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25/12/2011 at 12:40

Happy Christmas all

4:7 miles in 49 minutes, very pleased considering how little I've done over the last couple of weeks

25/12/2011 at 19:32

Evening.   Just winding down from a lovely day.  5k run at Bushy Park to start with, then cooked full Christmas Dinner (the capital D is deliberate) with cousins over to share.  Just finished eating  and all guests gone home so time to relax.  Washing up can wait till tomorrow.  I've got aero bars for my bike, a Clangers mug that talks, and Nigela's How to be a Domestic Goddess!!!!!  I think Mr SD is having a laugh.

Well run Spence.  My 5k took me 39mins so I'm not getting any faster but I loved it.  Bushy Park was just lovely.

Min - I know you've been poorly so hope you are better.

Festive greetings to everyone. Enjoy the rest of the holiday.

27/12/2011 at 12:19
This Billy Bloater has run 5 miles this morning
27/12/2011 at 14:56

I'm sure you are nowhere near Billy Bloater stage Spence!  Your running is getting very consistent.  Is this the same Spence that moaned at every run last year?

I've been good - 25 miles on the bike yesterday in 1hr 50 which wasn't bad considering the head wind, the hills and a heavy head.  30mins on the turbo today followed by a swim.  When I say swim, I mean more TI drills with a few lengths of full stroke here and there.  Still trying to keep a relaxed head and just turning it to breathe.  Feels great when I do it right.

I think all that activity allows me to open this other box of chocs. 

27/12/2011 at 19:26

oh dear, did I really moan a lot?

well done, any chocs left?

27/12/2011 at 21:39

hahahaha - I'm sure you didn't really Spence - I've probably mistaken you for that DL!

<passes over mini toblerones and All Gold Dark>

27/12/2011 at 22:32

Evening All

TAken advantage of a change of scene and some time off at Mummy Podds to do a little training in preparation for "that event"

Did the full length swim for the first time in my life ever quite pleased overall and did learn a few things to mull over

Also done 3 short (and I really do mean short!) runs although 2 of the 3 were supposed to be longer ones!! - final "away run" tomorrow and hoping to make it a little longer than we've done so far...

Turkey Soup Dragon wrote (see)

I've been good - 25 miles on the bike yesterday in 1hr 50 which wasn't bad considering the head wind, the hills and a heavy head.  30mins on the turbo today followed by a swim. 

Great going Soupy

Are you setting yourself any targets timewise for the individual parts? I haven't been on the bike for nearly 2 weeks now which is potentially a major mistake but situation just won't permit it so need to get myself organised soon

Spence wrote (see)

oh dear, did I really moan a lot?

27/12/2011 at 22:51

Wow Podds - the full length swim, all 3.8k?? <bows down>  Well done. Most I've ever done is 2k and I could only do that in a wettie, not in a pool. I think 1k is as much as I've ever done in a pool but I somehow thing thats going to have to change, although concentrating on technique for the next month so as not to imprint more bad form. I get bored in the pool and its too easy to stop.  Can't do that in the middle of a lake. Specially with Dustboy nagging me (bless, he nags as much in the water as he does on the bike).

No real targets for time, just to get round.  I don't want to get too stressed about time or speed. I sort of think 8 hours for the bike, 1:45 swim and 6+ for the run but its no more than a guess. I'm  doing the training to heart rate and seeing what happens.

28/12/2011 at 07:22
Oh dear, sorry if I moaned a lot......still got me results didn't it    
02/01/2012 at 11:06

Happy New Year to one and all.  Here's hoping for a great year of racing and pbs.

Got back for the Yorkshire Dales last night where it rained non stop.  Glorious sunshine today in London so I'm off for a run round Richmond Park.

02/01/2012 at 21:12
Hope you had a good run Soupy  I did 10 on Saturday, they were slow and very sluggish  Can't think why!!
02/01/2012 at 21:23
I did a great run today Spence.  Kept to a low heart rate, enjoyed the run and didn't need a snooze afterwards. Going to run home from work tomorrow.  Back to part time so 2.30 finish yippee!!  I'm planning on 15 to 20mins on the turbo before biking in too. I think some brisk hiking in the hills has helped my running a bit.  Might do some LDWA events this year.    pirate
03/01/2012 at 09:24
Wow Soupy - you are a veritable training machine! I'm so impressed with your training so far and your positive outlook. I shall be reminding you of this when you are having doubtful moments - not that you will, of course!! I seem to struggle to get in here, so do feel free to email/text/FB me if you think I'm being tardy!
03/01/2012 at 18:21

well done Soupy

4 miles for me today in the pouring rain and wind!!

Gotta count as double surely !!?

03/01/2012 at 18:36

Well done Spence.  

I wimped out - not much of a machine hahahaha.   I drove to work and did a long swim afterwards.  Didn't fancy biking in that wind so swapped my days round - swimming should have been yesterday rather than a run anyway.  Bike and run tomorrow instead.  Could have still done a run I suppose. Or a turbo session come to that.  Oh dear, machine seems to have malfunctioned.    pirate
04/01/2012 at 14:53

I still have no face!

I ran yesterday but forgot to turbo. Don't ask how I managed to forget!! I jsut did the 2.5k swim and it definitely was not pretty!!

Think I've malfunctioned....

04/01/2012 at 17:05

"just" a 2.5k swim she says.

I did a bike this morning to work with 10 mins on the turbo before hopping on the hybrid then just ran home.  Couldn't keep my heart rate down on the run and feeling snuffly like I'm getting a bit of a cold. 5 miles took me 70 mins which is slow even by my standards.  But I did it.

For some reason I'm not really moaning about training.  I've just taken it as a fact of life that I either swim, bike, or run in various combinations. When the distances start increasing I think I might think differently.  I do confess though to sometimes wondering why I'm doing this and perhaps I should take the easy option and "just" do a couple of marathons this year (a lovely word "just" isn't it?).   I tell myself that I've jumped on a bandwaggon, that if I'd never heard of Pirates I wouldn't even think of doing Ironman and its the most stupid thing in the world to be aiming for.  So I think okay, I'll just do running but I want to be a better swimmer so I'll stick to doing that for fun, and I enjoy biking so I want to be able to do some longer rides as well - which brings me right back to IM training!  And I know if I read about people crossing the finish line at Outlaw  I'll be gutted if I don't even try and I'll always wonder what if?  I know I want to do it but it scares me and my brain is going in to self-protect mode.  Think I need to train my mind as well as my body if I'm going to finish this thing.

04/01/2012 at 18:04


You are doing brilliantly and with the increased time you'll have from going back to part time plus the lengthening days and (hopefully) improving weather you will easily manage to fit in all the plan and everyone says that the plan does work and will get you round.............

People like you and me are not likely to be challenging the podium positions but the way I look at it is (or try to in my more positive moments!):

"the harder the journey the more worthwhile the reward"........

I know my journey will be very hard:
- full time job
- 3 dogs
- middle aged
- 1st ironman
- overweight
and dog only knows what else!

But as you say I know how much I would regret not trying...........all too often in my life I've wimped out of things - mainly for stupid reasons - some big things some little things - but I have never failed to regret each one..........

Now I know for a fact that at least 3 of my "negatives" don't apply to you and I also know that your cycling has come on leaps and bounds (by your own admission and Dustboy's appraisal), you've been enjoying your swim technique stuff, you are an experienced runner and you have the chance to train with other pie-rights who will give you all the advice and support you could possibly want......... in summary


And so endeth the sermon for today

04/01/2012 at 18:51

Thanks Podds - yep we have to trust that the schedule works, not to mention Pirate Power.  I am lucky to have the time to train and to have so much help and support. I remember when I was wibbling about the Vit the first time, to the extent that I withdrew from the race then promptly burst into tears and had to email them back to say I wanted to stay in the race.   I felt totally fantastic when I finished it (and then cried all over Schmunks at the finish line) so I'm sure Outlaw will be a million times more emotional. 

Bring it on!   Brain shut up!!    pirate
05/01/2012 at 10:11

I think Podds has put it very well there. None of us find it easy - even the super duper fast peeps. If it was, it wouldn't be an Ironman, would it?

Also, I wouldn't worry that your brain has gone into self protect mode - if that works for your brain, go with it. My opinion is that completing is a 70 - 30 mix; with the 30 being the physical and the 70 being the mental. Anyone CAN do it, if they have the right attitude. And you guys do.

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