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29/08/2016 at 17:26

Hi 2old, Well done on the YKW and fell race. Looking at your mileage, the LR is over 40% of your weekly mileage which is usually not advisable. I know we are all different beasts and what works for one person etc... When I am running 60 miles a week at the peak of a schedule, my LR is 16 or 18 which is about 27-30% of the weekly mileage. Obviously different plans we run to but just a thought?

I haven't really thought of a time for Amsterdam, obviously would like a PB. At the moment trying to get rid of the ITB, which was still on my run this morning. Not sure whether it is tiredness after standing for 4 hours Saturday night at the Biffy Clyro concert and then 14 miles the next morning

Hi AA, Can't beat running abroad .... Bournemouth looks interesting, but quite early eh? That would mean being on a schedule whilst on holiday

Yes the track start could be problematic I did think....

Hope the Tri goes well.....

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30/08/2016 at 15:14

AA-Looking good for both the tri and marathon.Make sure you have a decent taper for the Oly (it is an Oly isnt it?)as you deserve giving it your best shot after all that hard work. After 2 more LRs and the tri training you could well surprise yourself with your time at Bournemouth.Cant beat returning home to cooler runs after roasting abroad.

Nell-Yes, I'm concious of my LR being out of proportion to the total of all runs but I'm reluctant to reduce them when they don't seem to cause me any issues when I'm doing them.I find most of my problems come after long spells of sitting-office,car or plane journeys..and there have been a few of them recently. I'm thinking that in December I will start my London training and cut back on my LRs then and build up again to April. I will probably base my training losly around the P&D up to 70m pw plan.The track start will be fine for you if you can start near the front.Do you know which pen you are in yet?

I'm tempted by Leicester Marathon in October but am struggling to see how to fit it this space. Attended a wedding on Sunday and chilled on Monday so nothing to report apart from gaining more weight. 2500m swim today,longest for a while.

30/08/2016 at 18:15

2old - Good training as ever from you, may try to run next week as swam today without pull buoy and hip felt OK. 

Nell - Hope the ITB clears up soon, hoping to Biffy in December tickets go on sale this week.

AA - Nervous for your Oly, you are a v good swimmer so that's the hard part done and you're getting quicker on the bike.

Not a lot for me in the last couple of weeks just S&C every other day and the odd swim, Had my 50th birthday a couple of weeks ago WTF.  Next years tri "A" race entered, doing the Lakesman in June and after the DIY  training this year going to try and follow a 30 week plan starting November.

31/08/2016 at 08:38

2old - go knock out Leicester you know tore in good enough nick for another Marathon!! I think my long runs are 80% of my weekly runs at present  

barry - good to see youre feeling better. Hopefully the rest will have helped your hip. Congrats on entering a new category!!

So last night was my "big dog" swim that I do every year. But it was officially last week and I was away so I did it by myself anyway! Without the entry fee!! It ended up being 4K. 1 hour 21. Shoulders are a bit stiff today. 20 miles run at a slow shuffle on Monday. I'm feeling tired now. Know I should get out on the bike for an hour at some point. Definitely tapering from tomorrow!!

31/08/2016 at 10:50

Barry-bet the Lakesman will have some interesting hills to do.You're pretty good at hills though so no probs and you get to swim in crystal clear lake water too.Fingers crossed for your first run.Happy Birthday btw...if its any consolation I finally broke 3.15 and did it twice that year.Pity it was so long ago.

AA-you make swimming look so easy-did you spend many hours swimming at stupid o'clock as a junior? I need to convince Mrs 2O that a night in Leicester is a holiday.Get tapering now! Like the 80% LR stat.

Nell-Looked at my log and so far this year LRs-including marathons run- are 33% of my total mileage and I've done a bit of swimming and cycling as well.Maybe still a bit on the high side but not disproportionate realy.

Managed a 10.5 mile run last night, 7.33mm average..still warm at 22c.


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31/08/2016 at 16:28

2old - Leicester could be sold as a holiday haha!! Great pace for a hot run last night btw! No, never did any early hour swimming as a kid. Just an open air pool round the corner I wasted many hours as a kid in. I don't swim all winter either as I hate the pool now! Went back into the pond in about June this year! Hence my Autumn IM goal next year!! 

Been so knackered today ended up not training. Brick session tomorrow (any suggestions?) then rest Friday and Saturday I think! 

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01/09/2016 at 10:31

AA-you were obviously better swimming in that pool than I was swimming in the smelly  farm pond we had then. Respect for targeting IM next year....maybe Half IM for me. Rest is best at this stage. Maybe do a short brick session 2k on the turbo/spinning bike followed immediately by 1k on the TM at race pace x2/3?I did a ykw the day before my Oly....maybe not a good idea

12.4 miles yesterday-felt the day before in my legs.


03/09/2016 at 11:05
Good racing tomorrow AA
03/09/2016 at 14:29

2old - cheers. It's a bit windy!!! But we all have to face the same. Hope my transitions don't let me down too much. I have to use my new watch too and make sure I press all the right buttons! It should upload as I go shouldn't it? 

04/09/2016 at 14:59

Job done. Had a malfunction with leaking goggles and got punched in the face by a bloke lapping me which almost knocked my teeth out so was a bit disappointed with my swim. Bike went really well considering the 30mph gusts which felt like they were in my face most of the time. I just about held on on the run. All uneven grass which was hard and I was a lot slower on the run than previous years. Still managed to be 6th woman and 1st over 40. 4 weeks to bournemouth now so need to start taking this running stuff a bit more seriously for a few weeks!!!

05/09/2016 at 11:37

AA-very well done yesterday.All your hard work paid off nicely and you deserve your age group win.Looks like the call to the dark side will get even stronger! Part of the fun of tri swims is the scrum at the start...I guess its a bit of a leveller for the slow ones like me. So its going to be a very short taper for you for Bournemouth?

Completed my first 50 mile week for a while yesterday plus 6k of swimming. Finished the week off with The Lancaster Golden Ball 20 mile Race.My first at that distance since 2009.It seemed a good way of doing a LR.(22 miles overall after a 2 mile warm up) Low key race in beautiful setting along the Lune Estuary along paths tracks and a bit of road.A nasty hilly area found me out from miles 14-17 so I struggled badly  from then on. I ran the first 10 miles in 71 mins and that included a 42 min 10k and also a 1.33 at Hm distance. Finished in 2.27.30 ,a pb by 90 seconds ,9th overall and 2nd in age group. Had I paced it a bit more conservatively in the first half I think I could have knocked another minute or so off.A good run out and learnt a few lessons.

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05/09/2016 at 20:28

AA - Very well done on the eventful tri and congrats on the podium.  I think your a naturally talented swimmer, so are you planning plenty of bike over the winter months?

2old - Nice racing and well done on the PB.  Yeah looking forward to smashing 3:15 in my 50's.  Lakesman bike could be a lot worse regarding hills and heads towards the coast.

First swim club session of the new season last saturday and not as bad as I thought it would be.  Still ticking over with S&C and  a more indoor bike,

06/09/2016 at 16:53

2old - well done on your 20 mile race. And great pace. On top of a heavy mileage week too. 

Barry - good to see you increasing the training again. Hope hip is improving. Is lakesman iron distance?

so's official. I've entered ironman Vichy. August 27th next year. OMG!!!! The bike can't get dusty this winter. And I'm gonna have to hit the swimming pool now too! Boom!

12/09/2016 at 18:15
AA-the IM should be no problem as you have all disciplines in the bag and you just need to put them together. Hope all is going well for Bournmouth
Barry- I looked at Lakesman and it doesn't look very hilly for that part of the world. You'll breeze it . Any runs planned?
Only 46 miles last week ( had 2 days rest)including a 20 mile LR and a 20xx min YKW at a different venue which was 1m on grass,1m on a path and 1m on soft sand on a beach.Came 5th though it was a bit short of 5k . Did an open water swim too in the marine lake. First there for a few years and very pleasant -pity I miss set my Garmin to pool swim.
14/09/2016 at 07:18

2old - what's your plans now? Still banging out some great long runs! I'm gonna need to get in the pool this winter. How accurate is the garmin on the pool swim setting? I get fed up counting lengths!! 

Bournemouth is just over 2 weeks away. Confidence is pretty low. I really want to go under 3:50 to sort out my gfa and take the pressure off next London when I'm IM training. Need to run 8:45 per mile. Sounds easy but I seem to be running so much slower without the intervals. Can't risk the injury. I'm gonna go out today and try and run 10 at pace. But it's bloody hot already!!!

14/09/2016 at 10:47

AA-cant say for sure how accurate the Garmin is in the pool but as a rule, apart from when in my swim club, I always swim slower in the pool than OW probably due to not having the wet suit to compensate for my poor technique.More often or not it counts the laps ok though unless mixing in breast stroke and /or back stroke or using a float.I always lose count but I do that running and cycling laps anyway . Are you going to try and get another LR in -say 17/18 miles-too?Why not do Bournemouth as a training run and then do Leicester for your gfa. Best not to let the gfa target stress you out though. Still not 100% on doing Leicester as I have other demands on my time from this weekend on. It would be a shame not to put my recent training to good use though.

Turns out my ykw time was 20.05 and I was 1st in my age group. Pity I didnt push a bit harder on the sand. 9 miles Sunday, 10 on the TM Monday and 14 yesterday in the rain and lightning.A shorter run planned for today


14/09/2016 at 12:16

2old - I always swim slower without my wetsuit too!! Im not planning on another 18/20 as I'm gonna cycle 50/60 miles this weekend and next instead. To be honest I gonna try not to let the gfa stress me out too much. I did 9.5 miles @8:30 on a reasonably hilly route. But felt tired at the end. This taper thing needs to work miracles!!

14/09/2016 at 13:22

AA - Taper madness,  you''ll be OK it is very hot today.  Yeah Lakesman is Iron distance, heard good things about Vichy, apart from warm and potentially non wetsuit which you'd be OK with but would spin me out. Garmin is  pretty accurate set to pool swim and length of pool, does n't count kick lengths as needs to see arm movement and use lap function if you 're doing sets. And I'm slow in a wetsuit or without

2old - Only "46" miles you slacker , excellent training from you as ever.

Think I must have really pissed someone off , hip nearly full recovered and then down the south coast for the weekend and pinged my calf getting out of the car wtf, so another week of no running, just a bit sore and tight.  Well I did to a 100m run in the pool this morning after 1k swim.

14/09/2016 at 18:51
AA-don't blame you cycling instead of a LR. They are a pain. Your run today went well
Barry-what's up with you and injuries? That's normally my problem. I bet the calf issue will be related to your hip somehow. My calf tends to trouble me after long drives or flights and I find squats and lunges provide some relief. Hope it fixes soon . Yep I'm slacking - actually I'm cramming a bit in whilst I can which is risky
6 miles today including a few fastish intervals in the park. Too hot really . Thought about a swim tonight but CNBA'd .
20/09/2016 at 07:11

How are we all doing this week? I'm definitely going through taper madness. Want to train but feel I should start to wind it down a bit. Been rolling my hammy which is still causing me grief. 12 days to go....

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