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05/04/2007 at 21:17
I think it's worth bumping this one.

I'm 'running' for Breakthrough Breast Cancer. Basically, I had breast cancer last year at 31, bilateral mastectomy with immediate reconstruction, using muscles pulled through from my back and implants.

People say how unlucky it was, but I feel lucky, tbh. Simply because it was caught (after a mammogram, two ultrasounds and to needle biopsies that didn't show anything, I eventually had a surgical biopsy which showed the cancer).

And I want other women to have the same sort of luck that I've had, which sounds sort of odd, but obviously I mean if they've got the cancer in the first place!

I hope they don't get the mrsa that I got though! That's the reason I'm 'doing' the FLM rather than running it. I had my final operation late October, and my plastic surgeon says no to running, squash, parachute jumping, kickboxing and golf.

But hey, I've started back at the squash, and once the FLM is done, I'm starting back with the golf. So a vereeee slow FLM it is.

If anybody would like to sponsor me (and I'd be sooooo grateful!), my website it www.justgiving.com/nykiesrun

Thanks people :o)
05/04/2007 at 21:17
Obviously I was a bit optimistic when i called my site nykiesrun ;o)
06/04/2007 at 14:15

'Village Homes for The Village People' I thought it said. Great! Helping the band that brought us 'YMCA' to settle into rural life has got to be worth a pledge or two.

Actually it's 'for Village People' - there is no 'The' in it. Oops! Well that's even better. Housing is ridiculously expensive in this country and people are being forced out of their communities into unsuitable overcrowded accommodation. To help build sustainable communities it's vital that people can afford to live in them. The Rural Housing Trust help provide affordable housing in villages. It costs more to develop in rural areas but the Government don't take this into account when providing a subsidy - hence the need to raise money through other means.

It's not cute or cuddly but it does deserve support (as do the cute and cuddly ones). Thank you

06/04/2007 at 15:56
My friend Karen has multiple sclerosis & is "running…walking…limping" the Flora London Marathon to raise money for the MS Society.

She's brave, crazy, & needs support!

If you see her please say hello.
Send her a message of support via her website - which includes a blog - at http://karenfundraising.googlepages.com
Sponsor her there or at http://www.justgiving.com/CroydonKaren

Thanks, Anna
06/04/2007 at 16:32
I,m running the FLM for Zoe,s place which is a Baby Hospice
They look after special babies with life limiting conditions and also give support and help to their families

Please have a look at www.justgiving.com/kenandjack

And see why i,m spotty dog.

You can also see Zoe,s place on their web site
Thanks Spotty Dog
Duck Girl    pirate
23/04/2007 at 01:10


* On 27th May 2007, I will be running Edinburgh Marathon to raise funds for ‘Friends of Antara UK’, whilst in a home-made costume as my childhood hero 'Superted' and accompanied by a rather embarrassed-looking friend 'Spotty'.

* Antara is a non-governmental organisation working to provide mental healthcare, accessible to disadvantaged groups, in Northern India. It offers services to men, women and children across West Bengal, and other parts of India or Bangladesh, including, general and psychiatric care, drug and alcohol addiction services and community health promotion.

* ‘Friends of Antara UK’ supports the work of Antara by raising awareness, fundraising, volunteering with Antara and fostering research or international cooperation to improve mental healthcare in India. Friends of Antara UK is completely volunteer-run, mostly by students & young people.

* Mental Healthcare for Children in India: A pioneering service.
In September 2002 Friends of ANTARA UK started an appeal to create a comprehensive service for children. There are very few mental health facilities for children from poor backgrounds, the streets, orphanages or other institutions in Northern India and the pressures of social stigma and poverty can lead some families to abandon their ill child.

To date over £40,000 has been raised by volunteers in the UK and these funds have helped create:
- A special 16-bed inpatient ward for children
- A children’s outpatients department
- A tubewell, wash-house, new beds, and other projects.

Through these facilities Antara's Child Health Team of Psychologists, psychiatrists, nursing staff, social workers and specialist paediatricians provide assessments, family and child therapies, medical support, counselling & school or vocational training.

* Preventing childhood mental illness and disability.
By running this Marathon we are hoping to provide equipment for the new Child Outpatient Department (newly built with UK funds). In addition funds will be used to help set up a ‘Safe Motherhood and Child Survival’ programme ensuring safe pregnancies, childhood nutrition and immunizations in 500 families from below the poverty line, to prevent mental illness and learning disabilities.

Please sponsor me to complete the Edinburgh Marathon - please email me through the site for address for cheques etc (sorry, we don't use Justgiving etc as it's not cost-effective for a small charity).

Friends of Antara UK is a small charity, run by volunteers (I'm a trustee), and whilst it's often harder to raise funds for mental health and overseas charities, it's a cause very close to my heart, both personally, and as a career (I'm an undergrad Psychology student). Please consider sponsoring us to take part in this Marathon, wear some very silly home-made costumes, and help many children affected by poverty and illness in India – THANK YOU so much.

‘Friends of Antara UK’ is currently seeking registration with the Charity Commission of England and Wales. 100% of your donation will be used to support Antara, registered under the West Bengal Societies Registration Act 1961, Mental Health Act 1987 and Foreign Contribution Regulation Act.
25/04/2007 at 22:14
Hi everybody!!

I'm running my first marathon at Berlin on 30th September.
I have run half marathons before but have to decided to challenge myself to the full one. Will be hard work but I'm determined!

I am running for the MS Society as it is a charity that means a lot to me as my mum has suffered with MS. She has always been there for me and my sister and shes very special to me.

So, please have a look at my website at- www.justgiving.com/littleroadrunner

Thankyou. xxx

Luv Laura
01/05/2007 at 12:47
Hi chaps,

I'm running in the London 10K on the 1st July. I'm a person that has never run in their life, and so I've been killing myself at the gym trying to improve my fitness levels and get in a time as close to 1 hour as possible.

I'm running for the charity http://www.transplantsinmind.org.uk who raise awareness about the need for more organ donors in the UK.

There are currently over 8000 people on the UK Organ Transplant waiting list, over 400 of which die every year waiting for a transplant, and so its very important that as many people as are willing join the UK Transplant register, you can even do it online right here!


A friend of mine recently had a double lung transplant as a result of this wonderful register, and so I'm doing my bit to help spread the word. If anyone would like to sponsor me, you can do so here:


I even have a crippling embarassing 'training' video detailing my progress here, should you want a laugh :)

08/05/2007 at 12:45
My daughter Christina are doing the Great North Run on September 30th for the Stroke Association. My fater died two years ago from a stroke related illness. We are hoping to raise £380.

Any donations would be gratefully received to: http://www.justgiving.com/wendyscott
01/06/2007 at 15:00
O.k, i maybe not running a Marothon (well not this year anyway!) But i am running the Race For Life on the 10th June 2007 (just over a week away!)

I'm aiming to raise £150, so far i think i've raised about £24 & i'm running out of people to ask!

This race is very important to me as i lost my nan in 1991 to cancer, my other nan beat Bowel cancer & is still going strong at 76, unfortunatley she lost her brother to cancer last year, & just over 2 weeks ago i lost my Grandad to Lung cancer. So i really am running for my grandparents.

If anyone could spare a £1 or anything at all, i would be forever grateful, you can sponsor me at:


Thanks in advance.

02/06/2007 at 18:15
I'm running my very first marathon in Stockholm, running for Cancer Research UK.

I'm trying to raise as much as possible given that it is my first one, and this charity is particularly important to me.

I have been running a sweepstake with a prize on my justgiving site, so if anyone would like to enter that would be so great. I've had quite a few entries so far but I would really like to try and hit the £200 mark somehow. I would really any donations you can spare.

my sponsor page is:


thanks for your kindness

20/06/2007 at 19:19
I'm running the Great South Run in Portsmouth in October for Cancer Research. My mum is currently going through chemo for ovarian cancer and I wanted to try to give something back to the fab doctors and nurses who have been helping her. Hopefully we will find a cure and noone will have to go through this awful disease. Mum is fighting and doing really well even though she is not too happy about being bald. Keep fighting mum you can beat it and for anyone else out there suffering don't let it beat you!!
My sponsor page if you would like to sponsor me is
Thanks everyone and good luck for your running!!

Tracy xxx
29/06/2007 at 08:57
Hi All

I will be running the 2008 London Marathon for Epilepsy Action

This charity is close to my heart as my younger brother has recently had a number of seizures and now he is unable to take driving lessons and is unlikely to be able to fulfil his dream of entering the Police Force. Epilepsy Action provide a dedicated network of support to those who have epilepsy and the families who suffer from the condition. I feel that it is important to support a charity that raises awareness of Epilepsy and helps those with it, especially young people.

I have set up a donation page at www.justgiving.com/steviec and will be setting up a training blog on the London Marathon site.

Thank you for your time

Steve Carr
29/06/2007 at 10:35
Earlier this year a close family friend was diagnosed with cancer. She has undergone chemo therapy and more recently exploratory keyhole surgery. Unfortunately there is nothing further the doctors can do as her body is riddled with the disease…she is only 14.

I was already planning to run the Great Wales Run in Cardiff on 29th July and now I intend to do it to raise some money for CLICK Sargent – a charity that cares for children with cancer and leukaemia. If you wish to donate or sponsor me please visit


Many thanks,
10/07/2007 at 23:44
Last year after a 5 year battle with cancer my beloved mother died,so I am running in the New York Marathon in Nov for the local hospice here in Ireland(Mayo/Roscommon Hospice).I have set up a website www.nyrun07.com so please pay a visit I would greatly appreciate any donations.
Many thanks,
The Gardener
13/07/2007 at 21:45
I'm running the Anglesey Marathon in September to raise money to test the hearing and provide hearing aids for Kavule School For The Deaf in Uganda. The hearing of many of these children has never been tested, and a hearing aid could benefit them immensly, for example allowing them to hear a car coming down the road.
For more information about the school visit www.buildingbrighterfutures.co.uk where you can also donate. 100% donations will go to Uganda and not to administration, salaries, etc. so even the smallest donation can make a massive difference
05/09/2007 at 09:22


I'm running the Great Eastern Half Marathon in Peterborough at the end of October for Crimestoppers. They are the only charity dedicated to stopping crime. People can ring in anonymously and even get a reward if someone gets convicted on the information that is given. If you want to find out more about crimestoppers go to www.crimestoppers-uk.org   I have only got a few sponsors so far and would like to raise £300. This is my first ever half marathon and the training is going ok at the moment. If you would like to sponsor me you can go to www.justgiving.com/zoeappleyard. Many thanks for taking the time to read this and good luck to everyone in the Great Eastern Run this year.

Thank you


06/09/2007 at 16:03
Just One Pound, please do not give anymore!

I am running the FLM 2008 for Tommy's the baby charity. It will be my first and I have a bonded place.

I am running for Tommy's because they are funding investigations into the cause of premature and still born babies, something that touched my family,

So please give me a pound and I will be running my heart out to raise money for this great organisation.


09/12/2007 at 19:42

3 Days, 3 Races, over 42 miles! 

In January 2008 me and my husband are going to Walt Disney World Florida to take part in 3 races on 3 consecutive days:

 - 5K Fun Run, Donald Duck Half Marathon and Mickey Mouse Marathon

We're raising money for charities which you can help to choose, and we hope you will sponsor us and become "virtual supporters" to cheer us on! Find out more and sponsor us on line at...


...and all because I wanted to complete my first ever marathon before I reached 40! 

10/12/2007 at 09:03

I'm running for Macmillan, I've lost both my dad and my nan to cancer and Macmillan were superb, especially for my nan who battled but sadly lost her fight last year.  I've always wanted to give something back and now this gives me my chance.


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