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22/04/2013 at 00:17
Hi sounds like you took the carbo loading pretty seriously! I completely hammered it too, although despite pigging out for two days on loads of food and carbs I didnt feel that bloated or over full, infact some days I was still going to bed slightly peckish despite me eating more than usual....think I was just being greedy, or it may have something to do with the 4 hour walk on saturday (whilst sight seeing) we did. Went home in a right panic, worried that I had spent too much time on my feet! We went to the theatre on the fri night, was a fabulous show.

How was the weather for your marathon in the end? it was pretty warm and sunny in London...ive sun burnt my arms and my face slightly - opps. Didnt dare put suntan lotion on this morning just incase it stopped me from sweating and spoilt my race!

How did you get on today......Ive been wanting to know your result all day?
22/04/2013 at 00:21
Thankyou Tenjiso, FF2, Ady, DS2, Clive and Mr P for your good luck wishes and all your kind comments. Had an amazing run, felt strong all the way round and finished with a huge smile on my face. I will do a proper race report tomorrow as its getting a little late now.

How did today go for you Mr P?
22/04/2013 at 00:26
Hi Mr P, how was your cold and sore throat? did you manage to race this morning? Thankyou for your lovely comments. Like with Malcs, you have made this thread too, without your contribution and support, it would have been nothing and im sure I wouldnt have done as well.

I hope you was feeling well this morning and that you got the time you wanted. Cant wait to hear how you got on.
22/04/2013 at 00:30
Hi Andy, how did you get on today? Sounds like you enjoyed the carbo loading and didnt suffer with any side effects like me!

I was trying all the free samples at the expo too, but then got into a slight panic about whether they were mainly protein or carbs!

I would just like to echo what I have said to Mr P and malcs, youve helped to make this thread by being regularly on here providing your support and encouragement, and sharing your training, I would just like to say a huge thankyou for that.
22/04/2013 at 00:33
Hi Chick, thankyou ever so much for popping on this thread to wish me luck, I really appreciate it. I will pop over to Minnis other thread tomorrow to see how you have all gotten on. I hope you had an amazing marathon and got the time you wanted and deserved.
22/04/2013 at 00:40
Thankyou Minni for passing on my apologises for me not coming onto the thread over the weekend. I was worrying that everyone would think badly of me, when infact I was dying to speak to everyone and see how they were getting on with the carbo loading and pre marathon preps.

Thankyou ever so much for being a fantastic mentor and getting me my new PB which im ecstatic with. After my first marathon last year, I thought I would never cross the finish line smiling and feeling so strong, but i did today thanks to your coaching and guidance. I'm so glad that you had a successful run too and got a shiny new PB also by 5 minutes, which is very impressive. I hope you have been celebrating tonight. Im currently on my first alcoholic drink of three weeks - its going straight to my head!
22/04/2013 at 07:51
Hiya Sarah,

You're so sweet to say . I've found being on this thread has worked wonders for my running. And you, Minni, all have been so willing to give advice and guidance along the way. Really great to find people who know so much about this running lark! I'm now on 402 miles since the start of the year, almost all of which run outside and I've done 2 20 milers both of which I was still running at the end- this already is a great improvement and I really do hope it translates into a much better marathon time for me.

The run was tough although on the really hard uphills I did just switch to a walk. I found on the downhill and flat sections my pace was naturally going to my MP even in the later miles. I haven't done overall look at pace per mile as I left the wireless thing to pull the data at home, but from this run I just wanted to get the miles in given the terrain. It's amazing- in 3 and a half hours I only came across 16 cars, 4 cyclists, 1 tractor, a few mad dogs and no other runners. It was road the whole way, so I was concerned for my knees- usually on my long runs I do a large section off road.

I was wrong on the vegan assumption - the lentil bake actually had egg and cheese in it, so I'm on a vegetarian diet. Actually think its been very good for my energy levels and its very low fat which is good. I can't really tell whether this is because of food or because I'm on holiday though. Also, I have been using some SiS rego recovery powder shakes after running, which I don't usually use as I would usually have some milk- only option here is soy milk, which is ok, but not so nice to drink straight.

How did everybody else get on? How's the walking today?
22/04/2013 at 08:51

Bloody brilliant, Sarah    Massive, massive congrats. You rock!!  Does it mean you've beaten your parents' PBs now

22/04/2013 at 09:04
Morning Angela, it sounds like you had a lovely 20 miler yesterday out in the middle of know where with little traffic. Sounds like the perfect run to me (as long as it was safe). Speed doesnt matter so much on your LSR as long as its steady and you feel comfortable (which is what ive valuably learnt over the last 4 months). Im sure the hills will benefit you in your marathon too.

How are your legs today? Mine arent too bad, not half as bad as last year. It feels like I ran a marathon yesterday but im able to tackle the stairs with no difficulty unlike last year when I had to walk down them side ways!

They do say a vegetarian diet is more healthy, but I do worry about nutrient deficiency...lots of my patients with iron deficiency are vegetarian!

Do you come back home on thursday? What are your plans for the rest of the week?
22/04/2013 at 09:04
sarah osborne wrote (see)
I was worrying that everyone would think badly of me, when infact I was dying to speak to everyone and see how they were getting on with the carbo loading and pre marathon preps.

Isn't it just like you to be worrying about everyone else and not yourself! Given what a forum stalwart you've become, it was quite clear you were strugglling to get on and we were all worrying that you'd be worrying too!   

The RW site was very slow most of the weekend. Even with a proper fixed internet connection it was really painful sometimes.

Anyway less of that - C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !!!

Wow, what a time! You must be absolutely thrilled. I don't think any of us doubted you would surpass 3:30 but you completely smashed that. I am so pleased for you.

Great to hear the carbo loading went well. I found it much easier this time too. Although I was guzzling down fluids but didn't seem to be going to the loo. I was worried I'd end up like a balloon.

I think they should rename the day before the marathon Panic Saturday . It's reassuring that I wasn't the only one in need of therapy. I actually had to lie down for an hour because I felt like I was going to collapse. I've never been so nervous. 

How were you on the day? Did you get up there ok (clearly you got there but was it all smooth) ? Did you speak to any celebs? (Minni doesn't count)

How are you feeling this morning? 

My race went really well. I got round in 3:32:42 a PB by 26 minutes! Still can't believe it. I know I had set the target of making sub 3:30 but in all honesty I really thought that was a big ask given how far off it I've been for so long. Totally elated still. I hope that lasts for the whole week 

I have to say that without the forums and all the mutual support, hints, tips and advice I would never have done it. Minni and DS2 have been amazing!

Angela - great to hear your holiday and running is going well. I think your end of 20 mile run experience definitely bodes well. I felt much better at the end of mine this year and that seems to have been reflected in a decent end of race.

Minni - I keep hearing how well you've done but I have no idea of your time! Congratulations, I'm assuming you must be very pleased given what everyone is saying.

One thing I need to know right now - did Mr P find his shorts or did he do the run in his Y-fronts?

Edited: 22/04/2013 at 09:07
22/04/2013 at 09:06
Morning chick, thankyou ever so much. How did you get on??

Ive beaten my mums PB by 2 mins....still have my dads to do...need 3:14 to get idea how im going to knock 23-24 secs per mile of yesterdays pace...but im going to work on it, have 6 months!!!
22/04/2013 at 09:20

Excellent! I'm sure you will go sub 3:15 pretty soon. You are such a speedster

I got 3:24:26 (nearly 5mins off October's PB) so a reasonable improvement in 6 months and my B target. I set off at 3:21 pace but legs weren't having it. Still happy I held it together - the last 12k hurt like hell

22/04/2013 at 09:21
Morning Malcs, thankyou for understanding with regards to the forums and me not being able to access it at all. It drove me mad!!

A huge congratulations to you to, I cant believe that you knocked 26 mins of your last PB, that is amazing, you much be over the moon? Who cares about a sub 3:30 when you can get a new PB by 26 mins...I hope I can knock that of mine!!! What was the weather like up in Wales...was its perfect conditions?

Im ecstatic with my time, I even managed to speed up towards the end (cant call it a sprint finish exactly but i was going just under 7 min/mls), thats how well I felt. Im so happy with my time, but im even more happy by how I felt all the way round. I felt so comfortable and manage to enjoy all the race. I think I had a negative split aswell (will have to get my times up). Last year I didnt even remember seeing Big Ben and parliament etc, this year I took it all in and had enough energy to wave at some of the cameras. Last year I swore at the end and said I wouldn't do another one again...those mental scars have dissolved (alot) now and I think I have everyone on here, especially Minni, all the regulars and Ruth to thank for it.

I think we do put so much pressure on ourselves for things like this, but we have put in 16 weeks of hard work so its understandable. I was ok in the day on saturday whilst I was sight seeing but then when I realised how long I had been on my feet for and walking around I got into a huge panic!

Minni got 3 hours 15 secs and 48 secs a new PB by 5 mins
22/04/2013 at 09:25
Congratulations Chick on a PB aswell, its such a lovely feeling and shows that all the hard work paid off. Sometimes the conditions etc are just not right on the day, but despite that you still got a fabulous time and a new PB which you should be proud off, especially if the last 12k was painful.

Do you have another marathon planned?
22/04/2013 at 09:30

Sarah: will do Hamburg again next year. Hoping to pick up some speed over the summer before I start another marathon campaign

Pic here shows how much it's hurting    but I beat the guy next to me by a minute


22/04/2013 at 09:42

Thanks Sarah. I am on cloud 9. When I look at my time I still can't believe it. I was beginning to think marathons were just not for me, I'd been stuck near 4 hours for so long.

Temperature was perfect for me. Cloudy with a breeze. Had a little rain too but I got in before the worst of it. One 2 mile section was very windy though which was a struggle as it was a two lap race and on the second time round this part was miles 23 and 24 - not the place where you want to be fighting the wind. 

Just checked my splits and I was pretty even most of the way. Miles 17-22 I ran faster than any section of the race but I suffered a little in the next couple of miles due to the afore mentioned wind. Only dropped to 8:20 for mile 24 and then picked it up for the last two miles and my first sprint finish ever! (felt like a sprint anyway) 

That is some serious pace you were doing at the end. I'd love to feel good at the end. This was the best I've ever felt but I'm only measuring that by some pretty miserable experiences. My legs were very sore for the last 4 miles and my stomach was in full jelly baby rejection mode

Sounds like you had much tougher conditions there. I'd take the wind we had over the sunshine you had any day.

What about the crowds, did you have enough space to move or was it packed all the way round?

What a fabulous time for Minni! Absolutely amazing. Well done!

22/04/2013 at 09:45

Well done chickadee, you look pretty damn comfortable in that photo to me! My wife's usual description of me in marathons is 'like death'. This time I was upgraded to 'pretty good'. I have obviously perfected my ability to produce a facial expression that completely disguises the way I'm feeling

22/04/2013 at 09:57
Right....Now for the write up of the weekend!

Forum 6 sub 3:30

Friday......2 days before the big day!

We set of down to London at 10 am on the friday morning. Last year we went straight down there but this year, the coach ended up making 3 stops to pick others up. Due to this he then needed to stop of at a service station as they can only be driving continuously for so long. We waited 45 mins at the service station before making our final journey down to London. I had predicted that we would get to london by two. We would drop our things off and then make our way over to the expo by 3-3:30 pm so I could meet Minni. However due to the coach stops we didnt make it to our hotel until almost 3....which the coach driver said was a good thing anyway because our rooms wouldnt be available until three!

There was about 20 of us who had come down together on the coach from the running club and they all decided that they would prefer to freshen up a little before going to the expo so said to meet up at 3:30 to make our way over there. I was now in panic as I knew Minni was probably already there and I wanted to meet up with her. I was wondering whether it would be better if we just went to the expo without the rest of Maltby, but for the 20 mins or so we would gain my parents wanted to wait (think they were worried about getting lost in London).

We finally made it over to the expo at just gone half four, quarter to five from what I remember. As we was going to the theatre to see rock of ages (that started at 7:45) we dashed in to the expo to get our numbers and guddie bags and buy some trainers and clothes that people wanted. It was at this point that Minni text me to say that she was in the wine bar on the bridge outside the expo that we had just raced past. I didnt want to risk going back until after I had collected my number, timing chip etc as I couldnt really leave this place without them. By the time we had finished collecting everything and was going back towards the DLR Minni had left the wine bar. I was so disappointed that I hadnt got chance to see her, but we had planned to meet at the green start instead.

From there we went to leicester square to collect our tickets, have something to eat (backed potato and beans, due to having pasta for my lunch) and then we watched the show, which was absolutely fantastic. Such a happy feel good show. After that it was back home to the hotel to catch some ZZzzzzzs!
22/04/2013 at 10:05
Just for Malcs......Carbo loading for the friday;

Breakfast; porridge + banana

Mid morning snack; strawberry milkshake and apple

Lunch; Tuna pasta with a tomato based vegetable sauce and garden peas

Mid afternoon snack; crunchy oat granola and honey cereal bar and bits of energy bars at the expo

Evening meal; jacket potato and beans

Supper; 3 jelly babies.

This gave me 67% carbs, 15% fat and 18% protein according to my fitness pal!
22/04/2013 at 10:22
Forum 6 sub 3:30

Saturday.....1 day before the big day

I woke up to find that it was 9 am...cant remember the last time I had slept in so late and managed 8 hours sleep. I was over the moon as I knew I wouldnt be sleeping well that night. Was supposed to be meeting everyone at breakfast for 9, but I think my sleep was far more important.

After breakfast myself, chris and my parents went of on our own to do some sight seeing. Chris hasnt seen much of London so we thought it would be nice to show him around. The plan was not to spend too much time on my feet, to get the tube between places and to have a boat ride. We set of at about 11 am and went to westminster. After taking a few photos, it was suggested that we walk from Big Ben to Tower bridge along the river as it wasnt that far and it would be far nicer than getting the boat.

So we set off along the river, stopping of at a few places along the way, eg St. Paul's, the shard etc so chris could take some photos.

We stopped of at one of the pubs called the dogget along our way...least that bought me about 40 mins of rest!

We saw the Shard which to be honest I was quite disappointed with, the windows looked filthy and it was just too modern for me....I much preferred the Globe theatre.

We managed to bump into some of my parents friends from the arbroath footers just before we reached tower bridge. Was lovely to meet them and learn that they too had been on their feet for a few hours walking around.

When we reached tower bridge I fancied going into the expedition but my dad and chris didnt. We decided to stop of at another pub next to the bridge, mainly so I could get something to eat, for a late lunch but they didnt have anything I really wanted so I just had water and a welcomed rest. This would have been a perfect day for me normally, walking and sight seeing, but I was concerned about resting my legs for marathon the next day.

From there we went to Tower Hill tube station and caught the tube to covent gardens to grab something to eat...we played it safe and went to Bella italia, this was at about 17:30. Following this we then went back to the hotel. The plan was to go to the pub across from the hotel at 9 like last year, to have a few drinks (water in my case) and sing on the karaoke. By this stage I had worked out that I had been on my feet for at least 4 hours walking around, if not more and was in a panic...I decided to prescribe myself complete bed rest and stayed in instead...I tried to get up on here again, but didnt have much luck so ended up spending the night sorting out my running stuff and talking to friends on FB.

I finally got to bed at midnight after a drunken husband walked through the door!
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