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Sarah Osbourne with Minni

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27/04/2013 at 22:41

He doesn't support Newcastle by any chance, Angela?


27/04/2013 at 22:45

He does indeed!

27/04/2013 at 23:18


27/04/2013 at 23:38

lol indeed 

28/04/2013 at 16:14

Hi Angela, congrats on your parkrun. You must be so happy with the turn out. I need to try and go to a park run soon, although it might be the end of may before I have a free saturday to schedule it in. 

Went for an easy 5 mile run this morning. Went with a friend who I havent seen for a while as he injured her ankle a month ago. Was nice to catch up with her and have a run through the woods. Managed 5.5 miles at an average pace of 9:30 min mls. Right hamstring was still slightly tight but it is getting better.

I think my OH went through the same pain as your OH yesterday, although chris turned the TV off at 4 glad I was in sheffield and he was in York, can imagine that he wasnt the happiest of people yesterday evening. It doesnt help that his close friend at work supports liverpool either!

Did you enjoy your bacon and eggs this morning? Did you manage a run today?

I felt great all the way round VLM and especially when I saw all my friends and family at the point where that photo was taken...hope I feel as good in my next marathon!

28/04/2013 at 16:19
Mr Puffy wrote (see)

Great photos, thanks for the birthday wishes, I've had a good day! Just sipping a nice malt

We had a simple meal of steak sautéed potatoes and mushrooms while we watched the recording of the marathon, rock n roll eh?

hopefullyparkrun tomorrow, then I have to book some accommodation as we are going to Scotland for a week after the Sandstone trail (Ben Nevis that'll be fun) but I wonder if I suggested a last minute beach holiday mrs p might agree....

Glad to hear that you had a lovely day and managed to treat yourself to a nice malt and eat well. If you cant do it on your birthday, when can you??

How did your park run go today?

Ive just been booking our accommodation in skye, stonaway and ullapool, and our ferries today. I love glencoe and fort william. You will have an amazing time...unless Mrs P bought the beach holiday idea????

28/04/2013 at 16:27
Malcs wrote (see)

Sarah - I agree with Angela, if I tried to lift my arms above chest height at the end of a race they would lock up. Great pics by the way. Is that guy in black just ahead of you a giant? 

My legs are fine now thanks so I will attempt a little jog on Sunday. Only a complete nutcase would do a 5 mile race 3 days after a marathon 


Lol, trust you to notice that guy...he is pretty big though isnt he ? I hadnt even noticed him until you pointed him out...maybe time to go back to the opticians!

Did you manage a run today?

I did think that I was an idiot after I had finished the race on wednesday....but saying that I found out that im third in my category in the road race league after 3 runs, so I might win a prize if I keep it up in the last race. I dont think I can catch 1st and 2nd lady up unless they walk the last race or dont turn up, but im still pleasantly suprised after taking the second race steady and not racing the other two flat out. The lady behind me in 4th has a combined time of 5 mins more than me, so again I would really have to mess up in the last race (or not make the start line) to slip out of third place!



28/04/2013 at 16:30

Hey Sarah,

yeah, we cancelled espn a few months ago to help with wedding saving, so David had to go to the pub on his own as none of his friends were free... Apparently he found a scouser to commiserate with, so even had whiskey!!!

whats ur best 5k time? With your speed you could be in with a shot of the female course record at Colchester- I even think I can make top 10 when I finally run it!

glad your hammy is starting to feel better, but be carful it doesn't develop into something more.

decided against bacon and egg this morning in favour of oats and sultanas with milk.  Will put the bacon in our pasta dinner this evening instead.

met the women in my church who did VLM - the one in her 60s. She was disappointed With her time of 6h30, so is entering the ballot tomorrow

i did 12 miles today- went for easy with miles 7-9 at MP- was going to be 7-10 but my body was feeling the effects of lamb and wine last night and really needed a pit stop, so had to slow down to allow me to get to a public toilet before the stop

28/04/2013 at 16:31

Thats so cheeky of your neighbour Malcs, I cant believe that they did that to you. Does that mean that they wont have to pay estate agent costs either as he sold it privately!! Some sneaky people about.

Up to now everything seems to be going smoothly with the house...but still I wont be celebrating until we have signed those contracts. No completion date as yet but im going to phone the estate agents were buying the house form next week to try to get an update. We had our house surveyed on friday so im dreading a phonecall from them telling us that we need to do work on the house or something!

28/04/2013 at 16:36

What was the scouser commiserating?? Any excuse for a drink??

I have only done 2 5ks, one was at boot camp last year and the other was at the newcastle park run at christmas. I think I got 20:22 for both. Im hoping that I would be quicker now but need to do one to prove it!. What is the record at the moment?

Oats and sultanas sounds alot more healthier 

Im going to try to stretch it out some more...youve got me worried now...I dont want to have long term problems with it!

If im still capable of running marathons in my 60s I would be ecstatic!

Least you still go out there and ran, whats one mile more at MP?

28/04/2013 at 16:48

Hehe, who knows! Female course record set yesterday is 19:16.... So u need to be a bit speedier. Colchester is a relatively tough course as the castle is on a hill and u do the uphill from the river to the castle twice during the run...

quite about MP- to be honest, I had to work to slow down every mile until I speeded up... Now my legs are feeling tired- I didn't use any fuel on this run, just an electrolyte drink, so hopefully not gonna put on weight during my taper...

28/04/2013 at 23:03

evening everyone, I enjoyed the parkrun, but I was a bit hungover tbh, 23:18 so room for improvement.

mrs P has bought the beach idea big time Sarah, so we may well be off to Kefalonia next month.  But then I keep thinking of all the times we've promised ourselves a trip to Edinburgh, or to see the cemetery at Kintail again (Mrs P's grandma was a McRae) and I waver.

i used to be a lorry driver years ago, before mrs p made me give it up and get a life, and I remember a trip up to Perth in the snow, I parked there overnight and the a9 was closed so to get to my load in Aberdeen I had to cut across through Keith to Glencoe, it was an amazing drive, I'll never forget it.  Mrs P used to holiday on Skye with her mum when she was little, her mums ashes are scattered there.

now I wonder why on earth we are thinking of any where else 

29/04/2013 at 09:09

So topic for the day: They've speeded up the GFA qualifying times for VLM.  Whilst I'm nowhere near them yet, I hoped to get a 3:50ish in autumn next year.  I think 3.45 is too much of a stretch... If I acheive 4:15 in halstead, thats 18 months to remove 30 minutes.  I'm sure its possible, but I might need to make some lifestyle changes... like not commuting to London every day!

29/04/2013 at 10:49

Hi guys, just wondering, does anyone know anything about discount codes or anything for MarathonFoto? 


Bit Pricey but there is one good photo of me i think is worth having, if the price isnt ridiculous (which it generally is).


29/04/2013 at 13:37

Hi Sarah,

Great photos - and good to see you were still smiling at 22.5 miles!

I didn't run yesterday in the end, I've had a bit of a soreness in my right foot so I thought I'd go easy on it for a few days and I went to the gym instead and mainly did stuff to work my legs without the impact - cross trainer, stepper, squats, lunges, leg presses.

I had a really nice weekend though, we went to Thomas Land on Saturday and totally pigged out on ice cream, doughnuts etc. It makes such a nice change to be able to do stuff at the weekend and not worry about how I can fit it in with my training.

Angela - it looks like they've made the GFA times slightly harder for younger women and slightly easier for older men - it's now 3:20 instead of 3:15 for Age 50-59 so that would make it slightly easier for me to get in from 2016 onwards, although knocking another 7 1/2 mins off my time is not going to be easy. To be fair, I still think 3:45 for women under 40 is relatively generous compared to 3:05 for men. For now I'll have to stick to the ballot (or try for a club place), luckily I managed to get in in time this morning.

Sean - I agree the MarathonFoto prices are extortionate, there are a couple I would like to get but I'm not paying those prices. Still, every year everyone complains about the prices and they don't reduce them so I guess enough people must be buying them.

29/04/2013 at 14:17

Hi Andy,

Right you are- slightly easier for older men.  I'm so far away from the GFA at the moment that it doesn't really matter for me, though If I were targetting a 3:50 in my next marathon  I would be rather annoyed today...  If I were going to question it, however, I would question the width of the young band 18-40 seems like a lot of years, and I've read so many articles about endurance improving with age.  If you've read Adharanand Finn's runnning with the Kenyans, many of them say they're younger than they actually are so they have a longer chance to race Senior level once they reach a qualifying standard.  Wasn't Ms. Radcliffe well into her 30s when she set her WR?  

I don't know as I'm not part of a club, but are there likely to be any 18 year olds attempting the marathon??

The youngest band for Boston Qualification goes from 18-34... 

At 26 now, it seems funny to be in the same category as a 40yo woman  that being said, I intend to be much faster when I'm 40 than I am now, as experience will count for a lot!

29/04/2013 at 21:11

Sean, it's no help bit a few years ago a guy put up a suffix to add to the address of your photo and they were all free! If it'sa good photo, buy it, you'll have it for ever.

My category for GFA has been split, it was a bit unfair for 59 year olds to run 3:15 same as a 41 year old! So it is 3:20 for me, still a little out of my reach, but you never know.

It was club night tonight, jog to the track, 10x1 min at 10k pace off 30s recovery, and a hard run back.  Really enjoyed it, no worrying about recovering for the next session, no holding back, just going hard and feeling good at the end.



29/04/2013 at 22:29
Sorry I've not been on for a few days, I been busy reading back to catch up on what I've missed tonight.

Sean - Congratulations on your first marathon. Great report and inspired pen jumping. I agree with you on the price of the photos but imagine how much fun you will have winding your brother up! Did you beat his time by 5minutes?

Mr P - a very belated happy birthday to you! I was very jealous when I read you were drinking a wee malt. Beach holiday sounds great considering the weather we are having up her. More likely to get wind burnt than sun burnt. But we do have lots of nice whisky to try!

Malcs - have you seen your neighbour yet? I think I would be hiding indoors until I moved if I had did that to someone.

Angela - how did you get involved in organising a Park run? What an achievement! It must be really satisfying helping other runners.

Sarah - glad the 5 miler went well. Last two miles at 6.35 m/m pace, very impressive. Fingers crossed for the 3rd lady prize. Is the next race this week? Great photos too, you look so fresh. Not sure if I would look that happy at mile 2 let alone mile 22.

On today's subject of GFA, as a 42 year old I'm hoping (now praying!) that endurance improves with age. If I'm going to attempt sub 3.10, I better get a move on! I took up running again when I was 38 and ran my first marathon when I was 40. The way you are going Angela, you will definitely be a much faster runner in your 40's and 30's than me.

Wasnt going to mention the footie but did Sunderland do Newcastle a favour tonight ?
29/04/2013 at 22:36

Dotty - I'm 43 (ouch....) and rust run my fastest marathon. 

Photos - I've never bought them before , choosing instead to pinch the ones with 'proof' over them, but I am thinking of splashing out on one this year with my time etc on, just in case I don't manage that time again!  I think I'll wait another few weeks and see if any offers come along. 

29/04/2013 at 23:34
Just brilliant, Minni ! In awe of your marathon time. I hope I can follow in your footsteps. I thought I was the oldest woman on this thread. You look in your twenties in your photo.
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