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04/07/2013 at 10:55


Malcs you were right, I did have an extra rest day... But had to run a wedding errand... ugh!  I can't beleive all the big hotels aroudn here are already fully booked- went to look at one yesterday, which is ideally located, but its deco looks exactly the same as it probably did when my parents had their wedding reception there 32 years ago!  I just want a place for people to stay, so I guess deco doesn't matter, but its kind of a downer when the church and the reception venue are really nice, and then u stay in a place thats kinda back to the future...

Dotty- no run for me- hammys were too sore, I've decided I'm gonna pop along to sample the Colchester Harriers tonight - they are always out in force at our parkrun, although it would be nice to be a top 3 lady in the parkrun before I become a harrier... but I think that might be unlikely!

Mr P/Sarah, he did have something planned, but I made him cancel it... when I confirmed I'd booked the day off, and he then said, don't plan anything you'll be out of the house from 8am till 6pm, I thought, great, another work day then... No thanks, and made him cancel before I even knew what it was, so I could actually have the day to myself- turns out it was gonna be a spa day... nice, but thats a long time stuck in a spa!!! plus I already have a pedicure and massage booked for this Saturday!  We ended up going out for dinner instead... and I'm hanging now... Can't believe that half a bottle of wine affects me so badly these days... best stay off it now anyways, if I'm gonna get that six pack

Well done for managing to get some sleep Sarah, I know I probably wouldn't have, and would have got the grumps... you will have to watch out for that at TR24.. I'm like a toddler if I don't get enough sleep.. grumpy, and agitated!!

04/07/2013 at 21:22
My first club run

Today I decided I was going to give Colchester Harriers a try. I see so many of them at local races that it seems silly to keep on paying £2 extra to run them. Plus, I can get to know them and hopefully make some new friends and get a bit faster....

Arthur, who is a regular at the Parkrun, both as a runner and as a volunteer, is the ladies coach, so I said hi to him when I arrived, although this was after about 5 minutes of not really knowing what was going on. Turned out many of the regulars had other things on tonight, including a local race, which I had thought of doing, and lots of end of term school things... As a result, I was the only lady there, so it was in fact just me and Arthur. We went out for an 'easy' 6 mile run. I found it quite hard going at first as we were doing 8:51mm, and I hadn't run since the mersea island race. It was really nice to have someone to chat to though. He's number one in his age group, nationally, so he's gracious enough not to enter too many races so its not always him who wins.

It was quite hot and barely a stop, so I didn't really get to take on any drink. I had thought we would be doing something hard so had planed to drink between intervals. In reality, I probably didn't need any more than water, but carrying it was a bit of a faff. Just after 4 miles we bumped into one of the men who is a regular at Parkrun, Andy, he came second last week. We stopped for a chat, which allowed a breather, but messed with my pace!! This could have been my fastest 6 mile run otherwise. Arthur said it was 6 miles easy. I could keep conversation up, so I guess, technically it was, however, I reckon I would have been shattered had it been 12 or 18 miles at that pace.

I think I'll try the harriers out again, hopefully when there are some other ladies there. Certainly enjoyed having the company of someone who could run without having to stop to walk, although not sure it was the best introduction to running for a brand new runner!!! Good job I'm not then


Mile 1: 8:52
Mile 2: 8:52
Mile 3: 9:06
Mile 4: 9:13
Mile 5: 12:15 - this is where we stopped for a chat, I did pause garmin after a while
Mile 6: 9:18

Time 58:00

All in all a good run. I probably could have done intervals last night if I hadn't been partying, but will rest tomorrow in prep for hopefully doing Parkrun on Saturday.

04/07/2013 at 23:21

Hi Angela, sounds like you had a nice relaxing birthday. That was really nice of him to organise a spa day for you. I tend to treat my mum to spa days but only once has one lasted that length of time. we had so many treatments we were actually really busy dashing from one to the next!

im normally really rubbish at sleeping so I was pleasantly surprised. Im guessing the fresh air, exercise and milk shake before sleeping worked their magic. When I use to work nights I only managed one hours sleep in 60 hours!

Will have to make sure you get some sleep at TR!

Sounds like you had a slightly tough introduction to club running but least you got to have a good natter. Arthur sounds like he would make a fabulous mentor, he must have so much running experience and advice to give. I love running with others, the miles just seem to disappear!


I went to the gym tonight and did my weights and 7 miles. I was actaully able to pick my pace up abit and managed to get down to 7:19 min/mls with no foot pain or twinges what so happy!

06/07/2013 at 15:27

Bit off topic but...come on the Lions, get in there!!!!!

We were there when they lost 12 years ago. So disappointing. 12 years of hurt - revenge at last!

Now I need to sober up before my 14 miles tomorrow 

06/07/2013 at 15:54

Parkrun and 5k pb for me today, 23:08, now off to get drinking ahea of my 30 mile cycle tomorrow!

06/07/2013 at 21:41

Was a fantastic result. My cousin and her husband are currently there and were caught on camera looking like they were having the time of their life!

have a feeling any run tomorrow is going to be tough...its so hot. So glad im not racing tomorrow now 

Angela, thats amazing, to get a PB in this weather, youve done worried about taking my race steady in the morning....think I would stay in bed if I was attempting to race, been warm even to walk today!

hope you have a good bike ride and good luck Malcs with your 14 miler.

06/07/2013 at 22:14

Good luck with ur race tomorrow Sarah!  It was hot, but does that really matter in a 5k?  I think wind would have made it harder than heat today, and it wasn't humid... hmmmm...  If it does matter,then I should be able to do 22:30 in cooler conditions  right? And 22:00 on a flat course? 

07/07/2013 at 21:25

Thankyou Angela for the good luck, it obviously helped. Im sure the heat will have had some effect, I always run faster in winter when you need to warm up. Your body tends to over heat so much more in this weather. I really do think you would have knocked a fair amount off if it was cooler going sub 23:00 

my race went better than expected. I drove up from sheffield and made it with 45 mins to spare. I met up with my colleague/friend who I was running with and we had a natter whilst collecting our numbers and having the all important loo stop. We planned to run together, will the little training and speed iv been doing, together with the heat I thought I would be happy with 8 min miles....that was until my friend said that he would like to get under 1:20.

We set off and was doing 7:35 min miles....I actually felt really good at that pace and decided that we should try and continue at that pace to get my friend a new PB.

like I said above it was hot, with little breeze and little shade, but the course was lovely. We ran on country lanes, trails in the woods and around a reservoir. Despite it being very hilly it was actually a very nice run.

Despite the hills we managed to get our pace spot on and constant all the way round with the exception of speeding up alittle towards the end....which actually finished again on another bloody hill. We managed to pass loads of runners around the course and no one passed us which was very encouraging.

We managed 1:15:16 officially which im delighted with after my foot and with the conditions. I would like to have thought that I could have done it quicker (as my pace 4 weeks ago in skye was 7:07 and today it was 7:32) but im not sure i would have been capable.

I have a 10k race on Tuesday which I think may be the deciding factor on how much speed I have lost over the last mmonth hope everyone elses races and training runs went well

Edited: 07/07/2013 at 21:29
07/07/2013 at 21:28

What a weekend! How did the run go Malcs?

Beautiful weather, great results all round, especially Angela, I can see a parkrun showdown coming on! 

I joinedthe Chester Marathon training group this morning for a good run along the Greenway, it was very hot, we started at 9 and I took two bottles of 50/50 water/lucozade sport and needed them. I was with the 8:30 group and felt ok, we did the last two miles at 8:06 & 7:59. 

I had a nap when I got in but felt quite unwell mid afternoon. I got up and did a bit of shopping then watched Andy Murray, very moving.

07/07/2013 at 21:33

Hi Mr P

how far did you run today? I agree with you, it was very hot today...its like being abroad.

im guessing the sun and heat made you feel like that? Can remember it doing the same to me a few years ago. I missed the tennis as I was too busy glossing the garage doors and then cleaning.....buying a house and a larger one at that is hard work. Cant believe how dusty the place is...I don't think the previous owners were huge on cleaning as everything has needed an extremly thorough deep clean....or it might just be me being particular!

08/07/2013 at 08:20

Angela - wow, fantastic result in your 5K! Looks like running with Arthur has some effect, no?

Shame you didn't get to meet more of the club peeps. If you decide to join I'm sure you'll find it helps you massively. I say 'sure' but not being a club member myself I can't really be that sure. However, everyone I know who belongs to a club as said it improved their running.

Sarah - that's it, we're officially discharging you from the bench. Fantastic running - it certauinly looks like you are over the foot and back burning up the pavements. I reckon I'd struggle with 7:30 over that distance. Well done!

Ha - love that your rellies were caught on camera. Hope it wasn't too embarrassing for them  We were there 12 years ago for the very same series when it all ended so painfully. Having been and known the hurt it makes this all the more sweeter a victory. Well, let's be honest it was a thrashing

Mr P -  great start to your marathon campaign. What a weekend indeed! genuinely gobsmacked about the tennis. Andy played out of his skin. I called my mum straight after (who is a big tennis fan) and she was in tears. Absolutely amazing.

Now just need to thrash the Aussies in the Ashes and my summer will be complete

Run went well thanks. Oddly I got some achilles pain which I had earlier in the year but pretty much cured through a change of shoes. I haven't had it in any of my midweek runs and it wasn't the extra distance because it came on early in the run. Maybe because I was running slow and my gait changed? Who knows.

Anyway it's fine now and that's 14 miles banked. Started slow and got quicker which was nice. Overall just under 7mph average. Continued my trial of not taking fluids. Was fine again although I'll admit to heading straight for the tap when I got back. Not sure I'd do that for longer runs in that kind of heat.

3 weeks until TR24! Let's hope the weather holds for that long!

08/07/2013 at 10:11

Hello all,

 I thought I wouldn’t let you down, and I would give you a race report for Saturday’s parkrun.  So, I was never sure if I was going to make it for this parkrun on time, as I had a Dr appt at 8:30, however, luckily he got there and we started early, though we did spend much of the appointment talking about cycling and the best way to get a 6-pack!  He’s into cycling!  But fulfilled his doctorly duties and made sure to tell me not to take it too seriously.


Got to the park with about 10 minutes to spare, so thought I’d go to the toilet, but the chap was cleaning the ladies and wouldn’t let us in.  Eventually I was encouraged to use the men’s instead.  Not sure it would have made a huge difference other than to settle my nerves.  I said hello to the other Core group people and Gareth, who was doing the Para’s 10 later in the day, said he would run with me, so he didn’t push it too hard… charming! 

 I tried not to go off too fast, since Colchester Castle Parkrun is quite a challenging course.  After the first 200 metres with a slight incline, it is downhill for the first couple of km, then flat, before coming up the tough hill to go around the castle for the second time – you get the downhill again, but you don’t get the respite of a long flat section before having to go uphill again.  The second time up this hill really saps your legs, and for me at least, left nothing for the sprint finish.  After that second hill, it was all about holding on.  Its hard to know whether to pace oneself on a 5k.  Now I have an idea of where my 5k fitness is, I guess that would make sense, but then again, I would probably be a lot faster on a flat course.  In 2 weeks time, Colchester has had to cancel the parkrun due to another event in the park, so I might travel to Chelmsford to do theirs, which is apparently quite flat!  There were a few parts of this where I might have stopped for a few paces, but having Gareth next to me meant I didn’t want to lose face.  He encouraged me up the hill the second time, reminding me to pump my arms, which did help, and also made me realise that I need to start doing weights again.  He asked if I had anything for the sprint finish, but I really didn’t.  This is certainly something I have to work on.

 So Malcs, although running with Arthur is certainly a plus, It think the following reasons perhaps had a larger bearing on my result on Saturday.  The last parkrun I did was 24:19

-          It was 6 days after my marathon (Its possible my legs were still a tad tired)

-          I’ve been doing speed work recently

-          I had Gareth as a pacer

-          I knew I was in pb shape, based on the last parkrun- at that time I didn’t know I could go sub 24, so didn’t try for it

-          I knew the course better.


I rather suspect I will set a pb on this course the next couple of times I run it without specific training, just as I become more familiar with it.  I was speaking to one of the Colchester Harriers afterwards who said it’s a really tactical course, because of the incline.



Mile 1: 7:17

Mile 2: 7:37

Mile 3: 7:31

Last 0.11 @ 6:13 pace

Making an average pace of 7:26

 My max heartrate went as high as 205, which I don’t think I’ve hit since I was 20 and on a rowing machine!  I think thi

08/07/2013 at 10:12

I think this was down to the heat, so Sarah, you’re right, it did have an affect.  That said, my legs definitely could have given a bit more, which is good for doing it on a cooler day.


08/07/2013 at 11:14

Hiya Sarah, well done on your race!  Wow, in these conditions, what a toughie.  After the tennis I was inspired to do some exercise. If I want those pbs and that six-pack, I can't slack just coz its a Sunday and I was cozy - went out for 4 miles easy, though the fact I had eaten steak and been drinking wine and a beer beforehand together with the heat meant I was rather sweaty... like I'd been running in a sauna - sure it had good detox qualities though!

Mr P- when you say 8:30 group is that your training pace, or your desired marathon pace?

I think you're right about the club Malcs, but I still have the issue of actually being able to attend the sessions on time.  The track is the other side of town to me, so at least a drive or bike ride away to get there. I would really like to join, and I think I'd fit in well, as I'm going through a competitive phase rather than a see what happens phase when it comes to my running!


08/07/2013 at 14:02

Sorry thirteen miles and it was my training pace but we got competitive at the end! 

08/07/2013 at 14:39

Oh Malcs, I would suspect that Achilles pain is ur body telling u again that it's time for new shoes!

09/07/2013 at 11:20

Morning all!

Today, I did session 10 from the women's running article:

"This session is completed perhaps five or six days before your 10k race. This is the time to feel quick and just turn your legs over. Five minutes of threshold (3 minutes of jog recovery). Then two sets of 4-5 x 400ms off a 60-second jog recovery. Run set 1 at 5k pace and set 2 a little quicker."

I put it all into the garmin last night. The threshold pace I set as between 8:20 and 8:50. 5k pace from my recent 5k was 7:26 so I put garmin to between 7:20 and 7:30, and then the 'quicker' at 7:00 to 7:15.

5 minutes at threshold wasn't too challenging. I think I was off pace on one interval as the last half of it was all uphill- incline really makes a massive difference in these sessions!

Paces as follows:

5 min threshold: 8:22
Set 1
Interval 1: 7:27
Interval 2: 7:17
Interval 3: 7:26
Interval 4: 7:08
Interval 5: 7:40- this is the uphill one

Set 2
Interval 1: 6:57
Interval 2: 6:39
Interval 3: 7:03
Interval 4: 7:11
Interval 5: 7:07

At the start of some of the quicker ones I was even below 6mm, although not for long! I did these in my Adidas boost shoes, which certainly helped with leg turnover. Uncertain whether to race in them though?

Total distance run with all the jogs between was 4.6 miles in 41:58 so an average pace of 9:07. Despite having a watermelon slice, chocolate milk, 2 eggs and a whole meal English muffin, I am totally wiped out now! Strange as the session didn't seem all that hard at the time!


09/07/2013 at 23:13

hi Malcs im so relieved to be off the bench...its not a nice place to frustrating. Congrats on your 14 miles at a nice pace...perfect for a long run. Sorry to hear about your Achilles pain, hope its one of those niggles that disappears as quickly as it arrived and you don't see its ugly little head again.

Have you come down from cloud 9 yet with the tennis and lions? Im so jealous of my cousin, she keeps adding photos to facebook and it looks like she's having an amazing time. What are your running plans this week?

Wow Angela, you are really getting speedy, looks like those speed training sessions are working a treat. Enjoyed reading your race report andwas amazed at your sprint finish...which you didnt consider to be fast. Sppeding up to 6:13 pace after 3 miles of full effort is amazing. I can't wait to see how you do on the flatter course a week on saturday if you do it. Your GP sounds like me....if a runner comes in we always talk about that before we get on to the boring medical things!

I need to start adding speed training back in to my plan now....really missed it so I can't wait. Did you really run on sunday after eating and drinking that?

Hi Puffy im so jealous of yours and Malcs long runs.....13-15 miles was where I wanted to be last weekend. Which weekend is Chester marathon again?

Itbwas the last 10k of the york road league series tonight. You have to do 4 of the 6 races to count. Due to the lack of training and doing no speed work for 4 weeks I knew  I wasnt going to do well but I wanted to count in the series so thought I would try my best. I guested that I might be able to manage 7m/m so the plan was to set of at this pace and to then try to maintain it. Todays course was completly flat unlike the other 3 races I'd done in the series, however with the heat I knew this would make it tougher

Edited: 09/07/2013 at 23:13
09/07/2013 at 23:23

I didnt look at my watch until the 2nd km marker...this was a huge mistake....was doing 6:22 m/m. Felt fine at the time but I knew that I was going to pay for it later.

By 5km I wanted the race to end...I was really feeling it in my legs and just felt hot and nauseous. I had a brief pause at the drink stations, drank half a cup of water and poured the rest on top of me. After this I felt a litle more positive....i pushed on at my now 6:50 m/m pace which to me felt much more reasonable. I managed to pass a few people which spurred me on...obviously I wasnt the only person suffering in the heat and no breeze.

The last Km was a bit of a killer but I was relieved to see the finish line.

I managed to finish in 42:34 so just over a minute slower than my last 10k and10k PB and I was 4 th lady. I guess the course was easier today as it was flat as a pancake but the weather made it harder so overall if I hadnt injured my foot I would have probably been around 41-41:30 mins so im quite happy with my time. I don't appear to have lost too much speed...but I obviously have some fitness to claim back if I want to get 3:14 for york marathon.

This time last week I couldn't run quicker than 8:20 m/m without foot pain. today I managed 6:22 with no niggles or twinges what so mended, horay!

10/07/2013 at 22:45

Ello Ello, sarah, yes really did go for a run after that naughty tennis food, though the match lasted quite long, and I did eat the steak before the tennis started....

i guess looking back, 6:13 for the last .1 miles is rather fast, especially given I wasn't near that for any of my 400m intervals yesterday... However, seems u keep close to that pace in a 10k, so always aspiring to be better!  I think uve done really well, especially with ur injury and the heat!

so I need some doctorly advise- I burnt my arm on a roasting tin yesterday- small burn which didn't particularly hurt at the time, so stupidly didn't apply first aid of rinsing under cold water.  It's now blistered, and nhs website seems a bit schizophrenic on recommendation of what to do with it.  It is a small burn, not quite half the size of a 5p piece and I barely notice it though from time to time it can be ever so slightly itchy.  Do I just ignore it?  Should I be putting any cremes on it? Shall I burst the blister?

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