

It's the first time I've seen London from the other side of the fence but I was surprised by how crowded it looked from where we were stood.  We were just before the turn into Narrow Street / 14M, then crossed under the road to just before 35km.  We stayed until the 3:30 pacers were coming past on the return leg.  It was hard work looking out for people who we knew, seeing a constant stream of runners going past and trying to spot familiar faces makes you go dizzy after  a while!  

I thoroughly enjoyed cheering on the runners, especially those heading towards 35km.  We all know how much a little cheer or shout out can lift us in those darker moments - seeing people's faces light up, or getting someone to start running again after a walk break was worth standing around for hours with a full bladder! 

We got to see Mo on both sides of the road - the second time was particularly special as we knew he was coming before we saw him.  Every running on the other side of the highway was cheering and clapping for him, this roar just came rolling towards us like a Mexican wave and Mo came bombing around the corner! 

Marathons are so, so tough.  Even when training has gone 100% to plan, there are so many obstacles along the 26.2M course that can shatter our plans.  We take the rough with the smooth, the highs with the lows. I honestly don't think those blindingly brilliant results would taste quite so sweet if we didn't miss a few times along the way. 

Yesterday at 22:12

So now the countdown to Boston begins!  The ultimate Marathon Major.  The Big Daddy of marathons.  The prestigious qualifier.  Our taper-ees Chick, 2old and DD are seven sleeps away from their rollercoaster ride around Boston.  Anyone got a picture of a tapir?!

Yesterday at 22:24

HI kfc, thanks for the feedback and enjoy a rest before back to training eh ;0)

Hi Barry, Nice splits on the 6M run, I am 44 (45 this August) so it would have to be a PB of 3:15 in May (current PB 3:20)...I have spent time over in Boston in the past as my company is based around Hopkington, Milford etc.. so would fancy that some time, we will see. I will get though Edinburgh and York this year ;0)

7 miles of hill reps this morning and squeezed in some S&C at the gym this afternoon, I do enjoy the gym sessions, there was an extremely large grunter on performance today.....God, he made some noise! Lovely morning which made the hill reps almost pleasurable...well almost....

Yesterday at 22:50

DD- your reverse taper could work pretty well. Any thoughts about how you're going to pace it yet? 

Carrot- no time to see anyone now ..too busy at work . I' m a bit worried about the long  flight but I will walk about as much as possible. Thanks for the crossed fingers. 

Pink- I fly Thursday. Yes pity about nonHM at Abbingdon. If I can't do it maybe you'll take my marsthon place? Just a thought 

just to add to life's rich tapestry we had a flood through our living room ceiling tonight. Who said tapers are for recovery? 

Yesterday at 23:05

Brilliantly executed race Ant - very satisfying to know you've run your best.  510 people passed me in the last 7.2k... 

Brilliant news oompa - great to have you back running 

2old - correct, carbs definitely not my problem this time!

First post marathon beer for me too tonight.  Chin chin O4S.


Amazingly, I've resisted the strong temptation to go for a run today.  Cycling was a little easier and the legs are loosening off.  Marathon training starts this weekend!

Today at 07:20

Carrot I liked your report as it was from the spectators point of view. I know what you meant when you said about spotting people you know amongst the runners - it can give you face ache. Wonderful experience seeing Mo as well. The elite men's field this year was really strong.

2Old - now there's a thought!!?!

Nell Nice hill reps - I love hills!

For DD, Chick & 2Old


I'm off to running group this evening and have decided to go for the 7 miler as I need to be running that this week as part of my training plan. Our Stratford numbers are here & I'm determind not to loose the bet.


Today at 08:40

Carrot- 5 sleeps now..gulp...5 days until I run again . Lucky you soaking up the atmosphere on Sunday without the pressure of racing. 

pink- nice tapir...not like that last ugly thing. Enjoy your runs tonight. Got you thinking about Abbers haven't I?

kfc- training for the next or last marathon ? 

Today at 09:05
2old - a flood? Whatever next?!!! There's never a dull moment in your life!
Today at 09:20

Brilliant tapir, pink

2Old wrote (see)

pink- nice tapir...not like that last ugly thing.  

Oi! I posted that one and it was a damn crayzee one. Flood??? OMG. Hope you get it sorted before you fly ....

In other news: those backpack explosions in Boston yesterday sort of shattered my confidence a bit. It was probably just some attention-seeking whacko, but still. Pretty sick in my book ...

And if we didn't know already that I was taper mad: Today I ran 9 miles because I thought 4.5+4.5 equals 7. Ouch .....

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