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27/03/2013 at 22:37
Hi Angela,
Glad that your legs are getting there. Im really looking forward to my LSR on friday but quite disappointed that most of York will be sharing my day off and possibly spoiling my carefree peaceful run. Im guessing that the section I do in town near the museum gardens will be heaving.

The knee socks I own are made by more miles. They were a freebie at the end of a race I did. I love them. There really good, tight but comfortable, dont think that their expensive either.

Belvoir challenge was in Belvoir and the middle section took you past belvoir castle. The route changes every year though, as does the distance, There is usually a 26 mile route and a 15-18 mile route. I fancy the 26 one next year, but I have been told that its tough!

We could put it to RW and see what they say I guess....could write a feature article on our return!!
27/03/2013 at 22:39
Hi Mr P. Sorry to hear about your leg today, but you did the right thing with stopping and not trying to ignore the discomfort. Where abouts in your knee is it tender?

Where is your 5 mile race next week?
27/03/2013 at 22:44
Training Diary for Forum 6 sub 3:30 (VLM)

Week 13 (day 86) aim; 4-5 miles easy

After my 12 hour day I was quite tempted to go straight home, especially as chris has been saying that im like his lodger, but I drove straight to the gym on auto pilot after leaving the surgery.

I only had an hour before it closed so I ran 5 miles in 45 mins. I took it more steady than yesterday as I realised afterwards that I didnt take it as easy as I should have yesterday.

Mile splits
1. 11:00 - 9:13 min/mls
2 9:05 min/mls
3. 8:57 min/mls
4. 8:49 min/mls
5. 8:41 min/mls

5 min TM c/d
27/03/2013 at 22:49
Good write up of Orion 15 Angela...Ive got to say its slightly put me off ever doing it myself...but knowing me I will be standing at the start line one year having been talked into it. The snow on the trees in your pic look so pretty, but that wonder it was so tough. Even though you found it difficult you will have gained alot from it
27/03/2013 at 23:07
It varies Sarah sometimes it's the knee itself, but tonight it was my whole thigh hurting every time I pushed through my stride, I warmed up and tried to walk a bit but it was clearly not right so now is not the time to be throwing it all away on one run. I can try again tomorrow, worst case is I rest entirely and postpone my long run toll Easter Monday so no problem really.

The race is our club'vs annual spring five, although its usually a bit longer than five miles I think. It is part of my ritual now, it marks the beginning of taper for me, swopping the midweek long run for a good sharp effort.

Sorely tempted to have a beer tonight after a frantic day but I'm too frightened of mrs p.
28/03/2013 at 07:37
Hahaha, I always wonder if Chris is frightened of me, mr p....I'm guessing not! Did you get that beer? After this weekend then that's it for me and alcohol until after London (well that's the plan anyway, although I forgot that I go and see pink the week before).

I would be tempted to rest completely today and possibly until Monday now if you can, give your leg/knee time to repair itself and get better. Its always tempting to go for a run to see what its like but that might set you back alittle. If it was just your knee causing problems I would be tempted to do squats and work on a wobble bored instead of running tonight. However if your thigh is also playing up then maybe a complete rest would be best.

Its so difficult and I can completely relate to you. When I had a calf strain last year I kept on running and it got progressively worse until I was forced to rest when I got whooping cough. Within 1-2 weeks it had completely healed itself. I was able to run fine but I didnt do any speed training just incase it made it go again.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you that it isn't anything serious and it settles as quickly as it came.
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28/03/2013 at 08:24
Hi Sarah,
If I recall correctly, San Fran is 8 hours behind us- its a good 11hour flight if ur going direct, so I would certainly recommend at least 2 full days to acclimatise, and probably much more- the jet lag can be positive in terms of getting u up early enough for the race, but it is a flight that's so long you'll want to get over it. I'm totally up for pencilling it in for 2015... Shhh, don't tell David, I'll just suggest it as a holiday and visiting my cousin he'll never know its running tourism! And it's such an early start I could be done before he wakes up!

Sorry to have put u off Orion- quick read the write up of it in worlds ultimate running races! I should have ended my story with 'I'm glad I did it, not painful at all, where do I sign up for next year?' To be honest with what people are saying both about XC and about how bad the course conditions were this year, I do want to give it another go- I think I could probably do 15 minutes faster just from being aware of what the challenge is, better pacing and therefore not stopping to walk!

I watched that show on junior doctors last night and their long working hours! It's crazy, how did one of the most important professions take such a risk of giving its juniors such poor work schedule?!
28/03/2013 at 08:24
sarah osborne wrote (see)
Hi had sun? Im so jealous. We had dull skies and flurries of snow all day. I so wish the sun and daffys would arrive soon.

Foam rollering your shins sounds quite uncomfortable. How did you find it?

Hope you had a good run today and an even better one tomorrow.

Thanks Sarah. The run was fine. Felt a little weakness in the arch but after the run I was pain free. Then 2 hours later it all tightened again. Reckon that's all it is - tightness that just needs to  be managed. At least I know it improves when warmed up.

Foam roller was fine on the shins btw. seemed to help.

Going to do my MLR today as the sun seems to be out again (sorry). Will see how that goes.

How are you feeling about tomorrow's big one? 

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28/03/2013 at 22:21

Hi all,


OK, got my midweek runs out of the way - 5 miles on Tuesday, 8 yesterday and 6 today. Each time I was intending to do them at MP but ended up nearer HMP, and felt pretty good each time, which was quite pleasing especially after that tough 22 miles on Sunday.

I hope Malcs and Mr P manage to shake off your injury niggles. As foam rollers have been mentioned, I was reading an article the other day singing their praises, not just to help with injury but generally for working sore muscles and I was going to ask what people thought. Given that I can get one for ten or fifteen quid I'm inclined to get one anyway but I'd be interested to hear people's views.

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28/03/2013 at 23:02
Hi Andy, I recently had a sports massage where I started talking about using a foam roller and the masseurs poo pooed the idea, how ever, I think they're great! Often solved problems I've had with my shins and itb, and like u say, they ease sore muscles.
I would say that it's worth spending the extra to get a decent solid one- I use trigger point- had it for 3 years and as its got a solid plastic cylinder the foam is wrapped around, it hasn't squidged. The first time use it, it'll probably be very painful, but if u do use it regularly, you'll learn to love it. I also use a product called 'the stick' to get more specifics muscles in my lower leg...
28/03/2013 at 23:34
I got one for Christmas, it's brilliant. At first I thought it was too wide (diameter) but the wider cross section makes it more versatile.

I had a demo of the stick at the London maratHon expo a few years ago, it was pretty good.

After last nights cancelled ruN I was anxious to get out, I was planning on a marathon paced run, though as I was warming up I came across a buzzard in the bushes. Over the last few weeks I ve seen a couple of these birds perched low in trees by the roadside, I think they must be low on food in this cold spell. I was a bit worried, and just about to call mrs p to discuss what to do when it flew strongly off into some taller trees. I'd only covered 3/4 of a mile so I set off again and rand another seven miles at roughly 8mm.

I had to pay attention to my knee, and I have absolutely slathered my thigh in Voltarol, but it went well overall. So next run is 22 on Saturday or Monday all being well.
28/03/2013 at 23:49
Hi Angela...starting a marathon at 13:30 doesnt sound as bad as 5:30....but I know what im like at travelling and sleeping, but im sure it would be worth it.

2015....right im pencilling it in too, im sure chris would be up for it (if I dont tell him about the little run whilst we are there)!

Im going to have to read the review in that book now aswell....I guess if you go into a race thinking the worse, your more than likely going to come out of it having enjoyed it!

Whats worse is that we have had it loads better than the junior doctors 30 years ago. They use to start work on friday morning and not finish until monday without any break, least when I was working on call at the weekends I did 3 13-14 hour shifts but did get a break inbetween them to sleep.
28/03/2013 at 23:54
Hi Malcs, how did your MLR go today? I missed the sun again today. Im just hoping that its got its hat on in the morning. Looking forward to having a long run as it seems like ages ago when I did the last one, but im also nervous as its the longest i will have run since london last year and will be my last big one before VLM this year!

Glad that your foot felt better once you had warmed up. Are you due a sports massage? Do they massage your feet?
29/03/2013 at 00:01
Hi Andy. Im hoping I feel as good as you next week after my (hopefully) 22 miler tomorrow morning.

I bought a cheap foam roller from sports direct (was only 7 pounds) as I didnt want to spend too much as I was unsure if it would work or not. Ive used it several times and even though its a cheap one, I feel that its done what it says on the tin, its been especially good on my ITB.

I would certainly recommend getting one, although like Angela was saying above, the trigger point ones are supposed to be the better ones
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29/03/2013 at 00:11

Andy - many thanks. I'm another foam roller convert. I haven't got one of the medieval types that Angela has as I'm too much of a coward. That said, I believe Sweatshop have rumble rollers on sale this weekend at just 20 quid - could be tempted to step up the pain levels 

Sarah - MLR went fine thanks. I'd just like there to be zero foot pain but I guess I can't complain too much. Yes, sports massage will do foot problems, I had it last year too. The thought of booking an appointment had crossed my mind. 

Have a great run tomorrow. I'm resting but still in two minds whether to go for 20 over the weekend. I'd have to believe that it'll be a big benefit to me for the race to do it now I think. We shall see.

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29/03/2013 at 00:15
Ive never heard of the stick before, I will have to look into getting one of those now as well.

So glad that you managed to get a good run in Mr P and that your leg and knee wasnt too bad and your planning on doing 22 this easter. I was starting to get worried for you.

We saw alot of buzzards in france by the side of the motoway too, there must have been at least 5 on the 130km journey.
29/03/2013 at 00:20
Thanks Malcs, im hoping it all goes smoothly tomorrow, although it will be the furthest ive run in my new trainers (only done 9.3 miles in them so far), which makes me nervous.

Im thinking about trying to get a massage in next week before its too close to the marathon.

Glad your run went ok today, good luck if you do decide to do a 20 this weekend.
29/03/2013 at 00:21

They had a case in Wales not so long back where a runner was attacked by a Buzzard - left some nasty claw marks in his bonce!

29/03/2013 at 00:26

I reckon your shoes will be fine. You said they were very comfortable so I wouldn't worry. Are you doing any MP or is it all slow in this one?

I don't think any amount of foam rolling is substitute for a sports massage. You have plenty of time to book one in. I'm planning one for about a week before race day.

29/03/2013 at 00:31
Training Diary for Forum 6 sub 3:30 (VLM)

Week 13 (day 87) aim; 4-5 miles easy

My on call today was surprisingly ok....think the little bit of sun we had kept everyone away. I managed to get quite a few little jobs done and leave at a reasonable time.

I went to the gym after work and did my resistance training and then 3.8 miles on the TM. I had decided to aim for 4 miles rather than 5 today due to running 22 (hopefully) in the morning, however I got to 3.8 miles and nature called (sorry) so I ended it alittle earlier than planned. I did todays run on a normal setting with no incline unlike my previous two TM runs. Im looking forward to getting out tomorrow, will make a nice change to the 4 walls of the gym.

miles splits
1. 11-9:13 min/ml
2. 9:13 min/ml
3. 9:05 min/ml
3.8 9:05 min/ml
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