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Sarah Osbourne with Minni

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22/04/2013 at 16:30

3:32:42 Minni - 26 min PB . I keep checking the results page but apparently it's not an error - it is really true! 

Fantastic result for you - you must be elated! I just read your report on your thread. Must have been great having all those guys you know running around you.

Edited: 22/04/2013 at 16:31
22/04/2013 at 17:55
Malcs, wow, what a fantastic pb! When was ur last marathon that was 26 mins slower? I'm hoping to take 18 off this time around and my last was September 2011
22/04/2013 at 17:59
Mr P, sorry ur race wasn't so good. Count it as a learning experience that deferral can be the best option, but well done for finishing under the circumstances. That must have taken some real strength of character to walk the last 6.

AndyA! Congratulations on an awesome time... Now wondering about San Fran in 2015 as I'm gonna need to get seriously faster to keep up with you lot! Perhaps u can give me an hour headstart?

Had a day out in the mountains today- beautiful, but towards the end I was getting a bit sick of walking on tired legs. Happy now I'm supping some wine and eating cheese and charcuterie
22/04/2013 at 18:05

Minni- Fantastic time- well done!!

Likewise AndyA and Malcs.

Mr P- sorry to hear it wasn't your day, but sure you will come back stronger.

Angela- Holiday sounds lovely!

Jealous of everyone now, need to get myself sorted for autumn...

22/04/2013 at 18:13

Malcs - that is totally amazing.  I'm so happy for you and without a doubt there's more to come.  Very well done.

22/04/2013 at 18:19
Clive, which one are u doing in autumn?

Minni, not sure i said before, but well done on smashing ur pb, and thanks for being so generous with ur advice n this forum. Really helped my running no end, in such a short space of time
22/04/2013 at 18:39

Angela - thanks so much! My most recent was only last Sept - 3:59 after doing 3:59 last April. Then the previous 3 Aprils were 3:58, 4:01 and 4:09. You can see why Asics had me in the 'On a Plateau' group 

I'd heard of others on here who had knocked similar big chunks off their PBs. In fact didn't you do that Minni? Gives you alot of confidence knowing that others have done it too. I reckon you have a great chance if you get the training right.

Minni - I am still pinching myself. I knew I had a great chance of sub 3:45 but getting close to 3:30 I really wasn't sure about. I am waiting for the post marathon blues to hit but I'm still on a high!

Clive - I completely understand how you must feel. I really do hope you get into York and if not get into something in October so we can all share the Autumn training together.

22/04/2013 at 19:34
Thankyou Sarah/RRR and thankyou for all the suport you gave me the night before london via FB!
22/04/2013 at 19:43
Malcs, I had a feeling you would say that about the JB! I dont wana see them for a while and I only had a few for carbo loading and two every 8 miles!!

The carbo loading and nutrition during the race made a huge difference, I owe alot to Ruth for her advice. I was going to send her a thankyou message but there isnt the option on her profile.

Did you get the benefit of the wind pushing you around aswell or just against you?

0.01 mile that all? I hope York is like that, then that would be only 8 mins quicker that I have to run to beat my dads PB! It must have been so nice to see jen and run in with her.

There is a 5 mile road race on wednesday 9as part of the South Yorkshire championships) that I plan to do, but im going to run it very steady/easy and then I will probably do another 5 miles on sun but thats it for this week. Have sheffield half two weeks on sunday which I still have to work towards but im sure i will benefit more from only doing 5 on sunday than anything more. How about you, what do you have planned?
22/04/2013 at 19:49
So sorry to hear about your illness Mr P and you suffering around the marathon, but hats off to you for still running and you finishing despite not feeling too good, many people wouldnt have. Mrs P must have been so worried about you?

How do you feel now? Has the marathon made you feel any worse?

Are you off work this week to recover and recouperate?
22/04/2013 at 19:59

Sarah - the wind was bizzare. I was chatting to another runner as we went through the first 2 mile section of it and I said to him it'll be great to get a push when we turn round. So we turned round and it went completely dead. No joke. There was nothing. At least we felt nothing. It must have been there though. Maybe we just didn't feel it was pushing as much as we hoped.

Jen was a God send. No two ways about it. Absolutely pulled me up the last hill and towards the finish and was brilliant all the way through too.

How many grammes of carbs do you think you took on? I reckon I was 140g in total.

You simply have to go for your dad's time in York. It's about 10x the field size of my race but much smaller than London so you have a great chance of following the racing line.

No running for me this week. I may have a jog on Sunday otherwise it'll be Monday. I don't have any races lined up thankfully

22/04/2013 at 20:00
Congratulations Andy for a fabulous run and for getting your sub 3:30 comfortably, you must be so happy. You hardly slowed down at all in the second half of the race so it shows that you got your pacing about right.

Reading your race report sounds so like mine, calculating how many seconds youve banked so you can slack off later if necessary and looking for friends and family in that final 10k!

How are your legs today?

Im glad it wasnt just my watch playing up. I was completely baffled when it was doing it, at one point I thought I must just be tired and that its taking more effort to run at the same pace/slower, but then I realised I was being stupid as I was over taking loads of people as I speeded up to try to get the pace back up!
22/04/2013 at 20:03
Forgot to say, after I crossed the line I punched the air and shouted get in, whilst wearing the hugest smile on my face!!!

I ran under my married name; sarah attwood...just to confuse everyone!
22/04/2013 at 20:05
Hi Angela, you've made me want wine now (now that my drinking ban is over)...but its a school night!

All the walking your doing will help your marathon im sure...all time on the feet!
22/04/2013 at 20:16
Ive done a few races like that Malcs, where you think the wind will push you around when you turn back...but like you it always seems to disappear at that turning around point, its so strange.

Was it a hilly course for your marathon? not sure if I could handle a hill at the end like that!

I had 99g in total, which I think was perfect, no stomach problems and plenty of energy!

Last year I didnt want to run after the marathon at all but I had a 25k race two weeks after in berlin so I had too...this year im not too bad, my legs feel surprisingly ok and as though they will be ok running on wed, but i know its important that they rest too.

I went for a little walk and swim today and I have been wearing compression tights all day (except when I swam of course) which im hoping is helping.

I decided to get on the scales at the gym today to see how much body fat I had as this is probably going to be the best that it will be for a while. I had 21.5% fat, which according to the report is better than excellent so I was quite happy. Wonder what you have to get it down to to have a 6 pack??
22/04/2013 at 20:16
Just wondering Mr P, will you try and do another marathon this year?
23/04/2013 at 08:19

Hi Sarah - very well done on your race on Sunday. I think everyone on this thread knew you were in for a good time based on the training you did in the build up to London. Take it easy for a while and then get back in to it ! Is your next marathon the Yorkshire ? I will keep an eye out for you at the Sheffield HM as I am going to be marshalling so will give you a wave as you fly past me.

Well done to Malcs and Andy too for great races.

23/04/2013 at 09:33

Sarah - been thinking about the wind. When you think about the physics it kind of makes sense. If you are running at 7mph with a 10mph wind in your face that's like net 17mph of air resistance. Turn around and you're running with the wind. Net effect is 3mph at your back, ie. barely noticable 

The course was mostly flat but there were 3 hills where the road crossed railway lines and another road. So with two laps there were 6 hills. I kind of like hills. It breaks up the monotony. The hill at the end was tough but it made for a great sprint finish. I don't know if mine was really a sprint or a controlled fall down the hill 

I don't have any compression tights so I have been wearing Mrs Malcs tights instead...shhh, don't tell anyone!

Six pack?! No idea. Totally not my area of expertise 

carterusm - many thanks. Were you running on Sunday? Sorry, not able to keep up - so much going on.

23/04/2013 at 09:49
Hiya, 6 pack huh? This is a difficult one-my sister seems to get toned abs just from touching her toes- only time I've had anything approaching a 6 pack was at university when I was rowing, and I think that my body only chose to lose fat around there because it was getting in the way of rowing. I think it's a bit of luck how much u need to lose.... For some it could be 18% body fat for others it could be much lower and getting into dangerous territory

I certainly have very little fat on my legs and glutes, but a lot (relatively) around my middle. In general having more muscle will help as ur body will use up fat stores but my guess is what you would need to do to get a 6 pack whilst working full time would probably be detrimental to your running...but you're the doctor! You tell me
23/04/2013 at 09:53
Malcs, your record breaking certainly gives me some confidence. I have a friend who has had similar past marathon experiences to me, ending up much slower than what the calculators say and when I say much slower, by a good 15-20 minutes (when u already added 10 to be safe). He was going for sub 4 in London and ended up around 4:45... Again.... When talking to him during training I think he does his LSR too fast, and he even did a half at 1:50 just 2 weeks before London.... I'm a bit scared I'll end up massively undershooting my target again, but then I think I can identify some of his mistakes.... Hmm seems taper madness is getting underway for me already
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