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26/01/2013 at 17:57

I certainly felt like I'd run much further than 10 miles today. The knee is OK (touch wood) and I'm being careful to continue with the knee stretches and exercises regularly. At 10.30 and can still comfortably breathe, even at 10.15 so if I could maintain that for the distance I would be more than happy. I am also keeping up on the core work at the gym to help my general fitness.

When's your run Plum?

Plum    pirate
27/01/2013 at 22:33

I am doing Brighton but really struggling to motivate my ass out the door at the moment, I am, to put it mildly, faffing around without any focus at all,,, More importantly I have the qualifiers for the World Duathlon champs in March and even that is failing to register.

It will kick in soon I hope     

29/01/2013 at 07:57

Oh dear, it's hard to get started sometimes. Maybe the change in weather will make you feel more inclined.

I decided to test myself a bit yesterday by running a bit faster - the last half mile was tough but I was spurred on by the fact it had started chucking it down and was freezing '

  • Dist: 3.6m
  • Time: 33:26
  • Splits: 9.33. 9.07, 9.23, 5.21
  • Avg pace: 9.17 min/mil
  • 5 min brisk walk followed by stretching 10 minutes

I have re-done my training plan taking into account my holidays etc. Would it be OK to send you a copy to peruse?

The plan this week is 3.1m (5k club run) Weds, 6.2m (10k club run) Thurs, 11 miles Saturday then I'm doing a 10 mile walk Sunday in training for my Mount Toubkal trip in May .

Have a good day.

Plum    pirate
29/01/2013 at 22:19

Yes please ...... I may be offline for a couple of days as am in Manchester and then para tri coaching in the Midlands at thw weekend

10 mile run followed by 10 mile walk on consecutive days will do your endurance the power of good.....

Those times are excellent..... it would be good if you could do your shorter runs at the same sort of pace then believe it or not you will find your long run splits coming down proportionately, It just makes running slower so much easier if you have pushed your CV ability to higher levels and therefor you go faster..... 


30/01/2013 at 07:19

Thanks Plum, I've emailed it. Bizarrely I've found a running buddy for my week by the sea in Turkey . I happened to mention to the apartment rental lady that I'd want to run and was it safe and she emailed me and said she runs every day, would I like to join her for some routes - how nice is that .


31/01/2013 at 07:38

Yesterdays run was very cold and windy. I think I ran faster because of the wind but I really felt it when I got to the finish. Tonight is a more leisurely 10k.

  • Dist: 3.17m
  • Time: 27:02
  • Splits: No splits - garmin not playing ball so timer function only.
  • Avg pace: 8.32 min/mil
  • Stretching 15 minutes

I didn't realise I was running that fast, mainly because it was so windy I think. I was really gasping for breath at the finish but that gives me a 5k PB of 26:32 .

Plum    pirate
01/02/2013 at 18:24

I always like to have a run once in a while with the watch on but upside down so I cant see what i am doing and look at it once i finish,I do most of my training by percieved exertion and jusy have a look at what I did afterwards ..... 8.32 min miling eh..... best I dust my racing shoes off by the look of it if you keep increasing pace at this rate  


Good news about the holiday running partner as well, the heat will prepare you for the blazing sunshine you will surely experience at MK     

01/02/2013 at 18:57

That's funny - we went out to cheer the runners on last year and they needed flippers at the very least. In some places they should have been issued with canoes it was so wet.

Yesterdays run was a bit lame as I was feeling a bit rough so I've done another today to make up the miles:


  • Dist: 1.54m
  • Time: 14.48mins
  • Splits: 9.30, 5.17
  • Avg pace: 9.38 min/mil
  • Stretching 5 minutes


  • Dist: 4.21m
  • Time: 41:26
  • Splits: 9.44, 9.40, 10.16, 9.49, 1.54
  • Avg pace: 9.51 min/mil
  • Stretching 15 minutes

One think I am happy about is that my pace is more constant (the 10.16 is up a zigzag hill!) now, when I started it was really erratic.

Total miles so far this week 12.5 and I'm planning a long run tomorrow 11ish miles.

Hope you're feeling more motivated now we're due some nicer weather tomorrow.

03/02/2013 at 16:10

Yesterdays run was hard. I set my pace to fast - misjudged it really - buy I'll know next time. The last couple of miles were very hard work, very muddy with lots of flood diversions and a lot of running into the wind (and dying for the loo on the last mile):

  • Dist: 12m
  • Time: 2:06:36
  • Splits:  1 10:18.8 2 10:25.4 3 10:22.7 4 10:15.5 5 10:28.4 6 10:27.3 7 11:17.9 8 10:40.6 9 10:37.2 10 10:54.4 11 10:37.6 12 10:08.6
  • Avg pace: 10:33 min/mil
  • 20 mins brisk walk
  • Stretching 15 minutes

Today 7.25 walk with back packs but not to fast pace.

Total running miles this week 24.5, walking 7.25.

Plum    pirate
05/02/2013 at 14:18

"The last couple of miles were very hard work, very muddy with lots of flood diversions "

10 10:54.4 11 10:37.6 12 10:08.6


If you expect me to believe you at least make them look like hard work.........

Double that = 4:12   add 25 mins for the last couple of miles..............   well blow me down look at that time 


All is going along nicely, and especially as ther is unlikely to be a vast amount of flooding on the day we hope


05/02/2013 at 16:03

Thanks Plum but I REALLY don't think I could maintain that for even another mile let alone another 14.2. I really shocked a lady as I came round a bend swearing my head off out load - I don't think she'd heard language like that for a long time. I set my virtual pacer to 10.20 so even though I got a good chunk through thinking it was to fast I was to stubborn not to try and match it for the rest, plus the fact it drove me mad beeping if I slowed down .

Did you get a chance to look at my plan?

This week I did 2m yesterday I've got 3m club run weds, 6m Thurs and 2m Friday (slow with preggers friend). Should I cut back and have an easier week for my LSR or shall I just go for 13?



Edited: 05/02/2013 at 16:03
Plum    pirate
06/02/2013 at 09:30

I think you should just go for the 13.....I presume as you are down to be doing it Saturday, the 2m on Friday should loosen everything off nicely from Thursdays medium run. Try again to not use the watch if you can restrain yourself, apart from having a look a couple of hours in to make sure you havent run too far and run to feel, set of conservatively at a pace you fl is too slow and then kep going gradually increasing the perceived effort. Be nice to see what the numbers look like whn you are running to effort rather than pace

I am looking at the plan as we speak and it seems you should be doing 12 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday as a recovery    Are we modifying as we go along  

Probably the better way round to do it but the 2 isnt going to make a vast amount of difference in the grand scheme 


I would say if time and family permits then add a longer run in on your holiday, I know it may be impossible but just a suggestion...... especially as you have managed to aquire a running buddy, be rude not too


08/02/2013 at 16:39

I am aiming to do a longer run while I'm away but it's not easy to plan until we get there but I'm hopeful. I'm not running today as I have a raging headache but here are Weds and Thurs figures:


  • Dist: 3.17m
  • Time: 27:04
  • Splits: no splits - garmin trauma
  • Avg pace: 9.32 min/mil
  • Stretching 10 minutes


  • Dist: 6.21m
  • Time: 1:04:08
  • Splits: 10.33, 10.15, 9.48, 10.11, 10.31, 10.34, 2.13
  • Avg pace: 10.19 min/mil
  • Stretching 15 minutes

Thurs run was without setting pace or referring to watch apart from checking when I thought I was half way so I could turn round.

I'm still planning 13 this weekend but back to plan and lighter run next Saturday for my 'easy' week. I've had a niggling pain in my left heel so I've been icing, stretching and massaging with a golf ball.


Edited: 08/02/2013 at 16:39
09/02/2013 at 14:00

Results from today's run:

  • Dist: 13.2m
  • Time: 2:15:35
  • Splits: 10.58, 10.34, 10.33, 10.17, 10.27, 9.58, 10.25, 10.24, 10.14, 10.10, 10.29, 10.09, 10.21
  • Avg pace: 10.12min/mil
  • Stretching 15 minutes

I didn't use my watch (and in fact it paused itself for 1/2 mile before I realised so mile 3 and 4 splits are from hubby's bike computer which isn't quite as accurate as the garmin). The pace overall felt easier - maybe because I wasn't thinking about it all the time. It helped to have hubby along on his bike - plus he carried extra drink etc.

I also tried out eating a mule bar, just nibbling on it from miles 8 to 10 and it was definately a nicer experience than last weeks gel. I drank 250ml of water and 250ml of High5 drink which all seemed to go down OK.

Will do a 2 mile easy run tomorrow.

Next week is my 'easy' week so my long run will be 10 miles.


Edited: 09/02/2013 at 14:01
Plum    pirate
11/02/2013 at 21:02

That is an excellent confidence booster and glad you found something you stand a chance of eating on the day. there will hopefully be people to chat to on the way round on race dayas well and it does help take away lots of the monotony of the day an believe me some bits can be really monotonous.

You have had a had couplke of weeks and the weather cant be helping, you use a lot of energy just keeping warm even if you are running and need that bit more fuel to keep yourself warm, hope you managed your recovery run today

12/02/2013 at 07:10

Hi Plum,

I did manage my 2m Sunday in 20:53 - didn't really want to go as it was freezing rain but felt better for it. Yesterdays run:

  • Dist: 3.41m
  • Time: 36:12
  • Splits: 10.54, 10.33, 10.30, 4.13
  • Avg pace: 10.37 min/mil
  • Stretching 10 minutes

This felt like really hard work, possibly because it was straight from work in the slushy snow. Rest day today and I do feel like I need it. Roll on half term next week and a nice relaxing week off .

Plum    pirate
12/02/2013 at 21:02

............. and it is a down week this week and the recovery is just as inportant as the effort weeks to bring you back into the next hard feeling refreshed and looking forward to the running...... getting out the door at the moment is a major effort of will and the mental toughness will serve you well as training progresses 

14/02/2013 at 07:31

It was sleeting during last nights run - nice to have a change in the weather .

  • Dist: 3.3m
  • Time: 27:31
  • Splits: no splits, Garmin clearly hates this route
  • Avg pace: 8.41 min/mil
  • Stretching 10 minutes

I'm hoping the rain stops at some time today for my planned 6 miles but I'm guessing not by the look outside.

Happy running all .

17/02/2013 at 16:13

This week seems to have shot by in all sorts of weather.

Thursdays run - slightly less than anticipated due to torrential downpours and me getting lost as follows:

  • Dist: 5.27m
  • Time: 51:43
  • Splits: 10.09, 9.42, 9.26, 9.58, 9.44, 2.40
  • Avg pace: 9.48 min/mil
  • Stretching 10 minutes

Saturday I decided to go to a Kettlebell Pump class - felt ok the rest of the day but woke up this morning with every muscle and cell screaming at me - note to self, don't do hard classes on the day before a long run .

Todays run was lovely weather wise and didn't feel to bad despite the aches and pains from yesterday:

  • Dist: 10m
  • Time: 01:46:30
  • Splits: 10.55, 10.32, 10.51, 10.44, 10.29, 10.57, 10.28, 10.42, 10.25, 10.21
  • Avg pace: 10.39 min/mil
  • Walking 10 minutes, stretching 15 minutes

I tried cliff blocs on this run - not to bad if you like jelly and they tasted ok. The hardest thing was getting them out of the packet.

This weeks total mileage = 21.85m

It's half term week so plenty of time to run. The plan is Tues 4, Weds 3, Thurs 6, Saturday 12, Sunday 2 easy.

20/02/2013 at 09:24

Yesterday was such a beautiful day for running - sun shining, frosty but warm enough not to need hat and gloves. I had a lovely run around the lake and along the canal - who wouldn't want to run in such a lovely place?

  • Dist: 6.21m
  • Time: 58:32
  • Splits: 9.51, 9.41, 9.16, 9.06, 9.24, 9.25, 1.48
  • Avg pace: 9.26 min/mil
  • Walking 5 minutes, stretching 15 minutes

I'm really pleased with this as I wanted to see if I could do 10k at a faster pace so I've beaten my own PB and broken the hour mark

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