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23/09/2005 at 10:10
Hi All,

I am participating in my first marathon on behalf of Yorshire Cancer Research in November in the New York Marathon, due to a firends loss late last year.

I have found combining both training and obtaining Sponsorship difficuult, but enjoyable. Any donations would be greatly appreciated. My link to the website is the following:


Thanks to all those who wish to support me.
Lee Hayes
23/09/2005 at 10:34
Hi All,

I will be running in the Great South Run in Portsmouth on 9th October 2005 for Cancer Research UK - this is the third year I will have run for Cancer Research at the GSR and hope to make this "hat-trick" my most successful yet in both time and money raised.
Any contributions would be gratefully recived.
you can see me at www.justgiving.com/stubuc
23/09/2005 at 10:47
I have a place held over from last year as my training dropped off as my daughter's M.E/Chronic Fatigue grew worse and she needed me more.

This year she is on home tuition and a little older (13) so I am hopeful I can complete my training.

M.E is a long term illness (it has gradually pulled my daughter down over the last three years) that affects the whole family as walks, bike rides, outings are all curtailed.

As yet there is no cure but progress is being made in researching the causes and possibly find a cure.
I will therefore be fund raising for M.E.
23/09/2005 at 11:06
You can sponsor me through http://www.justgiving.com/Tailendenid
23/09/2005 at 11:44
I will be running FLM again this year with Superman to raise money for an orphanage that my Christian charity are hoping to build in Uganda. Hundreds of kids are losing their parents with Aids and are becoming homeless. Please, please help.
If you want more details or wish to sponsor me please e mail me.
THe charity is www.aim170.org.uk
23/09/2005 at 12:27
Just had a place in the FLM via the '5 times refused in the ballot' route. I had already pledged to raise a minimum £1500 for the NSPCC in return for a Gold Bond place, and even though the fundraising pressure is now off, I'm still going to try and achieve that target and hopefully exceed it!

Please sponsor me if you can for this worthwhile cause - cruelty to children must STOP RIGHT NOW.
23/09/2005 at 12:29
Forgot the important bit:

23/09/2005 at 12:35
Hello all
I have a place in this November's NYCM running my first marathon in memory of my parents. I hope to raise lots of money for the Parkinsons Disease Society at www.justgiving.com/christinehall. My dad could have run a marathon before PD got to him. If you know anyone with Parkinson's then you will understand my compulsion. Look out for my pink vest.
23/09/2005 at 14:13
I will be running/crawling the Saab Salomon Hellrunner on 23rd October 2005 to raise money for the British Heart Foundation as my Dad died of a heart attack aged 53. Any donations big or small would be much appreciated. My sposorship page to donate online is: www.bhf.org.uk/sponsor/johnhellrunnerhoward

Thank you very much
23/09/2005 at 16:31
I am running the New York Marathon for Get kids Going and my local premature baby unit.
My target is £3000 and I am failing hopelessly with the money.I think training is easier than raising the money at my age (59) !!
I have sight with just giving but can anyone advise how I might reach my target?
Thanks if you have read this.
23/09/2005 at 16:35
Ian, fastest way is to organise an event.

A great place to raise funds are pubs. So if you were to do a fancy dress pub crawl where every one pays you £5 for the privellege of coming along (maybe you get the first round in??) then people will ask what you're all doing. Then you hit them with the sponsorship form. That way the ice is broken and you don't feel embarressed asking. Fleece the bar then onto the next one. Even with £1 a time you're bound to make a couple of hundered.

23/09/2005 at 16:48
Hi Everybody

I am running my First ever Marathon in New York on 6th November 2006

I am running as part of the Cystic Fibrosis Team.

Please if you can donate just £1 - they all add up.


Time will not be an issue - 10min miles. It's the finish that counts!

Somebody has to come last in all races... I make all the others look good!!
23/09/2005 at 16:58
Hi all

I am running the Marathon des Sable. Its

basically 6 FLM in 6 days in 120 degrees of

heat(yes I know I am crazy!).I am running

it for a local hospice. My brother in law

died suddenly last year and I want to run

it in memeory of him.My website address is

www.justgiving.com/johnhibberd thanks for


23/09/2005 at 17:30
well okay here goes. I am running my first ever marathon in April in London. Only started running just over a month ago so this will be a huge challenge for me!!!

Am running for AbilityUK This charity helps those with special needs for example learning disabilities or physical disabilities to access leisure activities that they would not normally be able to do! I work with people who have learning diabilities so this is a very valuable charity - we have all our faculties - lets help those who are not quite as fortunate to get something out of leisure activities like we do.....

Please help....

Thankyou very much
23/09/2005 at 18:31
Hi Everyone :-)

I'm raising money to go to Kenya in January to work with Kenyan orphans whose parents have aids. I ran the Great North Run on Sunday, and it went really well! All of the money raised goes directly towards the project itself. Many community development projects, including the one that I will be working on, rely solely on the support of volunteers.

I will be traveling to the region with an organization known as ‘i-to-i’ who specialize in bringing voluntary support to areas where it is needed most (see www.i-to-i.com for details). On the project, I will be supporting the staff that run the centres, teaching the children English and other vocational guidance, as well as providing companionship to them.

I would be extremely grateful if you would consider donating any money towards my project to support Kenyan orphans. Any amount - big or small - will help. Thank you all so much.

To donate, please contact me through my email and I will send you my address. emma.parkes@ntlworld.com Thank you :-)

Emma (redhead runner)
23/09/2005 at 18:46
Hi All,

I am running my first and only ever marathon on 31 October in Dublin for Get Kids Going! A UK based charity that raises money to buy sports equiptment for disabled kids and young people.

At my age (44), I am just about coping with the training and lack of alcohol. Ran 18 miles last Sunday!. Any donations would be greatly appreciated. My link to the website is the following:


Cheers and have a great day!.

Pradip Dattani
23/09/2005 at 18:51
I am running my first marathon in Abingdon on 16th october for the Eating Disorders Association.I am quite excited and also very nervous.
Please sponsor me at www.justgiving.com/helencartlidge.

thank you!
23/09/2005 at 23:03
Hi All

I am running the Dublin Marathon on the 31st October to raise money for Trinity Hospice. My Target is £1500 but it is going very slow at present. To get me started I organised a quiz night and raise over £175.00. which is just over 10% still a long way to go!!

Trinity Hospice is a charity based in Clapham Common, London. It helps over 2,000 patients with terminal illesses every year. This year Trinity needs to raise £7.4m, of which only 34% will come from the NHS.

Please dig deep and help me reach my target.

26/09/2005 at 11:32
on 21st November2005 I'm taking part in the Everest Marathon in Nepal.This involves 16days trekking to near Everest Base Camp, 5184metres above sea level to Namche Bazaar(3446metres). It follows the trekking route and is run over steep, rough rocky trails shared with strings of porters, yak trains, trekkers and other hazards. There are two very steep ascents although the descents can be just as difficult, being steep and on narrow zigzag paths.
I am raising money for The Everest Marathon Fund and the Alzheimer’s Society,
please consider sponsoring me at
29/09/2005 at 22:22
On Sunday I'm running the Bristol Half Marathon in aid of the Alzheimer's Society. It's the first time I've ever attempted something like this, and my training has been spurred on by the memory of my Auntie, who died earlier this year (ten days before I sent off my application) and also her two brothers, who also died of this disease.

I'm raising money for funding.

If you can help support this worthy charity (I know, there are so many), I'd be very grateful.


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