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17/05/2014 at 16:48

Sean - another PB. You ar in some form. Well done.

Nell - trust you survived your week away. I am sure the odd wheat beer or two is acceptable.

Ali - good parkrun from you today. I think Carter is right. The middle week of taper is hrad as the miles fall away and there is still another week to race day.Legs feeling heavy, not feeling you could run another mile eventhough you only ran 20 miles the other week is just mental. Today's parkrun shows that you can run fine. Race day is only round the corner and you can begin to think about that now. As Carter says some shorter stuff next week with some speed thrown in too will help keep the legs ticking over.

Carter - good stuff from you at the moment.

So this has been a crap week from a running perspec tive. Just could not make the time.

Just completed 8 miles. Boy was this hard.

Stitch after the first half mile and it took me 3 miles to get rid of it.

Then I was absolutely parched. I did not really think about taking water as I was only running 6 - 8 miles. I really did need it.

Again I chose to do this on the rolling hills of Hampstead Heath.

Splits were :

8:35 ; 8:22 ; 8:33 ; 8:25 ; 8:38 ; 7:52 ; 8:21 ; 8:28

The worst of the 4 uphill sections was ,ile 5 and teh best downhill bit was mile 6.

I went through 10k in 51:06 which was a tad slower than a week ago but managd to push on for another 2 miles.

I literally could not have taken another step.

If I am being honest I do not think I am 100% recoevred from the virus and the layoff after the VLM has taken the base out of me. So I need to re-build this and focus on speedwork.

So my goal at the Bupa 10k in a week's time will be to finish sub 50. Nothing fancy and I will not be chasing a PB. The interesting thing is that my bib has me near the front as when I entered I was planning on racing it. Oh well will just need to be sensible.

Hope everyone else is having a great weekend.

Night out tonight.

17/05/2014 at 17:46

Hey Carl. You are probably right about your virus- as I found recently, a recovery period of a good few weeks is not unusual! Well done nonetheless in your run which is a pretty solid run even if you found it hard. 

Got my official parkrun time of 22:59 and 6/76 women so that's good for my placing, normally manage around the top 10-15 or so. There wasn't a hugely fast field this morning due to it being both unusually hot, and windy down at the beach! 

18/05/2014 at 08:17

Ali - nice park running. Enjoy the lovely weather, it's not going to last much longer. 

Carl - it does sound like that virus is hanging around a bit, or at least the after effects are. I've never suffered with a virus but can only imagine it's a case of being patient until it clears. 

Eyam half for me today. Its certainly not a PB course with there being 1200ft of ascent and I'm not in PB form anyway. I think there is still a bit of Manchester in the legs and I overdid things a couple of weeks ago. Plus the fact that yesterday was so lovely I spent the day in the garden having a beer or two. So it will be a nice gentle trot for me today and I'm of even going to look at my watch on the way round

18/05/2014 at 20:33

Carter - it was a warm day down here today so assume it was for you too.

Trust you got round the course without too much drama.

Ali - great result at your parkrun. Confidence builder ahead of the big one.

19/05/2014 at 07:57

Carl - hopefully that pesky virus will be completely gone soon and you can get back to penty of running.

Ali - nice park running. Don't overdo it this week. A couple of speed sessions and you should be ready to go on Sunday. Target time ?

Carl - it turned out to be a scorcher yesterday !

Eyam half marathon has the reputation of being one of the hardest road half marathon courses in the country. Add on to that the heat of yesterday and I doubt that there would have been any PBs. My plan was to have a nice 'easy' run and to get round in about 2 hours. The first mile is a loop of the village before the fun started at mile 2. A steep climb for about a mile but thankfully we were under the shade of the trees. This didn't stop most people, including me, from having to walk sections. It's a strange feeling having to walk 1.5 miles into a half marathon. We climbed to a ridge which must have been the highest point of the race and the views were spectacular. After a sharp decent there was another long, gradual climb. Thankfully, there were plenty of water stations otherwise a lot of people would have been in trouble. Plenty of villagers were out on the course to offer encouragement and jelly babies. At this stage, I was plodding along at a steady average of 9:00 but I could still feel Manchester in my legs a bit. I was thinking that maybe this 50km next month is a bit too early for me. A long, long decent followed which was hard on the old legs, more training on decents is definitely needed. Then a sharp climb for about half a mile where everyone was walking most of it. I adopted a run/walk strategy here so passed a few people. Just when you think the climb is over your turn a bend and you can see another long, straight climb. The top of this climb was at 12 miles and the last mile was like dropping off the side of a cliff (we were descending the hill we climbed at mile 2). I really struggle with descending, partially because I try and protect the knees a bit and also because I'm rubbish at it. Getting to the bottom of the hill you are into the village to be welcomed home by a fair number of people. I collected my tee shirt, which was probably the main reason I ran this (it's a warning triangle with a rat !) and then headed for home. This is a real cracking little local race and I would recommend it to anyone who fancies a tough, hilly race but isn't bothered about getting a PB.

Today, I feel strangely good and the legs are fine. So, whereas yesterday I was thinking about not running the 50km, today sees me looking forward to it and getting in plenty of miles this week.

Enjoy the nice weather everyone, it will soon be gone !


19/05/2014 at 20:22

Hi all

Carter that sounds a really fun race!  I love a good race T shirt too.  My fave this year is from the Alloa Half Marathon which Nell ran as well, it is fluorescent orange...and I mean FLUORESCENT.  Great for running in the dark.

Just enjoying short sharp running before Sunday as recommended and tried and tested before Loch Ness last year.

I keep awing and umming over my target time.

I said earlier that I'd love a new PB (under 3:59) and that 3:55 was a realistic target on Edinburgh as it's a flat fast course.  But I am wavering now because I am wondering if I'm up to it as I did miss a good bit of long run training.  There are a few things that make me think I really can smash a new PB, and there are a few things that make me think I can't.


-Faster HM time during my training schedule this time around vs in the run up to Loch Ness (1:50:47 at Alloa under tough conditions this year, 1:51:58 at Perthshire under better conditions last year before Loch Ness)

-New 5k PB during this training schedule (22:34 set at parkrun in February, vs my previous PB of 23:18 the month before Loch Ness)

-Completed my training plan well in the earlier months before I was struck with illness.  Got in long training runs and have done the magical 20 mile distance this time around which I hadn't actually done in the run up to Loch Ness.  My 20 miler I did at 38 seconds slower than ideal race pace which is not too bad.


-Missed around 3 weeks of long runs due to flu

-Had another week off completely due to plantar fascitis

-Haven't had so many high mileage weeks as I did during Loch Ness training due to above situations.  Got in the long training runs as best as I could but had to listen to my body in terms of not pushing things and ending up ill again


What do you guys think?  Can I go for the ideal, original goal of around 3:55?  Or should I just be happy to finish the race and aim for around the 4 hours mark?  I don't want to end up disappointed.

Hope everyone's enjoying the sun.


19/05/2014 at 21:12

HI Ali, Yes the tee-shirt is ORANGE! I say go for 3:55

Hi Carter, Sounds as though that run was good fun. From what you say you are not ever getting a PB and sounds as though it is there to be enjoyed. Remember the hills are good for the ITB ;0)

HI carl, Well done on getting the run in, sounds as though it has been hot down there, so cannot have been easy.

Into the last week of taper, went out Sunday for 10 miles, and pushed a bit harder to see how the ITB was feeling, ran 9 a bit pacier and then a cool down mile (uphill!) 7:07,6:57,6:43,6:58,7:08,7:18,7:04,7:10,7:20,8:26. All felt ok, just short runs left this week. Went to the gym today for some S+C, no running.

I suspect Sean is still celebrating, although it looked like it had all gone pear shaped at one point!

19/05/2014 at 21:50

Ali - I would say that overall you have more pros than cons. What is your main reason for running this time round ? If it is to just get round then do just that. If you want to nail a PB and can accept it might not go according to plan then go for it. 

Despite your setbacks I still think you have enough training in you and you could could get that PB. I say go for it !! (but don't blame me if you go for it and it doesn't work out !!! )

19/05/2014 at 21:52

Carter sounds like great course !

Ali - the 5k improvement indicates you do have a bit more speed in the legs compared to pre-Ness .... comes down endurance and that last 6 miles I guess. Similar to Nell I would target 3:55 - if ur feeling relatively strong at 20 mls then bring it home, if the wheels start to come off a bit hopefully you can hang on and nail a 4hr finish 

Nell - you're flying/looking very strong for Edinburgh - looking forward to reading the PB report already!

Got a 13 miler in @ 9mml pace on Sun morning. Training in earnest for Berlin starts next week - fitting it all in will be a challenge as we recently bought a new (old) house which we are renovating & hoping that it will be habitable and ready to move in to by the end of June! Every evening of late I seem to have a meeting with a builder, plumber, spark etc which is impacting running time grrrr!

20/05/2014 at 09:22

Ali, Nell + others running Edinburgh. Super exited for you guys now. Is their live tracking on this race? If so post your race numbers here the night before. 

My only advice to you guys at this stage would be you've done the training so you know what you are doing, however the only thing that could mess your day up is if its a hot one and you get your water strategy wrong. This is what made the last 6 at York a nightmare for me last year. Hot day + didnt take enough on board for the first half, then over compensated in the 2nd = jelly legs and stitches. Take on board an even amount of water at each stop and the legs will feel loads better at the end.

20/05/2014 at 21:32

HI Ricky, Here's hoping ;0) Nice 13 miler for you Sunday....looking forward to the training?

Hi Sean, thanks for the advice. There is no tracking unfortunately for Edinburgh ;0(

Shame as the London tracking is great!

4 miles this morning for me with some 150 intervals x 10 on a part of the Braid Hills I use for my hill rep sessions. Ran them in 40 secs and quite enjoyed a nice quick sharp session ;0)

21/05/2014 at 00:09

Ali, Nell, Stuart - Not long to go now. Rest, rest and more rest. Wrap yourselves in cotton wool to make sure you get to the start line.

As Sean says you have done the training. It is now all about race day.

What is the foreacst meant to be.

Ali - re race stratgey. As the others say. Go for the 3:55 and if you need to ase off a little then you do that. Whatever the outcome do not stress over it.

Nell - you seem to be in great shape.

Carter - sounds like you had a hell of a race experience at Eyam. Those hills sound an absolute killer. But you coped with it all and finished. So well done. Onto the next one now.

Ricky - what training plan are you going to follow. P&D again ? And yes life sometimes has a habit of getting in the way. I am sure you will find a way round it all. 13 miles. Long time since I did that.

21/05/2014 at 00:32

So I have got 2 runs in so far this week.

A great week indeed.

Last night I got in the door and the OH wanted me to go and fetch the middle kid from brownies. But she wanted to come home on her scooter. So i donned the running gear and picked up the scooter and set off at a steady pace to run the 0.75miles to collect her. Combination of flat and steep hill (for London). I reckon this was about 8:30 miling pace. Collected her. She was thrilled and we set off on the return leg. Once we had come down the hill she thought it would be good fun to see if she could out pace me. It was pacy and I found myself running at sub 7:00 min/mile to try and keep up.

Anyway once I had dropped her back home I set out with no real route in mind. As I had already got 1.5miles in the bag I thought I might do about 3.

 It ended up being 4.75 miles with a number of inclines.

Pace as follows :

8:41 ; 8:24 ; 8:27 ; 8:00 ; 7:56

The legs were still heavy following the weekend's exertions but I did enjoy this run. Beautiful evening and I was able to see the smoke billowing from the Stables at Camden Market as I criss crossed Hampstead Heath.

So tonight I was home a tad later than originally planned but I stuck to my plan and headed for the running track. It was coming to closing time but unlike the winter I had no visibility issues.

After a 2 mile warm up (8:27 min/mile) I set out on 5 x 800m with 200m slow jog in between.

When i was doing marathon training I only started this with 4 x 800m intervals.

I was hoping to get around in 3:30 or less and keep this going for 5 reps.

It was tough. Really tough and I thought I was going to die after the 4th one. But I came back for a 5th and finished strong.

My splits  came in at :

3:19 ; 3:14 ; 3:15 ; 3:14 ; 3:11.

There was no way I could do any more. There was nothing left.

Finished with a 1.5 mile c/d at 8:57 m/m.

Being curious I have had a look back at my training log.

When I first did these w/c 30th December my splits were :

3:13 ; 3:04 ; 3:05 ; 3:05

So tonight was slower even though I was going as fast as I could. I am not reading too much into this though as my starting point is different and this was off the back of a tough run last night.

The plan is to rest tomorrow night and get a tempo run in on Thursday night.

Rest Friday and then I will run on Saturday but not sure what I will do yet.

Feels great to be back properly.

21/05/2014 at 09:13

Carl - they are still speedy 800s from you. Bearing in mind you have had a tough time of it recently I would say they are at least on a par with those from last year. Don't forget that virus you've had too. Have you decided if you are going to run at Chicago yet ?

Ricky - sounds like you getting back into the running again. Have you any more races planned between now and Berlin ?

Sean - what's up next for you ?

Nell - how is the ITB holding up now, no problems I hope ?

Just over 4 weeks until my next race, the Ultra Tour of the Peak District. This week sees me starting to ramp up the miles in preparation. I'm looking at 48, 35, 52 and 41 mile weeks in the lead up to it. My long weekend runs (20, 12, 24, 20) will definitely be on the trails and with plenty of hills and I will also try and get on the trails in my midweek MLR. I wasn't planning on tapering, as such, just do a couple of short runs in the week before. I'm not planning on running too hard, this one will be just to get round. What are people's thoughts about not having a taper, do you think I still need one ?

21/05/2014 at 16:39

Hi Carl, Nice running and fitting in an extra miles or so, very good . Now the nights are getting lighter in must be a bit more appealing running later in the day now? I actually don't enjoy intervals, I strangely prefer hill reps

Hi carter, Nice time of ysar to start a bit of trail running, Enjoy the hills!

I have been on call since returning from Frankfurt, and actually the phone rang as I was waiting in passport control, actually feeling a bit tired at the moment. I must try and get to bed earlier! The ITB has been threatening Carter, not sure whether it is all in the head and the taper monsters are playing with me, but I did feel it over in Frankfurt and a twinge now and then since... 4 easy miles this morning at an avg 8:10mm. Out at some scheduled work tonight, I will have a chance to kick back tomorrow hopefully as I have tickets for Prince in Glasgow, Hydro Club seats too   (will just have to switch the phone off!)

My pacing buddy pulled his hamstring in a hill race last Sunday, so I could well be running on my own for the marathon ...


21/05/2014 at 16:40

Hi carter, I think you still need some kind of taper...

22/05/2014 at 10:12

Nell: I'm off to see Prince in Leeds tomorrow. I canna wee wait.  Some of the young pups in my office looked blankly at me when I scored the tickets the other week. Oh dear, showing me age. ha ha

Carter: I've got the Apperley Bridge Canter 10k race tonight. Im a bit tired in the legs today, so anything under 45 mins will do for me tonight. Its quite a scenic race apparently, but is likely to be raining all day so tis a pity. 

22/05/2014 at 12:29

Sean - best of luck with the race.

Nell - yes, probably best to taper ! Take it easy now and I'm assuming the roller is getting a good workout at the moment too.

I went for a lovely 12 miles in the peaks last night, the sun was shining, the birds were chirping. The first 6 miles or so had a fair bit of climbing but the terrain was rocky so I was doing plenty of jumping rocks and heather etc and twisting and turning. I felt I was working quite hard, especially on the climbs, but when I checked my watch I saw I was doing 11 min miles, which was a bit of a shock to the system. I was expecting to be slower on this type of terrain but not by so much. Changing from road running to trails feels like starting all over again; the speed is different, I'm using different muscles, I'm taking walk breaks. The old legs are really feeling it; for the last 2 weeks most of my runs have been on the trails so the legs are constantly aching. It's all good though and hopefully the adaptations will soon kick in

22/05/2014 at 22:50

Carter - for what it is worth I think you should have some sort of taper. I know you are not planning on going for it but still as you say you are still adapting to trail running and you do have a competitive streak so a taper plus short runs the week of the race seems to be the sensible thing to do.

But of course sensible and runners do not always go together !!

Sean - hope the 10k went alright tonight.

Nell - hope you had the restful day you were expecting. Bad luck for your running buddie. It is really irritating when these things happen so close to race day.

Race day. Hell. I thought the 10k was on Monday but realised that it is Sunday. I was not in a mood to run tonight. Tired and hungry when I came home so a few mile tomorrow with a mile or two at tempo is needed. No idea what my strategy for Sunday will be. I am near the front but cannot run at that pace but maybe I should set out fast and slow down later when the legs give out. Decisons, decisions....

23/05/2014 at 12:07

Hello All - been checking in occasionally to keep up to date with everyone's progress.


Carter and Carl - to see you guys back in serious training so soon after respective marathons, much respect.

Carter, I get tired just reading your schedule.

Carl - I see Mo wasn't up to the 10k on Sunday after London, so you're already ahead of the professionals. Are you in for the Windy City? Have you gone straight back into the Asics programme?

Sean - well done on your 10k PB. How'd you get on last night?

Edinburgh marathoners - its not long now! Hopefully you all have your race strategies sorted?

Stuart/Nell - looking at your final weeks preparations am expecting good things from you guys. No pressure!

Ali- go for your 3.55. See how you're doing after half, and then again after 30k. Keep it nice and steady. Good luck!


Making good on a domestic overdraft has limited my sessions to my 'commutercise' - 5 miles a day and a longer weekend run (up to 10 miles). So ticking over.

I have a 10m race on 1st June. Never tried that distance before so no plan beyond getting round in about an hour and fifteen.

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