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23/06/2013 at 15:48

Big g- whilst not a PB that's a darn good time! Well done! And more importantly- beating the SiL! Nice one.

23/06/2013 at 17:43

Great run there Big G, all that and saw off the Sister -in-law too. Enjoy that pint....... and maybe a couple more.

No run for me today in the end, my hamstring has been a touch tender this week and although it has been fine to run on it slowly it has been noticeable afterwards. I skipped my Parkrun yesterday as I suspect a speedy run would of twanged it, despite this I woke up this morning and it felt as tight and sore as it has ever been so thought it best not to push it.

I've been bored stiff all day  I have a race on the next two weekends so I know it was the sensible thing to do, doesn't make it any less frustrating though and oddly enough it doesn't feel too shabby now which is annoying.

I have spent the afternoon designing vests online for each of my events coming up  and letting my artistic juices flow. See and my parents thought an Art degree was a waste of time and money.

23/06/2013 at 18:43

Hi Ricky - no, it's not a PB.  1:42:02 at Bideford from March is my PB.  I'm still really pleased though as I think Torbay is a tougher course.  This is the end of the the first week of my Autumn marathon training plan, so I'm starting in good shape for that I hope.

My splits were 8:20, 8:05, 7:53, 7:43, 7:48, 8:01, 7:37, 7:49, 7:48, 7:39, 7:43, 8:28, 7:39.  It was a slow first mile as it always tends to be at these relatively big events (1500+ finishers) but this suits me really as it forces me to start off steadily.  The 8:28 for the 12th mile is due to a hill so although it may look like I was drastically tiring there, the hill is the reason.  Looking at the Garmin I negative split by about 20 seconds so all-in-all I'm pleased!

Weather conditions were more or less perfect I'd say as it was cool with a bit of drizzle in the air for some of it.  For about 2 miles (2 lots of 1 mile from Torquay back towards Paignton) there was a bit of a headwind but it was manageable.

I learnt a couple of things in the lead up to it as well around food for the couple of days before the race.  I've made a note of what I ate/drank in My Fitness Pal as I it's the best I've felt regarding fueling etc.

It was great because as well as my SiL and I running, my wife and father-in-law also ran and they were all pleased with their times.  It was also good running as a part of a club as there were lots of club spectators out as well as seeing other club members out on the course at various points.

So, all in all, a great event...made even better by me getting a couple of cheeky beers in at my SiL's expense

23/06/2013 at 19:07

Big_G - great run from you today my friend. While not a PB, it was a really tough course and you ran a negative split. Add to that that you trounced SiL. Sounds like it was a real family affair.

And looks like you are in really good shape going into your marathon training. Really well done and enjoy those beers.

23/06/2013 at 19:10

Oirish - Know the feeling. I have been like a lost sheep all weekend. With my 9 year old being away with the school it would have been the perfect weekend to get some running in. I really did not know what to do with myself at times. Mrs D even said that I looked bored.

Hopefully your hamstring will settle down so that you can get some more decent races in. You have been in cracking form so a few days rest should not really be an issue for you.

23/06/2013 at 20:13

Hi Guys - Been a bit quiet this week. After my ITB was playing up last week I have been back to the strengthening program and stretching, although laterly in the week it went a bit manic at work so not too much was done on that front. On-call this week from Friday to Thursday but managed to get 6.66miles in this morning. Yes the .66 is important as I am not getting the miles in at the moment and I am now starting to feel it. A pitiful 15 miles in all this week, played footie on Thursday and managed to scrape my knee and lower leg which was a wee bit sore and will look great on the holiday photos ;0)

Took this morning as a mid tempo run and chose a route with a few inclines so I would not get carried away. Ran the 6.66 in 50:41 (7:29,7:23,7:39,7:44,7:44,7:43,7:41,5:00) and no ITB twinges on either leg. I did wear a pair of compression shorts this morning, I am not sure whether this has helped. I was wearing them through my marathon training and had stopped wearing them recently so not sure whether this may be another factor. I certainly think I needed to get back on the strengthening and stretching regime though.

Carl - Although it is a bit of a bummer having to sit on your hands, I think that is probably what you needed to hear as the ankle has been niggling you lately. Hopefully with the rest you can bounce back stronger.

Hope the hamstring improves Oirish...

Good run Big_G, sounds like it was quite an enjoyable run and luckily things cooled down a bit for you...

23/06/2013 at 20:42

Carter - really impressed with your fell run. Really tough terrain but you seem to be in great shape and coped with it really well. Really pleased for you as you have come back really strong and seem to be fully recovered. Also great to hear you enjoying your running. Keep it up.

23/06/2013 at 20:43

Rachel - looks like you are building up teh miles nicely. Seems like you are more or less back into it now. Keep it going.

23/06/2013 at 20:46

Nell - strengthening and stretching. Now that is something I understand a little about. I would not stress too much about your mileage at the moment. You have put in some great sessions but with your ITB playing up do need to take it easy. Slow and steady is the order of te day I think.

And you are right. With the niggle not going away, a rest was needed.

23/06/2013 at 21:18

Ricky - love you report on your run from yesterday. Sounds like doing an 'Oirish' turned into a really enjoyable run.

As the man himself says, planned runs are way overarted.

Interesting your comment on how you felt the endurance had dropped a little since the marathon. I have to admit that this is how I had been feeling and wondering if it was just me.

Are there others who feel  that the Spring marathon takes alot out of you and that it takes some time to really run off the effects. And why do you think that is ?

23/06/2013 at 21:39

Big_g - great running today and an excellent time considering everything. Your marathon training is off to a great start. And the sister in law gets to buy you some beers too, happy days. 

Carl - did the physio say you could do other activities whilst you can't run ? This not being able to run is horrible isn't it and it will probably be as bad for mrs Carl. Keep your chin up and try and stay positive. I believe it was you who told me I would come back stronger after my injury and you were absolutely right, so bear that in mind for when you get back out there. 

Nell - you are another one who gave me some good advice when I was injured and made me realise that the stretches and strengthening exercises would work. So I'm glad to see you appear to be managing your ITB well at the moment so keep at it. 

Oirish - a degree in art you say ? And here is me thinking you had crafted a career in cartography

Ricky - great run from you sir. And a nice increase of pace in those last few miles too. What's up next for you ?


23/06/2013 at 21:49

Darn close Big G and on a tougher course so one to be well pleased with... also impressive that you stuck to your strategy with a nice steady start and managed your negative split. Pretty much nailed it then sir  well done.

AliBali - hope you nailed that exam yesterday also!

Carl - yesterdays run is the first I have really felt "like myself" since Limerick 7 weeks ago. There is no doubt a marathon is hard on the body.... in my case my groin strain lingered on for 4 or 5 weeks afterwards and I prob had too much rest and think I lost some fitness as a result.

I have just finalised my P&D up to 55 mile plan for Dublin - first run of the plan tomorrow evening!

Whilst spreading it on an excel sheet and sticking in totalling formulas I noticed that is just short of 750 miles which is actually about 70 miles more than my Hal Higdon that I followed for Limerick - so about 10% more I suppose.

I have also tweaked it a little to try and fit weekly club sessions in to the plan in addition so this will add an extra speed session and approx. 6 miles per week more... I may revise these after a few weeks if I feel it's too much.

I note there is only three 20milers in the plan ... I have left this as is for now but will probably try and get a few more in. 

It is going to be challenging fitting this all in as the summer brings a 2+week hol to France & some golfing outings into play in addition to the Tuesday night club sessions..... the saving grace I hope will be the longer evenings and better weather?!  Gonna be a busy summer......


23/06/2013 at 21:50

The results from Thursdays fell race are in and I finished 162 out of 202 and 56 out of 67 in my age category. My legs were absolutely mashed from the race and I felt it in my 'long' run if 13.5 miles on Saturday and my bike ride with Mrs C of 15 miles, with some hills that she did really well on for the first time, today. I recall feeling this tired early in my training last time after giving it everything in a half. So, I don't think I am going to race again until a few more weeks into this training plan. I would like to think I am learning to listen to my body a lot more now so the next week I am aiming for 43 easy miles in 4 runs, rather than the usual 5, and the following week is a recovery week of 34 miles which finishes with the Lake Coniston HM which I will use as my long run for the week. Last campaign I don't think I had enough recovery weeks may well have contributed to my ITB injury. This time it will be different

23/06/2013 at 21:54

Ricky - I increased 3 of my long runs on P&D so I have now got 6 in my plan. This gives me a bit if flexibility if I can't make 1 or 2 of them for whatever reason. On the P&D thread other people have also done this and some of them have used this plan before with some success

23/06/2013 at 21:57

Carter - I have couple of halfs provisionally pencilled in for late July/Early August (Dervock & Cookstown) however I may let them slide and focus my HM efforts on Waterside HM in September as it is the flat PB potential one. Cookstown however is tempting as it is the HM event for the WPFG (World Police & Fire Games) so is an opportunity to take part in a higher profile event.

The only other race I have pencilled in is one I am very keen to try my hand at - the Causeway Coast on 28th September.... this a coastal trail/beach/clifftop run offering breathtaking scenery & various distances: 10k, HM, Marathon & a 40ml Ultra. This will be a month out from Dublin so will prob plump for the HM.

23/06/2013 at 22:07

Hello all. Great to hear of so much positive running from lots of you.

I have had a decent week of running ending with a 13 mile run in 2hr 5 tonight (just in the door!) Was feeling crap and tired all day so nearly talked myself out of running but glad I didn't as once out I really enjoyed it. Tough run in the country from my folks house (was staying here as I had my fitness exam yesterday) through the countryside, mainly downhill out to a coastal area, then back mainly uphill. Ended the week on 4 hours 15 mins running and about 27 miles. Planning 15 miles on my day off (Friday) next week. next week I am going to make my first 'official' week training for Inverness though to be honest I've still been training quite decently and mostly consistently over the last month or so so it won't be too big a change.

Carl, I still feel after London that running for more than 2.5 hours is  a daunting prospect. Admittedly it was a disastrous race for me but I feel my reserves are still depleted and long runs sometimes feel like there's just very little in the tank. I also still feel it has robbed me of some pace- my last 10k was 4 weeks after London and I managed 49:48... Which I was fine with, but I feel I'm only getting back to usual pace about now... It's taken a while! 

I think we have to remember that a marathon is not just the big effort on the day, but the numerous long runs beforehand, an amount of mileage that many runners would find a strain, the exhaustion of balancing a huge deal of training with your 'normal' life.... And by the time you get to race day and complete it, your body and mind have been strained for a few months and are firing out for rest. But we don't give it to them!

23/06/2013 at 22:47

Carter - physio suggested that if I was worried about maintaining fitness that I could do swimming and cross training but that his preference would be that I took a complete break. His rationale was that I ran the marathon early April with an injury (different from current for those who joined this thread recently), seemed to get over this but then had the altercation with a cyclist resulting in the ankle injury. I then ran the Bupa 10k with my dodgy ankle and have carried on pushing out some fast times. While he suspects that everything links back to my ankle injury he also thinks that as my work life has been a bit hectic during the same period, my body needs a rest to give my ankle a real chance at recovery.

I have decided that I will adopt this advice and am hoping that it helps in the long run. Whenever I get back running  I will have lost loads of endurance but I can probably get this back faster than I think.

The funny thing with all this is that giving advice to others on this thread is easier than taking it. Sitting on your hands while watching everyone else get on with their running journeys with great races is tough at times.

24/06/2013 at 20:09

Carl - sounds like you've got things under control despite it being very frustrating for you. Hang in there mate

Ali - well done for getting out when you didn't feel like it. That mental strength will help if things get tough during a race. When do you get your exam results ?

Ricky - you should be in cracking form for your half in September if you can have 3 months good training. 

10.5 miles for me tonight with 9 @ MP. The legs were still heavy and tired from Thursday but the first half of the run was fairly comfortable. Then, when I turned round, there was a brisk gale that I didn't notice before. The last 1.5 is up a fairly steep climb but, even though the legs were tired, I still feel as strong as I have done so before, if that makes sense

24/06/2013 at 21:57

Carl- you will not lose a huge amount of endurance. Not in a few weeks. Don't leit e worry you too much.

carter- know I have passed everything from Saturday. Now just have another exam a week on Saturday then am a qualified fitness instructor.  

24/06/2013 at 22:07

Carl - it's bound to be tough on the sidelines m8 but a few weeks off and you hopefully can get stuck in again. You need another hobby in the meantime! 

Carter - good stuff... How are you finding P&D so far... It's quite different to conventional plans isn't it?

Well 18 weeks today until Dublin so I kicked off with my first run - 8 miles with 4 @ lactate threshold (supposed to be somewhere between HM & 15k pace)... splits:

9.19; 9.04; 7.20; 7.28; 7.29; 7.30; 8.47; 8.42

I have not done this type of run before and what struck was me how easy the last two 'general aerobic' miles felt. they felt really slow and easy like 9.30 pace so was surprised to see they were 8.40ish pace.

The other thing that struck me is how much more pleasant it is to be marathon training on sunny summer evenings than dark cold winter nights!

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