Should I enter?!

(3 month youth in need of (responsible) adult guidance!

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28/09/2006 at 09:53
Hey Will!

How are you? Fancy training me????

28/09/2006 at 13:11
Hi Ashapalan,

I'm surprised no one has suggested applying for a charity "Golden Bond" place, whereby you pledge to raise a certain amount of money (usually upwards of £1,500) in exchange for a guaranteed place. I don't know if this is something you'd consider, given that you're then committing to a training schedule AND a fund raising schedule. (Apply through the ballot anyway to build up your credit for a guaranteed place.)

I'm also in a similar boat to yourself, having started running regularly only in the past couple of months or so. This was on top of a very good general fitness base (even though I say so myself!) and I've built up my weekly mileage to about 25 miles a week, with a weekly long run around 11 - 12 miles. I've applied for a charity place so that I'm a little more confident that my training will actually be leading to the FLM '07. I've also booked up a 10k race (Nike 10k in Hyde Park, Sunday week) and have my eye on 10 mile and HM races in the new year (possibly including Silverstone).

So, maybe see you on a start line at some point. All the best!
28/09/2006 at 13:39
just started erunning a few months ago, completed bristol 1/2 in little over 2 hrs, form is gathering dust... oh what should i do? is it really that hard????
29/09/2006 at 15:33
Ashapalan - I think that 12 months ago I had the same dilemma as you - that of should I or should I not do the FLM? I began my running career (again) at the start of 2005 and did 5 Half Marathons that year. After my 5th Half of the year, a charity that I have supported approached me and asked whether I would run FLM 06 for them. Like you, I was in two minds and I gave it some serious thought for about 2 months, given that it is a serious commitment if you are going to try and prepare for it properly.

I remember posting on RW at the tail end of last year and discussing my dilemma and I think it was Andy from Embsay? replying and urging me strongly that if you get the chance to do the FLM, to go for it because it would be an event that you would never forget. I took that on board and to cut to the chase, I reckoned that I was lucky to be offered a place to take part in one of the best races in the world when there were so many who wanted to do it but couldn't get a place.

I went for it. The training was hard, painful at times but come race day I had one of the best times of my life - probably 2nd only to being at the birth of my two sons!! The whole experience from start to finish was simply incredible. I could never have imagined the atmosphere and level of support that lined the whole course - wall to wall noise - I'll never again underestimate the help that can be gained from a crowd! Even now, just thinking and writing about it, I can feel my pulse quicken and an adrenalin rush!!

I was quite literally on a natural high for two weeks after the race and I'll never ever forget the sensation that I felt as I turned into The Mall. I looked around and thought about all of the times that I had sat watching the event on TV and there I was, not just watching it, but living it!!

So the only advice I would convey to you about your dilemma is if you get the chance - go for it!! Don't put off the dream - live the dream - you won't regret it!!

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