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31/07/2013 at 12:37


I think I will go for Chester in the Autumn, as for the other big 6, I suppose Chicago would be a good one timing wise as its in Autumn - my cousin is doing it this year.  But they had problems with their entry system overloading this year, so I suspect they might go to ballot for next year.  I really want to do Toyko as well, but as its in February, there is no way I will be able to afford it this year - perhaps for 2015 though.  And I can;t do Boston, coz unlike you I don't yet have a qualifying time!! haha!

You wanna see if we can convince our TR24 team and other forum people do do race the train next year?  Wales is so far for me that we'd have to make it longer than a long weekend to be worthwhile.  I'm definitely entering it next year.

I'm surprised you would want to do weights with a speed session- seems a lot of stress on the muscles at once.  If you're definitely going to do weights, I would opt for the steady run to go with it.  I'm probably not going to train again this week - I might do an easy cycle tonight, just to check my bike still works, possibly after cleaning it, as that's usually when things go wrong... then on Sunday, I'm going to go to London, and cycle out of london, around Surrey and then back again, although not finishing where I started, so although the rout is 100 miles, I will probably end up cycling around 115 miles this Sunday, however, lots of other people will be doing it too....

Perhaps people would like to sponsor me? 





31/07/2013 at 12:52

ooo, just had a tweet about the manchester marathon which is 6th April- that could be good timing for me, assuming a London ballot place is probably a longshot...

Has anyone done that before?

I think Chester for the second half of the year is a dead cert for me, so I shall look forward t your hospitality Mr P, so long as that doesn't involve throwing lots of wasps at me!


31/07/2013 at 14:24

I really fancy chicargo. I think that sounds like a great idea with regards to race the train.

I normally do my weights before a speed session or any run in the gym to be honest,even a long run (if I do it in the gym), think im that use to it, it doesnt affect me...I think!

Think the manchester one had a few hiccups last year (first year it was held) but I heard good reports on it from this year...lots of PBs!

I think your doing the right thing with resting

31/07/2013 at 14:26

TR 24

I really didn’t know what to expect about this weekend. I was looking forward to spending the weekend camping and running with like minded people but I was also quite nervous about the event. I wasn’t sure how I would manage running twice in one day and also how we would all get along together. Ive got to say, I really didn’t have anything to worry about. The running went down a dream and we all got along like life long friends, infact even better than that. I really cant believe how well we all got along despite some of us not having even met each other before.

Before I set of I decided to go to the shops to buy some staple foods and some fizz. In hind site I really shouldn’t have bought as much food and should have bought more fizz but never mind.

I was picked up at 2 from my parents by Gemma, from there we went to Chesterfield to pick up Paul before traveling down to Derbyshire.

We arrived just before 4 and thanks to tigger and malcs we really didn’t have much to do except soak up the atmosphere. The tents etc had all been put up. The weather was amazing so we ended up soaking up the sun as we waited for everyone else to arrive. Mrs Malcs kindly gave me a cider to help me hydrate for the event tomorrow.

Once everyone had arrived we had a bit of a social with the help of a few fosters and fizz before retiring to bed at midnight ready for the day ahead.

I woke up at 7am with the toilets being cleaned out and evacuated. After this we explored more of the stalls and attended the safety briefing before the race began at 12. Tigger was the first in our team to run, followed by myself. It was exciting to see her run over the start line with Malcs and sarah. I moved a few times around the course to see them running past at 5km and 6km before I headed to the start for the hand over.

I took over from Tigger at about 1:15. I decided to take aim for about 8 min/mls due to it being cross country, warm/sunny and due to having more laps to run. Looking at my watch I managed to maintain this pace finishing in about 49 mins. I found the course extremely tough, I was hot and hilly. The first 5 km felt to be almost all up hill and then the second half through woods with lots of twisting and turning and exposed tree roots. Despite this it was a gorgeous route with lots of support. I felt almost like being back in London Marathon with people shouting my name (which I had on my vest that Tigger had organized).

Finishing my lap I passed the baton on to Gemma. At this point I was so relieved that we were in a team of 8…the course was tough and I was wondering if I would manage the 4 laps I had planned to do.

I tried to support the rest of my team on the course after having a shower however after cheering on Paul and Clive, the sky turned dark and it look like a storm was brewing so I headed back to the tent to put my clothes and running shoes under cover.

I think the words “a storm” was an understatement. From 6:20 pm until 4 am there was torrential rain with thunder and lightening at times. We ended up sheltering for a couple of hours hoping that it would settle before each of our runs but it didn’t.

I was running my second leg after Angela, which was roughly at 9:30 pm. I was dreading it. I wore a shower cap and a bin liner hoping that this would help keep me dry (as I was worried about going to bed with wet hair and feeling cold)…which worked to a certain degree. As I was waiting for Angela to come in, lots of other runners were coming in limping, others were saying it was deadly out there and so dangerous….I was becoming quite concerned….However when I got the baton and started to run I found out that it was extremely enjoyable running in the dark and in the rain. No longer was I h

31/07/2013 at 14:28

.....No longer was I hot and over heating, I was cool and hydrated. The paths were sludgy, but I found this fun (thanks to packing my trail shoes). Lost of people were walking and sliding all over the place but I found I had no problems running the course and ended up over taking loads of people. Think this lap was one of the best runs I have had the pleasure of doing.

I handed the baton on to Gemma after it taking me 56 mins to complete the course. I went back to the tent to sleep but I found it difficult to sleep due to the adrenaline from the run. I finally dropped of at 11:30 just as Gemma returned.

I was woken up a few times in the night as Paul returned and then Tigger was looking for something, before finally waking up at 2:30. My next run wasn’t until about 5, however the plan was for Matt to wake me up at 4. I think I was that worried about missing my leg and not waking up I just couldn’t go back to sleep.

Matt came knocking on the tent at 4 so I finally got up and got ready for my double lap. I had wanted to do two laps back to back so I could get a long run in and also see what it would be like just incase I decided to try it solo. I was worried that I might have been hogging the baton so I suggested me running one lap with the baton and chip and the second without but no one seemed to mind. Angela said I could run her third lap instead of her as did Neil.

I went to the start at 5 am and ended up waiting until 5:47 until Tigger came in. I was concerned that she may have sustained an injury but luckily she was ok. She ended up having to walk a lot of the course due to the conditions. Because of this I was worried that I wouldn’t manage my two laps in the estimated 2 hours, but I knew that I had to give it a good go for everyone elses sake and to get my milage in so off I went. The course was a lot more muddier and churned up than the previous day but it was so much fun. My trail shoes were a god send, people were falling over all over the race or having to walk, whereas I was still able to run quite freely without many problems (except on a few bends). I love getting muddy, and boy did I get muddy. The huge puddle at about 7km ensured that those who had managed to stay clean and dry wasn’t going to stay that way. As I ran through it I was knee deep in muddy water…it was great.

I managed to run my third lap in about 57 mins and the fourth in about 58 mins. I enjoyed running through the finish/start line and continuing on to a second consecutive lap but did find it tough doing the two laps back to back (but highly rewarding). It was nice to hand the baton over to Gemma again after my fourth lap allowing me time to have a shower, eat a well deserved jacket potatoe and have a massage before seeing the people run their final lap.

I found it so emotional watching the solo runners coming in…could that be me one day?

Over all I had a fantastic weekend which I managed to spend with some amazing people…thanks guys for making it a special and memorable event.

....and just to year they need a beer tent!

01/08/2013 at 17:10

I just did 7.5 miles yesterday (after doing my weights). Started off at 8:30m/m and increased my pace slowly to 7:20 m/m and then 6:30 min/mls for the last half a mile. That was instead of my speed training due to TR24. Legs felt very stiff and heavy for the first 2 miles but then loosened up. Worried about loosing some of my speed so it was nice to do a few faster paced miles but I def need to do my speed training next week.

Rest day today and then long run in the morning all being well .

Bought a TM yesterday...gets delivered in 2 weeks excited!

01/08/2013 at 17:13

just wondering if it would be worth moving over to the asics 26.2 thread rather than keeping this and that thread running at the same time, seen as though most of you post on that thread as well as this one...what do you think?

Would the others not on the asics thread eg Mr P, Dotty1 etc move over to the other thread?

Edited: 01/08/2013 at 17:15
01/08/2013 at 17:43

I was thinking the same thing

01/08/2013 at 21:56



04/08/2013 at 08:51

Fantastic, glad that you don't mind.....see you on the other thread. 

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