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Sarah Osbourne with Minni

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23/04/2013 at 10:33

Hi Sarah,

Thanks, yes I was delighted with my time but also the way that the race went almost exactly to plan. It does sound like we had quite similar races, you were just a bit faster, especially in those last couple of miles.

I was feeling it a bit in my quads and glutes yesterday but overall my legs weren't too bad. I had a massage in the afternoon which helped, although I could have done without having to run for the train on the way there. Today I'm back at work and will be sitting at a desk most of the day, so I'll have to make sure I get up and move around as much as possible so I don't stiffen up too much. It hurt a bit when I got up after sitting on the train for 35 minutes this morning.     

I loaded up the race details from my Garmin to Garmin Connect and looked at the route map and it definitely went haywire around Canary Wharf so that explains the time for mile 19.         

23/04/2013 at 10:47

Thanks to Clive, Angela, Malcs and carterusm as well!

23/04/2013 at 12:43
Malcs wrote (see)


carterusm - many thanks. Were you running on Sunday? Sorry, not able to keep up - so much going on.

Malcs - it certainly has been rather busy on here recently !

I have entered Manchester marathon which is this Sunday but I have had to pull out with an ITB injury. I have got another 4/5 weeks of no running  but will be going to the gym to try and keep some fitness going 

23/04/2013 at 12:51

We had to sprint for the train home Andy, cue hilarious comments from the runners already on board.

Malcs I read your race report on the other thread, really good fun.

I've taken a day off today Sarah, feel much better for it, I had some Night Nurse last night and slept like a log..  I stayed in bed till 10 then started working form home. This is so very similar to what I had in the Autumn, and I carried on working and it went on for weeks, so I shall stay off till it's better.

I am looking at a plan for Chester Marathon, 6th October. It is a great race, well worthy of all the praise on RW.  I've got quite friendly with one of the organisers since the first one and I love the finish, along the river and through the racecourse. I know that I have a good base now, the race didn't go well but my training, particularly long runs, has been consistent so if I can work round a summer holiday then I will be going for 3:30 there instead.

23/04/2013 at 12:57

Andy -  well done on your sub 3:30.  Brilliant!

Mr P - sorry it didn't happen for you this time but keep at it.  It'll come.

Malcs - have you done a race report?  I'm so pleased for you.  Sub 3:15 next...


Sarah - I've just read your report and felt quite emotional.  You race sounds almost step by step the same as mine.  My garmin messed up to and I ran to feel for the last 6 or so miles. 

I knew you'd do it.  I know you were nervous and nerves are a good thing but there was really no need!  I'm so proud of you.  Its such a great achievement and I can't wait to see what you manage in the autumn. 

I had a really easy job with you and basically you did it all yourself.  Very well done.

Are you going to do that 5 mile race tomorrow night?  I'll definitely not be running for a week!

23/04/2013 at 14:24

Minni - many thanks indeed, you've been such a great help. Are you doing an autumn marathon? 

Race report is on the Target 26.2 thread.

Nice of you to say but 3:15 seems more suitable a target for Sarah than me. I will definitely be looking for sub 3:30 though and because that's just a few minutes off I might even set a gold target of 3:20 something. If I could match Sarah's time this year (she'll be even faster next year) then that would be unbelievable. You've gotta dare to dream

Yes SeanAlexMartin, where are you? How did you get on? Did you manage to move your pen? We need to know!

Mr P - many thanks indeed. Chester is on my list of 'marathons that might not kill me' due to its position at the cooler end of the year. That said we've had some quite warm Octobers in the past. Hope I'm not tempting fate. 

Best of luck with your recovery and I really hope that you have a great summer's training and nail it in Chester.

There's quite a few of us doing autumn marathons so it would be good if we could  stay here (if Sarah will allow) to keep the moral support going.

Andy - what a great race you had, no wonder you are thrilled. It is indeed all the tall buildings that screw up the GPS around Canary Wharf. I used to write software for  simulating satellite radio interference 

Angela - don't think for a minute we haven't forgotton that you're still to come! We'll all be here to keep you going right up until race day.

I can completely understand your worry about undershooting your target. I had the same fears. I found one thing that helped was to remember that I am very comfortable at my marathon pace. If you are comfortable at MP and you've put in your long slow runs so you have the endurance, you're tapered well, carbo loaded and have a fueling strategy then if you stick rigidly to that pace you are almost guaranteed to succeed.

If you are comfortable at MP it means that you aren't over exerting yourself. You're not over using precious fuel supplies and over tiring your legs. It then comes down to endurance and if you have that then you will be fine.

Freak things like abnormal weather and illness can of course get in the way but you can't control these. You can control the above.

You've done your endurance. You will taper and carbo load properly and you will have a fueling strategy. Stick to MP all the way and you will nail it. 

Edited: 23/04/2013 at 14:25
23/04/2013 at 20:49
Hello, got back from London late last night and straight back to work this morning so only just managed to catch up with everyone's news. Must confess I had to watch last episode of Broadchurch that I missed last night first. (I've spent the day avoiding people talking about who did it!)

Congratulations to all with new pbs. I have really enjoyed reading your race reports. They brought back great memories of Sunday and some not so great....did anyone else running London see the guy in the Borat mankini?

So sorry that you are ill, Mr Puffy. I so admire your determination to take part and finish. Hope you recover quickly.

Angela, well done on your last 20 miler. I don't think I would managed to do a LSR if I was on my holidays. Has taper madness set in yet?

Knew you would do it Sarah! Thank you for allowing us to follow your journey to VLM. And to Minni. Your advice and emphusiasm has been amazing. Hope you don't mind if I stick about, looking forward to seeing how Angela gets on.
23/04/2013 at 20:54

Dotty - did I miss something? You did race didn't you? You forget to say how you got on!

PS. I was behind someone in a mankini last year - still having nightmares about that one. I heard the wedgie was so bad he needed surgery to remove it.  

Edited: 23/04/2013 at 20:56
23/04/2013 at 21:40
Sorry, Malcs. I realised once I had submitted reply that I hadn't said how I had got on! Even though I made some really stupid mistakes e.g. too much sighseeing the day before; not enough sleep; nearly missed Thames clipper I had booked to get to start, followed wrong runners to start area so I ended up walking through red and blue start areas; only used two gels and one shotblock cube as stomach wasn't happy digesting them, I managed to get a new pb by 12 mins.! On the same page as Sarah at the moment. Unlike Sarah, I set off too fast, probably to escape the mankini. By mile 19 my legs felt like lead but I knew I had built up enough time that I could take the last few miles slowly and I would still make my target. My 5k splits are quite even up to 30k and then you can see how pace dropped off. I think its down to poor race nutrition. I'm running Edinburgh marathon next month so will use that to practise with gels. Legs feel fine today though walking up and down stairs yesterday was a bit tricky.
23/04/2013 at 21:46
Dotty - what was your time????!!!!!!
23/04/2013 at 21:50
3hrs 23 min 9 secs!!
23/04/2013 at 21:53
Jeez! That is bloody brilliant! Very well done! You must be thrilled.

What are your plans for Edinburgh? To race it or just have an enjoyable day out?
23/04/2013 at 21:54
Very happy but annoyed with my stupidity regarding gels. Top half of body felt fine at finish and could've pushed harder but legs just weren't having it! Part of me is thinking I should try to race Edinburgh.
23/04/2013 at 21:55

Wow! Fantastic result Dotty. And that was with you dropping off at the end you say? What pace did you average for the first 30K then? Must have been flying.

Very well done indeed!

PS. a little less modesty in future please - we all want to know how you get on particularly if it's a good one!

23/04/2013 at 21:59
Dotty - I'd say Edinburgh depends on your plans for the rest of the year. I've twice done Edinburgh after pb-ing in London and both times have resulted in a hard slog on the day and being left with muscle fatigue for the rest of the year.
23/04/2013 at 22:02
Thank you Malcs.

5k 23.43
10k 23.26
15k 23.28
20k 23.36
25k 23.34
30k 24.09
35k 24.42
40k 25.18
42k 11.13
23/04/2013 at 22:09
Minni - I managed to get a place in the Berlin marathon. This will be the first time I've done an Autumn marathon, so I am worried about muscle fatigue but I'm a bit competitive so not sure if I will be able to restrain myself from racing Edinburgh!
23/04/2013 at 22:19
It's up to you and I don't know a lot about the type of runner you are. But my strength is in endurance and I've really struggled after trying to race both. I'd save it for Berlin I'd I were you. You've got perfect timing to recover then start another build up and run another storming PB in Berlin. Race Edinburgh and you risk not doing well in either, in my opinion. But you know yourself and what you want to do.

Again, very well done in London.

I think I'm going to enter Haddington HM. Are you doing it?
Edited: 23/04/2013 at 22:20
23/04/2013 at 22:21
Wow Dotty! What an awesome time! Well done! Clearly mankini man spurred u on
No taper madness just yet- so far training is like any other week... Will start to feel it when my Sunday runs are getting much shorter I think. Like Malcs, this is the first time I get to a taper still wanting to run and being able to, so I hope that bodes well for the marathon in a few weeks. In any case am going to go and drive the course this weekend, hopefully to help prepare me, and not to help madness set in. I was planing to run on it a few weeks ago, but other things got in the way.

I did Berlin in 2011- really nice city- good wide roads pretty much the whole way around . According to most reports definitely one to go for a fast time

Thanks for not forgetting me Malcs.... If everyone does forget me I'll probably just talk to myself on here... Taper madness and all
23/04/2013 at 22:32
Hey Angela I don't think anyone is going to leave you so don't worry! And you won't need to share the attention.
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