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03/05/2013 at 07:48

Your joking me...everything what I typed up didnt go on as the message was too long...grrr thats so frustrating when im short for time before I have to drop chris off at work and make him his breakfast and lunch...yes he is very spoilt and I am a MUG!!!

Right what was I saying....the 10k, yes I found it much more easier to maintain my pace on tuesday than on my last few 10ks, despite running faster I still felt very strong at the end and feltlike I could have continued for a few more miles. I think this is all down to the endurance that I have built up. Fingers crossed you will be the same angela in your 10k.

My official results came through from tue, my official time was 42;09, cant believe they stole 3 seconds from me , however I was 4th lady overall and third in my category. This now leads me to a dilema...I have a 5 mile race on wed (currently third in my category in the series and this is the last race), I then have shef half a week on sunday (when I will be thinking about you and your marathon) and then I have a 10k race a week on tue (second race in the york road league race were im currently third in my category). I dont think I should race all of them due to the risk of injury but I dont know which one to plod round???

I have felt aware of my hamstrings for the last 2 weeks but then when I have massaged them and stretched them they have felt not sure if its all in my head, as like Minni said really after a marathon it would be best to rest than race to reduce the risk of injury!

Would you be able to send me a copy of that article on chai seeds or post it up on intrigued to I put my free sample in my yogurt Minni....wonder if its those that have been making me go faster!

I think I park run at MP on sat and 8 easy miles on sun sounds perfect.

I love a cold berry cider when its nice and hot. Despite not being in training now, I still havent had much to drink. Might have a berry cider whilst watching the match tonight, but then I have to be up early to walk up scafell pike in practice for the three peaks were doing!

Hope you have woken up headache free, have a fun day.

03/05/2013 at 07:49

right had better get on with my chores for this morning,, but I will come on later to catch up with everyone else.

Edited: 03/05/2013 at 07:50
03/05/2013 at 09:16
Minni wrote (see)

Sarah - well done on the sneaky 10k pb. You little tinker!! 

Malcs - it's really important that you recover from this marathon over the next few weeks.  Trying to do too much is a sure way to injury. Sarah - she's a breed of her own  ) Which schedule did you follow last time and are you going to do the same next time?   

Lol I wish I did look 20 something! 

Minni wrote (see)

Angela - from previous post:  if you're faster than GFA then you're on the Championship start.

I picked up some freebie chia seeds at the expo but not sure what to do with them.

Haha, thankyou Minni, I was pleasantly surpised. Set of thinking I will see how I feel and the more into the race I got they better I felt. Think my legs were just itching to run fast again. I am worried that I might be over doing it though with now two fast runs within 2 weeks after a marathon. I really dont want to risk injury, both times I did set of more steady and then speed up . I have only done two other runs over the last two weeks and these have only been 4 and 5.6 miles and slow so hopfully it will be ok. Worried about next week though as I have a 5 mile race wed, half marathon a week on sun and then another 10k a week on tue...I think im going to have to take one of them more steady but I cant decide which one yet.

Minni, you do look so much more younger than your age...what ever your having I want it!

Is championship start still sub 3:15?

I put my chia seeds in my yogurt...maybe its them thats made me run faster!!

03/05/2013 at 09:23
Mr Puffy wrote (see)

Evening everyone, went to the gym tonight, a twenty minute session on the rowing machine, bit of abductor then the hill session on the treadmill, felt very comfortable.

that sounds like a good plan Sarah, I will not be doing any longer runs midweek for a while, but def keeping up the weekend runs. I'll do 13-15 this weekend prior to the sandstone trail next week.

So looking forward to some 5 and 10k races coming up, and finally doing a half marathon this year!

re alcohol, I think I've seen the difference this time, not so much in running terms but just generally. I only had one beer with my chili earlier


Mr Puffy wrote (see)

I read Women's running, we get it and men's running at work because we advertise in them, men's running is rubbish but the women's one is really good.  

Resting tonight looking at holidays 


Mr Puffy wrote (see)

you lot need to try a good single malt, blended whiskies are foul.

Club run tonight, very enjoyable along the canal towpath in the twilight.


Sounds like your recovering well Mr P. What 10ks do you have in mind?

Did you manage to find any holidays?

Ive never read womens running, infact ive never heard of it....might be something else to add to my huge pile of reading material! Just started reading the  complete guide to running that we were given at boot camp...only taken 6 months to find time to read it!

Your club run sounded so romantic!

I cant touch any whisky after getting drunk on it when I was 17 !

Hope you have a good 13-15 miler this weekend, let us know how you get on. Think im going to try 10 miles today...but slow.

03/05/2013 at 09:34
Malcs wrote (see)


I think sleep is totally underrated these days. I reckon I got more quality sleep on this campaign than any other and I do believe it was a real help. As for dreaming of bouncy castles etc. if it gets you to the morning fully rested then I reckon that's a good thing too

Sarah - blimey, back to normal you certainly are (hmm, slipped into Yoda there). Wow a 10K PB two weeks after a marathon PB. I am in awe.

Mr P - I reckon cutting out the booze has helped me too. The only problem now is I am a complete lightweight. One beer and I'm under the table. The less I've had the less I've wanted it. Quite nice in a way but Mrs Malcs isn't happy because she feels like an alcoholic in comparison. She has often thought of disguising it in a paper bag to deal with the guilt.

Minni - Many thanks, I think you're right. Deep down I know I'm still not 100% (and sadly I am no SO). So should I just keep it to short stuff or longer slow stuff? I'm not in any rush to get into speedwork

If I go easy over the next two weeks and just do recovery running what do you reckon the best strategy would be for me looking towards York?

If I start mid May there will be about 22 weeks or so - ten more than I had in the last campaign. I know I still need to improve endurance but if I want to get comfortably under 3:30 (and by that I mean into the low 3:20's - might as well be ambitious) I will have to do some speed work at some point. 

Are you doing an autumn marathon - can't remember if you said? When do you start training if you are?

Malcs wrote (see)

Welcome to the AA thread (Angela's Alcoholics). 

She drinks a Whiskey drink, she drinks a Vodka drink, she drinks a Lager drink, she drinks a Cider drink...

Im in complete agreement with you Malcs..woke up early on my day off after less than 7 hours sleep ages before my alarm was due to go off. Now I feel tired....why cant I just sleep in like normal people??? Chris could sleep on a washing line if he wanted to, im so jealous. Once after working nights I only managed an hours sleep in the day time depsite laying in bed all day tired willing myself to sleep!

No idea what happended with the 10k but now im in a panic that im doing too much too sympathising with Angela and her taper madness!

Ive found that the less I drink, the more annoying I find chris when he is drunk...does anyone else get that??

On a positive note, you do still have all that indurance that you have built up for your spring marathon which will contribute to York

03/05/2013 at 09:37

Hiya Sarah,  I sent you an email with the chia seed article.  I've still not figured out how to post pictures on here- plus I took the pic on my iPhone anyway.  Its really hard to find good info on chia seeds.  When I did a bit of my own research, because its a relatively new product to the UK, it hasn't passed some rules to allow it to be sold widely, other than as a bread ingredient.  Even the pack i got in planet organic had on the label 'for bread, no more than 5%'.  I think the best tip is to read Born to run- its mentioned a lot in  there, and a bunch of different recipes.  But adding it to cereal/yoghurt is fine.  I tend to mix it in with my electrolyte drink and have it whilst running.

My feeling on your races, is that you can still geet away with racing the shorter ones, and perhaps take the half marathon steady?  It looks like it'll be a bloody hilly one, so perhaps not a pb race, but you're probably going to get faster in the shorter races the more time that passes from the marathon.

I've discovered another running magazing 'Trail running' which has a load of great running holiday recommendations.  I think I might subscribe to that and to women's running as well.  given i tned to finish runners world in just 2 train journeys now 

Just started reading another running book 'Keep on Running - the highs and lows of a marathon addict' when he described how he felt crossing the finish line of his first london, it made me tear up a bit remembering that experience myself 

Only problem is I can't remember what the last part of a marathon feels like- last one was september 2011, so I'm finding it difficult to prepare mentally for when the race gets hard 

03/05/2013 at 09:40

Dotty1 wrote (see)

Angela - All that talk of alcohol made me open a bottle of red wine tonight! Now watching A Town of Runners to get back in training mode. I think the 10miles I had planned for tomorrow are going to be hard.

Morning Dotty, glad to hear that the wine didnt affect your run. Hope that the hip is ok and its nothing serious. I remember my hip pulling alittle on one of my 18 milers when it was icey. Luckily it eased with running faster and it was ok again on my next run. 

I wish athletics was a bigger thing over here aswell, as Angela said, everyone wants to be a footballer as thats where all the money is. There should be more financial incentive with athletics too. 

03/05/2013 at 13:16

Hi Sarah - sounds like you're busy with all the races you have got lined up ! I've been given my spot for when I marshall at Sheffield HM. I'm on the corner at Furnival Street just up from the Holiday Inn and Hilton hotels. You do a loop of the city centre and then come back so I will see you at about mile 3 and 10.

Make mine a large Isle of Jura malt please !

03/05/2013 at 15:37

Hiya Angela,

Many thanks for the email. I dont think it will be long before they become more widely available.

I think I agree with you on those races...although there is a risk that I will get carried away in sheff half, but if that happens I will just have to go more steadier on the 10K (may not have a choice anyway). Luckily with the york league, they take your 4 best times for the tables, so if I dont race one and I will miss another due to holiday I will still hopefully have 4 races that are quicker. Think the 10k a week on tue and the one I miss are the two flat courses though, so it may put me at a disadvantage!

Keep on running sounds good, I will have to add it onto my wish list. I read "what I think about when I think about running" a few years ago and found that inspirational.

I recall how I felt as I crossed the finish line at VLM in 2012 - so glad I didnt feel like that this hopefully you will feel great too.

My friend has just given me that mag at the weekend but I havent had chance to open it yet.

03/05/2013 at 15:39

Hi Carter, thankyou for letting me know where you will be. I will keep an eye out for you. I was about to be stupid and say what will you be wearing...but thinking about it, it will be a high viz vest like the rest

I will be in an orange and green maltby vest.

03/05/2013 at 15:44

M A R S H A L L will be written all over it 

I will try and not send you down the wrong road.......

03/05/2013 at 16:25

OMG!!!!! I have just realised a major major flaw in the timing of my no alcohol rule....

its a bank holiday weekend!!!!

How can I not go and sit in a beer garden with a pint on a bank holiday weekend?!?!?!

I might have to rethink this 

I know, I'll drink water too!! 

04/05/2013 at 20:07

Hello all,

did my Parkrun this morning and decided to pace David since his first attempt last week was pretty much bang on marathon pace.  I figured I could help by giving him a controlled start, allowing him more leftover to power through the end, but alas, it wasn't to be.  I didn't allow him to stop and walk after the energy sapping hills.  We ended up finishing slower than last week, yet with the sprint finish he had loads of energy left and overtook me, well I let him, still glad that I managed to control the pace despite almost the entire field surging ahead of me.  Met a few other people who'll be running Halstead next week too

a week to go! Eeek!

04/05/2013 at 23:03
Well done on the controlled pacing today, Angela. Has David been bragging about beating you to the line tonight? It's great that you can share running together. Have you signed him up for a marathon yet? Only one week to go, how exciting. Marathon Talk did a bit about what to do the week before the race (I think episode 170 or171). They talked about preparing your kit and also how to prepare mentally e.g. On Monday imagine getting to the start line and how you will be feeling and what you need to focus on. On Tuesday spend time thinking how you are going to feel on the first part of the race, what pace you are aiming for etc. by Saturday you will be focussing on how you will feel when you cross the line. They explain it better obviously! It might help the week go past. I imagine you're are just raring to go and run now.
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05/05/2013 at 07:51


Angela- hows the taper going now- not long.... That was good of you to let David 'beat' you yesterday, as always good for the male ego

Sarah- impressed at how you're still churning out the results so soon after VLM. Shame I can't do Sheffield- will be grumpy at work thinking about it

carterusm wrote (see)


Make mine a large Isle of Jura malt please !

Good choice!! Definately a fan of the islands malts rather than Speyside and Highlands...

05/05/2013 at 08:30
carterusm wrote (see)

M A R S H A L L will be written all over it 

I will try and not send you down the wrong road.......

M A R S H A L that you christian name or surname, lol ?

If you did send me down the wrong way, that could be my perfect excuse for a rubbish time....really cant believe how sunny and warm it is today...if its anything like this next sunday I think a few people (me included) may struggle. Although saying that I shouldnt complain, poor Angela will have to run a marathon in it and her race doesnt start until after mine. Would be nice marshalling conditions however! 



05/05/2013 at 08:35

Morning Angela....its so hard isnt it to let others past you when you know that your capable of wiping the floor with will all be worth it when it pay off next week though.

I dont think that there is any problem with drinking alcohol during marathon training and up until the race...after all alcohol is a carb so may actually help. I had decided not to drink to try to help my sleeping pattern more than anything and to see if it made me feel any better/healthier, which it did, however I know loads of people who continue to drink up until mid night the night before a race "as it settles their nerves, helps them to sleep and is a source of carbs" 


Hope you enjoy your longish run today...looks like its going to be a warm one,x

Edited: 05/05/2013 at 08:36
05/05/2013 at 08:39

Hi Dotty, im sure runners world had that up on their website the week before london as I can remember reading it...although it got me more nervous and excitable than anything else!

Hows your running going? What are your plans for this weekend running wise and how long is it now until Edinburgh?

05/05/2013 at 08:40

Thankyou Clive. Its such a shame that you cant make sheffield half, especially as it will be the last year that it will finish at Don Valley. Work have a lot to answer for 

05/05/2013 at 08:48

Managed a steady 10 miles on friday, average pace 8:15 (range 8:05-8:20) and felt comfortable most of the way round. I found my feet slightly heavy and noisey on the pavement for the first 1-2 miles but after that I felt much better and enjoyed being out...longest run since london!

Yesterday we went over to the lakes to walk up scafell pike. This was a trial run and to help train for the three peaks that im doing next month. We decided to go from wasdale head, but on comparing the route from seathwaite, I think we will be doing the latter on the day, its slightly longer but less steep and stoney so hopefully it will not actually take much longer to do. The drive round to Wasdale head was pretty horrendous too with all the narrow roads, so we think that overall we will not save any time with going up the steeper route

Think today im just going to do my weights, a short 3 mile recovery run and clean the cars, before going to a friends house for a meal and drinks 

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