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02/07/2013 at 23:05

loll = aka buns!

03/07/2013 at 00:17

Am with you Oirish on the mastering golf thing. It is a great game but can be so frustrating. When I had the time and used play most Saturday mornings (before I had kids) I rarely ever had what I would describe as a great game of gold. I had a great round of gold enjoying the camaraderie and all that but I could never get the consistency. If the drive was good, the chipping was worful. And the drive was rarely that good. The head would be telling me to play the drive a little safer but the driver would almost always come out of thee bag and there was usually no telling where it was going to end up. But a bit like running I kept going back for more.....

Speaking of running. Am really itching to get out there and get going again. I think the ankle is pretty good now. Am working on it nearly every day and it is only the morning when I get up that it gives me some trouble. But this might be something that I have to live with. I will be good and wait until I see the physio one last time to see what he has to say. But next week I am out there regardless.

Ricky - glad you enjoyed those traybakes

04/07/2013 at 00:07

Just got in from attending a work function expecting there to be something to catch up on and nothing. Trust everyone was just having a quiet day.

04/07/2013 at 08:51

Yep - work apptmnts for me yesterday evening.

10 miler planned this evening

I see a heat wave is forecast for weekend & next week

04/07/2013 at 17:43

I've been very quiet as I haven't run much this week....had a great week last week but this week I've been feeling a sore ankle (the one I twisted during London) and something has told me to ease off it.  I have the Dundee Half Marathon two weeks on Sunday so I hope it feels better by next week so I can squeeze in a couple more long runs in this gorgoeus sunshine before the race!

How is everyone enjoying running in the heat?  Personally, I quite like heat and running in sun...makes me feel alive, and living in Scotland we have to take all the sun we can get I feel.

Carl- you've done well through this period to give yourself the rest you need, you will be right excited to get out next week.

05/07/2013 at 00:18

AliBali - you are right to take it a bit easy with your race looming.

I am loving this summer marathon training - a real novelty for me as I have never done an autumn marathon before! However there are different challenges to contend with when summer running on country lanes - I have recently almost swallowed a fly (twice) and also had a fly in the eye

10 mile GA run tonight on a warm sunny evening albeit with a stiff wind. Was a little pushed for time so ended up slightly faster (9.17 avg) than the 9.35 pace intended.

05/07/2013 at 13:24

Morning all. It's been one of those weeks where stuff has come up at home and I've not been out for a run since Monday. I hope to rectify that later today with about 18 miles up in th Peaks. There is a big orange thing in the sky too so it should be lovely up there !

05/07/2013 at 19:19

Hi all,

A fairl quiet week for me after last weekend's shenanigans, ony two runs a good ills session that pushed me pretty hard and a pleasant 9 miler last night just ticking over at 9:00 m/m pace.

Tomorrow is part 2 of my week of daft events, a 10 mile cross country race with two water obstacles thrown in. Once again it'll represent a new PB as 10 miles is a new distance for me, even better than that I have other 10 mile road races later in the year to destroy that PB. So 2 PB's in seven days  

It doesn't start until 11a.m. so with predicted temperatures of 29c that waist high water could well be a relief rather than an obstacle. I'll give you the full run down tomorrow at some point of how it goes, I am even pacing someone for a sub 28 minute 5k Parkrun beforehand so it's a busy old morning.

Alibali - A steady couple of weeks should see you right I reckon, you are right to choose rest as your preferred course of action. Fingers crossed all will be tickety boo come race day.

I'm a big fan of running in the heat, I run wherever I go. India in Monsoon season was a highlight, the locals use to set themselves and their electric fans up on their verandahs to watch the silly white man go past each day.

Ricky - I had about half a dozen dead bugs stuck to my forehead after my run the other evening, it was not a great look.

Carter - You don't do things by halves do you? You seem to be either injured or thrashing around the hillside like a lycraed Julie Andrews. The hard times definitely seem behind you 

Carl - When I bust my foot I was still hurting first thing in the morning for quite a while, the first few steps were excruciating as my achilles refused to play ball but it was actually running on it that got rid of it, hopefully your physio will give you the thumbs up and you'll be back at it again. If you are half as bad a patient as Ime than it has been a frustrating period.

Have a great evening all and I will have a report for you at some point tomorrow afternoon, it may be a little later on as I am off to watch the British Army v New Zealand Army knock seven shades out of each other in a Rugby League match tomorrow afternoon, 

05/07/2013 at 19:47

Best of luck tomorrow Oirish. 

Well, I set of at 3:00ish for my long run and according to Mrs C it was 30 degrees. All I know is it was chuffing hot as I was slogging up the first of 3 biggish hills. This called for a rethink of the route as there was no way I would have made all 3. After about 7 miles I was struggling to breath properly, my feet were on fire and I lost some tape that was covering my delicate nipple ! The next 9 miles were hellish and I had to walk in places as I was struggling to breath still. I covered the 16 in 2:48 which isn't actually far off my planned pace, but boy did I struggle. 

05/07/2013 at 20:30

Gosh, you don't pop by for a day or two, then there's so much to catch up on!!

Well, I intend to run a 10k n Wednesday evening.  It is our 20th Wedding anniversary, so we are going to break the mold of meals out and do a 10k together. It is going to be roastingly hot, but it's not till 7:30, and we can take a picnic in the park for later..should be lovely. I'm toying with printing a weeding pic to pin to our backs, or is that just too sicky?? Either way the heat and hills should prevent the ususal competitive streak, and I'm excited to enter an event again. My first since the marathon last October!!


05/07/2013 at 21:22

Rachel - I'm not sure a picture of you weeding is very romantic

05/07/2013 at 22:03

oh ha ha Carter...typical, focus on the typo,rather than my romantic gesture!!


05/07/2013 at 22:28

This would have been a week where work got in the way so not running has not been so much of a problem.

But I am busting to get back out there. This has been a very frustrating few weeks for sure.

Oirish I think you could be right. I am fairly happy that it is time to get back out there. Some mornings the ankle feels fine and others it is stiff as a board. I could not make my physio today but am booked in for Monday. I am going to go to the running shop tomorrow to get my trotters tested and I might treat myself to a new pair.

And I might sneak out (now don;t tell anybody) for a few miles over the weekend.


05/07/2013 at 22:34

Oirish - best of luck with your parkrun and 10miler tomorrow.

AliBali - I hear your fristration but a week or two's rest will probably have made a big difference.

Carter - sometimes the are other things taht need to take priority and its funny how this time of year seems to be when everyone struggles to get the full weeks training in. WE had no such trouble during the cold and miserable winter just gone by. Your recovery has gone well and you are in good shape so a few days out will not be much of a problem for you.

Rachel - back running a race. Well done to you. Bet your competitive streak comes out on Wednesday.

Ricky - another good little session from you this week. Ticking over nicely. Will have to try and catch you up as I need to be able to stay with you for at least the first mile when we get to Dublin later this autumn.

05/07/2013 at 23:48

Oirish- you are truly daft. That event sounds FUN!

rachel- your plans sound lovely. I enjoy evening running. I feel you get a it of a 'second wind', I normally feel quite energetic, and the evening sky is lovey too! Enjoy, and go on, be a big romantic and do the wedding (not weeding!) pics thing...

06/07/2013 at 00:13

Oirish best of luck tomorrow -looking at the weather forecast I think you will indeed be glad of the steeplechase sections!

Rachel - good on you - a race at last

Carter great run - tough terrain in tough conditions!

I have busy weekend ahead and am also off to Goodwood next Friday for the weekend so am having to do some major juggling - so tonight I ran my long run which was 13mls with 8mls @ MP. Splits looked like this:

9.18; 9.05; 8.19; 8:16; 8.21; 8.25; 8:25; 8:19; 8.21; 9.04; 8.45; 8.51 

Total distance was 13.1 mls in 1:52.xx with avg HR of 149

My intended MP is 8.20 so I pretty much nailed that in the middle 8 of the session

06/07/2013 at 09:16

Great splits there Ricky, nice and consistent. 

Rachel - have a lovely, romantic evening and remember, if Mr Rachel crosses the line before you, he has let you win

Enjoy the weekend everyone, looks like its going to be a scorcher

06/07/2013 at 10:52

Nice splits Ricky

Carter - mid afternoon heat long runs can be a killer. I'm sure they make running on a cool day seem so easy though so worthwhile.

06/07/2013 at 16:39

Carl - you will have no problem staying with me in Dublin trust me!

found it a fairly tough session last night... Legs felt tired when I set off .. No doubt still feeling the effects of the 10 miler the night b4!

Edited: 06/07/2013 at 17:25
06/07/2013 at 16:48

Good afternoon one and all. I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine?

A good mornings work from me. I got up to take part in our local Parkrun, I had promised to help a friend try to get a PB which was 28:07 but more of that later.

I had packed all my gear for The PARA 10 Endurance race I had at 11 - clearly it was important to allow the sunshine to really get going before we set off. Despite the cross country aspect of The Para 10 I decided to not go with my trail shoes but stick with my ZOOTs as my trails are fairly padded and the thought of them holding water wasn't that appealing  I also figured the paths would be dry and hard which thankfully paid of handsomely.

So after walking into town I did Parkrun and managed to cajole a 23:17 time out of my friend, by cajole I mean shout a stream of encouragement for 5k. Admittedly she looked like she wanted to thump me on several occasions but we were both ecstatic with her result.

So it was in a good mood I made my way the short distance to Para 10. Picking up my running pack I was thrilled to discover I was number 665. What is 665?

The number of the beast's next door neighbour. Boom tish. 

Anyway after milling around we were called up to near the start and did a quick warm up under the supervision of an Army PTI and managed to punch a fabulously good looking woman next to me square in the jaw during a star jump, she took it very well and had a little flirt which just goes to show what have always said - wooing, charm, hearts and flowers are all very well but nothing beats donning a vest and punching someone to really spark the romance. 

Anyway a quick read of her back tattoo and we were off, the runners first, alongside the runners and dogs and followed 10 minutes later by the "Tabbers" carrying 35lb backpacks.  

For the first couple of miles I was ticking over nicely as far as I could tell, I forewent any timing devices as I figured waist high water wouldn't be a good mix and how prescient that proved to be. The heat was severe and my mouth was hideously dry by the time we reached the first water station just after 3 miles so took on as much liquid as I could. After 5 miles we reached the first water obstacle which was a 25ft crossing of a river at just over knee height, I adopted a high leg action rather than wading straight through it and got across fairly quickly and the cold really revitalised the legs.

Oh and did I mention there were camoflagued soldiers firing blank rounds at us and yelling at this point? 

This was followed by a mile of wooded trail and a fairly hilly section before another water station and then a half mile to the next water crossing. This was much deeper, how deep? If you were to slip over with your first stride and then trip over an underwater branch you discover it comes upto your neck. At some point I cut my knee, not badly but enough to be annoying and as I tried to regain my feet looked up to see a race photographer capturing the moment for posterity with a massive grin beneath his camera we tells me I must of looked ridiculous 

After scrambling up the muddy bank I was by now pretty tired, although nice and cool after my quick dip. It was another couple of miles of trail and finished with a run on roads for the final stretch. At some point I jarred my right leg on an uneven path and my calf tightened almost immediately "Oh deary me" or words to that effect I said and gritted it out to the end. I was just so tired, hot and bothered by this stage but there is something about a finish line that always gives me a surge of energy and managed a fairly decent sprint at the end even if my face was as contorted a

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