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28/02/2016 at 14:41

Nice 800s DD and AA.

22 miles plodded here. Asthma was bugging me a bit

29/02/2016 at 12:54
DD- I can see Blackpool from a hill near us so I will give you a wave. Looks like another one has a few niggles. Rest and recover. Good going to date though
AA-well done with that 50. I assume your TM isn't in a public gym if your on it in your dress. You seem at home with intervals
Chick- great Long plod
64 miles last week including a ykw on Saturday 20.30 , 18th out of 200+and 1st for age.13.2 today . 207 miles in Feb. Not sure I can face the challenges of March .
29/02/2016 at 17:50

Hi Guys, My apologies. I have been AWOL big time... combination of work, home life and training I guess!

Anyway glad to see everyone is still going good.

Apart from you o4s, really sorry to hear you are not going to make London. I do hope you can have a bit to cheer about soon..

Hi AA, Looking forward to the fancy dress at London. I think there is a record to be broken there. Last year a guy past me on the 25th mile going for a record with 25 or 35 kg on his back. I know I should remember but it was the 25th mile, I know one thing, he was twice the size of me and very Royal Marine looking!

Hi DD, Nice training going on a good 800's

Hi Chick, Nice to see you knocking out the miles. You have a marathon planned?

Hi Barry, That sounds a fast HM on an Airbase! Hope you get back to some consistency in your training. Seems as though you have had a couple of curve balls lately?

Hi 2old, Seems as though you are going well. Congratulations on the ykw last Saturday. how are the niggles?

Hi Bro, Hope the XC went ok and sounds as though a PB in our 5k is around the corner.

I am into Week 5 of 12 on the schedule for London. The Long runs suffered on the first 3 weeks with work and the weather, but has been ok since. Saturday ran 8 miles (7:20mm average) Sunday 18 miles (7:12mm average) and 8 miles this morning (7:26mm average). The Sunday runs are mainly to be ran at majority moderate pace which is 7:17. The schedule this time around I feel is pushing me a bit more, as well as the introduction of 18 mile LR's (Hansons is not strictly 16 mile LR's) Legs feeling a bit tired this morning.

29/02/2016 at 19:01

Thought Id take a sneak on here, have aspirations for one day joining the sub 3.30 club although I think this year is a bit premature with only my second and third marathons due and a first one I was really unhappy with ! Thought Id sneak a look at what sort of times you guys hit in other distances and see if Im being realistic for the future or not .... Nice to see a familiar name Nell

Looks like a few locals here too ! Had a few friends racing Bramley and I looked at Heyford half as dowm the road but decided on Banbury 15 .... anyone doing MK20 on Sunday ?

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29/02/2016 at 20:59

Hi Washwood, Yes although I have been AWOL for a while  Nice to see you. Good luck with the 20 this weekend....

29/02/2016 at 21:13

Thanks Nell, trying to decide a sensible game plan ....

29/02/2016 at 22:55
Nell- looks like your on track and welcome back by the way. My niggles remain particularly the hip but it usually relaxes with some stretching (some mid runs).
Washwood- welcome on board. CAnt say I'm an expert on judging what others are capable of doing but if you give us an idea of your recent pb's and marathon times I'm sure you'll get some views. My first two marathons at 47 were sub 3.30 so it can be done. Are you doing the 20 or the 15 or both ?
I'm thinking of having a dry March though that might be tougher than the running schedule...we'll see
01/03/2016 at 09:53

Welcome back, Nell

Good luck with going cold turkey, 2old

And great to have a new joiner here, washwood  I ran 4 marathons around the 4hr mark before getting down to 3:3x. PB is 3:24 but that was before a back injury and a virus that left me with a slightly dodgy heart valve. Nothing that would prevent me from running though. I ran another one last autumn in 3:33 and I'm hoping to break 3:30 again this spring. Stupidly I've signed up for 2 marathons 3 weeks apart  Hamburg and Prague. Prague is sponsored by work so it'd be rude not to

As for other distances my 5k PB is 21:02, 10k: 44:10 and HM 1:34. I'm generally shite at fast stuff.

6 miles tempo run this morning. Was a bit tough on the lungs at -4 degrees but a beautiful still morning and for once I managed to actually speed up over the final mile rather than dying on my arse with 2 miles to go

01/03/2016 at 14:15

nell - Impressive running as ever, yeah life can get a bit hectic but welcome back and my curve balls have n't finished yet see below

Washwood - welcome, which marathons are you racing this year? I'm OK at anything up to HM but have struggled to convert to a comparable marathon time.

Chick - well done on the 22 and the tempo miles done and banked . 

AA -  Good training and plenty of time left, that's what I keep telling myself The way I am going I may join you in fancy dress at London, one of your  dwarfs maybe

2old - well done on the parkrun and getting close to Chick's monster mileage.

DD - Enjoy the Irish Sea and give my home town a wave.

Long day in work Saturday so "rest" day.  Sunday's log run was a shocker, meant to be 24 but nothing in legs from 12 so called it a day at just under 16.  Hope its the tail end of the lurgy even though I ran OK during the week.  2k swim yesterday am and hour easy bike PM. 5 miles with middle 3  "quick" this morning,  the quick were a little off normal pace though. 

Advice please I was planning for 15 steady this weekend but after Sunday's debacle should I go long again this weekend?

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01/03/2016 at 16:10

Barry - sounds like you're still recovering. I had that at this time last year. Knocked me out for @3 weeks. You'll come back soon and better! And who runs 24 miles on training?!!

2old - great mileage. sorry about Wembley. 

chick - a22 already?? Boom. Well done. Sounds cold there too. 

Washwood - welcome. 

Dodgy calf yesterday. Felt ok today so did 5x1400s on tready. 

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01/03/2016 at 20:09

Hi all, thanks for the warm welcome. I will be running Manchester and then VLM 2 weeks later (as long as not injured). I wont be aiming for a sub 3.30 tthis year but wondered maybe with these under my belt ..... next tyear ...

All my current PBs came as a result of last years marathon training ( I ran 3.59.25 at VLM having gotten stuck at the back of the 4hr 30 pen ...)

5k : 21.02  4m : 27.34  5m 35.15 10k 43.35 (think I can knock time off this on a flat course)  HM 1.36.29  

I think its a bit over ambitious to think I can run a sub 3.30 marathon but you know if I aim high I will hopefully get the best time off the training I can


Anyway always good to see what others are up too !!

01/03/2016 at 22:11

Hi 2old, Bad news on the hip, have you been performing any strengthening excersises to improve the hip?

Hi Washwood, Personally I would run the 20 as your LR...

Hi Chick, Cold run, but if it is nice and bright it makes it so much the fact that you didn't die on your arse as well

Hi Barry, As AA says, sounds like you are still getting back to strength after being ill. Why not go for the 15 and start off easy and then build up through the run from 5 10 to last 5?

Hi AA, Nice intervals, were they performed in costume?

Group session tonight. 2.4 mile warm up, cool down and 1 x 1K, then 4 x 400M...3 sets. Splits (pace in brackets):

Set1- 4:03 (6:26) 1:30 (5:52), 1:36 (6:13), 1:28 (5:39) 1:34 (6:03) Set 2 – 3:59 (6:20), 1:31 (6:08), 1:35 (6:18), 1:28 (5:47), 1:41 (6:20) Set 3 – 4:08 (6:37), 1:32 (5:59), 1:35 (6:12), 1:36 (6:13), 1:37 (6:16)  Happy with the consistency as the second and fourth 400's into the wind. Felt this session though.. 10 miles in all and earned my slice of cake with my cuppa tonight!

03/03/2016 at 11:36

Chick-good icy tempo there

AA-you are now more at home on the TM than me.Nice interval session. So my team surrenders at Wembley and wins easily last night against the same team..whats that all about?

Barry-go for time on your feet-an easy LR of 18 and maybe 1-2 more if you feel good but finish thinking you could have done more.You are nearly back to normal but dont rush it

Nell-you are in great form-that was a tough 10 mile session. Im doing some strengthening and stretches for my hip and have returned to regular massages so am hoping they do the trick. Any suggestions?

Washwood-your times suggest that you are able to go sub 3.30 now assuming you follow the right schedule and get in enough LRs. What schedule are you using? Sub 3.30 in 2 marathons less than a week apart can be done-ask AA about it.

13 miles monday, 2.5k swim and 15k TM session( including 6.5k mp and 6.5 k hmp) Tuesday, 10 miles yesterday( far too windy for my liking), recovery day today. Not liking the weather forcast for the weekend

03/03/2016 at 17:48

2Old Im following a sub 3.30 programme off here to give me best chance of doing as well as I can, what I need to over come is the voice in my head ....   Im not sure what my plan for London is yet, Manchester is the A race and London is to be enjpoyed and played by ear

03/03/2016 at 20:39

nell - great training and a brutal 10 miler there! Are you on green start this year or fgfa on red?

2old - nice week so far! Are you running long tomorrow? I do love a lazy treadmill run I have to be honest!

washwood - def can do a sub3:30 on those times. Mental training is what you have to do as well as a load of long ones! 

my 3rd 20 miler today. Wasn't fun. Found it pretty hard on a tired body. Ave pace was @8:45 and last few miles were the death stumble! Hey ho. Just over 3 more hard weeks to go.....

Edited: 03/03/2016 at 20:40
03/03/2016 at 22:01
AA-looks line you and I are both addicted to the TM. The plan is/was to run long tomorrow but I'm not liking the look of the snow in the forecast. Have to try as I have a busy weekend and won't fit it in otherwise .I suppose I could defer it to Monday . Which marathon are you counting down to ? I have 4 more hard weeks and two taper after this week....I prefer your count down .If Nell is at red or fgfa and Free is at champs start we are going to be a very depleted team on 24 th April
Washwood.- follow and trust the schedule -they usually work though I like?? (Feel the need )to add a few more miles especially long runs .
Got the time for Pilates wrong so did 3 easy miles to warm up though I don't know how anyone can warm up in this wind and rain .
04/03/2016 at 10:54

2old - hope the snow hasn't affected your run today too much. I'm going a 3 week taper for London as I'm off to maldives on 7th April for a week to celebrate my silver wedding anniversary (child bride!!). Will try and do some speed work out there but no long runs. 

Recovery 3 mile run for me today

04/03/2016 at 21:22

Hi 2old, Have you used the resistance band? I follow these exercises to help the hip/ITB You still seem to be knocking the miles out ok...

Hi AA, Those type of LR's make you stronger.  I am not sure what colour I am, they have changed my GFA number to 28819.

Maldives sounds nice

Not really much of a taper on Hansons..

Wednesday night, ditched the Club session and did 6 easy miles at 7:38mm average. Then Thursday morning ran strength session warm up and cool down and 3 x 2 Miles at MP -10 secs with 800M recoveries. 10.5 miles session in all. But think I suffered from the 6 miles the night before so never hit intended 6:30. Splits: 6:35,6:26 - 6:41,6:35 - 6:39, 6:40 and a slow 2 miles jog home  Gym this morning for some S&C...

04/03/2016 at 21:53

AA: how come you get a week in the Maldives for 25 years and I only get a (cancelled) weekend in Devon for 40 years?????!!!!! 

Saw the knee consultant on Monday - they are aspirating the knee and injecting with hydrocortisone next week. He thinks I should be able to get back to running short distances if I take it slowly.

Edited: 04/03/2016 at 21:54
05/03/2016 at 07:53

Nell - that sounds like a green start number. another nice 10 miler there. 

O4S - my honeymoon was 3 days in Cornwall! Great news about your knee. Hope the cortisone injection helps. 

Currently recovering in Exeter after a night out with my boy and his student housemates!! Bit hangy!!

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