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12/04/2013 at 11:04

Sorry to hear that Sean. 

If it's any consolation, London is always congested even in the higher pens. I was in pen 5 last year and we came to a dead stop shortly after the start line. It didn't really start to be possible to pass until well after Cutty Sark but it was very busy most of the way.

In case you're considering it, I think it'll be hard to jump pens as they police them quite well. If you do end up in 9 then try and get as close to the front of that pen. Once the race starts don't be tempted to weave your way through the crowds. Take it steady and go for gaps when you see them. Later in the race you will have plenty in the tank to put on the afterburners.

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12/04/2013 at 11:16
Yep what Malcs said. It might do you a favour in the long run (pardon the pun).
12/04/2013 at 11:18


12/04/2013 at 11:42


A dead stop?!? I am going to be so annoyed arent i?? And the cutty sark is after 6 miles??

This is disasterous news, ha.

FML as the kids say


12/04/2013 at 11:48
The first year I did it I was in the blue start, pen 3 and we also came to a stop within the first mile. There are lots of people and it happens. Got a good 3.5 hours to claw that minute back. Relax.
12/04/2013 at 11:57

Puntastic Minni! 

Sean - don't worry! As Minni says, it happens. It's like those ghost queues you get on the motorway but thankfully not as long a wait to get moving again. Usually they clear and you're back running in less than a minute.

Yeah, Cutty Sark is at 6 miles. For me it was quite busy up to Rotherhithe which is at 10 miles! But as I said, it's busy all the way - that's London.

Just try and settle into a steady pace. It's a loooong way and it isn't won in the first half but it can be easily lost!

Reading RunnyRunRun's Asics comp thread she mentioned that Coach Steve had told her that the marathon is a 20 mile warm up followed by a 6 mile race. I've never really thought of it like that but it does make sense to approach it this way. 

If you relax and go with the pace you're allowed instead of trying to force it by trying to make up ground then the last section of the race will be much more enjoyable. 

In my first London I was in Red 6 and went off like a whippet, dodging and weaving, on and off the pavement and it was all over for me at 20 miles. 

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12/04/2013 at 12:07

Would it be completely crazy to wait at the back and try to let the massive masses move ahead and avoid the worst of it?

12/04/2013 at 12:14
12/04/2013 at 12:24


12/04/2013 at 14:06

That's not good Sean, I'm afraid you might be held up...last year my colleague entered and put down 5 hours, and he was in pen 9 red start.  He beat me in a February half with a time of 1:36  but could only manage 4:30 on the day Vs my 3:40. But he was ducking and diving all the way, I would go steady and just be patient.  I think you get a lot of congestion after Tower Bridge too, when you come off the Highway through into Docklands, tiny tiny streets.

12/04/2013 at 14:23
I did my first marathon as London in 2011, and whilst compared to now I had no idea how to race it, I definitely wasted a lot of energy darting around people. I had said I'd do4 hours since i had done a 2 hour half in the autumn before (my first mistake), but even so, there were still lots of people around who were much slower than me. Looking at my race splits, my miles were mile 1: 9:31, mile 2: 9:12, mile 3: 9:07, mile 4: 9:28... Doesn't take long for them to get slower and slower as I got cramp in my calf very early on in the race. My point is, I got carried away moving with the crowd but also overwhelmed by how big the crowd was and trying to get ahead to find some space... Only problem is there wasn't any!!! From mile 1 to mile 26 it was just constant crowdedness! I'd used up all my energy at the start going too fast and weaving. My app said I did 26.9 miles and it was 4hrs 38....

I hope that its not too bad for you but perhaps if it seems futile, just tell yourself to enjoy the day! It is amazing to be part of the London marathon, but perhaps try a smaller race for your pb that fits with your potential...
12/04/2013 at 14:52

Hi Angela,

Yes, I have a little boy, he will be five in June. The schools are one of the reasons we were thinking of Colchester, also we could probably get a four bedroom place for what we would get for our current three bedrom one (or just a little bit more). Thanks for the offer - we're still mulling over the options at the moment and I suspect we'll stay either in our current place or the general area (however many links to nice looking places on RightMove my wife sends me) but if we do decide on moving up your way I'll certainly let you know.

12/04/2013 at 16:01
Angela Isherwood 2 wrote (see)
Ugh I've just endured David watching Newcastle- maybe he and Chris should be our food preparers at TR24- sure they'd get on

Thanks Mr. P sorry Mrs P is sick... I've been having a bit of vino tonight- I think I should cut it out after my last 20 miler... But I'll be bored in taper madness and it'll be getting warm again.

I really want to go for a new pb in my half mara on Sunday rather than run marathon pace- but it looks like its gonna be a warm one...

Haha, chris has already made his excuses to not have to go to TR24...he says that he doesnt like camping, but I dont think he has ever tried it to comment, hes just too much use to his home luxeries, like a bed and central heating! He wasnt at all happy last night with the result. Do you think David will come?

Im regretting saying that I wont have a drink for three weeks...I was dying for one yesterday and tonight im going to the pub with my parents...its going to be tough sticking to the pop, but only another week to go!

12/04/2013 at 16:05
Mr Puffy wrote (see)
Mrs p is a seasoned runner she knows the score!

I won't be racing but I will make an effort I think. Assuming its not raining, then I'll just stay in.

I was going to run to the solicitors today to drop some documents of but it was raining so I drove instead with my clothes for the what my dad would call a wimp, but I didnt want to risk getting wet and then cold and reducing my immunity...honest. In the end by the time I got back from the solicitors it had stopped raining so I went for a run by the river, in the opposote direction to usual and really enjoyed it (minus the dog that scared me half to death). Hope Mrs P is feeling better soon and you have a controlled race tomorrow.

12/04/2013 at 16:10

Hi Angela,

I meant to add good luck on Sunday!


12/04/2013 at 16:12
Hilly wrote (see)

Hi Sarah, yes I plan on doing all 4 of the road league races this year and the Penistone course is just a little distance from where I live so can jog there.   The last time I did them was in 2007!  I thought they would be a good way to help me regain fitness, the only thing is I do have to watch my rivals shoot off up the road, which isn't always easy.   But it will be fun clawing my way back.  Not too sure I'll be anywhere near a long way ahead of you at any of them to tell the truth.  You're running really well!  I need a good 6 weeks of consistent training to feel confident of pushing it, just happy to be running properly again at present.  I guess you will have to run a bit easier next week with London only days away?

Hi Hilly, I know how hard it is just to watch others run of in front, I experienced it in East Hull 20 (even though it was part of the plan to do the first half slow). The others in my club shot off and I really wanted to keep up with them but I managed to stick to the plan. I was so worried about them finishing infront of me, when normally its the other way round. In the end I passed them all again in the second half, but I was in a panic, and thats when I was fit and was planning on going slow. It must be so hard for you with it being out of your control. You will get your fitness back though and be the one running off leaving them in your shadow again im sure.

I will look out for you next wednesday then. Which club do you run for again? My plan will be to run the first and last mile slow and the middle three at MP (although I will double check with Minni first). Most schedules say to do 4 miles but im sure 5 will be ok as i will only probably be running mon and wed next week. The course sounds nice next sounds like it should be flat, but im guessing otherwise if its out that way

12/04/2013 at 16:16
Minni wrote (see)
Oh dear a sorry result for Newcastle. 

Hilly - yes please make Sarah slow down if you see her next week!

I really admire your determination to get back to fitness Hilly. I often fear that if I lost it now I wouldn't (mentally or physically) get it back.

I had a unhappy husband last night!

Haha, I promise to hold back, dont worry, im planning on starting at the back to help and I will make sure that I have my watch fully working before we set off.

You seem like a fighter Minni, im sure you would fight for your fitness back if the worse happended.

12/04/2013 at 16:24
Malcs wrote (see)
You're continuing to worry me. Yes I did run today - just a little 3 mile jog but I was at 8:30 pace, way faster than yours. Was I gong too fast?

I'm in full panic now. My current worry is fuelling. I decided to go with jelly babies early on in this campaign because I'm not great with the gels. However, I read today that you need to get about 60g of carbs per hour. That's 10-12 JB's! Over the race I'd have to scoff 35 or more of the little fellas. I only had 4 an hour in training but I guess I'll need to up that when running at MP?

I was talking with some of the peeps on the Paris thread and one of the said that sweets are not the ideal source of carbs as they contain a lot of other awful stuff. Now I'm wondering if I need to use some gels as well - nothing like sorting these things out at the last minute eh?

Are you doing your 10 miles tomorrow or at the weekend? Did I read right, are you on holiday now until after VLM?

Angela - interesting that magic mile. I'm now trying to work back from 8mm to see what ridiculous speed I'd have to achieve over a mile to be worthy. I daren't do the maths  

I only ran really slow yesterday due to the race the day before so dont panic. I hadnt even planned to run yesterday but due to me doing my weights I thought a short recovery run would be ideal. I ran a bit quicker today. I did 6.5 today and will be doing 8-10 on sunday. How about you?

With me im having something to eat every 2 miles....drip feed as Ruth called it. The shot blocks can be a litte chewy and it seemed easier to have a small amount often than a large amount at one go. Every 8th mile I will be having 2 jelly babies instead. So in theory you could do the same - 2 jelly babies every 2 miles or 1 a mile....your probably going to hate the little things by the end though. Alternative is to try something else on your 10 miler this weekend. Was there anything else that you have tried that was marginally ok?

What did you work the mile out as???

Glad that your managing to stay optomisitc about the house. I have been ringing round the estate agents today asking for an on edge now...but its taking my mind off VLM!

Someone had told me the same about it being a 20 mile warm up and then a 6 mile race...I think its spot on.

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12/04/2013 at 16:34
SeanAlexMartin wrote (see)

Hi all,

I have found out that I am in Red Start, Pen 9 in London (4:45 to 5:00 expectation)

Not entirely sure what the hell has happened. 

What does this mean for my time potential?  


SeanAlexMartin wrote (see)

Would it be completely crazy to wait at the back and try to let the massive masses move ahead and avoid the worst of it?

Thats what I was going to suggest...let everyone go, wait ten mins and then set off!

I was in pen 5 last year (red start). I can remember alot of people getting in my way but despite that I managed about 8:30 min mls for the first mile and I didnt do much over the 26.2 miles so I couldnt have been weaving too much. It was frustrating though and I do recall running for about 3 minutes and then hitting a bottle neck were I had to walk, but that soon passed. Try to stay optamistic, if you do the first half a lot slower than planned you will have so much more energy for the second half which you will probably end up doing much quicker than planned (when it thins out a bit) so overall your time will even out. By the last 5 miles the number of runners around me seemed to thin out a fair bit 

12/04/2013 at 16:36

Hi (again) you think you will be able to stick at MP for your half at the weekend? It will be so hard, but it will pay off not only physically but mentallly too, good luck

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