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10/07/2013 at 22:48

I saw your post last night Sarah then fell asleep waiting for the second instalment

a brilliant time despite the heat. Chester is 6 October, when is York? 

Tats an interesting session Angela, you know I like Women's Running, it is a very godo read.

i did my midweek run tonight, same route I've been doing for they last few weeks, just under eight miles, quite hilly, averaged 8mm so very pleased again with the way things are coming along.

im a bit worried about the heat in kefalonia but determined to run. If necessary I can drive to the flat part near the beach and run up and down there.


11/07/2013 at 23:33
Hi guys!

Great running from all of you. I've enjoyed reading the reports. Sorry I've not posted but work and family stuff have taken over. I'm off to Strasbourg tomorrow for a week, taking my young nephews for a visit to my sister. Their mum, my sister in law is expecting triplets any time soon and could do with a wee rest. Looking forward to doing lots of fun things with them but will try to fit in some marathon training too! Finding running really hard in this heat and suffering from hay fever.

I applied for GFA for London again. I know what you mean , Sarah about having had such a good time this year but I feel I have some unfinished business with the last 6 miles so want to go back again to deal with it. Hoping that now I know what to expect I can prepare better. (no long sightseeing, not getting lost on way to start, no nerves!) I can only hope.!

Mr. P will be thinking of you running in Kefelonia when I try to talk myself out of running in France! I'm hoping that although I'm running slower than normal in this heat, I'm putting more effort in, so that in normal conditions I run faster. That's my theory and I'm hoping it works for Berlin!

Looking forward to hearing all about the TR when I get back.

Enjoy the weather, the Ashes (Malcs, what about Aussies 11th man, Agar! Is it bad form to be glad he didn't get his century? ) and the Tour! ( I'm hooked again this year) Wifi, depending, I shall post/ lurk whilst I'm away.
11/07/2013 at 23:43

Angela .......and your stomach was ok? I think 6:13 is super fast and very impressive. I wouldn't have been able to finish at that pace on Tuesday, im actually surprised that I finished as fast as I did, serves me right for setting off to fast I guess!

sorry for the late reply regarding your burn. I wouldn't pop the blister as thats protecting the skin below. If it isn't to badd, I would apply works like magic 

haha what are you trying to say Puffy? Yorks a little later on the 20th of October....can follow your program now like I did with the people doing paris to ensure that im on track!. There were two women's running mags in the waiting room at our surgery so ive borrowed them for the weekend for my journey up to Edinburgh tomorrow.

8mm on a hilly course in the present heat is great for a training run especially if you felt comfortable. What are your plans this weekend?

I want to go to kefalonia!

I did my long run tonight as I knew I couldn't do it whilst in Edinburgh and I may be a little worse for wear when I get back on sunday. Chris wouldnt run/cycle with me and he wouldn't let me run outdoors on my own with it being late so I did it on the treadmill. I had it on the hill setting but only level 2 (0-2.2%incline) and ran at 8:20 m/m. I felt fine up until about 10 miles then I had to work for the rest. My arms actually ached more than my legs though which I thought was quite strange. Glad to be up to some proper miles again at a reasonable pace...can enjoy my weekend now.

Edited: 11/07/2013 at 23:45
11/07/2013 at 23:52

Hi dotty we must have both posted at the same time. Im liking your theory on the heat and trying harder . I was the same with VLM after my first attempt, I thought if I didnt go back and enjoy it and defeat it, I would never have gone back. I was also worried about them changing the good for age time boundaries and me not getting in the year after (which they have done).

ive decided I would like to do the big 6...1 down 5 to go (just dont tell chris).

Your poor sister in law, pregnant with triplets in this weather! How many children does she already have? Very nice of you to take them away, hope you have a fantastic time.

12/07/2013 at 13:25

Thanks Sarah, the blister drained itself when I accidentally squashe it against my desk!! But it's ok been keeping it safe with antiseptic

soo nervous about my 10k- think I've put too much pressure on myself for this distance since I've never improved from my debut!

Have great holidays and hen parties everybody!! 


12/07/2013 at 20:04

I'm in the same boat as Dotty at the moment - day-to-day life is getting terribly in the way of my activity on the forum

Sounds like there's some great running going on.

Angela - great speed work recently! Nice reports too. I think it's good to feel a little pressure, especially if it brings a bit of adrenaline. With the way you've been running lately you have every chance of a great result. Good luck!

Sarah - woo hoo, off the bench! That's great and prefectly timed too with TR24 in just two weeks (yes, it is that damn close now).

I think I'm hopelessly underprepared and I still have some achilles pain. I reckon that might be calf tightness though so I may go get a rub down.

Nice job on the long run. I'm nowhere near 8:20 pace. I reckon yiu did great there. 8:40 is about all I'm managing but I'm happy just to have time on my feet.

How is the house now? Feel settled in yet?

Enjoy Edinburgh - stay on the soft stuff and you'll be fine (yeah, that's going to happen)

Mr P - I agree with Sarah, 8mm pace for that distance is very good in this weather. Have a great time in Kefalonia!

Dotty - well done on applying for GFA. I completely get why you want to go back there and nail it. 

re. the cricket, I totally feel for young Agar. I know he went way beyond expectations but to fall 2 short of a maiden century is totally gutting. I'd have liked to have seen him get his 100....and then be out next ball becuase he was a right royal pain in England's arse!

14/07/2013 at 13:15

Good Afternoon, another lovley day.

I did my long run earlier, 14 miles on a new route up to and through  Delamere Forest. I've noticed en route to parkrun how nice it looked, and it's wxactly 10k from my house to the parkrun start.  So I did seven miles out and back, very undulating with a long overall climb. This is all part of the sandstone Trail again, although this is not nearly as high as other parts of the ridge.

I bought a running hat to take on holiday, so I thought I'd try it out. It was dripping from the peak! I don't know whether this is good or bad- I usually wear a buff in hot weather, and it gets very wet but not like this. I think the buff must be more effective at wicking? It was breezy at some points, and there was a lot of shade in the forest, not like last week's run in full sun.

My pace averaged 8:40 which was slower than last week, but again I finished strongly so very pleased.

Come on England.

14/07/2013 at 15:32
Felsted 10k

A scorcher of a week and playing in a concert yesterday meant my hydration plan was a bit off track. Luckily, the race had a late enough start that I could play catch up, so, a cup of tea a cup of beeple, a banana, 500ml sis go energy with chia seeds and a few swigs of water from the water fountain was my pre race prep.

This race was part of the Essex Championships, so was full of club runners. I decided to use my Adidas boost as race shoes, and that I would keep to an 8 minute mile, with the heat, I didn't want to risk pushing it beyond that. Got stuck behind a couple of slower runners at the start, but once I was past them, the field pretty much stretched out, and it was easy enough to get to pace. I ws on pace by about 0.4 miles, so remembering womens running tip, the plan was to sit at this pace until halfway. There were some undulations which would have been fine if it wasn't so hot, but the slight uphills were tough in the heat. I was also beginning to regret not carrying water with me, and couldn't remember if there would be any on the 5km, I was beginning to struggle, the heat was getting to me. I remembered that the tip from womens running was to start chasing vests from 5k. The water station came up very soon after the 5k mark, so I stopped to take on 2 cups, and pour some over my head. Now I could focus on chasing bibs. It was a mind game now- had to keep reminding myself that I was well trained for this. But was also thinking to myself, this is the pace I want to be doing for a marathon, and whilst its fast, it doesn't feel as uncomfortable as previous 10ks, so maybe it's possible.... Wonder if I should be aiming for 8mm for Colchester Half Marathon next year?

I started counting bibs I was passing. Got to around 23 then lost my mojo for a bit, plus the men I was overtaking were playing mean, swinging out in front of me so that I couldn't just run straight but had to add extra distance to the run!

8k and it was time to go hard... I actually didn't have much left, the pace was up slightly, but it was all about focus to keep going. I kept looking at my watch, the sub 50 really relied on me keeping going and not stopping. I didn't want to risk blowing up with heroics, until I was past 6 miles.... Managed to overtake another couple in this last section, and went for the finish hard.

It was a tough finish. This was a tough race because of the heat, nice and low key, so great for setting pbs, except for some minor mishaps with other road users not being all that considerate, it was great. I guess I would have preferred it to start a bit earlier so i could get on with the rest of the day a bit sooner. And of course would have liked a medal! But I think that was me not realising where to get them from...I might contact the organisers to see if they'll send me one.

Mile splits:

Mile 1: 7:56
Mile 2: 7:57
Mile 3: 8:11
Mile 4: 8:02
Mile 5: 8:01
Mile 6: 7:50
Last 0.25 (garmin extra distance) 6:55

Total 49:42, avg pace 7:57

14/07/2013 at 15:33

And yes, that's a 10k pb by over 3 minutes

14/07/2013 at 23:22

Evening all...survived the hen weekend in Edinburgh....just!

Malcs im so looking forward to TR, cant believe that its in two weekends time, its coming round so quickly. How far did you run this weekend? Despite moving in 4 weeks ago I still haven't spent a weekend yet in my new home...first one will be next weekend, however I do feel like im settling in. I went for a run around the area today, managed to find a 9.3 mile loop....was nice but the only problem was alot of it was on country lanes with no pavements almost like I was in the middle of no where...not sure how safe it will be running it alone.

Edinburgh was a little messy. Made the mistake of opening fizz on the train at 11:30 on the friday....smanaged we all managed to last until midnight, just after the but,ers in the buff left.  I was alittle more sensible last night and didnt drink too much so that I could rwe then I got back today. I managed 8.10 m/m pace for the 9.3 miles but didnt feel as good as I normally do.

Hi Puffy im so tempted to come for a run over your way, it sounds like you have some fantastic routes. When is it that you go to Kefalonia? Ive never had that problem with my cap but i dont generally sweat that nose just runs and sweats (im sure) instead as it never stops!


14/07/2013 at 23:26

A huge congratulations Angela  you must be over the moon, to beat your PB by over 3 mins is amazing in the heat today...that's it im wearing my compression socks and having chai seeds for my next matter what the temp is! I can't believe how many people you passed therre were loads! 

Men are terrible for stopping you from going past. Worse was in the thirsk 10 I did last year, he let my male friend past who I was running with but kept blocking me and then racing was a nightmare. The men in the local 10k races have been really nice though and let me happily pass them on Tuesday. 

Whats your next race?

15/07/2013 at 15:17

Angela - top result! Nice consistent pace there.

You don't need a medal, you got the main prize  And all this on one of the hottest days of the year. You must be very pleased.

Mr P - nice 14! I'm struggling to make 8:40 pace on relatively flat ground. I've never run with headgear. I don't really like having anything on my bonce. That said it might be preferable to sun cream. Tried that last week and it was awful.

Have to confess I had to look up what a 'buff' was

Sarah - good to hear you survived Edinburgh. Wow, 8:10 pace for that distance after a drinking weekend is extremely good. 

I did 16 on Sunday early doors when it was merely very hot. Took it slowly (9mm pace). Had to stop to stretch the calf and achilles quite regularly but it seemed to hold fine. 

With the weather we're having I hope we get the inevitable thunderstorms before TR24!


15/07/2013 at 16:35

For some reason I keep on doing a silly keyboard shortcut that keeps shutting this down, so I am typing this for the 3rd time!!! 

Malcs, great 16 miler, and 14 for Mr P, and 9 for Sarah - I don't thinkI could manage much beyond 10 in this heat.  Not disciplined enough to wake up early enough that it isn't too hot - the joy of not having children!

However, I have devised a plan to keep me doing long runs, even though no marathon on the horizon.  I want to run the entire length of the essex way, though not all at once - there is a race that does cover the whole thing, so i am using the sections as planned long runs:  RRR has already been convinced by the prospect of pub stops...

Sarah, I was wondering if I was paranoid about the men blocking my path, but now I hear you've experienced the same thing, I might get my pointy elbows out the next time it happens.  was so nice to be overtaking people even on that kind of distance.  Glad I was sensible and held back, though it did leave me thinking I could have gone faster, especially if I had been carrying water.

Planning on doing the Chelmsford Parkrun this Saturday.  My run britain handicap score has already gone from 19.3 to 16 this month - with another fast 5k, it could go down to 14.something, so I could win a prize!!  then of course TR24, and then that silly bike ride, that I'm regretting entering more and more each day...  How about you?  I guess there are lots of local race series around for club runners this time of year?

15/07/2013 at 22:38

Im so jealous of your 16 Malcs.  9 min miles is spot on for our slow long runs....I wish I was disaplined enough to run more at that kind of pace. I always get carried away with myself and run out of time!

You have me worried about thunder storms now...that would be my worse nightmare as warming up afterwards would be so guessing there wont be plug sockets for hair dryers and things....just incase!!

Angela it really does make a huge difference if you can pace yourself on your races...just like you did. Its all to easy to go all out at the beginning of a 10k and die later on, however if you can be disapliend like you were, I always find you do much better and you enjoy the whole experience. I love that feeling of over taking people, it just fuels you on to pass more 

Wow, your handicap is disapearing....I hope you get a prize, im keeping my fingers crossed for you. What prizes do they give out?

I have a half marathon this saturday but im going to run it at my hopefully marathon pace (been told its really hilly and tough, that together with the weather has put me off racing it). 

15/07/2013 at 22:42

Hoping to extend it to 15 miles if I can. Spent 3.5 hours painting today and 5 hours cleaning so I didnt have chance to go hoping it all counts as cross training!

Going to do a speed session tomorrow...first one in about 5 weeks, really looking forward to it.....but I have a feeling its not going to be as pleasant as usual with the heat in the gym (for £47 a month you would think they would have better air con!)

Been looking at the article you sent me....which session would you recommend for me to try? Quite like the sound of 8, do you think that is daft before Saturdays half?

15/07/2013 at 23:08

Heya, I thinks they give an Adidas micoach, whatever that is to the most improved runner of the month - at the moment I'm #2, and then a set of headphones to anyone in. The top 10...  I think what this month has taught me is that I'm more suited to the shorter distances- not surprising being of west African descent....if only I was Kenyan! So my handicap is tumbling when I do short distances, but really hoping it'll translate to the half and full marathon.   On ur advise, trying to find a half marathon to do in autumn- currently trying to decide between Ipswich and Ealing, which are the last couple weekends of September.  Though I think November is a better time to race for an ideal time.

in terms of the 10k sessions, if u do them Tuesday or Wednesday, im sure u'll be fine for ur race at the weekend, as long as ur foot is all ok?  I did session 10 last Tuesday, and didn't exercise again until the race, but doIng short intervals at sub 7mm pace did make my 8mm pace seem relatively easy, so if u can stay disciplined in the race, that can only be a good thing...

i thiNk we'll do a section of Essex way on 11th rather than 10th August now... U free then?

15/07/2013 at 23:10

But I think ur sensible to pace the race- in this heat, I think anything longer than an hour u have to be really careful about!

16/07/2013 at 00:52

Sarah - discipline has nothing to do with it, I was going as fast as I could!

It is nice to be doing longer stuff though. The LSR is by far my favourite session.

Plug sockets? Well, I say that. Our friends are bringing their swanky new camper and I wouldn't be surprised if that has power. I haven't had the need of a hair dryer for a long, long time...


Sorry you didn't get out today. Have you not seen the (original) Karate Kid? Sarah-san , show me painta me wax on, wax off - of course it all counts as cross training

Angela - well done on getting into prize contention! 

Essex way looks great! Is that The Only Way In Essex? (sorry, that was terrible, really terrible).

I should really get back to work... 

16/07/2013 at 09:03

That's a brilliant time Angela, I wouldnt like to race you at the moment, I would let you past though.

I work closely with a woman from a printers in Cumbria, she is from Kenya from Iten in fact and she loves running but she is quite slow, she was explaining to me that she wasn't a Kalenjin. very funny Malcs, better lay off the Essex jokes though till Angela's out of earshot. I like the Bleedin' Romford one

wheres your half Sarah? I think 8 would be ok before Saturday. Still got all that Mara endurance in your legs.

were just pottering about ready to go to the airport but there is general strike today so I think we are going to be delayed




16/07/2013 at 09:54

Thanks Mr P- i look forward to your chivelry in case we race, and by some strange happenings in the universe I manage to overtake you!  What are your times for each of the  distances at the moment?

Marathon Coach Steve said I need to get the following times to be trying for a Boston Qualifier:

5k- 22

10k - 46

half - 1:38 (seems very similar to the 10k pace)

I'm currently at

5k- 23:08

10k - 49:42

Half - 1:56 (though that was my first race since I've been training properly...)

Enjoy your holiday!!

Sarah, I think I have to take what i said about the speedwork back.  I stole one of RRRs sessions for speeding up her 5k. its as follows:

5x 4 min @10k pace off 1 min recovery, followed by 5x 2min @5k pace off 1 min recovery.

I dutifully put it into my garmin last night, setting 10k btw 7:50 and 8:00, and 5k@ 7:10- 7:20...

Was running the session ok, though on the 3rd interval was starting to feel it, and really struggling to keep pace.  I even allowed myself 3 minutes rest before starting the 5k intervals... 90seconds into the first one, I gave up... walked home.... totally wiped out!!  tee hee!  I guess that proves 1 of 2 things:

1) you shouldn't do speed work 2 days after a 10k

2) I shouldn't do speed work on my estate where it is so easy to stop, and anywhere is less than 5 min walk home...

And Malcs, yes, TOWIE!!!! though I don't watch it... based in south essex, closer to London... I live in the posh part 

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