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08/02/2013 at 16:02

Sarah - thought I would pop in and see how you are doing. It looks like everything is going very well indeed. What time are you targeting for your upcoming HM ?

08/02/2013 at 16:17

mile reps

The plan was to do the full 20 miles easy/steady, but I was hoping to do the first 12-14 miles steadier than the last 8. Because I hadnt run for 2 days I think I must have been like a caged animal let loose as my first two miles were a little too quick despite me trying to slow down (which I managed to do eventually by mile 3)

1 @ 8:12 min/mls

2 @ 8:12 min/mls

3 @ 8:17 min/mls

4 @ 8:44 min/mls

5 @ 8:30 min/mls

6 @ 8:37 min/mls

7 @ 8:27 min/mls

8 @ 8:29 min/mls

9 @ 8:36 min/mls

10 @8:40 min/mls

11 @ 8:27 min/mls

12 @ 8: 48 min/mls (several sets of steps and running through town)

13 @ 8:24 min/mls

14 @ 8:29 min/mls

15 @ 8:27 min/mls

16 @ 8:24 min/mls

17 @ 8:22 min/mls

18 @ 8:24 min/mls

19 @ 8:31 min/mls

20 @ 8:30 min/mls


average pace 8:30 min/mls

08/02/2013 at 16:20

Hi Carter, how are you? I keep meaning to pop on to your thread to see how your doing but its so difficult to keep up with everyone.

Im not sure yet about next week. It would be nice to get a PB so

08/02/2013 at 17:05

Another perfect 20 today Sarah - blimey this is easy work for me!

There's no reason why today should have felt easier than last week.  Last week was hilly so you think the flat should feel easier but that's not always the case.  On a hilly route you work hard on the hills but then get some respite on the downhills whereas on a flat course its continuous pounding.  You will have got a lot out of today's run - you didn't give up when it got hard towards the end (and yes I think most of this would be in your head - you do gear yourself up for finishing and its hard when you realise its short and have to keep going). 

The wind also had an affect on the run today.  Its funny how we don't realise how strong it is until we face it head on.  This was the problem I had on the beach run I did a few weeks ago!

I wonder if you would have felt better at the end if you hadn't done those first three miles so fast?  Possibly, possibly not but worth giving it some thought.

You've had a few hard weeks and done really well to get it all done.  It'll be nice to have an easier week leading up to your half next week.  What is the heather likely to be in Barcelona?  Do you know what the course is like?

I loved your photo of your bling on fb.  Your parent's must feel very proud.  Are they approving of your marathon training schedule?!  I reckon they'll both be worrying about you smashing their pbs!


08/02/2013 at 17:42
Thankyou Minni for the kind encouraging words. I did wonder the same as you with the first two miles being quite quick....two miles out of 20 doesnt seem much though to have such an effect...until I think how much I suffered after setting of at 6 min/mls for a 10k. I had slowed down to 7 min/mls within half a mile, but that first half a mile was enough almost to destroy me.

I get what you mean about the flat being just as tough, if not sometimes tougher than a hilly route...its more obvious say on a bike when you can free wheel down the hills, but its just the same for running. All my best race times are on hillier courses. I can also remember wishing for a hill at VLM last year just so different muscles could kick in and give the others some rest.

I remember the wind on the east coast when I did the coastal was a killer...that together with running on the beach is enough to destroy some people!

Im going to have a look at the course for barcelona this weekend, having been twice in the space of a year, im hoping I will have a good idea of the route and what it will involve. Someone was saying it was in the 20s last week, although I think that its unusually warm for spain at this time of year. When I went in winter it was similar to a cool summers day in this country.

Thankyou. I will have to transfer the picture on to here over the weekend. I think they are really proud of me and just glad that im carrying on from them as it gives them a good excuse to still attend the races and club events. My dad says that im doing too much, but ive pointed out to him several times that he was doing much more than me at the same stage in marathon training...he use to be the same with my mum, always discouraging her from doing too many miles. My mum is very encouraging however, initially she thought I was doing to much with doing some 20s so early on but once I had explained to her why, that I had built it up sensibly and im having adequate rest days she is quite happy.

I dont think I stand a change of beating my dads PB (yet) but im not sure about my mums...I double checked what it was this week and it was 3 hours 26 mins!
08/02/2013 at 17:46

There's your target then!

08/02/2013 at 17:56
thats what I was thinking too!
08/02/2013 at 17:58

links for the gradient and map of wouldnt let me copy and paste!
Edited: 08/02/2013 at 18:01
08/02/2013 at 18:05
looking at the weather forecast, it predicts it will be 15 degrees in the day (7 degrees at night)....cant wait for some warmth, although when im running I will probably want it cooler!
09/02/2013 at 21:31
Training Diary for Forum 6 sub 3:30 (VLM)

Week 6 (day 41) Aim; Rest day or a 3 mile recovery run

I went in to work this morning to start an audit. It was quite satisfying collecting all the information I needed after thinking about doing it for over the last 6 months.

Afterwards some friends from Newcastle called in to say hello and watch football on their way home from Malton.

This was then followed by a 3 mile walk to Jamie Olivers restuarant in York, followed by a 3 mile walk home (via the dormouse pub). Had a lovely evening being spoilt by my husband (early valentines day present). I would certainly recommend the resturant to friends.

Plan for tomorrow...10 miler (4 miles steady, 4 miles @ MP, 2 miles steady) followed by a trip to the cinema to watch Les Mes
Edited: 09/02/2013 at 21:31
09/02/2013 at 21:58

Sounds like a lovely day Sarah, I haven't run today, just felt very tired last night.  It is Puffy junior's Sunday morning training tomorrow so I've planned a route completely off road on the Greenway.  It is incredibly boring but flat as a pancake and as I plan some 8m miles it will be a good route.

I spoilt Mrs P today, I got her some Jo Malone bath oil for no reason, she has been really helpful and I've got all my runs in so far because she's prepared meals etc.

09/02/2013 at 22:22
Mr Puffy - I love Joe Malone. Nectarine Blossom and Honey is my favourite .... Just in case!

Hope the weather stays ok for your run tomorrow Sarah.

I'm off to the rugby in their ing so will have to do my 20 after that, when the snow is predicted.

North East Harrier League XC fore today and finished in 8th place, which is my highest ever. (Although it was just my second event! 21st last time) now been moved up to the faster pack so will be about 80th next time!!!
09/02/2013 at 23:42
Hi Mr P, it has been a lovely rest day, I've really enjoyed it. I think I've managed to replenish all my losses from yesterday now...ready for tomorrow!

I think your the most sensible runner I've met....its very refreshing. I think you've done the right thing having a rest today if you was tired last night. Your run tomorrow will be more beneficial because of it.

Wives love to be spoilt...keep on doing it and I'm sure you will have a free running pass for many of weeks

Hope you have a lovely run tomorrow and the flat course isn't too boring.

Evening minni. Congratulations on a fabulous XC today, you must be so happy with that result. Not sure I would want to go with the faster pack though, but suppose it will benefit you in the end! I hope we don't get any more snow, and if we do, I hope you manage to get your 20 in before it settles.
10/02/2013 at 14:43

Afternoon, today's run was very hard!

Got off to a bad start, PJ & I had a misunderstanding, I thought he was getting a lift from training to his game, he thought I was taking him home... I was in Mrs P's car, so she couldn't come out and get him.  I decided to go home, leave the car and ask Mrs P to get him later.  BUt I had no house key, and she was off on a ten mile run.  So in the end I told him to get a taxi, tough, he's always telling me how grown up he is!

So eventually I got under way in a persistent cold drizzle, I took my phone and was listening to 6 music, it really helped today. I jogged down to the access point for the Greenway and turned left for the first leg.  I had my waist belt and a bottle of water from the car but it was too cold to carry after being in the boot for days, so I left it hidden and used my waist bottle.  So up 3.5 miles to the end, turn round and back the same way.  I think I've mentioned before it is an old railway line been converted to a cycle and footpath, it's about 10-12 feet wide and runs through unspectacular even dreary countryside.

The next leg was to pass where I started and keep going tjhe other way, a little more interesting for a couple of miles, actually I was born in a house that backs onto the old line, but I can never work out which one it is from the back.  Past the cemetery, past the old railway station where we used to get the train into town and then that's it, just flat fields either side and a semi derelict RAF base to break the monotony.  And straight

This is  an old picture I have from a couple of years ago but it shows how boring it is.

 On marathon Talk they were discussing Marathon pace miles and made a few suggestions, so I tried to put 5 miles at 8mm miles between 10-15, with limited success.

the 12.5 mile point was where I turned back, and the wind was quite strong, I hadn't noticed with it behind me but it really knocked me back.  I'd had a gel at ten, and took another at 14 and managed to run OK back to the leisure centre where I'd started.  I was knackered now tbh and just sat in the foyer trying to warm up, enjoying all the comings and goings and a bit of human company!

I got a cup of tea, changed my wet top clothes and drove home.

So- not an ideal lsr, I think I was working a bit too hard, but in terms of mental strength a very good workout! 

Distance    Split time    Time    Split pace
1.00    8:58    
2.00    8:56    
3.00    8:37     
4.00    8:47    
5.00    8:39    
6.00    8:25    
7.00    8:31    
8.00    8:46    
9.00    8:26    
10.00    8:06    
11.00    8:02   
12.00    8:06    
13.00    8:22    
14.00    8:19    
15.00    8:43    
16.00    8:19    
17.00    8:45    
17.26    2:20    

Don't know why sportracks has recorded it like this, total was 18 miles in 2:35:17

10/02/2013 at 20:40

Hi Sarah,

Good work on the mile reps - great consistency (first two laps aside ). Sounds like training is going really well.

I've been to Jamie's Italian and Fifteen a couple of times and the food really is great. And what a nice way to rack up six miles of walking

Hope the 10 miles went well today - how did you get on?

10/02/2013 at 21:37

Evening Mr P, your first big paragraph made me laugh

By the second one im really feeling for you due to your un-scenic route.

Sounds like you was hit by the same wind as me on friday...I didnt really notice it around town and when I was running down a cycle path, but by the time I was running by the river and faced it head on, it was a killer!

Your splits look similar to mine on friday too. Least you managed to get  3 miles almost at MP too. I think you did great as a lot of it is just a test for the mind...if you could do 18 on that stretch and in those winds, the marathon will feel far easier

10/02/2013 at 21:41

Hi Steve, thankyou...I think I got a bit carried away with the first two miles..just hope I dont do that next weekend!

I cheated and did my 10 today in the gym. I wanted to do my weights and a run and was running out of time before I had to go to the cinema with friends to watch Les Mes (and the weather was rubbish) so it was easier to do it there. Quite enjoyed it and kept to my paces fine (although it is easier on a TM).

Hows your weekend been?

10/02/2013 at 21:47

Training Diary for Forum 6 sub 3:30 (VLM)

 Week 6 (day 42) Aim; 10 mile (4 mile steady, 4 mile @ MP, 2 mile steady)


I went to the gym to do my ten miles today. This was mainly because I wanted to do my resistance training aswell as my run and I didnt have time to run the streets and then drive to the gym to do my weights before I had to meet friends at the cinema to watch Les Mes (which is a fabulous film).

I first spent 45 minutes doing my resistance training with stretches inbetween sets.

On the treadmill I set it to hills on level 2, so the inclined ranged from between 0 and 2.2%

Mile splits

1 I started at around 10 min/ml and finished at 8:34 min/ml

2 @ 8:27 min/ml

3 @ 8:20 min/ml

4 @ 8:13 min/ml

5 - 8 @ 7:53 min/ml

9 @ 8:00 min/ml

10 @ 8:20 -8:41 min/ml

Despite me doing it on the treadmill, I did actaully enjoy myself today. The personal trainers looked like they were being examined, so I had quite alot to nosy at!

My legs felt quite fresh and light


Edited: 10/02/2013 at 21:48
10/02/2013 at 21:55

Total milage for week 6; 40.5 miles

10/02/2013 at 22:02

My schedule for week seven;

Monday; resistance training + 3 mile recovery run

Tuesday; To be confirmed. Im currently waiting for Minni to get back to me on this one, but its going to be about 7 miles with possibly some (easier than normal) reps + resistance training

Wednesday; Rest day as im working 8am - 9 pm

Thursday; Rest day as im on call, need to finish everything before I leave work for my long weekend and I need to get an early night ready to be up at 4am.

Friday & Sat. I will be in Barcelona. Im not planning on running there except on the day of my half, but I will be doing lots of walking and site seeing to make up for it and to loosen my legs. Normally on these kind of holidays with the running club we can be walking for over 8 hours a day.

Sunday; Half marathon + 1 m w/u and c/u

Total milage: 25 miles

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