Same time, Same place, next year????

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18/04/2005 at 09:05
Wow, what a hot one, im not in as bad a state as last year. Still a little sore though.
Well done all,

So, who's up for it again.
18/04/2005 at 09:12
Against my better judgement...count me in!
18/04/2005 at 10:48
On the grounds that they're holding it on my birthday - it would be rude not to!!!

It'll be my first!!

18/04/2005 at 10:50
Well I have a PB to beat now, so I guess I have to :O)
18/04/2005 at 11:03
No chance! Give me a quiet marathon any day, but I might see you at Mudchute.
18/04/2005 at 11:36
Ahh come on mr w.
Well done pienapper, me too, only by 4 minutes tho.
18/04/2005 at 11:41
Sorry, Danno. It was too crowded for me. I like to run at a steady pace and I couldn't with so many people. But, it's a great event and I'm always happy to spend a day cheering on those of you who enjoy it.
18/04/2005 at 11:54
At 15 miles it was a case of, "I am doing this agin, big time", at between 20-25 I was not so sure, but having finished my first marathon (3:47) I will be back next year (place pending) and if I am not sucessful via the ballot I will find another marathon to run.

But I thought the whole day was fab, crowds totally fantastic -little too hot for me, but great all the same.
18/04/2005 at 12:44
Will be great to see you all there 'cos I know that I'm in next year(on 5 rejections)watch em change the rules. WELL DONE ALL YOU DESERVE A MEDAL ( AND A "T SHIRT THAT DOESN'T FIT)
18/04/2005 at 12:46
I didn't get a place this year, am hoping to next year - any tips? Or is it really just luck luck luck?
18/04/2005 at 13:30
Didn't get my secondary target of 3:30, (although I did manage to crack my main target of sub 4 hours) so off I go again next year......

Still, knocked almost 20 minutes off my first Marathon time of 4:11:52(Paris - 2001), so with a bit of luck, and a little bit cooler day next year, 3:30 should be achievable!

Hopefully see you all next year then....
18/04/2005 at 14:19
Count me in.

Fantastic day.
18/04/2005 at 16:46
I'm in - first marathon yesterday and loved it despite not cracking my 4hr target. Onlyneed to knock off just under 9 mins though which should be achievable with another year's training.
18/04/2005 at 17:07
CJUK, despite what they say I think finish time counts ( see my thread about predicted finishes) so pick one that is out of the main times, just bend the truth a bit, I really think it will work in your favour. Good luck mate, you will probably need it.
20/04/2005 at 12:53
For the 1st time ever, I achieved a GFA time on Sunday. But, because it's new to me & I don't fully understand how the system operates, I'm left wondering if my efforts this year will get me a place in FLM '06; because the 2006 race is on 23/04/06 which is more than a calendar year from the '05 FLM.

Do I need to try for another GFA time or will Sundays time be ok for next year? Does anyone know? I've called FLM to enquire but got reply. Thanks in advance,

20/04/2005 at 13:00
Actually, it's not wishing your life away (glad I saw this thread it's cheered me up now).

Yes, ballot or bond - i'm in.
20/04/2005 at 13:03
EP - Thanks for that info. - a much faster response compared to the FLM peeps too!

20/04/2005 at 14:49
I'll be there! got a GFA time so am very very pleased.

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