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12/05/2014 at 13:48

Then in Leeds you turn the last corner and head up the 200m to go straight. I saw the race clock and it said 1:35, bloody hell. I sprint the last 100m and duck under the finish in 1:34:30 official time, just 2m behind the 95min pacer. last 10k of 44:30, and a big big negative split. 

Oh my god, where has that just come from and what has just happened? Euphoria doesn't even begin to describe it and I had and still have an ear to ear grin all over my face.   

I'm still in shock today at the time, but its a nice shock and I put the good run down to the perfect running conditions on the day, good water and jelly baby strategy and if i'm honest probably still feeling some benefits from my London training.  My sore legs today were soo worth it.  

Anyway that turned into a much longer post then I was expecting and sorry to ramble on  

Edited: 12/05/2014 at 13:51
12/05/2014 at 14:06

Hi Sean, that is an amazing time, Well Done,  I seems that everything fell into place for you, really enjoied reading your report. Well done again on the PB

12/05/2014 at 19:43

Hello all

Have been absent a few days as have just been really really busy and sadly not with running but more social events.  Oh well it's that close to the marathon now that I'm not worried about my running now, the way I see it is I've done all the work and there isn't anything else that will improve my fitness now so I am not going to worry about what I do/don't do running wise now.

So to you all:

Sean- ACE TIME well done, that is a great achievement.  

Stuart- do not worry about what your runs are now in terms of long runs and not doing any pre marathon, your fitness won't change a lot now and I've read several times before it takes about two weeks for a fitness improvement to take place so what you are doing now is to keep you limber and ticking over, not make you any fitter.

As to you asking about my race pack- WAH- I have not got got sent to my old address (stupid me hadn't checked I hadn't updated it on the online page since I ran in 2012 and was at an old flat) and now I can't get I have to go to the hub on the day before the race which I wasn't planning to do but OH WELL it's my own fault.  *huff*

Nell- with you on the tapering and v much enjoying it already after Tuesday's 20 miler 

Carl- nice return.  You'll have a good 10k in you!

Ricky- also back to the long runs, well done.  When's this Mourne Marathon?

PS- you will make it to the sub 4 crew, how can you not.  I have done it (just... 3:59) and my HM PB is much slower than yours.  It's just the marathon distance you need to perfect, not your overall running/fitness.


13/05/2014 at 12:38

Hi Stuart, You know your body and if it is feeling tired or sore, you just have to go with what you think best and not push it. Obviously you still need to keep the miles in there, but not to the detriment of your body.

In answer to you question Stuart, I am taking the miles down now and building in some speed work. I ran a 3 miler last night just to see how the body was feeling after the cold. Seemed to go ok and ran 7:05, 7:30, 7:00. Tonight I will run 6 miles 1 mile warm up and down, with 400 meter intervals hopefully at 90 secs. A slow 6 miles tomorrow and then 3 miles Thursday at about 6:45-50mm with  a mile warm up/down. Easy 4-5 Saturday and then 10 miles Sunday. Next week will be a lower mileage ranging around 4 miles a run with a bit of interval work Tuesday.

Hi Sean, Well done on the HM, great report and really,really pleased for you. You are certainly the Maverick of the group and great entertainment. Watch those shin splints...


Hi Ali, Glad to hear you are happy with yourself  


As I said earlier, got 3 miles in last night and felt ok. Went for a meal in the hotel, decided to be good and ordered my meal along with a water. Luckily my German is that awful, the waiter took my request of water as a Wheat Beer, oh well, just had to take it...I'm trying Carl  6 miles planned for tonight with some interval work. Fields at the back of the hotel have pathways interlaced so some good running on my doorstep :0)

13/05/2014 at 13:57

Hi Nell, thanks for the advice, the nerves are creeping in now and the worry that i've not done enough etc. 

hope you are enjoying Germany, how is it runing out there, did you work out any routes before hand?

13/05/2014 at 20:21

Stuart you've done more than enough.  Every marathon lead up feels like this.  Get used to it as you will feel it again.  It is natural to doubt but know that deep down you don't need to.

Just ran 5 miles tonight, 2 to warm up in 10 mins each, 1 at 9 min pace and then 2 miles to finish at 8 min pace.  Went to the gym after for a cycle with my friend to cool down.  Feeling good.

13/05/2014 at 22:40

Evening all. 

Computer issues so will read back when sorted. 

Sean - tremendous PB big man, very well done 

Nell, Stuart, Ali - nearly time for you guys. A couple of signs of taper nerves but sounds like you are all ready. 

About 11 miles for me tonight and taking in more elevation. My legs are screaming at me at the moment as I've been hammering the trails and hills recently. A couple of easy road runs next with the Eyam half marathon on Sunday. This is a hilly race and not even close to a PB course so will be using it as a training run. Eyam us known as the Plague Village as this is where the plague started in the 1600s ?? Anyway, the main reason for me entering is the tee shirt that us a warning triangle with a rat in it !! 

13/05/2014 at 23:34

Sean - fantastic running & congrats on the PB! Couldn't understand why I couldn't see your posts and discovered in my settings that I am ignoring you?! Note to self - 'must pin protect I-pad from the kids' 

Carl - with Nell on the long runs... running with company makes the time fly by.

Nell - hope you are enjoying the R&R (and beer) in Frankfurt. I have been running usually 11 - 14 miles every Sun morning for the past few months so 16 is a bit of a step up but not overly I think.

Carter - some great hill running there ... Will stand to you for sure. The Giro D'Italia was only about 10 miles from me but between work, running & golf I didn't find the time to get see any of the action. Did see one of the teams out on a training/shake down ride last Thursday morning though.


14/05/2014 at 00:01

Ricky - how could you ignore Sean !!! Settings in ipads that allow you ignore people. What will we think of next ?

Nell - I am sure that 1 wheat beer will not really be a problem. I am sure that Carter would agree.

Stuart - as Ali says you will be fine. If you can run 20 miles on a treadmill you can easily do 26 mile with crowd support.

Ali - great that you are feeling strong.

No running tonight as it was chucking it down when I got home and the idea of getting wet did not appeal. I did get 3.5 miles in last night at about 8:20 m/m place. Some good stretching aferwards helped sort out the tight glutes.

Am going to see a show in London tomorrow evening with the family and away with work on Thursday evening.

So next running opportunity is Friday evening.

Will not have done very much by the time the 10k comes around on 26th so will be a very interesting experience.

14/05/2014 at 12:11

I disappear for a few days and come back to read all about lots of fantastic running

Great PB Sean - well done you!

Hope that the Edinburgh taper-ers are feeling good still. Sounds as if you are in an excellent place mentally and physically.

Carter - hope that your legs are feeling better.

Carl I won't have done much by the time I do my 10k in June either. Contemplating a half at the start of July before getting properly into training for Chester. Can't believe in 4 weeks time I'll be back on a marathon training plan!


14/05/2014 at 18:27

Hi Stuart, Yes the hotel was recommended by a colleague, this part of Frankfurt is the suburbs and there are plenty of fields interlaced with pathways. I just go round the back of the hotel and I am into them. So it is ideal really ;0)

The guys are right Stuart, you have done all the training, just keep ticking over now.

Nice run Ali, good to hear your feeling good ;0)

Hi Ricky, Didn't realise you had ran those distances lately, nice step up then?

Hi Carl, Just enjoy it, try not to put any pressure on yourself and just enjoy this one..

Hi PS, 4 weeks until back on your schedule


Went out last night and ran 6 miles with 8 x 400M intervals (1:26,1:17,1:22,1:18, ouch hurt give up, 1:23,1:29,1:19. With a few miles at around 7:15-20. Ran 6 miles this morning averaging 7:30, could feel the ITB in my left leg a bit. Probably should have waited for this evening after running last night.

15/05/2014 at 10:06

Anyone know anything about knees? I set off for running club last night (planning to run there) and couldn't bear any weight at all on my right leg without my right knee completely giving way. Walking on it is fine. I'm self diagnosing runner's knee which seems to cover just about everything. 

Hope your ITB is ok Nell. We don't want to all be getting crocked now! 

15/05/2014 at 13:28

Ricky - we have the Tour de France coming to us so I will be hoping to get to see that.

Nell - stretch, roller, dont overdo it ! You know what to do mate, take it easy.

PS - here is a website I've used before that gives some good info - Obviously the best thing to do is see a physio if it's giving you lots of grief.

My legs are feeling better today but I think I will have another day off and go for a run tomorrow. 

15/05/2014 at 16:05

Petite. I think theirs a big difference if the pain starts as soon as you start running, or if it sets in mid run. 

  I no doctor, but I think the good news is that if the pain starts off straight away (which is what you describe) then its probably inflamation or bruising or such like, so a week or twos with some cross training rest should sort it out. Its when the pain sets in mid run where I think you have the big problems. 
16/05/2014 at 08:06

HI PF, sorry to hear about the knee. As Carter says, may save a lot of time if you see a physio if that continues. There is plenty of info on the net also if you have a scan through. Myself, as Carter alludes to....I should know better running on the evening hard and then running again in the morning 

5 miles for me last night with 3 miles in the middle aiming for 6:40mm, ran 6:39,6:51,6:12. Middle mile was up an incline with the 3rd flat and some on a slight down incline, so balanced up in the end ;0) Thought I would sample the wheat beer after, seems rude not to before I depart!

Need to get home to my foam roller, I think it is missing me or my legs are missing it!

16/05/2014 at 08:27

Nell - I often find that the beers replace the roller and take away any pain in my knee. But only for a few hours !! Nice speedy run there, will all of your remaining sessions be quick or will you still do a bit of 'easy' running as well before Edinburgh ?

Sean - how are you recovering after your great PB at Leeds ? What's up next ?

PS - how did this mornings run go, the pace seemed ok ? How is the knee ?

I think I will head out at lunchtime for a little trot down by the river, I feel like my legs need a bit of a workout before Sundays half.

16/05/2014 at 08:36

Carter. Weekend off the running as their is a certain game at Wembley I will be in attendance of. The minibus picks me up at 09:45 tomorrow and knowing my rabble proceedings will begin henceforth.  Im sure ill try some of those wheat beers Nell is on with at some point.


I did a 5k race which is part of a summer series on Wednesday night. Ridiculously fast course with a negative incline. 19:32, PB, boom. Might go back next Wednesday to try and trim some more off that as I got a bad start blocked in a crowd, so I kno I can shave a good few seconds off that. 

16/05/2014 at 18:53

PBs all over the place for you just now Sean!!! Send some of your luck my way

great running folks and especially impressed Nell that you've still been getting in all those runs whilst away!

3 miles for me tonight in 26.22, first in 9:20 to warm up, then fast one in the middle at 8:11, last in 8:47. Overall pace 8:46. 

Taper madness- it felt dead hard. 15 seconds faster than marathon pace and three miles was tough- Is that normal?

17/05/2014 at 00:58

Ali - I found the middle week of the taper the hardest too. The first week you're just starting to take it easy Xnd can live with it and you know during the last week you shouldn't overdo it. But what do you do in that middle week ? How are you supposed to feel ? I felt rubbish during that second week so did a couple of short, fast sessions and that seemed to do the trick. I flet better going in to the last week where I focused on the shorter and quicker stuff again. So yes, it's taper madness, so everything is going according to plan ! 

17/05/2014 at 10:22

Thanks carter. I mean it's not like I haven't been here before but somehow I still need the reassurance! 

Just been at parkrun and ran 23 mins on the dot. That's only 26 seconds off my PB so can't be complaining I don't think. Probably could have been faster if I had not run last night as not much break between yesterday's run and today's. I keep going off too fast though at this parkrun and then getting progressively slower which is not what I want. Which is odd as this course is an uphill start and downhill finish so it's not like the course is encouraging this pacing problem. 

Rest of day to relax then a nice slow slightly longer run tomorrow to ease out the legs.

hope everyone is having a nice weekend?

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