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28/02/2013 at 22:09
Training Diary for Forum 6 sub 3:30 (VLM)

Week 8 (day 59) Aim; Rest day

Actual; I walked 1.5 miles at lunch time to do my visits as the weather was so nice with the sun would have been rude not to.

From work I got this over whelming urge to do my resistance training so I popped to the gym to do my usual circuit with stretches between reps.

I wasnt planning on running with doing 20 miles (all being well) in the morning but I thought I had better do a little after the weights...I cant remember why but ive always been told to do this for some reason. I decided to just do a steady 2 miles @ 8:34 min/mls

Its really strange as I feel like I have had another low milage week (so far) and im feeling guilty about not doing more with VLM fast approaching. I know I will be making up for it tomorrow and sunday, so hopefully my guilt will be short lived.
01/03/2013 at 08:36
Hey Sarah! Good luck in your 20 miler today! I'm away for the weekend so took nxt Monday off to fit in 15, which is now 17 thanks to urs and Steve marathon coach's advice.
Happy to say that I treated myself to new shoes yesterday- the Adidas boost marketing got me good!
Used them for my 4 mile recovery run yesterday- as expected, the lower leg was quite stiff for the first couple of miles, but all eased up by the end, and my 'easy' pace ended up at 10:10 rather than 10:40- not sure it that's because I've had a few days rest or because the shoes are so springy!

3 peaks challenge in June, you're bound to be completing it in pouring rain if our last few summers are anything to go by!

Marathon's coming up quick- with the time ur aiming for do u think you'll go and do Boston marathon? I'm quite tempted by Tokyo.
01/03/2013 at 13:52

Hi Angela. Thankyou for the good certainly worked, had a very enjoable and successful run this morning.

Its so frustrating when you have to take time of work just to run, but you know if you dont you will just end up in a panic and stressing about getting the miles in. Are you going anywhere nice this weekend?

With all the training and hard work youve been putting in, I think you deserve some new shoes! I feel like im spending less money at the moment as my days off are taken up with running instead of spending, so a treat every now and then is acceptable.

I felt like that in my new trainers on Wednesday. Normally when I put a new pair on they feel great but on wed I wasnt too sure. Im sure its because ive just  got use to my old ones (which ive been wearing since august). Because I wear othotics and their the same brand of shoe they shouldnt really be a problem.  I was just trying to work out when I was going to get to bed them in as I dont want to wear them for my race on sunday, on a long run until ive wore them a bit more and certainly not during speed work until their more bedded in....but im running out of weeks before VLM to actually bed them in!

I cant believe how quickly the weeks are passing, its quite scary. I would love to do new york and chicargo and ive even thought about tokyo, but some how I havent been drawn into Boston. It may just because I dont have a qualifying time at the moment so its still not an option for now. When would you do Tokyo?

Cant beat the British summer time, lol!

01/03/2013 at 14:06

Training Diary for Forum 6 sub 3:30 (VLM)

Week 8 (day 60) Aim; LSR 20 miles

I did my usual route around York today but changed the second half slightly as I didnt have a good finish three weeks ago.

I was getting worried about doing the same route a few times, worried that I would get bored but due to having a break from it for the last two weekends it was actually quite nice to run round familiar areas.

My mum use to love running. She said as a runner you are completley aware of the seasons, the changes in the weather, flowers, trees etc this is something ive certainly picked up on. When I did my second 18 miler on the same route there was snow and ice everywhere, you couldnt see the grass and half of the pavements were unusuable. Trees were bear, there were no plants and there wasnt as many people outdoors and those that were, were not as happy as they were today.

Today trees had leaves, gardens had spring flowers in them, people were cutting their lawns, dog walkers and other people out look much happier and were more likely to greet me.....what a difference the sun and the warmer weather makes!

Today I did my usual route but when I got to the race course I decided to do two laps (roughly 4 miles), this is because it was away from the traffic, there were sections I could run on the grass to save my knees from the pavements, it was much greener and sceenic than the housing estates I finished on last time and there were alot of people around walking their dogs. On my last 20 miler I continued up by the side of the river where it was much more lonely and I didnt feel as safe, this together with it only coming out as 18 miles so I had to loop back round and run around housing estates to make up my miles made me not want to do this again.

The new route was much better, I dont tend to like doing laps or out and back runs as I find them quite dull but I actually enjoyed doing the two laps of the race course and the miles added up perfectly so by the time I was at the bottom of my road I had done the full 20 miles.

I added another 0.5 mile (loop around my estate) as a cool down at the end


01/03/2013 at 14:12

My miles reps;

1;  8:28          

2;  8:36

3;  8:21

4;  8:36

5;  8:41

6;  8:39

7;  8:41

8;  8:43

9;  8:35

10; 8:39

11; 8:30

12; 8:37

13; 8:35

14; 8:33

15; 8:30

16; 8:29

17; 8:21

18; 8:31

19; 8:28

20; 8:21

Average 8:33 ( + 0.5 mile c/d @ 9:45 min/ml)

01/03/2013 at 14:23

I felt suprisingly good and really enjoyed today. My plan was to run between 8:30-8:45 min/mls, with the first half being slower than the second. It would have been nice to have attempted some marathon paced miles due to the marathon getting nearer but due to the 9 mile race im doing on sunday Minni rightly thought I would be best taking today steadier so hopefully I will make a quicker recovery ready for sunday...something which I completley agreed with.

By mile 18 on my last 20 miler I had had enough. My legs were fed up and I wanted the training run to end...I still think some of this was due to me having to run round the housing estate in circles just to make my miles up (i.e psychological). My last few miles 3 weeks ago were alittle slower reflecting on how I felt.

Today however I felt stronger towards the end and managed to speed up towards the end rather than slow down which im really happy with. My legs were starting to feel slightly tired but not half as much as last time...I think I could have continued on today if least for another 3 miles...if not another 6.2!

I decided to try my shot blocks out today so that I get use to running on them. I was going to have one at 5 miles, 10 miles and 15, but I got to mile 5 and was still full from breakfast. I still didnt even want anything by mile 10 but then at mile 13 I decided to go for it, I had one block then and then another at 16.5 miles. I didnt have any problems with them (although I didnt have many) another positive taken away from today

01/03/2013 at 15:58
Hey hey!
Looks like you had a fab run today, though I'm confused you're talking about sunshine, as its cloudy down here! Yeah, day off to run was a must- I had a few to take from last year anyway, so no big deal, but I've already missed 2 long runs and I'm in week 8. One through illness and the other because I had a leadership in running fitness course on the Sunday- it was a step back week, so I figured the shorter race pace run on the Saturday would be more beneficial than running a slow 9 when I was already up to 12.
I always wanted to do NYC but after last years debacle I have zero interest to return, and actually it's what has made me look for more local races this year and I think become more a part of the running community. I was attracted by Chicago because u can just buy a place but did u see they had an issue with this years entry process and now the last places are going by lottery.
My cousin and her friend did the Marine Corps marathon in Washington DC and said it was really good! I might consider that one too as a lot of my family in the states live in or around DC...
If I'm doing Tokyo would probably be 2015- or way beyond that, as id want to go to japan for at least 10 days. getting married in may 2014, so all my money and holiday allowance will be for that next year...
01/03/2013 at 18:37

  Fabulous Sarah.  Great run, great pacing and great positive feelings.  Definitely the right choice to get a steady 20 done and end feeling strong, rather than adding in MP miles and finish feeling knackered.  9 mile race on Sunday then we'll put some MP miles in to the long run next week. 

02/03/2013 at 18:50
Hi Angela, it was quite sunny in York yesterday morning but then turned cloudy by that afternoon. I went out in long sleeve top and jacket and two pairs of gloves...ended up pretty warm! Its been lovely again in York today, its been more like a summers day.

What was the training course like? I didnt hear about that with chicargo...fingers crossed if I do decide to do it the application process will be far simpler than this year. Washington sounds great...plenty of sight seeing to do and you have the added bonus of visiting relatives out there. I would be really tempted.

Getting married is so expensive....but it will all be worth it. Have you got your dress and everything sorted? Where are you having your honeymoon? Your wedding and Tokyo in 2015 will give you plenty to look forward to.

Thankyou Minni, I really enjoyed myself yesterday and my legs have felt fine today....I wore my compression tights yesterday and compression socks today...think they have done the trick, their like magic.

I hope your legs been better today and youve enjoyed the carbo loading for tomorrow. Good luck. Cant wait to hear how you get on.
02/03/2013 at 18:58
Training Diary for Forum 6 sub 3:30 (VLM)

Week 8 (day 61) Aim; Rest day

I didnt sleep too well last night, despite feeling tired at 9:30 pm, I was then struggling to fall asleep at 1am when I decided to go to bed after watching Hunger Games, which wasnt the best of films. I ended up tossing and turning for a while and then I woke up before my alarm was due to go off...think this was down to me getting quite excited about breakfast....porridge, banana, blueberries and the new addition....Nutella...mmm it was fantastic.

My morning was spent at work, I then went to see a friend doing a zumbathon....luckily I managed to get out of the 3 hour zumba session due to needing to save my legs ready for tomorrow.

I was looking forward to a walk into town but chris was too tired after going to the gym so we ended up driving in to the hospital and walking from there. I managed about 30 mins of walking altogether, this together with cleaning the house and car was my exercise for today.

Tomorrow its a 9 mile hilly road race!!
03/03/2013 at 18:41

Training Diary for Forum 6 sub 3:30 (VLM)
Week 8 (day 62) Aim; 9 mile race

Woke up and my legs felt ok so I decided to race as planned. I was hoping to start of at about 7:10m/m and then speed up over the race, however I ended up setting of at 6:55m/m instead. I was worried that I had set of too fast when my legs started to feel alittle heavy by the 3rd mile but then by the end of the 4th mile they seemed to have a new leace of life. I was over taken by a few people (about 4-5) between mile 2 and 4 but then after that I did all the over taking and passed a surprising number of people. The course was undulating but there were two steep hills just after the 5 mile mark and at 7.5 miles. Im not sure why but I do appear to be quite good on hills as this is where I did most of my over taking. Running in York and doing alot of training on a treadmil, I always find this quite surprising...I think I put it down to the resistance training that I do.

I felt really strong towards the end of the race despite my initial worries that I had gone of to fast. I saw a lady infront at the start of the last mile...I decided to see if I could catch her and possibly over take her. She was quite in the distance so I though I had no chance but it made the last mile quite exciting and pass quite quickly. I actually did catch her up in the last 100 yards but as I reached her shoulder she accelerated, and due to the amount of effort I had put in to just catch up with her I couldnt keep up with her so she beat me by a couple of seconds.

My splits;

1. 6:55

2. 6:53

3. 6:59

4: 7:01

5. 6:59

6. 7:09 (steepest hill during this mile)

7. 6:55

8. 6:59 (second steepest hill but somehow I managed to keep my pace up)

9. 6:25

Average pace 6:55

This race has definatley given me some confidence. I thought that I wouldnt be able to run at

03/03/2013 at 18:58
Wow. That's a fantastic performance! You have such potential. I'd love to see what another year will give you. You still have 7 weeks to go. Absolutely brilliant Sarah
03/03/2013 at 19:01
I think you are good on hills because you are so light with clearly good power. Your power to weight ratio is key in hill climbing. It is so good for confidence when overtaking on hills.
03/03/2013 at 19:07

Thankyou DS2. A fabulous race for you two today I see, congratulations.

 Do you have any more races before your marathon?

03/03/2013 at 19:12
Yeah-it pretty well went to plan. Feeling more confident now.

I have the Paddock Wood Half which is fast and flat and close to home. I'd like to break 90 mins. I have good endurance. Now I just need to concentrate on speed.
03/03/2013 at 19:18


I did another 20 today, harder than last week but I haven't eaten well tbh this week. Recovered well though and looking forward to entering Monster Month!


03/03/2013 at 20:19

Sarah - you are so strong! I think I need you to mentor me next time around.  Nice race at the finish and that must have left you feeling good.  It doesn't matter who crosses the line first in that scenario its knowing you have the mind and legs to put the work in. 

We'll be seeing you in Rio if you can hold that baby off for another few years!

03/03/2013 at 20:47
Hi Sarah,
Wow, what an awesome race! Sub 7 minute miles! Amazing! I stole one of your training sessions spent the weekend in Nottingham so on Saturday afternoon I went to do my 6 miles. Given I've had so much rest this week, I couldn't stay at easy pace and thought I may as well test my legs with some speed. First I decided n fartlek, but then before the last 2 miles your alterenate half marathon/marathon paced mile. It has a great feeling, I think after I've done the races I planned this month that that will become part of my regular speed training. The whole run actually ended up averaging at my marathon pace. LSR tomorrow, though I know I'm underefuelled- trying to make up for it now...

Leadership in running course was great. Looking forward to see if I can successfully set up a beginners running club where I live- try and make us all healthier

Wedding wise, we're at that point where there's really nothing to do. Church and reception venue found, dress ordered, save the dates have been sent. Too early to book the honey moon, but we're thinking st lucia, and I think I'll have to give up running in favour of a week or two of golf. I think real planning will begin once I've done the Bournemouth marathon in October...
03/03/2013 at 21:26
DS2, I honestly think you will smash 90 mins on your next half the way your training is going. I will certainly be routing for you.

Hi Puffy, another 20 in the bag : ). What was your average pace? Do you have any races coming up? Monster month makes it sound so scary!!!

Hahaha, thanks Minni...Rio...I wish. Its all down to you that im doing so well, so thankyou. I did finish the race with a huge smile, like you said I wasnt too bothered that she managed to pull away from me as I had made so much ground to catch her up in the first place. She was a vet aswell so it didnt change where I came in my group - 4th female in my category, 6th lady overall.

Hi've tried the minni special...its a great little (well actually big) session isnt it? I found it fun but challenging and hugely satisfying. To do all your run at, on average your MP is great and brilliant for your confidence. Hope your enjoying carbo loading this afternoon and that you have an enjoyable LSR tomorrow. Let us know how you get on.

Setting up a beginners club would be so rewarding but also challenging. My parents set up a running club in sheffield about 20 years ago and its still going strong now. Good luck.

Glad youve everything (that you can sort) sorted for your wedding, least you can kick back and relax and concentrate on your running for now. St Lucia looks gorgeous.....wish I could have another honeymoon!
03/03/2013 at 21:36
So my plans for week 10 (eek I really cant believe that were on week 10 already...its quite scary)

Monday; Netball training

Tuesday;3m w/u, 0.5m easy/0.5m steady/0.5m HMP x 3. 1m c/d (roughly 9m).
Minni and myself thought it would be best not to have an intense speed
training session this week due to the race today

Wednesday; Netball match

Thursday; Resistance training + 3 mile steady run

Friday; 18miles with some MP miles included
4m @ steady, 4m @ MP, 4m steady, 4m @ MP, 2m steady

Saturday; Rest day

Sunday; 10-12 miles easy-steady with the running club

Weekly miles; 40-42
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